Comcast ARRIS TG862G/CT modem swap
of Motorola S85120 Surfboard cable modem
installation problems

First posted
Tuesday August 20, 2013 11:15
Monday September 23, 2013 21:20

No blinking lights on either the Arris or Netgear N600!

Moto S85120 activity LED blinked with blue LED on top of the N600 and fron LEDs blinked rapidly. Gone with Arris.

Almost. N600 front panel lights caught blinking. But now off.

Amazon phoned bill to write a review of the HOOTOO USB 3.0 powered hub saying that an email would follow. It did.

Office Depot Renaissan employ told bill on Tuesday September 3, 2013 that an Amazon review can make or break a product.

Lenovo laptop power consumption discussed as well as UBS 3.0 development.

SSD results in 12 second Windows boot, employee told bill.

Comcast ARRIS modem installation problems log. And FUN solution.

WPS button on SMCD3GNV. :)

Salmon fishing videos.

$80 charge removed from bill after showing jpg of Arris not communicating with Comcast.

Conversation with bill adjuster.

August bill

'Why is September bill $169.85 and not $84.76?

What is 'Other charges & Credits'?

NO CHARGE dispute on bill for service call!!

Comcast does not answer billing complaint phone call audio. 10:14 09/23/13

Second comcast billing complaint.

Service center phone call 10:25.

Part 1.
Part 2.



is one of bill's  about 1971 phd students in computer science at Washington State University. :)

Salmon fishing trip between 9-14, 2013 with another of bill's computer science phd students.

Tuesday August 27, 2013 15:32

Technician: Firmware upgrade in process.

Upgrade took about 15 or more minutes which was indicated by flashing LED on modem.

All worked. No problem. Technican unsure why self-install did not work.

Netgear N660 router used rather than Arris internal router.

Decision not to use Arris internal router based on Google research into security and visit to Best Buy on Monday August 26, 2013.

Best Buy associate advised against internal router and recommended Netgear N600 when showing bill its DOCSIS 3 products.

192 should not be replaced we read and heard.

DOCSIS3 modem study 1.

DOCSIS3 modem study 2

Old DOCSIS2 Motorola speed tests.

Saturday August 24, 2013 10:18

Video covers memorization vs figuring it out.

No point in messing with the Arris.

Transformer to the left is for Mototola SURFboard modem.

NiCd 9V in meter measuring solar water pump battery showed low battery icon after several days use.

Replacement NiMH 9V bought at Harbor Freight but it tested bad for charge.


Soldered-in fuse and no spring on early meter #2.

Saturday August 24, 2013 10:08

PNM's 2014 Integrated Resource Plan

Two very important articles coupled with several yet unposted emails.
Green crowd wants renewable energy produced at any cost  

Donna L. Crawford / Los Lunas resident

[P]NM has put forth a reasonable plan for replacing the two San Juan units: Replace the two coal units with a new natural gas generating plant at the same site, plus additional electricity from the Palo Verde nuclear plant in Arizona, and 78 MW from the remaining units at the plant.

Albuquerque Journal Wednesday August 21, 2013 page A11.

[Sure about this?]

When Green Turns Brown
Five new generators are on track for completion this decade, including two reactors approved just a few weeks ago (the first new reactor approvals in the US in over 30 years). Those will add to the 104 reactors that are already in operation around the country and already produce 20% of the nation’s power.

Those reactors will eat up 19,724 tonnes of U3O8 this year, which represents 29% of global uranium demand. If that seems like a large amount, it is! The US produces more nuclear power than any other country on earth, which means it consumes more uranium that any other nation. However, decades of declining domestic production have left the US producing only 4% of the world’s uranium.

With so little homegrown uranium, the United States has to import more than 80% of the uranium it needs to fuel its reactors. Thankfully, for 18 years a deal with Russia has filled that gap. The “Megatons to Megawatts” agreement, whereby Russia downblends highly enriched uranium from nuclear warheads to create reactor fuel, has provided the US with a steady, inexpensive source of uranium since 1993. The problem is that the program is coming to an end next year.

The Upside to a Natural Gas Downturn
Marin Katusa, for The Daily Reckoning
Monday April 2, 2012


Fracking: It's Better Than the Alternatives. STEPHEN J MRAZ

On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce the first national rules to reduce air pollution at hydraulically fractured — fracked — wells and some other oil and gas industry operations. The agency estimated that the plan it proposed in July would reduce smog-forming, cancer-causing and climate-altering pollutants from the natural gas industry by about one-fourth.

Wind and solar power will take a long time to scale up to where they provide more than 5% of our power. Plus, neither can generate a single watt if it’s too windy or not windy enough at night. And if we did build enough solar panels and wind turbines, who’s to say all those non-reflective surfaces and impediments to the wind won’t affect weather patterns and climate?

Thursday August 22, 2013 20:23
Shattuck - St.Mary's


carefully in THROUGH The Arch summer 2013.

Contact STEM@SSM director John Blackmer at or 507/333-1562


Camo fuzzy jacket.

Peter row above left.

Jan row above right.

Tim row above Peter left.

Ms Sahar Mehrroz :)

Disappearnce of the class of 1956 expected.

Yhursday August 22, 2013 10:08

Action guaranteed by Comcast ticket number CR331482890 issued on Monday August 19, 2013.


Insured stolen $22,036 from Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union dominates now that new microcontroller controlled dishwasher door problem solved.


Pessimism unjustified.

Decision made to swap out modem on Monday afternoon August 19, 2012 despite concerns that things could go wrong. They did.

What wireless network icon?

Motorola modem to left. Arris to right.

Motorola modem removed.

After Arris connect, no Internet connection for a period, then

activation page appeared.

Account number and telephone number entered.

After a series of NEXT steps




Activation page kept reappearing. Then the above page.

Video 1.

Comcast called at 1 855 652 3446.

Start call1.

Battery on wireless SONY phone quit after 1 hour 9 minute.

Comcast employee phoned back to cell phone.

Call end.

Comcast help 1 888 793 0800 call.




Hour or so later Internet worked with Motorola modem. :)

Comcast recording instructing to push button frustrating because Tracfone LG 840G does not have LCD keyboard active when talking/listening.

Switched to second wireless phone to repeat process.

Thursday August 20, 2013 11:21

Hello Comcast

The ball is in your court.


[Copper sulfuric acid patina by bill] 

8051 family microcontoller and USB to parallel converter removed.

Moving ahead video.

J2ME replaces 8051 interest.

And so does Float charging two 12V 34Ah AGM batteries.

And Engineering American energy independence


The Rise of Critical Infrastructure Attacks: Understanding the Privileged Connection and Common Thread.

As fast as banks are trying to outwit online hackers, the hackers are revising their strategies to evade the new security measures.

Extended warranty usually purchased for more expensive products that contain a microcontroller.

Microcontrollers are smart enough to know when a warranty has expired, then cause a failure requring new purchase. :(

New diswasher with microcontroller.


5 Year extended warranty.

Microcontroller hacking and unadvertised features are a serious problem.

Comcast settop TV box and modem may be collecting data?
The NSA's filtering, carried out with telecom companies, is designed to look for communications that either originate or end abroad, or are entirely foreign but happen to be passing through the U.S. But officials say the system's broad reach makes it more likely that purely domestic communications will be incidentally intercepted and collected in the hunt for foreign ones.
About 1995 Kenmore diswasher works. But racks deteroriated.

Prematex blue used to repair.

New racks are available but both cost about $450. New dishwasher decision made.

J2ME first but maybe androic next.

VM forth, Java and Android software technology proven to produce much more reliatble apps than C/C++/assembler

Real Machine implementations.

Windows crashes frequently. Cell phones and GPSs do not.


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