Anasazi wall reassembly,
New Mexico attorney general Gary King, and
recovery of our insured stolen $22,036 ...
Decommissioning costs

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Thursday June 5, 2014 11:52
Tuesday June 17, 2014 06:13

Liberal arts 'educated' controlled visibility before Internet and social media.

Monday June 09, 2014 18:02

Albuquerque, New Mexico to Las Vegas, Nevada Wednesday November 21-25, 2012.

And New Mexico concealed carry firearms instructor Tom Tomasi.

First stepping stone set in river pea gravel.

Life vest protects senior citizen knees.

Twelve tons of river used to construct berm. Shane's idea.

Holds 1,000 pounds of rock, crusher fines, or dirt.



Saturday June 7, 2014 08:15


purchased from Sportsman's Warehouse in preparation for small mouth and carp
two day guided trip on Navajo lake..

Thursday June 5, 2014 20:26

Jason Marks is liberal arts 'educated' at Reed College.

Thursday June 5, 2014 15:36

Anasazi wall flopped over in wind storm.

Disassembled with chisel and 3.29 pound hand sledge hammer.

Pieces left in about the same order as stacked.

Three levels reassembled.

Thinset mortar about 1 quart mixed in red paint HANDy paint cup.

Soupy thinset works better than stiff for this application.

Thinset mixing video.

Sedimentary snap rock fitted, thinkset mixed, rock removed, thinset applied, and rocks replaced.

Then wait at least 24 hours for thinset to cure.

Some removed pieces not salvageable so $6 more of 4 inch buf snap rock purchased.

Custom stone editing.

Trick is to tap, tap, tap, ... along line in stone using wood as support until sedimentary rock begins to separate.

Chisel, not wedge video.

BANG, BANG, BANG, only breaks rock in unpredictable pieces.

Wood beneath rock important for cushioning.


Pieces of edited rock at top left just beneath capstone.

Repair ends about two year project.

Landscaper Shane Black did most of the work will bill helping transporting rock in about 1,000
pound increments from Pete's Landscaping and Materials in small trailer.

Landscape project was selected over home solar electric system as better investment.

Rock purchased from Canyon Stone Company. Free delivery on larger quantities ... provided deliver Joe has help unloading.

Anasazi container garden designed by Shane.

Steps added by bill in summer of 2014.

Above container was Shane's anasazi learning experience.

Character rocks delivered by Joe and placed by Shane

Perennial seen also selected by Shane.


set by Shane.

Container floral arrangement by bill.

High Country, now Jericho Nursery, conducted a seminar by a professional Santa Fe, New Mexico container planter.

Professional stated that there should be ONLY three parts to a container design. The foreground, the middle, and the background. Too 'busy' if more.

Container floral video.

Video tour of backyard anasazi work.

Quail and other metal silhouettes from HORSEFLY MEAL WORKS.

Old back yard bench had to go. A mess.

Junked? Scrapped? Maybe. But technical term is decommissioned.

And there is a cost associated with any decommissioning.

Bonds may be required if costs underestimated so that taxpayers are not stuck with costs.

Thursday June 5, 2014 14:06

Sears China-built reciprocating saw was the solution.



Metal-cutting blade used to cut metal braces from bench ends.

One end, all wood, and spine placed in our garbage container.

Other heavy end placed in neighbor's container.

Project took less than 30 minutes to complete ... thanks to PNM electricity.

Boat trailer wiring preparation for fly and trolling fishing Navajo lake.

Guide. Fly fishing photos and videos.

Canyon Stone visited. And across street to the east.

Thursday June 5, 2014 11:52


Audio of conversation with above group.

Recovery of Insured $22,036 stolen from our Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union retirement-protected savings accounts would be impossible without computer, Internet and social media technology.

Theft is a direct result of

which resides to the east of the stone mailbox erected by Shane.

Scorpion silhouettte named james.

Radio Javan.

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