Harbor Freight
Portable Household Battery Solar Charger
Item #68690

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Wednesday March 6, 2013 11:59
Thursday March 7, 2013 13:57


Wednesday March 6, 2013 15:56


Measuring IR drop accross ammeter video. Got explanation or not?

Phone call to retired TI sales rep and Vietnam electronics technician came up with explanation.

Fits what is seen?

Solar overcharging 9 V NiMH batteries video?

Factory-charged 9 V NiMH battery video.

Current reading on 200 mA scale jumps around. Why?

Neighbor rang doorbell.

Neighbor and his greyhound, Cindy Lou, were out for a walk.

Neighbor returned in his truck after the walk.

in process of setting up for 68690 test with 9 V.

video 1. No voltage pulses from 68690.
video 2. No volt pulses and meter comments.
video 3. Check frequency neighbor meter.
video 4. Neighbor's expensive meter is showing the same symptoms as the Harbor Freight 11 Function Digital Multimeter with Audible Continuity.

Current appears to be pulsed at constant voltage for the 9 V battery charge.

Three 5 W solar panels purchased from Harbor Freight several years ago to test Fast Neutron's assertions.

Clips were all that were attached to panels. Once tests complete panels and free digital multimeters sat in the garage with no application.

Integrated circuits now appear with solar panels to make them practically useful ... like the 68690 and solar lights.

Output of the 66944 80 W inverter should be checked to observe the modified sine wave output.

Zapping the Lenovo G580 laptop should be avoided. The 66944 is advertised to charge laptops.

Arduino development system used by neighbor for several projects, he explained while testing the 68690.

Canon SX160 IS digital camera PC XP installation problem.

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