Casio calculator G189 Alkaline solar calculator

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Sunday September 22, 2013 20:46
Thursday September 26, 2013 06:48

Safe disposal of toxic batteries is an issue. Solar panel safe safe disposal is an issue along with electronics safe disposal.

CyberPower 425VA requires Harbor Freight 33 Piece Security Bit set to remove battery so it can be safely disposed.

Battery removal photos, videos, audios and text.

UL approved the 425VA.

Solar panel to right of CASIO.

2s entered.

9a entered

Top and middle segment defective?

Zebra stipe connectors fail at alarming rate in calulator and Harbor Freight digital multimeter, we observe.

Solar calculator?

Is Akaline Cell GP 189 rechargable by solar?

Or is calculator powered by solar when available with no drain on battery?

Will new GP 189 fix problem?


Calculator containing toxic battery and solar panel safely disposed by delivery to Goodwill afternoon of Tuesday September 24, 3013, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Best Buy recycles batteries. But the battery must be small enough to fit here.

That's why it is important to be able to remove the battery from the CyberPower 425VA.

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