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Windows 2000, XP, and 7
Bluetooth/USB/Serial interfaces
ExpressSCH/PCB surface mount
SCADA Forth51 boards
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Sunday December 12, 2010 14:28
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Friday June 22, 2012 21:50

Utilities are Bailing on Coal


Googe 'pronounce elsevier'

Friday January 13, 2012 09:25

Two Asus Bluetooth dongle were purchased at Fry's in Austin. Number 1 is installed on our Toshiba L505D LS5007. Second has not been installed.

Asus USB-BT211 Mini Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR

Asus gongle appears more advance on the PC-side than the IOGEAR.

Monday January 9, 2012 we were able to download a family of marked jpgs from one of our LG4020G over bluetooth to the L505D. We could not do this with the IOGEAR PC-side Windows-based wizard.

Here is one of them.

Logitech web cam views bill and LG420G which, in turn, takes photo of AMD 9950 quadcore desktop which has IOGEAR bluetooth dongle plugged into it.

Nvidia uses a 8051 family microcontroller as a hardware traffic cop on some of its graphics processors.

Proper implemention of Android should include a Forth, we believe.

Wind River employee explained layering Android on top of Linux. Does this mean that Dalvik would be implemented in C?

Friend and bill lunched thursday January 12, 2011 at La Mariachi in Albuqueruque.

Bill explained the above strategy for implementing Android. Friend said it sounded like building a house on top of a house on top of a house ... and might not be a good idea for a various number of reasons.

LAS VEGAS – Asus and Nvidia today announced and showed a seven-inch, quad-core Android-powered tablet that will sell for only $249, although they didn't give many more details on the device.  

Bluetooth communications addition should make web course lots more interesting and current.

What we don't do is about more important than what we do do. We use Forth to achieve our goals.

Sunday December 25, 2011 14:22

Work with the IOGEAR Bluetooth USB dongle, LG402G $14.88 cellphone, XP Bluetooth wizard, Lenovo G560 Bluetooth changed way of thinking on how to connect an 8051 to a PC through USB.

Download of two photos of Joey from a LG420G $14.88 cell phone purchased at Walmart to a AMD Phenom 9950 quad-core XP desktop using Bluetooth file transfer resulted in the realization that it would be possible to use wireless to communicate with an 8051 family and get USB communication at the same time.

Christmas 2011 inspiration: Windows 2000, XP, and 7 USB/Serial/Bluetooth interfaces

Embededded Controller Forth for the 8051 family to USB project direction change!

  to 8051 family first!

Cowabunga! We caught the wave because of the LG420G cell phone photo transfer.
$12.99 Digital Weather Station is an good forth application.

Wednesday September 14, 2011 13:41



Forth Systems July 29, 2011.

Forth51 is running under HyperTerminal in 64-bit Windows 7 using Belkin USB/Serial adapter HiDef video on Friday January 28, 2011
Thursday January 27, 2011 15:22

Forth51 hardware design.

Thinking Forth
by Leo Brodie

Basic52 manual in html posted.

Setup and hold explanations.


Wednesday January 5, 2011 09:04


Subject of lecture is VM vs RM OSs. We must keep alert about other VM OSs.

Our VM 8051 family SCADA devices must be able to communicate with mobile devices as well as Windows products.
The Asus announcement also confirms that Honeycomb is Android 3.0 and not 2.4 as some had suspected. As Gingerbread is Android 2.3 and H comes after G, Honeycomb had been thought by some to be 2.4 and not 3.0.

The Slider has a slide-out Qwerty keyboard, hence the name, and has a Nvidia Tegra 2 chip, an Nvidia GPU and a 1.2MP front facing camera plus a 5MP rear facing camera. Read more:

IMS Research predicts that tablet computers based on Google’s Android operating system will make up 15 percent of the worldwide market in 2011.

US security experts are reporting that a virus infecting mobile phones using Google’s Android operating system has emerged in China.

DECEMBER 27, 2010.

This year saw the iPhone gain its first worthy competitors. And nearly all of them are powered by Google's mobile operating system, Android. While the first Android device was launched two years ago, it wasn't until 2010 that Android hit its stride. Credit Google's partnership with Verizon Wireless and two phone makers—Motorola and HTC Corp. The collaboration produced a series of hit phones this year and saw Android pass Apple in market share. That annoyed Steve Jobs and ensured Google's profitable search engine will be a mainstay on mobile devices.

December 22, 2010 06:00 AM

After nearly a year of having the market pretty much to itself, Apple's iPad finally has some serious competition. The first Android-based tablets are starting to ship, and they will soon be followed by a wide variety of portable devices, some of which should give the iPad a run for its money.

Less than a week ago, Google took the wraps off of its Chrome OS, the search giant's take on the modern, lightweight operating system. Along with it, Google launched a pilot program by sending out specialized hardware loaded with Chrome OS.

Responses included a good number of hoots and guffaws from readers inside and outside the industry who said I was nuts to believe a company with $62 billion in revenue and a 90% share of the PC operating system market could be faced with an existential crisis in just the next half decade. One wag suggested my thinking was "madness."

He was right. In light of new information, it seems I was off the mark. So let me correct myself with the following: Microsoft as we know it might not exist in two years.

Comcast microcontroller hardware/software problem is subject of our 8051 forth lectures.


So is


because The World is facing large BTU shortage problem which translates into electrcity at the rate of 3412.14163 BTU = 1 kWh.


We are addressing low-power 8051 family SCADA apps.

We are dissatisfied with AVI so Ultimate had on sale for $249.

Down side of high definition [HD] camcorders is the file size.

Below clip is over 229 MB in mts format. We're converting it to wmv with Koyote free converter. .wmv is 170 MB!

Here's video/audio with Camcorder of Dallas 89C430 running using HyperTerminal on windows 2000 machine.

And it doesn't work yet because of unsupported file type.

We have to try to eliminate the bands. Camcorder has 50 and 60 Hz flicker control. We will reshoot.

Bad NEdit trip Tuesday December 14, 2010.

Lecture 1


  1. Project introduction 1- Friday December 10, 2010.

  2. Project introduction 2 - Sunday December 12, 2010.
  1. Audio/Video part 1. AVI takes time to load.

    Audio/Video part 2. AVI takes time to load.

    Here's the set up

    That's the Belkin USB/Serial adapter next to the two Harbor Freight less than $1.99 multimeters.

    The multimeters were used to monitor DTR and CTS voltage with the null modem seen hanging
    with other wires to the right of the table.

    The 8051 family motherboard is seen to the right of the mouse.

    Here's the Dallas 89C430.

  2. We tried to buy a battery for an old Toshiba 1000SE running DOS 3.3 to act as another terminal to our Forth51 machines. No 7.2 volt batteries available.

    Battery store saleman phoned Jeraldo. We met Jeraldo at a Blake's Lotta Burger at Osuna and Edith.

    Jeraldo didn't know of any easy inexpensive way to get a battery.

    Jeraldo sold us an old Compaq laptop.

    Forth86 worked on it from 3.5 DOS diskette.

    He asked $10-20 for it. We paid him $27 since he came to Blakes.

    3.5 floppy diskette formated with XP Windows Explorer.

    Forth86/51 software used to test Windows 2000 copied on to it.

    Then 3.5 DOS 3.3 diskette inserted into Compaq. All worked.

    Joseph Flores at Sandia Labs adapted, as opposed to writing, a mini full screen editor code to run on the 8051. We ROMed that editor.

    The mini full screen editor is running on a Forth51 machine using an ATMEL 89C55 part on Wednesday December 8, 2010!

    Note that disk access works for the editor with the command 4 E on the Compaq.

    Audio/Video of mini full screen editor working on ATMEL 89C55 microcontoller - Thursday December 9, 2010 AVI LOADS SLOW.

Sunday December 26, 2010 16:21

Lecture 2

  1. Why the 8051 family? 1- Thursday December 16, 09:02

    Why the 8051 family? 2 - Friday December 17, 08:24

    SCADA/Wireless conversaton with Ted Lewis.

    Why the 8051 family? 3 - Saturday December 18, 12:45

    Why the 8051 family? 4 - Saturday December 18, 13:19

    Dallas 89C430 running on HyperTerminal under XP on Friday December 17, 2010.

    Video of Forth51 interactive, high-level definition, and assembler running on a Dallas 89C430 microcontroller on Friday December 17, 2010.Fixed 15:45.

    MV4th using a COG as a real time clock example.


  1. AT bus disk controller using 8749 microcontroller as hardware traffic cop.

  2. Sandia Labs weapons components department manager Dr M Kent Parsons ordered author to get familiar with the 8051. We were working with the 8085 on the Missile Secure Cryptographic Unit in the early 1980s. Author was project leader.

    1991 Intel 8-Bit Embedded Controllers

  3. Nvidia USB2.0 Digital Video/Audio Device Controller.

  4. :-)

  5. The unofficial history of 8051.

    Intel employee told author that 8051 design was traded to Intel for another design.

  6. Enhanced 8051 cores are now commonly used which run at six, four, two, or even one clock per machine cycle, and have clock frequencies of up to 100 MHz, and are thus capable of an even greater number of instructions per second. All SILabs, some Dallas and a few Atmel devices have single cycle cores.


    Below taken from SILabs ToolStick CD.


  7. After lecture complete we put the Cygnal CD in our reader.

    We browsed the CD to find

    When we clicked www.cygnal.com we got Silicon Labs.

    Cygnal engineer Cormac Sookram and author went to lunch twice with in Austin on Guadalupe St near U. Texas.

  8. Dr T G Lewis mentioned in Thursday December 16, 2010 lecture.

    Received Thursday December 16, 2010.

    Let's hope we get through this lecture series alive. Albert Gore willing, of course.
    Do not think dishonestly
    The Way is in training
    Become acquainted with every art
    Know the ways of all professions
    Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters
    Develop intuitive judgment and understanding for everything
    Perceive those things which cannot be seen
    Pay attention even to trifles
    Do nothing which is of no use

    Miyamoto Musashi
    Lewis is a Musashi believer. And has a poster in their home.

    We know Lewis's three wives. Carol, Madelyn, and Molly.

    Lewis commented that he got married before puberty to #1. Carol.

    Currrent, Molly, and two former wives showed up at wedding of son Todd.

    Ted commented that experience was horrible.


  9. For the average design, the choice may simply be a case of reusing the MCU the developer used last time, but for high-volume, low-power applications, every memory cell, extra pin, redundant I/O port or MHz of operation becomes critical. Hence the variety, and the resultant commoditization of the descendents of that most hallowed and venerable invention: the 8051 microcontroller architecture.

Thursday December 30, 2010 08:05

Lecture 3

  1. Why Forth? 1 - Tuesday December 21, 2010 10:36

    Why Forth? 2 - Wednesday December 22, 2010 10:02

    Ms Elizabeth Rather's books study reveals that the Forth used strayed from Fig standard Forth to some apparantly proprietary forth dialect in places.

    But bringing the examples in her books back into Fig standard Forth compliance looks simple.

    Why Forth? 3 - Thursday December 23, 2010 10:46

    Display for SCADA deivce is essential.

    Forth contains number conversion and picture formatting routines [<# # #S #> SIGN, HOLD, HLD, PAD] which makes writing messages to an LCD display simple.

    Super-reliable by observation.

    Reasons: VM technology?

    End of lecture.


  1. I Hate Forth
    Jack Ganssle
    7/31/2001 10:26 AM EDT

    Sure, it's fast. And fun. But let's get real: interactive development has no impact on requirements analysis, specification, software design, documentation, or even test. Fast tools make for fast debugging, nothing else.

    Forth's interactive nature tends to obliterate documentation. Where do those comments go when (if) you enter them? Down to the target, of course, into the limited memory typical of resource-poor embedded systems. That's the nature of interpreters. Worse, even the best people tend to get sucked into a change/test frenzy using any interpreter (Forth, Basic, you name it). Documentation slows us down when we really just want to try something, so is inevitably neglected.

    It is possible to have well documented Forth. But that's very rare. I've looked at a lot of Forth code, and it's almost uniformly doc-free. ...

    [Right on? Maybe not.]

    'Where do those comments go when (if) you enter them? Down to the target, of course, into the limited memory typical of resource-poor embedded systems.' shown to be false in Wednesday December 29, 2010 Laxen editor lecture.

    java virtual machine

    C, C++ or Java?

    Java Virtual Machine

    Java for the 8051

Sunday January 9, 2011 11:55

Lecture 4
  1. Which Forth? 1 - Thursday December 23, 2010 13:19.

  2. Forth83 standards committee eliminated state-smart words.

    Page 313 Embedded Controller Forth for the 8051 Family.

    An improvement?

    Which Forth? 2 - Friday December 24, 2010 09:20.

    Multitasking Forth86 demo under Windows XP!

    Which Forth? 3 - Friday December 24, 2010 12:23.

    Multitasking Forth86 interprocess communications demo under Windows XP!

    Which Forth? 4 - Monday December 27, 2010 09:57.

    Multitasking, file sharing, and ipconfig. Project success prospects.

    Book machine - Monday December 27, 2010 10:32.

    8051 wire wrapped machine used to test book software.

    Mr Gary Fierbach formatted a clock display in one line of forth by manipulating the base. We tried to reproduce this code of Monday December 27, 2010. And, so far, failed.

    But this effort causes us to have to relearn the key code associated with the Laxen editor which runs on FIG standard forth which runs on X86 machines.

    The FIG standard forth, source included in Embedded Controller Forth for the 851 Family, was extended to include a four file system.

    This Forth86 extension of FIG standard forth has shown itself to be useful today in other applications than supporting the Nautilus 2 metacompiler because instances of it running under Windows 2000, XP, and 7 can communicate though the ever present DOS/Windows file system.

    Forth86 Laxen editor - Tuesday December 28, 2010 11:06.

    Forth86 Laxen editor 2 - Wednesday December 29, 2010 09:14.

    Open two instances of p.com, type 0 SYSE in both, then display the first and second pages of help reached by F! for instance reference to help.

    Experimentation on Tuesday December 28, 2010 reveal that they block commands don't appear to work. Or we are not using them correctly. But the source code is published so a fix is possible.

    Friday December 31, 2010 we are again reminded that we are working in the buggy C/assembler implemented unreliable Windows nvironment.

    Forth86 Laxen editor 3 - Friday December 31, 2010 15:18.

    Line stack and other editor demonstrations. Technical MSM. Speculative analysis of David Jaffe's behavior.

    Forth86 Laxen editor 4 - Thursday January 6, 2010 09:45.

    Correcting ^KB, ^KK, ^KC, ^KI, ^KY Laxen editor command lecture.

    Do we have a soul? Junko Yoshida EE Times December 13, 2010.

    Embedded Market Forecasters. Jerry Krasner page.

    Line stack and other editor demonstrations. Technical MSM. Speculative analysis of David Jaffe's behavior.

    The more we think about what Jaffe was up to, the more concerned we become. Later forths, in our opinion, offer no advantages over FIG standard forth and are likely poorly documented.

    Forth86 Laxen editor 5 - Friday January 7, 2010 08:51.

    OfficeMax, multitasking, file sharing, business.


Kansas SCADA device ABB XFC6413

Kansas SCADA device antennas.

  1. D. Compatibility analysis of ANS Forth (informative annex).

  2. SwiftX™ 8051 for the 8051.

  3. Color Forth.

  4. Forth Interest Group [Fig] standard Forth.

    Google forth encyclopedia.

    You may be able to download a free copy.

    All SCADA 8051 standard Forth families will properly process.


  5. Forth (programming language) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia gives a good overview of the inane forth 'standardization' efforts.
  6. Non-standard Forths subject to Musashi 's rules analysis.

  7. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
    Albert Einstein

    Don't search for deeper explanations when stupidity will suffice.
    Professor Melvin Gordon Davidson - physics

    Stupidity is difficult to underestimate.
    Professor Robert Franklin Wallace - economics

  8. Fig Forth project and Ray Duncan, Laboratory Microsystems.


    David L Jaffe.


    Here's David Jaffe's Wednesday December 29, 2010 friendly-sounding call.

    We spoke with David Jaffe. He is an 'in' to the silicon valley Forth community.

    Jerry Boutelle helped us avoid the silicon valley Forth community.

    We are thinking about conversation with Jaffe.


    We need a null modem to attempt to communicate between a Windows 2000 and XP machine using HyperTerminal.

    Design for test in prototype work is a good idea.

    Whoops, in the middle of the night thought that we did not add a ground test connection hit us. Ground test point added while XP was booting Friday December 31, 2010.

    New surface mount 8051 family board design is still under consideration.

    Second board containing one of more 8250s may be advisable? We'll think about this.

    Cables are in place to communicate directly using serial port on Win 2K machine and Belkin USB/Serial adapter.

    We will be using C, C++, _asm, Visual Basic, Java, VBA, Java script, ... . All tools which help us solve our problem. Including Forth86.

    Once this is working, we well tackle communations from a DOS or Windows app to HyperTerminal on the XP machine.

    David Jaffe phoned Wednesday December 29, 2010.

    HyperTerminal on the XP machine.

  9. Ray Duncan on Converting FIG-Forth Programs to Forth-83.

    We parted company from Laboratory Microsystems about 1985 over lack of Forth-83 dcoumentation.

    LMI FIG to Forth-83 conversion may have been a ploy to get Ray out of the problem of having filched targets from FIG?

    We went with Jerry Boutelle, FIG forthians, and Mitch and Linda Baker.

  10. C (programming language)

  11. Windows 2000 Visual Studio C and Visual Basic software development environment Monday December 27, 2010.

    Instructor has gotten into above mode of software development.

  12. One man’s treat, another man’s twaddle.

  13. No Time for ’Tirement’

Wednesday January 5, 2011 09:08

Lecture 5

Downloads 1 - Monday January 3, 2012 10:55.

Downloads 2 - Tuesday January 4, 2012 10:25.

Downloads 3 - Wednesday January 5, 2012 09:05.



  1. Embedded Controller Forth for the 8051 Family file downloads

  2. Note possible debug information NEXT displayed on LCD.

    Information appears infrequently.

    Timex Ironman apparently is implemented with a 6805 microctroller. Software reported to be implemented by Microsoft.

    Forth would be a good candidate for such an application.

    Monday January 3, 2011.

    Pressing the MODE button removes the possible debug informaton.

  3. Digi-Key TechZone. tzcontent@digikey.com

  4. IEEE Software, October 1984, Volume 1 Number 4 page 100-102.

    ROMable Forth applications code development

  5. Jack Ganssle approach to embedded software.

    C, C++ or Java?

  6. Forth51 system helping to debug null modem communications between Win 2k and XP hyperterminal.

    Forth51 system responding with 'ok'.

    2k system connected to Belkin over COM6. Communications reported by HyperTerminal.

    rs 232 9 pin disconnected from Forth51 system, then connected to null modem. Keys depressed on HyperTerminal running on 2k machine.

    Null modem disconnected and reconnected to Forth51 machine. Forth51 responds with 'ok'.

  7. Quick to listen, slow to talk, and slow to anger are good rules to adopt in all your interpersonal relationships, but they also help when solving tough technical problems, ...

    rs232 breakout box.

  8. Tuesday December 3, 2011 14:44. Located cable problem by 'buzzing-out' cables. One of the cables was a 'listen only' cable with no transmit line. Connector stamp reads 'UPS'.

    Here's XP HyperTerminal send characters to 2K HyperTerminal.

    All okay.

    Conclusion is that either 2k HyperTerminal is has a send problem or XP HyperTerminal has a receive problem.

    2k HyperTerminal transmitting PC keys. 15:25.


  9. HandBrake or Divx may be solution to reducing size of HiDef camera files?

  10. Imagine a stack of paper the height of a 19-story building. That's what a printout of Microsoft's Windows 2000 would look like, if anyone cared to print it. With 29 million lines of code written mainly in the C++ computer language, the new operating system (OS) is by far the largest commercial software product ever built. In fact, the development of Windows 2000, and its implementation in a wide range of computer systems and locations, is arguably the most extreme feat of software engineering ever undertaken.

    INSOMNIACS BEDTIME READING: If the code for Windows 2000, the largest commercial program ever written, were printed, the resulting stack of paper would reach past the Statue of Liberty's chin. In comparison, the software for a typical major defense system would be 13 feet shorter.

    EVA FREEMAN, 2000

  11. Getiing stiffed in the consulting business.

    2. b. To fail to give or supply (something expected or promised).

Friday January 14, 2011 13:09

Lecture 6

Hardware considerations.

Eight of January 2011 lecture - Saturday January 8, 2010 14:15.

Belkin Powered USB Hub, RS-232 hardware strategy.

Hardware strategy - Sunday January 9, 2010 15:51.

Hardware strategy.

Passive backplane implementation strategy - Monday January 10, 2010 08:27.

Hardware implementation strategy.

Belkin F5U409 - Thinking Forth - Tuesday January 11, 2010 09:27.

MCT driver, Windows XP Mode - Windows VirtualPC.

Belkin F5U409 working on 64 bit Windows 7 - Tuesday January 11, 2010 15:04.

Magic Control Technologies U232-P9 Adaptor It was then that I found the MCT U232-P9 DB-9 Serial Adapter High Speed 230K USB SERIAL RS-232. This device used the “P87C52 – 80C51 8-bit microcontroller and PDIUSBD12 made by NXP Semiconductors founded by Philips.”

PDIUSBD12 made by NXP Semiconductors.

HyperTerminal/Forth86 file sharing - Wedneday January 12, 2010 15:49.

Wirewrap technology and Forth assembler - Thursday January 13, 2010 08:43.

Wirewrap technology and Forth assembler 2 - Thursday January 13, 2010 10:39.

Logitech S 7500 720 webcam - Friday January 14, 2010 13:06.

Logitech C910 1080 webcam - Friday January 14, 2010 13:07.

Jameco T44 pins.


  1. Why ExpressSCH/PCB? - Sunday December 12, 2010.

  1. ExpressPCB.

Lecture 5


  1. Why ExpressSCH/PCB? - Sunday December 12, 2010.

  1. ExpressPCB.

Lecture 6


  1. Why what we're doing? - Sunday December 12, 2010.

  1. Embedded Controller Forth for the 8051 Family file downloads

Saturday December 25, 2010 16:00

Lecture 555

  1. Electromagetic Radiation and the 8051 family - Sunday December 12, 2010.



  1. Health warning!

    8051 Forth51 hardware systems emit LOTS OF EM radiation.

    8051 system used here will cause black bands to be seen on analog TV about 50 feet away.

    Shielding 8051 system in Farady cage is recommened.

  2. A Handbook on Electromagnetic Shielding Materials and Performance.

Tuesday January 11, 2011 11:07


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