Belkin F5u409

Monday January 10, 2011 12:21
Monday January 10, 2011 13:26

Being a computer system administrator and programmer by trade, I knew there would be no physical reason the device would not work under a 64 bit operating system. It was down to Belkin not wanting to spend the time or money to update the driver. In most cases, it would simply be a recompilation of the existing driver. Hence I began searching to see if anyone had got the device working. There was lots of webpages/forum posts about how people failed. Lots of posts indicating it’s not supported, even an official microsoft page indicating it’s not supported under Microsoft Windows 7. Then there were a few posts indicating to try various different drivers, most seem to relate to either the Prolific or FTDI chip/chipset which apparently exists on other models of the Belkin adaptors (F5U109?) and with other USB/RS232 converters and hence works with some other drivers. But sadly nothing about the Belkin F5U409 adaptor. Hence I figured enough is enough. I had previously found a website where someone had pulled the adaptor apart to determine if the chipset was an FTDI chipset. Sadly it wasn’t it was instead a Philips P87C52X2BA microcontroller seemed to be used. Hence I did a lot of searching for that particular chip in google, all with no luck. Eventually I thought hmm, lets just see if we can find another USB232 converter that used a Philips chip.

Magic Control Technologies U232-P9 Adaptor It was then that I found the MCT U232-P9 DB-9 Serial Adapter High Speed 230K USB SERIAL RS-232. This device used the “P87C52 – 80C51 8-bit microcontroller and PDIUSBD12 made by NXP Semiconductors founded by Philips.” It was perfect the chip matched. I hence spent quite a while working out who MCT were. It turns out that MCT stands for Magic Control Technologies. On the MCT website, on their driver page they had drivers for their USB/Serial convertor and they support Visa, Windows 7, 32bit & 64bit. So I downloaded the driver U232-P9 Driver.(Click Here for a Local Mirror incase MCT remove it) I then crossed my fingers and installed it. After a quick reboot I plugged in my Belking F5U409 adaptor and it was detected! A quick check. It worked!

This Directory contains a mirror of the drivers from Magic Control Technology which support the Belkin FU409 in Windows Vista/7 64bit. For full details about them please see How to use a Belkin F5U409/F5U409-CU USB To PDA Serial Converter in Visa/Windows 7 64bit & Mac OSX 10

Name Address IRQ
COM 1 3F8 4
COM 2 2F8 3
COM 3 3E8 4
COM 4 2E8 3

Base Address DLAB Read/Write Abr. Register Name
+ 0 =0 Write - Transmitter Holding Buffer =0 Read - Receiver Buffer =1 Read/Write - Divisor Latch Low Byte
+ 1 =0 Read/Write IER Interrupt Enable Register =1 Read/Write - Divisor Latch High Byte
+ 2 - Read IIR Interrupt Identification Register - Write FCR FIFO Control Register
+ 3 - Read/Write LCR Line Control Register
+ 4 - Read/Write MCR Modem Control Register
+ 5 - Read LSR Line Status Register
+ 6 - Read MSR Modem Status Register
+ 7 - Read/Write - Scratch Register

Modem Control Register (MCR) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bit Notes
Bit 7 Reserved
Bit 6 Reserved
Bit 5 Autoflow Control Enabled (16750 only)
Bit 4 LoopBack Mode
Bit 3 Aux Output 2
Bit 2 Aux Output 1
Bit 1 Force Request to Send
Bit 0 Force Data Terminal Ready

Table 11 : Modem Control Register Modem Status Register (MSR) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bit Notes
Bit 7 Carrier Detect
Bit 6 Ring Indicator
Bit 5 Data Set Ready
Bit 4 Clear To Send
Bit 3 Delta Data Carrier Detect
Bit 2 Trailing Edge Ring Indicator
Bit 1 Delta Data Set Ready
Bit 0 Delta Clear to Send

Table 13 : Modem Status Register

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