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Sunday December 5, 2010 08:00
Friday December 31, 2010 09:56

Technical MSM writing is for profit.

Jerry Krasner questions. Tuesday November 30, 2010.

1 What is the link to your operating system and microcontroller hardware survey?
2 What about VM microcontroller operating system adoptions?
3 Shaping microcontroller operating systems adoptions instead of leading it - like Google is doing?

Krasner's 'white paper' which we will try to locate on the web show impressive Microchip parts penetration in the embedded market place. Old emails searched. Can't find link to survey. Maybe it wasn't Krasner?

Friday November 26, 2010 20:45

Maintstream media [MSM], whether non-technical or technical, has its agenda and is not to be taken lightly.

What we 'know' comes mostly from reading or listening as opposed to 'doing' or first-hand observation.

Web poster quipped, "I don't believe anything I hear or read. And only half of what I see."
Friday November 26, 2010 20:45

Krasner's 'WOW' is posted in text too. As it deserves serious reply.

Engineering magazine writers write about what their advertisers pay them to write about.

How else do they make money?

Only a few write the truth.

Operating systems software vendors such a Keil and Green Hills advertise.

Forth advertised very little, aside from Ray Duncan at Laboratory Microsystems.

With Internet we can now write about the merits of super-reliable VM operating systems compared to C/assembler buggy, unreliable, memory-hogging, messes.

Example is Windows, of course!

Keep in mind that C is an American disease. Software engineers in countries do not embrace C. They are smarter.

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WOW – I know most of the major editors in the industry and NONE of them are on the take. I know first hand that a number of vendors have threatened to cancel their advertising unless they get favorable coverage. This has backfired on them. They didn’t get their way.

Where do you get this stuff??? Our subscribers get a unique database and Dashboard from which they can look at theirs and their competitors’ developers and the issues they raise. We also do an ROI based on survey results. Only Green Hills has cancelled on me for not kissing their ass. The others find the “truth” very valuable as it’s better to find out from us before they find out from the marketplace.

These are disturbing accusations, Bill – and they make me uncomfortable as I know the editors and publishers in the industry. Who is making these assertions?

Jerry Krasner, Ph.D., MBA


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Thanks for your note – Ganssle is a friend of mine – and thanks for downloading the paper


Jerry Krasner, Ph.D., MBA


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Hello Mr Krasner,



We still can't find the survey on microcontoller parts penetration which we think EMF conducted.

So we completed an EMF survey on Saturday December 4, 2010.


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