Albuquerque Durango Colorado
essential non-gas-wasting trip
Saturday January 18-20, 2014

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Sunday January 19, 2014 16:41
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Sunday January 19, 2014 16:41

New Mexico scenery driving north on 550.

Closed natural gas plant in Lybrook, NM operated by Williams video.

Garmin running J2ME? Java 2 Mobile Edition.

View from Double Tree hotel room in Durango..

View during breakfast.

To Silverton from Durango.

Durango and Silverton backing into station.

View of Animas river at breakfast.

On way to Silverton 1.

On way to Silverton 2.

On way to Silverton 3.

On way to Silverton 4.

Mayflower mill.

Towards Silverton from Mayflower mill.

Toward Durango 1.

Toward Durango 2.

Toward Durango 3.

Toward Durango 4.

Fishing on Animas river in downtown Durango.

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