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How is Energy Central/Energy Pulse making money?

Thought manipulators? Who's paying them?

Liberal arts 'educated' energy business?

Renewable Energy World Question response link posted at EnergyPulse Tuesday July 23, 2013.

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In the study, Christopher Cherry, an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at University of Tennessee, and his colleagues found that in terms of air pollution, electric vehicles were more harmful to public health per kilometer traveled than gasoline-powered cars. That’s right — the electrically powered cars turned out to be dirtier than those with internal combustion engines.

Who fund Energy Pulse?

There are some basic truths that give the countries in the Middle East a powerful edge in the race to the top in the world of solar energy.

Adding clean-power generators like this may help oil producing nations in the Gulf to conserve more crude and gas for export, reducing their use of the fuels to generate power that’s sold at subsidised prices.

Thursday June 27, 2013 17:54

Thursday June 27, 2013


Inside Obama's Climate Change Plan.

China Tops Table for Renewables Investment.

Solar battery charging experiments [google:hqrp solar charge controller user manual pro se fights] reveal that 15W solar panel works well for charging 12v AGM 35h, 9V, AA NiMH and NiCd in New Mexico where greater than one Sun solar irradiation is common. However, cost is orders of magnitude greater compared to grid battery charging.

Energy Returned On Energy Invested questions, considered during experiments, raises concern that more electricity MAY be used to produce solar panels than they will produce during useful lifetime? Sun damages solar panels.

Schott Solar was asked how many kWh of grid electricity it consumed per solar panel produced at its solar panel plant at Mesa del Sol while it was in business in Albuquerque. Promised reponse never received.

Suspicion is that solar panels do not produce enough electrity to power their production.

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