June 25-July 16, 2014
energy consumption field trip

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June 25, 2014 09:32
Saturday July 26, 2014 06:53

Energy-wasters despised.

Compulsion to study high energy consumption lifestyle forces us to live this way three weeks.

Refrigerated air conditioning is essential. Afternoon temperatures in the high 90s with about 100% relative humdity.

Most information results from text, pics, videos, or audios? Correct information, of course.

Saturday July 26, 2014 06:53

Viz is the name in stolen $22,036 recovery?

Hemingway writing style?

Qana massacre precipitated 9/11 James Bamford writes in A PRETEXT FOR WAR: 9/11, Iraq, Abuse of America's Intelligence Agencies.What's next? Search for 'a scorpion silhouette named hames'.

Sorry for the long response. I didn't have time to write a shorter one.

bill bonner

Palestinians declare 'day of rage' as Kerry pushes cease-fire.

Scorpion silhouette named james images.

The liberal arts 'educated' [msm, the courts, ...] are now vulnerable to attack because of high tech. :)

Mood music anyone? Terrible people?

Good guys don't commit genocide.

Thursday July 24, 2014 22:06

Florida fishing reflections. 

Stayed Wednesday July 9 and 10 at the Holiday Express in Marathon Florida.

Table near elevator contained.

Looks expensive? Let's analyze.

Bob Cast arranged trip with Austin. And tarpon fishing trip.

About 80 gallons of gas, or more, consumed on Friday July 11, 2013 fishing trip with captain Austin Collins and deckhand Reed.

Little gas consumed for tarpon fishing. At idle speed.

Boat expenses comprise a large portion of fishing trip cost.

And skipper and deckhand for 2 on 1 fishing experience!

Twice! Dolphin and tarpon.

Why? Let's analyze again.

Parrot Key in Key West Friday night was very nice lodging.

The Stoned Crab dining very good that night.

Returned for lunch twice .. from Marathon.

Dangerous diving on overseas highway.

Two lanes. Drivers passing irresponsibly and stupidly.

Tarpon fishing receipt prepared by Bob Cast on mobile wireless credit card device.

Smoke odor detected by Patty on return to Holiday Express room.

Bob Cast was smoking cigarettes.

mike dalton living the dream is the boss who likely orchestrated 2 on 1 fishing trips.

Deckhands Reed and Phil more knowledgable than skipper about fishing.

Personnel expense is at least twice as great but fish catching success greatly enhanced.

Catch photos - Austin photographed too - good for business. Senior citizen business.

Saddam Hussein Born: April 28, 1937, Al-Awja, Iraq

William Payne Born: June 11, 1937, Bismarck, USA

Landscaper Shane Black reflects on fishing trip too.

'Fun Indeed' refers to more than year long backyard landscaping project.

Landscaping won over solar generation of electricity project for economic reasons. Landscaping can improve home value.

Large-scale solar generation of electricity is likely a scam/fraud.

Another Florida project.

Thursday July 24, 2014.


Visit Your Page.

Viz is the name of recovery of insured $22,036 stolen from our Sandia Laboraory Federal Credit Union retirement-proected saving accounts game.

Monday July 21, 2014 12:04

Tarpon fishing July 14, 2014 17:00 t0 21:00.

Guides make up for slow fishing with interesting conversation.

Good fishing's negative is that no time to engage in meaningful conversation with guides

Boat fuel consumption, coal generation of eledtricity, and the liberal arts 'educated' discussed.

Audios and videos.

1 Leaving fuel dock after picking up captain Phil Leonard.

Robert Cast.

Phil Leonard.

2 Fishing vs catching.

Dalton Lodge.

Mike Dalton.

3 Bait.

4 Fish head splash.

5 Phil casts.

6 Bait cutting.

7 Nurse shark.

8 Other tarpon fishers.

9 Fighting tarpon at night.

Audio information more valuable than above video?

10 Accents.

11 Fuels consumption lecture by Bob Cast super-valluable imo.

12 Fuel prices.

13 Appalachia coal lecture by Phil Lenoard.

If they don't like coal let them son's a b**ches freeze to death in the dark.

This is a bumper sticker we see all over PA and WV. I love it, too.

14 West Virginia current coal mining technology, Phil Leonard.

15 Cooked iguana taste opinion.

16 Tarpon caught lecture.

17 Liberal arts 'educated' may be trying to take Bob Cast's Illinois farm?

Visibility is key to fighting the liberal arts 'educated'.

Stonewalling and visibility-limiting are main liberal arts 'educated' strategies.

These strategies have worked in the past since the liberal arts' educated' control the media and the courts.

But maybe not now?



Viz :)

More viz.



Captain Phil Leonard.

Casting dolphin remains bait.

Return to dock.

From Captain Austin Collins commenting on dolphin/tuna trip.

Monday July 14, 2014 16:08
Wednesday July 16, 2014 13:22

Recovery of insured $22,036 stolen from Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union resumes.

New Mexico Public Regulation Commission Insureance Division needs to send claim forms it
acknowledges it has.

Need to read commissioner Valeria Espinosa's June 14, 2104 email.

Reason for these emails? American Genocide.

Subject: New Music By Zedbazi, Ahmad Saeedi, Sina Hejazi, and More
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 16:37:54 +0000
From: Radio Javan info@radiojavan.com

To Tampa airport.

Above emailed and posted at Tampa airport for reason of thunderstorms.

Without this technology the liberal arts 'educated' would have defeated us.

Keylime pie in Key West Forida at Stoned Crab resturant.


On adjacent table.

Sunday July 13, 2014 17:45

Living the Dream Charters.

.Friday July 11, 2014 6 hour fishing trip with
Living The Dream Charters Capt. Austin Collins.

Austin Collins Facebook.


Mike Dalton Facebook.


Persian Facebook friends.

American Genocide book proposal.


Radio Javan.

1 Fueling.

2 Going out.

Cuba escape boat.

4 Deckhand looking for fish.

5 Fishing.

6 Hook removal.

7 Outrigger set-up.

8 Trolling.

9 Two dolphin = dorado = mahi mahi.

10 Trolling.

11 Other boat.

12 Line in propeller removal.

13 Line in propeller removal

Shark chum?

14 Ship.

15 Other boat seaweed.

16 Dolphin hook removal.

17 'The Hump' fishing for tuna.

18 Upside down tuna.

19 Unhooking tuna.

20 Hump waves.

21 Water turns blue.

22 Expensive homes.

23 Less expnsive homes.

24 Trip ends.

24 Cleaning fish.

26 Deckhand cleaning boat.

27 Hamas deckhand?

28 Lunch on Saturday after return from Key West overnight essential non-gas-wasting trip.

29 Dinner at the Stoned Crab in Key West.





Fueling. Gas.

Two 300 hp Suzuki outboards.

Raft from Cuba.

Occupants recently removed.

Full water bottles.

Inflated intertubes inside boat.

Dolphin aka dorado aka mahi mahi.

Hamas deckhand?

Near 'the hump'.

Water depth about 700 feet on west side of the hump.

Then drops to about 500 feet, then descends to 1,000 on east side.

28 miles offshore.

Tuna caught here.

To port after 6 hours fishing and one hour return.

The catch!

Fisherman exactly 60 days younger than Saddman Hussein.

Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti 28 April 1937

Fisherman Persian educated in higher algebra.
Skipper Austin Collins cleaned catch, bagged them, then catched iced.

Skipper and deck hand Reed given several bags of dolphin and tuna.

Great trip. And expensive - $750 plus $150 tip.

Thursday July 10, 2014 17:28

MainStreamMedia liberal arts 'educated' controlled visibility throughout history.

No longer hopefully.

Liked, of course.

The liberal arts 'educated' had great power in the past with their ability to limit visibility.

And are trying to reassert that power using moderation and invalidating passwords.

Both liberal art 'educated' ploys and exposes the way they 'think'.

Jason A. Marks is liberal arts 'educated' at Reed College.

Wednesday July 9, 2014 20:03

Bandar E-Abbas as hot and humid as south Florida, Ms Ziarati?

Beer and wine served at Bandar E-Abbas resturants? :)


Wednesday July 9, 2014 08:13

American dream realized.

Sarasota Florida.

Simple, Genuine, Economic MAGIC

Posted on July 8, 2014 by George Ure

Just last week at this time (before half the country filled up, gassed up the jet skis, dirt bikes, airplanes, and yada, yada) the price was $3.672.

Now, isn’t much – 2.3 cents a gallon, so if you own a reasonably busy gas station and do 20,000 gallons a week, that’s only $460 bucks in holiday spending money. And out of that you need more staff and maybe a mechanic doing some overtime (billed on repairs, but still…) I

t’s fun to push out the numbers and see how well the supply and demand picture is managed in this country while places like Europe pay something like four times as much for gas. In the Netherlands, gas tax (tax alone, mind you) pencils out to $3.50 per gallon or so.

There may be a lot of things wrong with America, and fracking, and all that…but geez, what economic magic at the pumps….still.

Enjoy it while it lasts. 

Fished out of here with Captain Alan, third sister-in-law and her cousin.

PNM IRP 2014 final report delivery request.is other Florida project.

Vis is the name of the game.

About $.12/ kWh in Florida.

Tuesday July 8, 2014 08:45


Radar coverage with Android app running on Motorola Razr was
high tech surprise.

Audacity audio editor used for first serious mp3 editing. Bit rough.

1 Motorola Razr.

2 Battery back up.

3 Electronics.

4 Lightening.

5 Big thunderstorm.

6 Big eyes.

7 Captain Alan.

8 Retired from Washington State University and Sandia National Laboratories.

10 Money.
Tuesday July 8, 2014 09:08


1 Leaving marina.

2 Loading bait.

3 To Egmont Key.

4 Netting chum fish.

5 Birds.

6 Storm clouds gathering.

7 Black nose shark.

8 Black nose shark 2.

9 Bluefish.

10 Bird hooked.

11 Slippery fish.

12 Pulling anchor to aviod thunderstorm.

13 Heading back.

14 Trying to avoid lightening.

15 Into port.

Monday July 7, 2014 15:38


Essential non-gas-wasting field trip to Arcadia to relieve boredom and keep cool in air conditioned rental car.

Fun? And noisy (:

Blue fish, big eyes, night feeded, captain reports.

Lots of birds.

Two caught ... and released.

Barge with pushing tug at Egmont Key.

Motorola Razr Android phone radar app

showed thunderstorm activity.

Six spare batteries carried, captain reported.

Trip started about 07:30 and terminated about 09:50 because of thunderstorms.

Charged $250.

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