Florida essential non-gas-wasting trip
to visit 99 year-old father-in-law
and three sister-in-laws, July 2-9, 2012

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Sunday July 8, 2012 13:43
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Tuesday July 10, 2012 14:19

50th wedding anniversary and 75th birthday vacation June 6 - 21, 2012

Car rented in Tampa using Travelocity from Payless for reason of lowest price.

Payless agent told bill that he would not like the compated he agreed to rent for reason it did not have remote door locks.

Upgrade suggested by agent. Ford Taurus upgrade cost us about $200 for eight days.

Vechical entry was easier in Taurus than Chevrolet Malibu. 22 mpg was best Taurus could do.

Cup holders were in center console on Taurus. Doors contained cup holders in Malibu: not a good idea.

Anna Maria - Long boat key inlet Tuesday July 3, 2012. Temperature about 90o F.

Walking is park on beach.

July 4, 2012 trying to avoid boredom trips.

Others on pier trying to avoid boredom too.

Fishing with Captain Alan in the gulf off Sarasota Thursday July 5, 2012.

Spanish mackerel bill caught displayed by captain Alan.

Third sister-in-law observes.

Third sister-in-law catches a snook.

Captain Alan casting bait.

Captain Alan lectured us on poisonous reef fish.

Wife's half-cousin Don.

Donald Baxter of Philadelphia Fund.

Third sister-in-law and captain Alan.

Captain Alan was very careful handling fish.

Two skipjack were caught.

Skipjack have spines on them which break off when handled, captain Alan explained. He compared the feeling like stepping on a sand burr, but worse.

Water temperature 83.9o F sister-in-law reported.

Friday July 6 in St Augustine.

View of tree from hotel room. Temperature 92o F.

Street view.

St Augustine flea market, Saturday .

Driving from St Augustine to Kennedy space center on Saturday July 8.

Buss brings tourists to viewing platform

then to Saturn 5 moon projects display. 1st stage motors.

2nd stage motors.

3rd stage motor.

Good 3D IMAX movie on the Hubble telescope viewed.

Forth is used in the space program. Google 'embedded controller forth for the 8051 family.

TITUSVILLE, Fla. (AP) - A year after NASA ended the three-decade-long US space shuttle program, thousands of formerly well-paid engineers and other workers around the Kennedy Space Center are still struggling to find jobs to replace the careers that ...

"I could take an $11-an-hour job that is 40 miles away," he said "But with gas prices and all that, it's not really worthwhile."

Orlando reasonably priced 5 star hotel booked through travelocity for $127 was an unexpected pleasant surprise.

Visit to bathroom caused lights on the floor to come on.

TV in bathroom.

Sunday morning we walked from hotel to

for breakfast. We split an egg McMuffin meal.

At 11:00 tradition of ducks crossing lobby to fountain observed. King Cotton music played in background.

riving from Orlando to Bradenton Sunday July 8.

Walk through Anna Maria - long boat key park Spanish speakers were playing

and keeping score in Spanish.

Anna Maria Long boat key bridge on Sunday July 9th.

Wife and three sister-in-laws ordering dinner at Holmes beach.

Displeasure expressed by all if bill is taking pictures of them.

All sister-in-laws are divorced.

Patty and second oldest sister in law unobtrusively photographed.

A blond when Patty has gray hair?

Learned that second oldest sister-in-law had face lift that cost her about $7-8k dollars.

Third oldest sister-in-law told bill that second oldest sister-in-law's hair is naturally totally white.

3rd sister-in-law and Mozart evening of Sunday July 8, 2012

Page composed at Houston Hobby airport. Bad thunder storms in progress.

Sister-in-laws are NOT into Facebook.

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