Essential non-gas-wasting fishing, grand kids, vehicle and wife pick-up trip wednesday july 5 through wednesday july 12, 2006
Austin and Aransas Pass, Tx

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Friday July 14, 2006 18:09
Tuesday October 10, 2006 09:22

Arriving in austin wednesday july 5, 2006. Hot and humid!

Visiting port aransas for dinner thursday july 6, 2006 at resturant with atmosphere. Jimmy Buffett type atmosphere.

About 7 free diesel ferrys cross the ship channel at port aransas.

Typical cloud scene, friday july 7, 2006

Returning to port.

Others caught fish. Us sportsmen used artificial lures.

Going out on sunday july 9, 2006.

Some nasty rain.

Looking to the west on sunday.

Brutally hot when there was no breeze.

Cleaning up in austin on sunday july 9, 2006

Here's purchased silver 2003 toyota corolla.

Grey 2003 toyota corolla  
1.8 VVT - i [variable valve timing - intelligent] engine
5 speed manual
1.96 R85 15 inch alloy wheels
cruise control

 Date miles driven gallons of
regular used
price $ mpg  comments
10/6/06 334.3 8.329 2.239 40.14 essential non-gas wasting trip to Los Lunas to shoot at clay birds with bird hunting buddy. Strong headwinds.
9/26/06 281.7 6.409 2.499 43.97 essential non-gas wasting trip from albuquerque,to santa fe, up the high road to taos with 1956 shattuck school classmate jay jones and his wife kathe to visit classmate fred fair.
9/22.06 256.6 6.879 2.369 37.30 one essential non-gas wasting trip to Los Lunas to shoot at clay birds. bill was in the states of washington salmon fishing and rhode island for wedding so much much driving.
8/26/06 237.8 5.093 2.749 46.69 essential non-gas wasting trip to The 32nd Annual Santa Fe Traditional & Bluegrass Music Festival and return. Pump shut off at slightly over 4 gallons. So it was restarted.
 8/12/06 234.7 5.521 2.899  42.51 mostly in city driving with one or more essential non-gas-wasting trips to bernaillo and perhaps even algodones, nm.

In a recent public address to the Senate of Australia, Bakhtiari stated that "I can see a range of $100-150 [per barrel of oil] not very far into the future." He amplified this statement as follows:

"We are entering an era in which we know nothing much, where we have a brand-new set of rules...One of these new rules, in my opinion, is that there will be in the very near future nothing like business as usual. In my opinion, nothing is usual from now on for any of the countries involved. And the lower you are in the pile, the worse it is going to get."

Bakhtiari believes that the world is at Peak Oil, producing about as much conventional oil on a daily basis as will ever be produced, now about 84 million barrels per day. From here on, the oil markets of the world will be dealing with the ongoing effects of oil field depletion and irreversible production decline. By 2025, Bakhtiari expects that the world's daily production of conventional oil will fall to a level between 50-55 million barrels of oil per day. Bakhtiari counsels that the world's governments, industries, and people accept the fact and begin to prepare. There is no time to lose. ...

8/1/06 221.8 5.307 2.979 41.79 Essential non-gas-wasting trips to lamy, galisteo, madrid and algodones, nm
7/28/06 224.2 5.887 3.019 38.08 Essential non-gas-wasting trip to Regina, NM to visit Fred Fair.
7/27/06 220.1 6.673 3.019 32.98 In city hot weather drving.
7/12/06 374.7 9.526 2.909 39.33 Fill-up Tewa 66 I-25 N. Tramway, albuquerque, nm. Stayed night in clovis, nm. Running about 67 mph between clovis and santa rosa. 78 mph between santa rosa and abq.
7/11/06 330.1 9.530 285.9 34.66 Filled-up at post, tx. Hot! Over 101 F from sweetwater, tx to clovis, nm. Air conditioner easily handling cooling. Running at about 72 mph.
7/11/06 9.300 2.849 Initial fill-up at Rudy's country store capital [not o] of texas highway, austin, tx.

Between Ft Sumner and Santa Rosa, nm.

Texas front licence plate replaced by Los Pinos plate.