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Books author.

Good Solar? ;)
New Mexico wind turbine/solar scam/fraud? :(

William Harris Payne
Sandia National Laboratories
Member of the Technical Staff, retired

Foreword 12/19/17 06:58

Book purpose to try to remove ?s from title and subtitle.


aroused my curiosity.

Fast Neutron correct about solar?

5 W monocrystalline panel purchased from Harbor Freight 5 $40 and several inexpensive multimeters to test Fast assertion.

Many low cost or free HF mulitmeters used to monitor performance.

Test results slightly more optimistic that Fast Neutron's assertion.

Second panel purchased to experiment with parallel and series connections.
Panel electrical characteristics cause more powerful panel to power other in parallel configuration.

Third purchased to test SE, S, SW panel possibly capturing more power without moving single panel.


Panel voltage swings renders panels alone about useless for practical applications.

Panels went to the garage.

Low cost HQRP charge controller purchased from Amazon for evolution.

15 W monocystalline panel purchased from Harbor Freight for HQRP evaluation. About $50.

HQRP not only protected 12 V 35 Ah AGM Harbor Freight [About $50] battery from overcharge but removes solar erratic and intermittent output with battery backup!

Experiments conducted outside covering battery, charge controller and wiring with a tarp at night.

Wind often destroyed test site.

HQRP electronics eventually failed.

Three less than $10 solar controller purchased. Two did not charge the 9 V 35 Ah battery well.

Least expensive $7.41 controller did best of three!

Low-cost Qiang Sun 30A charge/load controller advertised PWM charge control purchased from Amazon.

Both HQRP and Qiang Sun have LED performance indicators.

Grape 100 W polycrystalline purchased about about $100 from Amazon to test charge controller.

IR drops between 2 foot 10 gauge power and return replaced in-line multimeter amp measurements.

Current flow in to or out of battery indicated by mV sign changes.

$16.99 Sunix 20A 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller Charge Regulator Intelligent , 2 USB Port, LCD Display from Amazon to upgrade Qiang Sun.

Qiang Sun moved from 100 W grape to 15 W Harbor Freight. Sunix connected t0 grape.

80, 200, 400 W modified sine wave inverters purchased from Harbor Freight to test performance.

HiMH and NiCD charging tests evaluated rechargeable AA/AAA 9V performance compared to alkaline and Lithium batteries conducted over many years. Some with solar charging.

Several chargers destroyed using modified sine wave inverter power.

Cell phone Lithium Ion 3.8 battery charging testing followed.

USB and universal charger [battery removed from phone] tests conducted.

Two cell phone low battery theories:

1 charge through usb cable [Tesla strategy],
2 replace low with full battery. Charge away from phone.

POWERBANK MINI 4400 mAh purchased from Aamzon to test cell phone bank charging.

$10 Ativa 5000 mAh and thee $3 2600 mAh purchased from OD/OM for further battery bank cell phone charge tests.

Pure sine wave 120W Samlux little over $100 inverter purchased from Amazon to power computers.

Solar/battery powered Windows notebooks project goal.

Windows 10 hp stream 13 celeron purchased from Amazon for $200.

Backup hp stream purchased from Office Depot/Office Max for $129.99.

Amazon stream runs 10/1511 [fall update]. OD/OM stream 10/1607.

Lenovo Ideapad 100 5th generation broadwell purchased from OD/OM for $350.

Microsoft upgraded Ideapad from 1607 to 1703 [creator update] without asking permission.

Lenovo Flex 5 7th generation kaby lake purchased from OD/OM for $600 to upgrade wife's Lenovo g580 core i3 Windows 8 laptop running xp.

Flex 5 updated to 1703 on initial powerup.

Flex , Ideapad, OD/OD stream, as well as desktop 4 generation haswell, AC powered through Kill A Watt power meters.

All run Office 365.

Windows 10 appears include power-saving upgrades.

Stream 1607 appears more power efficient than 1511.

USB powered hubs under speed/power evaluation using Kill A Watt meters and Windows 10.

2200/2400 W Chicago Harbor Freight gas generator purchased in 2011 for home backup.

Not started until 2017 ... thanks to grid reliability.

3200/4000 W Preditor Harbor Freight generator purchased for $289 in 2017 to evaluate new technology and backup Chicago generator.

Both used to power nameplate 10 amp HF Portland blower/vacuum and Sears shop vac..

New technology Predator powered both blower and shop vac simultaneous from each of its two 13 Amp banks.

How many solar panels/batteries to required to power the blower and shop vac for 15 minutes? Without destroying its deep cycle battteries, of course.

Harbor Freight 400 Watt inverter manual
Second part of book.

First generator returned to HF under 90 day warranty because of bent frame. Replacement returned because no electric output after enghine start. Replacement 3 returned for same reason. Replacement 4 works!

Amazon, Harbor Freight, OD/OM returns policies excellent.

Solar/battery success overcoming erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor solar panel power output perhaps best understood by first hand implementation and studying wind turbine/grid scale failure.

As well as first-hand solar panel/battery knowlege.

6 roof grid tie solar vendors submitted bids for home system. Solar City a bidder. One bidder out of business.

Author did not solict bids, except for one possible.

Bidders ask to submit bids. Author agreed to study bid.

Conclusion that wind turbine and solar grid-tie generation of electricity is a scam/fraud reached over at least ten years study ... looking at data, not listening to or reading msm altenergy articles.

New Mexico, Texas, Indiana field trips to wind and solar farms, talking to knowledgable people method used.

Excess power disposal fee revealed in 2016 at the American Wind Power Center in Lubbock TX.

Confirmed at Benton county IN municipal building 10/2016.

Public Service Company of New Mexico published intermittent and low capacity factor

wind turbine output at the New Mexico wind power center [136 GE turbines] and red mesa [64 GE turbines] wind farms.
Erratic solar farm power output Springerville AZ warning.

Confirmed by Public Service Company of New Mexico's Prosperity solar/battery data.

Method includes attending PNM Intergrated Resource Planning meetings ... with mouth shut, New Mexico Public Regulation Commission intervenor, field trips, solar system quotes, asking questions, solar laboratory measurements ... for a 10 year period.

Notes collected in html formal beginning in 2006.
Solar and wind information collected at New Mexico Solar Energy Association fiestas held at Menual School, The Academy, and two at Central New Mexico Community WORKforce Training Center valuable.

Electricty production not area of expertise but of learning.

Electronics/software used in wind turbine/solar systems is area of interest ... and hopefully expertise and ability.

Electronics/software is essential for wind/solar systems. And is the achilles heel too. Failures/obsolescence/toxic waste disposal

Liberal arts educated appear to have tried to force adoption wind and solar generation of electricity and destruction of coal.

The liberal arts 'educated' controlled the media. Until Internet and social media. :)

Public Service Company's 2017 Integrated Resource Planning dominated by engineers replaced environmentalist who, imo, hijacked the 2007 IRP.

But how to tell this story?

Eric Schlosser's Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety, divided book into narrative, notes and references.

Goal is to minimize words in narrative to focus on how scam/fraud conclusions reached.
Notes verbosity okay.

Book contents should cause examination of formal opposed to informal education in our electronics/software world?

Names of information contributors somewhat withheld to protect them.

Author subjected to porn hack and malware attacks while compiling book information.

Amazon and Comcast author accounts hacked. Bogus orders placed.

Porn posted on Comcast personal web pages and Twitter by hacker[s].

Facebook account hacked. New Mexico driver licence photo posted.

Facebook removed authors account ... but later reinstated it.

Author is official US Internal Revenue Service identity theft victim.

Chapter 1 5/8/17 14:43

Erratic, Intermittent, low capacity factor wind and solar

Dispatchable defined as ability to turn on and off electric power by elecrric power engineers.

Solar is not dispatchable at night, of course.

Solar turning on and off during the day causes erratic power output.

Springerville, AZ 2007 example [R1 1]:

Economist statements [R1 2]:

PNM 2017 IRP Prosperity Solar/battery example 3:

Erratic solar power output placed on grid by home systems causing grid reliabilty issues in Hawaii.

24/7 erratic windpower output!

Erratic wind turbine power output post
removed from Saskatchewan Research Council website. [R1 3]

ABB corporation attempted to battery compensate for Cowessess wind turbine erratic output. [N1 1]

Two wind farms provide power to the Public Service Company of New Mexico [pnm].

New Mexico Wind Energy Center consists of 136 1.5-megawatt GE turbines wind turbines. [R1 1]

Red Mesa wind farm of 64 1.6-megawatt GE turbines. [R1 4]

Both operated by NextEra Energy Resources. [R1 5]

One of two PNM full page ad Albuquerque Journal, Wednesday July 20, 2016


may have caused
More Information:

In response to requests for more detailed production data for renewable energy resources,
PNM has posted data files with hourly generation figures for PNM’s 2015 wind and solar resources.
Five-minute interval generation for PNM’s wind resources are also posted.
For more information and
copies of handouts as the meetings progress, please see the IRP web page at this link

Links to data untrusworthy Saskatchewan post proves. Therefore,

ABB corporation Saskatchewan Cowessess wind turbine data attests to erratic power output.

But this is second hard information.

Grape 100 W polycrystalline solar panel/battery backup garage experiments first hand corroboration.

PNM Intgegrated Resource Planning 2017 Excel spread sheet address New Mexico intermittent wind and solar data

Chapter 2 5/22/17 06:55

Small-scale solar/solar-battery systems

Fast Neutron right or wrong?

Chapter 3 5/21/17 08:07

Dispatchable electric power

How dispatchable plagues not only wind/solar but other electricity generation technologies too.

Chapter 4 5/24/17 06:08

Manufacturer, install, maintenance, decommissioning costs:
wind turbine/solar panels depreciation
Costs divided into monetary and energy?


Monday April 8, 2017 08:37

Energy Returned on Energy Invested [R1 EROEI] ignored by wind and solar advocates?

Decommissioning costs too?
1 Mims outlines four stages of projects.

Leila lives in Shemirinant, Tehran, Iran

Forrest lives in Albuquerque.

2 ____

3 Fast Neutron location change.




Wednesday April 10, 2017 09:11

06/11/17 14:36

1 Schlosser narrative quick and annoying to read.
When is Schlosser going to say something? Many words/sentences/paragraphs/pages skipped searching for content.

2 Schlosser notes contained information of how book assembled good writing, imo.

Informative ... since Sandia labs involved. And reveals where information obtained to write. Second party sources.
'Exposes' better word that 'reveals'?

3 Internet and social media

make possible defeat of mainstream media hyping altenegy and denigrating coal.

3 Irp final reports size comments:
Lenovo Easy Camera ideapad 100 notebook broadwell [R1 5th generation]

8 gB ram $350 Office Depot clearance Win 10 1607 14393.1066.

2 hrs battery life. :(

Backup for

haswell [R1 4th generation] 8 gB ram desktop.

Haswell Win 10 1607 14393.1066 which crashes frequently.

Haswell runs xp.

Broadwell probably will too. UEFI/BIOS includes Compatibily option.

Waiting for MIcrosoft/Gigabyte to fix.

Crashes HotMetal 6.0 too which can cause loss of work. Ctrl S [R1 save] keyed frequently.

4 Geroge Pettibone, Whitman college 1959.
5 Microsoft fix?

win 10 about 65 million lines of code, we read. We can't fix. But we can report bugs.

Wind turbine/solar electronics/software maintenance big issue which can lead to vendor bankruptcies?

6 Windows 10 primary book writing tool. xp backup. Snipping tool used for screen shots. Task bar included for data/time stamping. Printscreen 95 xp screen shot too. 5/22/17

7 Solid state drives, cloud storage, usb hard disks, flash drives book incremental backup.

8 Multiple win 10 and xp pcs backup too. WiFi and ethernet connected via GoDaddy through Securifi Almond cell-phone technology router.

9 Frequent power state driver failure and HotMetal 6 crashes on win 10 1607 Haswell desktop requires frequent book saves.

10 'driver power state failure win 10' googled to discover possible fix 5/22/17. Annoyance to great to continue to ignore.

Win 10 safe mode, device manager, revelaed video adapter yellow mark. Diver uninstalled. No crashes ... so far.

Wind turbine and grid-scale solar farm contol center face similar software maintenance issues. Identical if windows based?.

HotMetal crashed 5/23 requiring retyping 10. :(

11 No more power state driver failures ... so far. :) 5/28/17

12 80th birthday. Tacodeli Austin TX. 6/11/17.

Saddam Hussein
Born: April 28, 1937, Al-Awja, Iraq
Died: December 30, 2006, Kadhimiya, Iraq


Notes: Chapter 2




Refernces: Cahpter 1



Refernces: Cahpter 2


Afterword 5/13/17 10:38

Over $1.8 invested in European New Mexico wind turbine projects in 2017, publications report.

Collapsing woldwide wind turbine sales resulting from erratic, intermettent, low capacity factor power ouput coupled with environmental issues may doom wind turbine companies to bankurptcies?

Public Service Company of New Mexico [PNM] invested in about 14 grid-scale solar site, PNM 2017 Integrated Resource foils report.

New Mexico

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