Gran Quivira essential non-gas-wasting field trip
Saturday May 26, 2012

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Tuesday May 29, 2012 07:35
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Hello Sathyanarayana Krishnamurthy,

Tuesday May 29, 2012 21:09

New Mexico has lots of windmills used by ranchers to pump water.

It is also home to the Florida Power and Light House, New Mexico and High Lonesome wind farms which generate electricity.

High Lonesome wind farm field trip and subsequent phone conversation with Edison engineer Mike reveals serious wind turbine problems.

Many, if not most, windmills are not operational for a variety of reasons. Mechanical failure is perhaps the most common reason.

Hypothesis that wind turbines may face similar problems as windmills is under investigation.

And we're studying solar water pumping first hand with two Pacific Hydrostar solar pumps capable, from specs, of 42 GPH at a height of 2.62 feet.

Grid-powered water features are also under investigation.

Report: Two Solar Technologies That Will Thrive; Two On the Demise

Tuesday May 29, 2012 05:03

New Mexico vastness is impressive. Looking toward east on way to Gran quivira.

Windy day but windmill not working on way to Gran quivira.

Water looks to have dried up.

Windmill is an expensive operation for a rancher. Expensive to buy, install, and maintain. And they only last between 5 to 20 years, according to Williams Windmill in Socorro, New Mexico.

Solar panel next to NPS store. Only half of it is working ranger reported.

Solar conversation segment.

Machine referenced by ranger is a large soft drink dispenser.

Water conversation segment.

Possible failing water pumps is at issue with solar generation of electricity. Undervoltage is a concern.

Some ruins looking southwest.

Spanish priest appear to engage indians in church construction.

Returning on main hiway outside Gran Quivira

seen on the left hand side of the road. Electric pumps have replaced many windmills. Probably cheaper, more reliable, and towers don't have to be scaled to maintain.

AND just across the road

The tank apparently solar-powered by bent solar panel has water in it!

Trip cost slightly over $40 in gas expense but sure was fun and educational.

High gas/diesel costs are a problem for New Mexico ranchers who prefer huge fuel-guzzing trucks.

On return to Albuquerque, wind was blowing hard so picture of neighbor Tim's flag


Latillas not only hide meters, control boxes, and Directv antenna but flag as well.

Tim replaced tattered flag on Memorial day and added a red Marine Corps Devil Dogs flag below.

While Tim was removing devil dogs flag, bill asked him why flag flown.

Tim responded that he was in the Marines reserves in 1963 but did not go to Vietnam.

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