Solar Charging Harbor Freight 12V 35Ah AGM battery

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Friday May 3, 2013 18:10
Saturday June 1, 2013 06:20

Solar charge controller User's Manual
English version

15W solar panel and HQRP DID charge battery through absorption layer because float charger is now finishing charge.
Float charger shows 0 mA out and 7W AC in when battery is not fully charged.

Conclusion is that HQRP and Harbor Freight 15W solar panel charged the 12V 35Ah AGM battery.

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Thursday May 30, 2013

Grid vs solar battery charging costs.

1 Grid battery charging video.

2 9V NiMH battery charge test.

3 RAYOVAC AA NiMH battery charge test.

Saturday May 25, 2013

Three 5W solar panels added in parallel to 15W panel.

Two panels bought to check-out
fast neutron
Santa Fe, NM
January 12, 2009

From actual experience, wind farms produce 1.2 watts per square meter. Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic methods capture 5 to 6 watts per square meter. There is no economy of size in either technology. Dividing the watts you need by those values gives the land area in square meters needed to produce the juice. The numbers are astronomical

for about %40 each - less 20%, of course,

These are the two dark outside panels.

Sun damages solar panels.

Middle third panel purchased later to test high voltage wiring panels in series.

1 Charging 4 RAYOVAC AA NiMH, one 9V NiMH, and NiCd video.

2 Solar charged battery testing.

3 More on solar charging batteries. CORRECTION: Power supply positive disconnnected not solar panel. Solar panel disconnect merely causes green LED to extinquish.

4. Solar panel disconnect from HQRP.

5 Three 5W panel meter connections.

6 About ready to add first of three 5W solar panels.

7 First panel added.

8 Second panel added.

9 Third panel added.

10 Wire jumble and panel orientation.

11 Float charge?

12 Float charge?

13 HQRP disconnects three 5W panels.

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got banged while plugged into the 80W inverter. :(

How did they do this ... and are able to sell it for under $20?

finally located in Lenovo G580 box.

Out of warranty by about 11 days. 
Repair attempted.

Which MCU (MicroController Unit)?
Bottom of board.

Cylindrical can above orange capacitors on photo of bottom of abover board likely contains the crystal for the oscillator assembly.

Physical shock can break crystals.

What software technology was used?

Assenbler is a bad choice.

Formatting binary numbers to print as ASCII characters on an LCD is best handled with a small operating system such as BASIC52 or Forth.
LCD assembly

 rystal located just above orange capacitors may have been damaged.

Tuesday May 28, 2013 13:27

Media experiment. Pics, text video and audio. When to use what to convey information.
Bellagio Monet exhibition audio. 5/7/13

Which is then distributed using Facebook and Twitter

Experimenter photo.

Not doing grid tie inverters ... but we are watching.
HQRP 500W Grid Tie MPPT Power Inverter 10.5V~28V DC 110V~120V AC for Solar Panel System

I love the product and what it represents. I have since ordered the energy monitor to see what it is doing, but there is an absolute evil satisfaction to see the utility meter stand still during the middle of the day!!!

The Calm Before the Solar Storm

As solar installations accelerate, a need for new business models on both sides of the meter.

Beware of Energy Complacency: Sic Transit Gloria.

Friday May 24, 2013

Grid connected

draws  2.9W idle.

2 AA RAYOVAC NiMH and one 9V NiMH consumed

.11 kWh to charge, Kill A Watt reports.

1 kWh in Albuquerque 2013 costs $.12.

Cost to charge batteries using grid electricity is $.0132.

1 Testing RAYOVAC AA bateries video.

2 Testing 9V NiMH and NiCd batteries.

3 Solar charging 4 AA RAYOVAC, 9V NiMH and NiCd batteries - part 1.

4 Part 2.

Red battery LED seen on HQRP charge controller. 200W Harbor Freight inverter sounded continuous beep as well.


1.08 Sun?

One Sun is 268 mA.

.29 is highest reading ever seen.

Temperature probe attached to back of solar panel. 57 is Centrigrade.

Resistance of solar panels measured - in the dark.

Possibility is that heat is generated from electricity? Investigation is in order.

1 Battery low HQRP red LED and 200W inverter continuous beep video.

Low battery alarms sounded well above HQRP 11.1V and 200W inverter 10.5 limits!!!

2 Shorted solar panel problem.

Maybe solar panel shorted when battery drain with no solar assist? Need to check video,

PNM power outage warning.

Audio caption 1.

Caption 2.

Caption 3.

Caption 4.



Wednesday May 15, 2013

1 Bad solar day, 4300W inverter video.
2 Shutting down experiment.
3 Restarting experiment.

Audio video caption.

Focus really is on charging batteries.

Solar panels are used extensively in New Mexico for charging gate opener batteries.

Solar might require a rethink of its applications for electricity use.

Using wires may be a bad idea.

Miners use batteries to power their head lamps.

Futures homes might have a head lamp rack in the front door. Residents put on head lamps.

Batteries solar charged, of course!

[audio caption]

are serious solar/electric contenders.

Target sells a 22 icn LED TV which is advertised to consume $4/year.

Tuesday May 14, 2013

Hello HQRP,

Solar charge controller NV12-12V101 purchased through Amazon appears to have a problem.

Power is drawn from the battery instead of the solar panel when green LED slowly blinks indicating the battery is full and there is ample sun.

Problem is fixed by a microcontorller hardware reset. But then recurs.

Here's link to several videos of the problem.

Unit is under warrantly.

Please advise.


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Natural Gas on Track to Become Next Energy Giant.

The growing role of the U.S. in world energy markets was underlined on Friday as the Obama administration approved wider exports of liquefied natural gas and international companies committed billions of dollars for new infrastructure.

The developments were both consequences of the shale revolution in the U.S., in which improvements in the techniques of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," have unlocked new supplies of oil and gas, and raised the prospect that the US will be an increasingly important supplier of energy to the rest of the world. Saturday,

The Obama administration on Thursday issued a new set of proposed rules governing hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas on public lands, moving further to address industry concerns about the costs and reporting burdens of federal regulation.

18 May 2013

Failure mode entered again at about 14:23

3 More evidence of microcotroller software problem in charge/load controller.

4 In-field fix! :)

3 HQRP charge controller indicates full battery but it is NOW drawing power from solar panel.

1 Free DM vs expensive [~$17] Amp comparison video.

2 Free mA scale comparison.

Monday May 13, 2013

HQRP pulled load from battery when slowly blinking green LED indicated battery full. :(

5 One Sun and What happened!? video.

6 Turn on the HQRP, possible trouble.

7 More trouble indication.

8 Something definitely wrong.

9 Disconnect solar panel.

10 Works okay after microcontroller reset.

11 More than one Sun.

12 Brutal New Mexico sun.

Drawing power from battery when full charge NOT REPLICATED Tuesday morning May 14, 2013.

About one Sun [1,000W/m2] measured by calibrated solar cell seen

Test of how many Watts are required to power inverters with no load.

1 80W inverter power requierment video.

2 200W inverter power requierment.

3 400W inverter power requirement.

4 Load disconnected.

Audio caption.



Sunday April 12, 2013 was a fair solar day.

Sunny in the morning with white clouds in the afternoon.

But meter staring more interesting because the charge/load controller must supply constant load current.

Load current is supplied from the solar panel unless it cannot supply current at which time the battery kicks-in to supply current. Battery current changes from - to + when this occurs.

Charge is applied to the battery when - curent is seen on the batttery current meter. The 2V 35Ah AGM is charged while charging other batteries if the battery current is -.

Results of charging after after about 8 hour.

Over charge is not good but no timer for 9V battery charging, only AAA, AA. C, and D NiCd and NiMH.

9V full charge should be accompanied by 25mA drain. Yup.

Battery 12 rapidly drained as evidenced by the 18..43 mA after a short period.

Free meters set on charge work well to test battery condition.

1 9v charging video.

2 One Sun [1,000W/m2] greater.

3 End of 9V charge experiment.

Saturday May 11, 2013

All 17 Working Mode settings exercised.

16 is only Working Mode on this3 NV12-12V010 from which the load LED and output voltages can be toggled with the 'light press setting button'.

Friday May 10, 2013

Amber load LED extinguished. No load power.

R Less Ermy comments.

Clue to Working Modes operation obtained.

Bad day for solar charging video.


Audio caption 1.

Audio caption 2.

Audio caption 3.


1 Solar panel/battery charging below batteries on unfavorable solar day. :(

Before solar charging.

Audio caption.

NiMH/NiCd Battery Quick Charger.  

Fast battery ch arger 47618 Set up And Operating Instructions.

Thursday May 9, 2013

12 Solar electric compensation when battery full.

13 Float charger doing strange stuff.

14 Microcontroller in HQRP.

15 No sun.

16 9V NiMH removed.

Battery conditions after6 hours solar charging.

9V (25mA) full charge is specifed on


Overcharging, as done above, may lead to premature battery failure?

Battery initial conditions

for number 10 and 12 Harbor Freight seen in charger below.

8 Charging NiMH AA experiment video

9 Charging continues.

10 Simulated cloud!

11 Full battery in sunny conditions HQRP behavior.


2 Float charging battery 2 from grid video.

3 Solar panel under tarp voltage.

4 Experiment emerging from night tarp cover.

5 Panel ground wire fixed.

6 Working mode 17 problem fix.

7 Laptop desktop Internet setup.

Battery life of RAYOVAC NiMH AA recharged with 200W inverter used in Canon SS160 IS appears to be substantially shorter than those rechard with

1 Charger video.

plugged into the grid.

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HQRP charge controller now both charges and delivers load power simultaneiously

14 Success video.

Working modes remain to be understood.


11 Black LCD meter screens.

12 Lots of guts required for experiment. No brains however.

13 Full sun, battery charged, read HQRP manual further to see if converter can be made to both charge and power load.

9 Load working with no solar panel input.

10 Solar panel input disables load.

3 80W invert is load video

4 Real world of electronics.

5 80W inverter working across battery.

6 Solar Power Connection Cable Kit Item #68684 adapter mislabelled video.

Testing the short circuit feature of the HQRP charge controller was positive aspect.

18+A observed drawn which burned out fuse in 80W inverter.

7 Kill A Watt meter powered by 80W inverter.

8 Connection solar panel disables load output. Hmm.

1 Meter LCD failure video 5.8.13 

2 Float charge battery 1.

Trouble Looming on Digital Device Repair

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Connections problems may have caused battery LED to go from green to red slow blink.

Important is that this did not 'kill' HQRP charge controller. Corrections, if necessary, to be made 5/8/13.

4 voltage comments video 5/7/13

5 .96A solar panel ERROR.

6 Meter LCD turns black.

7 Panel angle change.

8 Charge complete!

Power wire to battery disconnected!!!

Micrcontoller powered by solar panel but signaled error with red LED. 5/8/13

HQRP hardware inplementation robustness is building.

HQRP charge strategy appears to keep in battery input voltage millivolts above the battery voltage with the controller disconnected.

Microcontroller power loss, with solar panel power connected, occurred twice and controller still working! :)

1 Strange lights from HQRP video.

2 Whoops video.

3 Charging in partial shade 5/7/13.

Wind which wrecked experiment on Saturday May 4, 2013 also

Phone conversation with T4 landscaper Shane Black. 5/7/13
Facebook Monday evening.

5/7/13 10:34

Battery voltage 13.33, solar panel output 840-850 mA, Panel voltage on meter to right reads about 14.2, HQRP supplying .82-3A to battery. 5/7/13 aout 10:15

Calculator used to compute approximate panel poer of about 12W.

Float charger connected to batter but no power.

LED is lighted from battery power.

AC power applied to float charger

.28A supplied to battery.

Battery volatage increased to 13.59V from about 13.32V.

AC power measures about 12W.

Current supplied to battery by float charger rapidly decreases to .04A and AC power consumed to 7W.

Repeated pressure right meter with zebra strip problem and warmer temperatures fixed digit segment problem.

1 preparation for disaster video Saturday May 4, 1013.

2 Float charge on HQRP solar charged 12V 35Ah AGN battery video.

3 Experiment set up.

4 Charging 4 RAYVAC 1.2v AA batteries using Solar/batter with 200W inverter, KILL A WATT, and Harbor Freight charger

Batteries measure 1.44V and .39 mA after charging.

4 Float charger video.

5 Solar charging with no sun? :)
RAYOVAC recharged NiMH AA batteries used in Canon SC160-IS cameras to shoot videos.

Audio caption.

Audio caption.


Audio caption.


Saturday May 4, 2013 11:37

Deep Cycle Battery FAQ 05/04/13

12 Volt, 35 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid AGM Battery show voltage a full charge of about 13.2V.

HQRP charge/discharge controller charges batter to about 13.2V, then disconnects.

Absorption charge stage mentioned by Northern Arizona Wind & Sun may bre missing?

15W Solar panel voltage drops to about 17.5V when the HQRP is charging battery.
Learn mode experimentation. :)


Dirty 15W Harbor Freight solar panel.

Cleaned with Dawn, paper towels, and water.

Voltage increase of about 1V may be attributable to illumination as well a cleaning?

Depressing button caused working mode 17 to display for 10s of seconds.

Green LED indicated okay battery power.

Magazine covers LCDs of 'expensive' Harbor Freight to prevent them from turning black.

Panel charging batteryvideo.

Battery charging voltage is about 13.95. See red meter at left.

Red meter measujre at right measures panel output voltage.

Battery full? video 05/03/13 13:05.

Discharge battery 2 audio 15:10 Screaming interter!

Start power consumption appears to be problen. not Harbor Freight inverters.

Screaming inverter video. 15:10

Inrush current, input surge current or switch-on surge refers to the maximum, instantaneous input current drawn by an electrical device when first turned on. For example, incandescent light bulbs have high inrush currents until their filaments warm up and their resistance increases. Alternating current electric motors and transformers may draw several times their normal full-load current when first energized, for a few cycles of the input waveform .

An incandescent bulb typically has an inrush current that is typically 12-15 times the amount of the steady state operating current. Thus for a 60 watt bulb that normally draws about 1/2 Amp steady state current, the inrush current is about 7.5A, when using the high end of the multiplier to be conservative.

Inrush current limiter 05/04/13

Complaining inverter video. 15:10

Discharing batter okay video. 15:10

Discharge termination video. 15:10

Charge battery 2? video. 15:10

Solar charging battery 2 video. 15:10

Why we made need emergency solar generation of elecricity.

Save electricity. New construction must continue.


Unit 1 at Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant begins planned outage.

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