Solar charge controller User's Manual
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Solar charge controller
User's Manual1 

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User's manual included with the HQRP NV12-12V010 is difficult to read and gives little insight on how the charge/load controller really works. American English manual developed from experiments reported in photos, videos, audios, text and links gives insight on how this remarkable device really works. Audio and Video abstracts. Audio 2.

1 #10 ground wires used in experiments.

2 Connect battery positive, then negative
Attach the red Cable’s Alligator Clip to the Positive (red) terminal on the battery, then attach the black Cable’s Alligator Clip to a clean unpainted metal part of the chassis. (Note: If connecting to a battery not installed in a vehile, connect to the Negative (black) terminal.

to 12 Volt, 35 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery.

3 Connect photocell. 15 Watt, 12 Volt Solar Panel used in experiments.
Solar charging portion of NV12-12V010 appeared to work well at this stage.

Green battery LED blinks slowly when charge is complete.

finished worked on solar charged battery.

Float charger does NOT work on battery which has not been completely charged.

4 Connect optional load.

Solar battery charging and regulation does not require load to be connected.

200W and 80W power inverter as first stage of load in experiments.

5 At Least one

is should be used to monitor battery voltage.

Second to monitor panel voltage is useful and entertaining.

Load current can be monitored with third.

6 Connecting the battery should cause3 the battery state indication light [LED] to turn green and the load state indicator light [LED] to turn amber. |

12V should be seen at the battery and load terminals.

7 Connecting the solar pane caused the load LED to extinguish and 0V measured across the load terminals.

Depressing 'light press setting button' should cause3 17 to be displayed.

Depressing 'light press setting button' WILL NOT cause voltage to appear at load or amber load LED to light

8 Push and hold the 'light press setting button' until the display blinks.

The repeated depress button until 16 appears.

Wait until blinking stops.

Pressing button should cause3 amber load LED to light and voltage to appear at load.

Button toggles load LED.

8 NV12-12V1210 should be3 fully functional.
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 0  ? Document release  william h payne


1 Amercan English verson.

2 Embeddded Controller Forth for the 8051 Family.

3 Electronic devices, especially those that contain a microcontroller, are updated to correct problems that occur. So what is described in this manual may not apply to your HQRP NV12-12V0104 :(

5 Boeing 767 software standards documentation compliant.


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HPQR Amarzon question reponse which used

Harbor Freight Chicago Electric 750 Watt Inverter Item #69660.

750/1500 69660 manual.

If the alarm sounds, this means that the input voltage is at or below 10.9 V. Stop using the Power Inverter and recharge the battery. If this is not done, the Inverter will shut off automatically at 10.5 V [battery dead].

400 Watt power inverter.

Deep cycle (marine and RV) bat - teries can be charged more times than a car battery, and are a better choice for repeated use of the Power Inverter. Do not discharge your car battery more than 10% of its total capacity, and deep cycle batteries more than a 50% discharged state.

Amazon HQRP question and answers.

HQRP charge controlling 12V 9Ah Werker AGM battery from 15W Harbor Freight panel videos.

LCD Mobile Oscilloscope DSO Nano V3.

Sunday September 13, 2013

Chinese author appears to struggle to get what was done across.

So let's try to figure out what was done and write it American English.

f 051013

Repeated reading of the below manual supports conclusion that a user is not going to figure out how the NV-12V010 really works.

Measurement and observation over time is perhaps the best way how someting works?

Performance of the NV-12V010 is impressive, so far - once we figured out how to turn on the load..

NV-12V010 survived drawing over 18A across the load as a result of the Solar Power Connection Cable Kit battery clip module reversing power and ground.
The open-circuit voltage, VOC, is the maximum voltage available from a solar cell, and this occurs at zero current. Object is to maximize the electric power output from a solar panel. This is a difficult task.

Also advised
Do not discharge your car battery more than 10% of its total capacity, and deep cycle batteries more than a 50% discharged state.

s 5/11/13

4 Sandia National Laboratories builds a radiation hardened version of the Intel 8051.

Revsion number was about 581 or 2 at the time Sandia received the design package from Intel.

Example from AMD 8052 [ROMless 8051 with more registers] dip

Bottom of chip contains the revision symbol.

Solar charge controller User `s Manual

I main characteristics 1. Adopting the single chip end special software on the basis of expert control system realized the Intelligence Optimization SOC control

2. Adopting External temperature transmitter to compensate temperature, much precise than internal temperature transmitter.

3. Automatic protect against over charge , over discharge , electronic circuit, overload all these protections do not bring any harm to any component, not burn the fuse wire

4. Taking series connection PWM charge as the main circuit , saving half charging loop voltage than using theTh~6i~de charge.

5. LED shows the battery condition users can get the service state directly.

6. All the control adopt Industry-specific chip , can running free under any cold , hot humid circumstance.

7. Adopting audio-visual double LED to show the settings , complete all operating and Settings by one press button ,time alarm and figure display correspond to each other.

8. Making full use of the advanced power source technology , Greatly improved the effective power of unit area, much more compact structure.

g. The large diameter, big interval terminals, can install 6 mm~ conducting wire , wire interval is g.~ mm, can enhance the isolation and the installation reliability, wires hard to slipping
II system specification

This controller designed for solar energy power supply system, dc solar energy lamp system and use a special computer chip intelligent controller, complete all operating and Settings by one key type light touch switch. With the protection against short circuit, overload, unique meter protector against fraud , automatic shutoff when over charge , over discharge , resume and some other protective measures , detailed instructions, battery charging state, load and various kinds of fault instructions. This controller takes samples according to the battery voltage, current, environment temperature battery capacity by the computer chip through the special control model calculation, realize the discharge rate conform to battery characteristics. Temperature compensation of high efficiency, high accuracy fixed control, used the efficient battery charging mode PWM, ensure the battery in the best working state , greatly extend the service life of the battery. Has a variety of work patterns, output model selection, can meet the needs of various users

Ill installation and application

1. Controller's fixation should be rigid overall dimension: 1 33~7Omm; pore size of installation: 12650mm.

2. Preparing the wire: suggest using Multi---Strands Copper Core Insulated Wire . First decide the length of the wirethen decrease the connection length on the basis of right installation position as far as possible in order to reduce electrical loss. In accordance with electrical current density is no more than 4A/mmz to choose the cross--sectional area of copper wire, and strip the controller side of the lug's insulation about 5mm.

3. First, connect the terminals of the battery in the controller, then connect the other ends to the batteryPlease note + - level, and don't reverse. If the connection is right, the indicator will light, which can be examined by pressing the button. Otherwise, please check whether the connection is right or not. If the connection is reverse, it would not burn the fuse wire or damage any component of the controller. The fuse wire only used as an ultimate protection against the controller own internal short circuit.

4. Connect photovoltaic wire. First connect the terminals of the photocell in the controller then connect the other ends to the photocell. Please note + - level, and don't reverse. If there is sunlight, the charge indicator will light. Otherwise, please check whether the connection is right or not.

5. Load connection . Connect the load wire to the load output end of the controller. Please note + - leveldont reverse, soas not burn with electrical appliances. IV Application instructions Charging and overpressure instrucfions: when the system is normally connected , and been shining , charge indicator light (1) will display green and steady light , which means charging circuit system is normal; When charging indicator light (1) appear green but flashing rapidly ,that means the system is overpressure ,. solutions please refer to the "Solutions to common problems ` below . The charging process adopted PWM ways, if happen to over discharging, charging need to improve to the promote charging voltage, and keep 30 minutes, then fall to straight charging voltage , keep 30 minutes, Then the battery has been activated , can avoid vulcanization crystallization, finally fall to float charging voltage , end keep the float charging pressure. If there is no over discharge ,then no promote charging ways ,in case the battery loss water. The automatic control process will make the battery charge efficiently and guarantee or extend its service life.

Battery state directions:

when the battery voltage is in normal range, state indicator light (2) will display green and steady light; After fully charged the light will display green lights and flash slowly; When fall to under-voltage state indicator light turn to yellow, when the battery voltage continue to fall to over discharge voltage, state indicator light will turn to red, at this time the controller will automatically shut off the output, reminding users timely compensate the power. When the battery voltage return to the normal state, the controller will automatically start the output, state indicator light 2 changes to green. Load instructions: when open the load , the load indicator light (3) display steady light . If the load current over the rated current 1.25 times for 60 seconds, or over the rated current 1.5 times for 5 seconds, the indicator light (3) will display red and flash slowly, which means overload, the controller will close the output. When load or load side happen to short circuit ,the controller will immediately shut off the output, indicator light (3) flash rapidly ,when the condition mentioned happen , users shall carefully check the connections of the load break the defective load, press the button, 10 seconds later or until the nest dey the controller will back to normat work, when in the general-purpose controller mode , press the button one time can clear overload or short circuit instructions, and press again can resume output.

V working mode setting

Setting methods: press the switch button for 5 seconds, (mode) shows the figure , digital LED flash, then loosen the button, then mode converts number with each press, until the LED digital do not twinkle then means completed the settings. LED digital shining with each press, the state can be observed through the displayed LED figures

Pure light control : when there is no sunlight, light intensity fall down to the substrate, controller delay 10 minutes , after confirmed the start signal, open the load, load began to work; When having the sunshine, light intensity ascended above the substrate , controller delay 10 minutes , after confirmed the close output signal , output close, load stop working.

Light control + delay ways: same activate process as before. When load work until the set time then shut off, time setting refer to the table below.

General-purpose controller method: only cancel the light control , time control, output delay and related functions, keep all other functions, used as general general-purpose controller.

Debugging methods: used for debugging systems , same as the pure light control model, only cancel the 10 minutes of delay which judge the light signal output control , keep all other functions. If have the light signal then shut off the load output, if not , then connect the load output. It is convenient to check the correctness of the system installation.

Output mode descriptions: output mode and LED digital displaying setting mode correspond to each other, relation details refer to the table below -

Working mode Settings table :0 = Open ; C Close
Output mode and LED display   Output mode and LED display   Output mode and LED display  
Light cantrol 0+light control C0 0 Light cantrol 0+light control C  7 Light cantrol 0+1h postpone C  14
Light cantrol 0+1h postpone C1 1 Light cantrol 0+1h postpone C 8 Light cantrol 0+1h postpone C 15
Light cantrol 0+2h postpone C2 2 Light cantrol 0+1h postpone C 9 Light cantrol 0+1h postpone C 16
Light cantrol 0+3h postpone C3 3 Light cantrol 0+1h postpone C 10 Light cantrol 0+1h postpone C 17
Light cantrol 0+4h postpone C4 4 Light cantrol 0+1h postpone C 11  
Light cantrol 0+5h postpone C5 5 Light cantrol 0+1h postpone C 12  
Light cantrol 0+6h postpone C6 6 Light cantrol 0+1h postpone C 13  

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