Salmon fishing at Ilwaco, WA
essential non-gas-wasting trip
Sunday August 19 - Friday August 24, 2012

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Saturday August 25, 2012 15:25
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Tuesday September 4, 2012 07:06

NSA got bill fired from Sandaia labs. The FBI investigated and sent bill the documents indicating that Sandia department manager Jim Gosler and NSA were responsible.

James Bamford was responsible, through John K Cooley, for haveing Hans Buehler contact bill.

Wikipedia Bamford bio reference 1 is ' Scott Shane (October 10, 2008). "Decades on the Trail of a Shadowy Agency". New York Times. ... Read note from Scott Shane.

Let's go for money recovery on Tuesday Septembler 4, 2012 especially since NSA is very visible is Iran thanks to Facebook.
The National Security Agency is getting bad PR from James Bamford in an audio interview.

Facebook posts.

Thursday August 30, 2012 15:43

John suggested using Facebook in 2011 when we fished Sekiu.

Bill asked Ms Mazhari how old she was when he wished her a happy birthday.

Born on August 18, 1980.

Saddam decided to invade without the Iranian officers' assistance, beginning the Iran-Iraq war on 22 September 1980. :(

Cost of Living in Kermanshah, Iran. Beer? Wine?

Basic (Electricity, Gas, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment 50.00 $

Bill has a new Facebook friend!

Do it while we are able. Increased gas prices, possible shortages, bombing Iran nuclear facilities, ww3 [Google 'Iran cornerstone of possible ww3'] are all possibilities.

Advancing age is a hopeful certainty.

The Plan and why.
John Sobolewski and I fished for just silver [coho] salmon in August 2010 at Sekiu, WA from an about 16 foot kicker boat.

Sunny warm weather. No rain.

Pink salmon run only on odd years.

Salmon wait and feed in the ocean until it rains so they can swim up rivers to spawn.

Van Riper's resort was full so we stayed in a motel in Clallam Bay. Motel located at the breakwater seen in photo.

And we got skunked in 2008!

Dr Richard Sauder and bill had breakfast at the Frontier restaurant days before the trip. Here's a narrative.

Sauder began the conversation describing a technicolor dream in which a US nuclear carrier lay dead in the water, listing and smoke rising from it. Sauder described sailors panicked about a reactor meltdown. Bill was a listener.

Sauder sent bill a series of strange emails asking him questions. Last email was that he never want to hear from bill again.

Emails were lost in a Toshiba A105 XP Outlook crash. But bill wouldn't be surprised if copies exist somewhere.

Navy deploys 2nd aircraft carrier to Persian Gulf; USS Enterprise joins Abraham Lincoln strike group

Above information has bill trying to recall more details of Sauder lecture.

2012 weather and fishing reports look similar to 2008 so plan devised to try to avoid 2012 plight.

Ilwaco salmon fishing is supposed to be the best around the week on August 19 so we decided to fish with Seabreeze charters.

Bill would arrive on Sunday August 19. John and bill would fish the 20th and 21st. Bill would rest Wednesday August 22, then fish the 23rd and return to Albuquerque on the 24th.

Ms Katayoon Mazhari in Kermanshah, Iran began sending bill Facebook email notifications days prior to trip.

Pictures of trip follow :)

Mood music required



Complements of the late J Orlin Grabbe.

NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran Conflict may be Grabbe's best article suppressed by msm. And not included on Wikipedia page.

Also here.

How started.

Payne/Morales vs, NSA Jun 21, 1997 – As a result some Sandian, including Payne, had access to NSA crypto algorithms and implementation guidelines. 3 At issue in this FOIA lawsuit ...

Pointed link to documents about Hans Buehler. Ahmad Zoubin, post about how the Iraq/Iran started, KGB, and J Orlin Grabbe.

Florida 2012 workers update.

About to depart from Ilwaco on Monday August 21

About to depart for salmon fishing trip from Ilwaco August 22 .

First salmon caught was huge king.

John landing salmon Monday August 20 which he gave to patty and bill.

Josh Schenk, grandson of captain Pat Schenk of the Four Sea's Sons, man net.

Pat Schenk told bill on this trip that he was a deckhand on his father's boeat in 1956 when he was 10 years old.

Bill was a freshman at Whitman College in 1956,

Bill apparently is 11 years older than Pat ... and exqctly 30 days younger than Saddam Hussein WAS. :)

John landing hatchery salmon on August 22 on Pat's son, Dan Schenk's boat Nauti Lady..

Native salmon are identified by a present adipoise fin.

Hatchery salmon are supposed to have the adipose fin removed. But hatchery workers fail to remove some.

Native fish must be tossed back. Only hatchery fish can be kept

2012 most of the salmon at Ilwaco and Sekiu were natives.

Indians, however, can keep native salmon.

Indian hatchery employees are suspected of not removing fins, we heard.

Fishermen are upset.

Bill landed one salmon on Monday but it was a native.

Native salmon release.

Returning to Ilwaco.

Rest day Wednesday August 22 Nacotta, WA visited to view oyster beds in early morning.

Then Columbia River Maritime museum visited.

Long beach Kite Festival visit in afternoon.

Seabreeze phoned to suggest bill go bottom fishing on Thursday August 23. Bill agreed.

Leaving for bottom fishing.

Took 1.5 hours to reach bottom fishing location between Seaside and Cannon Beach, OR.

Super rough water.

Bill asked deckhad Justice Schenk whether any passengers had fallen off boat.

Justice joking said yes but we pull about 30% of those we liking back in.

Justice then proceeded to tell bill how he fell in which trying to dock a charter boat.
Dan Schenk, Justice's father, was asked several years ago if he was related to Claus Schenk.

After some thought, Dan asked, 'Who is he?' Bill told him. Dan then replied, 'Probably.'

Boat limited in about 1 hour.

1.5 return trip.

Seabreeze phoned bill to tell him the fish were ready at the cannery.

Bill told Seabreeze to give them to someone.

Seabreeze asked if it was okay for them to take the fish. Sure.

Seabreeze phoned a second time thanking bill for giving them the fish.

Real reason for not brining more fish back to Albuquerque

Photo Tuesday August 28, 2012. Could barely get 8 packages of salmon in freezeer.

That's New Mexico Big Jim [mild] green chili at the bottom. Frozen peaches too.

Then bill drove to SurfSand in Cannon Beach, OR for a favorite walk to Haystack rock.

And wrote a message to Ms Mazhari and readers of her Facebook page.

John Sobowleski already arrived at Heidi's Motel on Sunday August 19.

On the table was envelope addressed to Patty and a package with

On the other side of the above was

This is a photo of the computer science department building at Washingon State University.
Friday July 27, 2012 15:46 

Bill was computer science prof at WSU between 1966-79. Then went to work at Sandia Labs in 1980.

Origin of the current matter may go back to WSU where bill warned about graduate education quality problems.

WSU's computer science department was later eliminated.

SCI clearnce investigator gave bill a bad time about this. But bill gave investigator news paper clippings which convinced the investigator that he was justified.

Stay turned for some web page links about what happened in the WSU computer science department.

Los Alamos Ntional Laboratory and New Mexico State University role in the collapse of the Computer Science Department at Washington State University

99 year-old father-in-law sent WSJ clipping from Florida which arrived by snail mail on Friday July 27, 2012.

Tough Times for Colleges—and College Towns

This pain is already being felt in places like Pullman, Wash., home to Washington State University. The city has 30,000 residents, of which 24,000 are either students or school employees. In the past four years WSU has eliminated 581 positions—more than a tenth of its workforce. State aid has fallen by $240 million over the same period. The school raised tuition by 49% in the past four years to make ends meet, boosting undergraduate tuition from $6,290 in 2007 to $9,374 in 2011—with the figure rising to $10,874 for the coming academic year.

Inside the package was

Use required after photo handled!

John-caught salmon was steaked and frozen.

Cannery worker told bill on Friday morning when salmon retrieved [$12.40] that salmon fishing was good on Thursday. Oh, well.

Ryan Crocker surely knew about the US plans to incite Saddam Hussein to attack Iran in 1980 or may have been an active participant?

Attempts were made through Whitman College president George Bridges to have Crocker come cllean by writing his account of what happened. But this has not worked so far.

NPR [National Public Radio] between Ilwaco and Portland airport reported

Former U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker has served in some of the world’s toughest regions. Now, just weeks after retiring and returning stateside, he’s facing charges of driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an accident after a car crash. The AP is reporting that Crocker was arrested on Aug. 14 in Spokane Valley after an incident in which he allegedly hit another car with the 2009 Ford Mustang convertible he was driving.

Crocker, a Spokane native, announced his retirement last month for unspecified health reasons. Most recently, he was the ambassador to Afghanistan and had previously been ambassador to Iraq, where he served under President George W. Bush during the military “surge.” Before that, he was posted to troubled hotspots around the globe, including Pakistan, Syria, Kuwait, and Lebanon.

His lawyer, Julie Twyford, could not be reached immediately.

[Ryan Crocker was a liberal arts 'educated' English major at Whitman College class of 1971 and commencement speaker for the class of 2009. Read bill's comment.

Bill is a 1959 graduate of Whitman College and understands liberal arts BS 'education' and their way of 'thinking'.

He was a math major.

Professor Aboulghassem Ziirakzadeh [google] taught bill Higer Albegra at the University of Colorado in the summer of 1958.

Liberal arts 'educated' 'think' differently. But are extremely dangerous!!

Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities in a liberal arts curriculum.

Mark Mathis

Tuesday August 28, 2012 postings. :)

Below is salmon seen in the net above.

8 salmon vacuum packs in freezer in Albuquerque, NM

Essential non-gas-wasting trip receipts.


Salmon harvested this way usually cost at least $150/lb.

Sekiu plans for 2013 discussed.

Recovery of stolen $22,036 is back in focus.

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