Wind turbine/windmill field trip
Clovis, New Mexico
June 26/27 2015

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Sunday June 28, 2015 06:25
Monday July 20, 2015 06:58

Wind generation of electricity has problems? Large-scale solar too? Altenergy, in general?


1 Erratic power output.
2 Intermittent output.
3 Large-scale electric storage problems.

Project stages expanded to include 1 financing in addition to 2 construction, 3 installation, 4 maintenance, and 5 decommissioning.

4 Wind turbine costs of 4 and 5 may exceed revenue from sales of electricity? Along with bond interest and principal payments, of course.

5 Wind turbine gearbox bearings and seal fail.

6 Hidden are problems of obtaining electronic replacement parts and costs of software maintenance.

Sunday July 5, 2015 07:15

Wind tubines are difficult, dangerous, and expensive to maintain as well as decommission?

Resale value of wind turbines $0?


Coy Harris and Mesalands turbine installation videos reveal ladders attached to the insideof the four
tube segments.


1 What is the temperature inside the tower as a function of

a outside temperature?
b distance from ground?

2 Has Coy Harris climed to the nacelle in Vestas V47-660kW wind turbine at the American Wind Power Center?

3 Harris speculated that the yaw motor broke.

If so, then how is the broken motor transported to the ground and a replacement motor moved from the ground to the nacelle?

Saturday July 4, 2015 10:07

Mesalands Community College wind turbine seen as we turned south at Tucumcari to visit the Grady Brahms 12 turbines, two of which were not spinning.

Meslands wind turbine constructon video posted at Infinity Wind Power website.

Base construction different than that shown in video WIND MACHINES sold at the American Wind Power Center museam store.


Students climb the College’s General Electric 1.5 megawatt ESS wind turbine
Enron Wind Systems, part of the Enron group ...
On May 10, 2002, following the Enron scandal, General Electric acquired the assets of Enron Wind Systems

and may perform actual maintenance and repair.

North American Wind Research and Training Center
911 South Tenth Street
Tucumcari, NM 88401
(575) 461-4413, ext. 156
1(800) 261-4877

Friday July 3, 2015 17:19

Field trip subgoal.

"This transaction completes the full lifecycle of the project and confirms the successful execution of the new business plan set out since the company's takeover by BayWa r.e. only two-and-a-half years ago," says Florian Zerhusen, CEO. "Our business plan is to acquire development assets, self-fund construction, secure tax equity investment and then sell the sponsor interests in the projects at or after commercial operation. Using this model, we sell turnkey, fully structured projects to strategic and financial investors."

BayWa says Brahms represents the third completed project since parent company BayWa AG entered the U.S. market in 2011. The fourth project is expected to be completed later this year, the developer notes.  

[Making money from wind generated electricity goal?]

Friday July 3, 2015 17:03

Bonds name of game in wind generation of electricity? Along with tax breaks for FPL.
Characteristics of Bonds

Most bonds share some common basic characteristics including:

Face value is the money amount the bond will be worth at its maturity, and is also the reference amount the bond issuer uses when calculating interest payments.

Coupon dates are the dates on which the bond issuer will make interest payments. Typical intervals are annual or semi-annual coupon paymeNts.

Maturity date is the date on which the bond will mature and the bond issuer will pay the bond holder the face value of the bond.

Issue price is the price at which the bond issuer originally sells the bonds.

Scam/fraud in wind and large-scale solar generation of electricty?
“The wind turbines can be reset through a remote device,” Linsten said. “People all over the world can control the output. Mitsubishi workers in Japan or Edison Mission Group employees from Irvine, Calif. (headquarters) can operate it with an Internet hookup.” ...

Linsten said 10 Mitsubishi employees are working at the wind farm and they keep up with the maintenance of the 120 wind turbines. Linsten said they check tower torque, power and they grease and oil the turbines. They check the turbines every day, according to Linsten. ...
Linsten said the electricity is sent west of Elida to an Xcel grid where it is distributed throughout their network.

Linsten said wind energy can’t be stored. [ns sherlock] The amount of wind energy sent to the Xcel grid depends on how much energy derived from coal and natural gas Xcel is distributing to its customers.

Erratic output?

Thursday July 2, 2015 15:38

Scam/fraud evidence builds?

LA JOLLA, Calif., Dec. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Padoma Wind Power, a leading California based wind energy developer today announced the completion and transfer of its 120-megawatt (MW) wind project near Elida in eastern New Mexico to a project subsidiary of Edison Mission Group Inc. (EMG). Simultaneously, EMG is selling a 25% interest in the project to Citigroup. The San Juan Mesa Wind Power Project was constructed by Padoma using 120 Mitsubishi 1 MW wind turbines. The balance of plant work was subcontracted by Padoma to a joint venture between The Industrial Company ("TIC") and Power Engineers, Inc., and the project was built on private as well as State owned land. Electricity produced by the project will be sold to Southwestern Public Service, a subsidiary of Xcel Energy, under a 20-year power purchase agreement.

The switch was turned on in late December on the San Juan Mesa wind farm in late December. Edison Mission Group representatives purchased the wind plant from Padoma Wind Power officials (who constructed the power plant) of La Jolla, Calif., and they are selling it to Xcel Energy, which uses the electricity to power homes in eastern New Mexico, West Texas and Oklahoma.

Bonds are on the agenda for Tuesday’s Roosevelt County Commission meeting. ...

According to a press release, the wind turbine farm is set to be online by the end of the year. Paulin estimated the final costs of the project, which will employ wind turbines manufactured by Mitsubishi, will exceed $150 million.

Wednesday July 1, 2015 13:10

EDF Renewable Energy.

Roosevelt wind turbines look old. One leaking gearbox oil.

Infinity Wind Power - Wind Energy Development.

Industry Renewables & Environment
Type Privately Held Company
Size 11-50 employees
Founded 2008

The Wind Energy Technology Program at the North American Wind Research and Training Center.


The utility-scale wind power plants in New Mexico are:

204 MW New Mexico Wind Energy Center, De Baca and Quay Counties
80 MW Caprock Wind Ranch, Quay County
120 MW San Juan Mesa Wind Project, Roosevelt County [Roosevelt wind ranch is different, we learned from Jared, June 30]
120 turbines: Mitsubishi
Hub height: 69 m
Total nominal power: 120,000 kW Operational
Edison Mission Group.

NRG Energy 211 Carnegie Center
Princeton, NJ 08540-6213 USA
Phone: 609.524.4500
The $160 million San Juan Mesa wind power plant project is driven through Industrial Revenue Bonds paid through private funding.

Edison Mission Energy and its indirect wholly owned subsidiary, Viento Funding II, Inc., in a $207 million financing of a portfolio of wind energy projects, including the 161 MW Wildorado Project in Texas, the 120 MW San Juan Mesa Project in New Mexico and the 81 MW Elkhorn Ridge Project in Nebraska. The financing consisted of a $189 million secured term loan, a $13 million secured letter of credit facility and $5 million secured working capital facility.

New Mexico is home to several utility-scale wind farms including the San Juan Mesa Project (120 MW), the Caprock Wind Ranch (80 MW), the Aragonne Mesa Wind Farm (90MW) and the New Mexico Wind Energy Center (204 MW). The New Mexico Wind Energy Center (NMWEC) was the first of these utility-scale wind farms in New Mexico, becoming operational in July of 2003 near Fort Sumner. The NMWEC is expected to bring more than $40 million over 25 years to the rural counties of De Baca and Quay. In lieu of taxes, the NMWEC makes a $450,000 payment every year to the county governments and school districts. The Wind Energy Center also spends approximately $550,000 per year on lease payments to landowners and $500,000 on permanent job salaries.

To facilitate the wind energy development process in New Mexico, the state’s Energy Conservation and Management Division has developed a New Mexico Wind Development Handbook , which includes information on the following wind project issues:
Financabilty considerations include the successful negotiation of a power purchase agreement with a credit-worthy buyer and the ability to take advantage of available State and Federal production tax credits.

Applicants state that San Juan Wind is an EWG [exempt wholesale generator] that owns and operates an approximately 120 MW wind-powered generation facility in New Mexico, in the SPP market. According to Applicants, NRG Energy holds its interest in San Juan Wind through Viento II, which partially owns San Juan Wind.

San Juan mesa wind farm industrial revenue bonds.

Industrial Revenue Bonds.

Padoma Wind Power Elida, New Mexico, USA


The vbOnline system, through monitoring and analysis, assists in reducing operating and maintenance costs through the early detection of machine mechanical faults and the subsequent introduction of preventative maintenance programmes.

This becomes increasingly important where damage can incur significant costs to remedy or cause actual substantial loss of revenue for the company relying on the wind turbines. Often these turbines are in inaccessible areas and are critical components to a business process.
877 582 2946

90 MW Aragonne Wind Facility, Guadalupe County
2 MW Llano Estacado, Curry County
100 MW High Lonesome Mesa, Torrance County
102 MW Red Mesa Wind Energy Center, Cibola County
50 MW Macho Springs Power [28-1.8 MW Vestas V100 turbines].

Roosevelt and Milo wind ranches.

Commissioners had previously approved issuing $430 million in IRBs for the Roosevelt Wind Project, which entails 150 wind turbines on 65,500 acres between Elida and Dora.

The $72 million for the Milo project would be taken from the original $430 million.

Windmills between Tucumcari and Grady New Mexico Friday June 26.

More windmills than we have ever seen! About 1/2 broken. :(

1 Windmill 1.

2 Windmill 2.

3 Broken windmills.

4 Not spinning but ...

Monday June29, 2015 12:07

Vestas V82 phased out?
5 Grady wind turbines located.

6 12 turbines ... and one dead one.

7 County road 34.

8 No flop, flop, ... Wind turbine to right not spinning.


12 Vestas V82.
V82-1.65 MW (phased out)

Two not spinning.

Not spinning. Two trucks parked at base.

Portales windmill museum


Sign at lower right. "THE LAND THAT GROWS WINDMILLS"

9 Google maps on TracFone Android L41C kitkat used to locate road to Roosevelt wind turbine farm.

10 Road to wind farm.

11 Spectators.

12 Turbines visibile. Big operation.

13 Closer.

14 Gear oil leak. Seal replacment expensive?

15 Bolts. Turbines look old.
The up to 300 megawatt (MW) project is expected to achieve commercial operation in December 2015. [This is new EDF project purchased from Infinity Wind Power, we learned on June 30.]
16 More old bolts?

17 Slight breeze ... impressive.

18 Spinning slowly and shop building.

19 Erratic turbine power output example.

Approaching the Roosevelt wind farm

Wind turbines appear out of the haze.

Several of the 120 Mitsubishi 1 megawatt turbines.

20 Converstion with store clerk.
120 wind turbines installed in 2005, Jared reported on Tuesday June 30.
21 Kenna to Roswell.

22 Roswell to Albuquerque. New Mexico scenery.

Albuquerque Journal Sunday June 28.

Liberal arts 'educated' nonsense?

Sunday June 28, 2015 13:28

Essential non-gas-wasting wind turbine/windmill/Portales windmill museum trip from Albuquerque to Tucumcari.
Tucumcari is connected to Xcel’s electric grid by a single 115-kilovolt transmission line that runs from Clovis to Tucumcari, according to Riley Hill, president of the Southwest Public Service, the Xcel subsidiary that serves eastern New Mexico and Texas Panhandle areas. If that line is cut off — as it was in June 2011 — Tucumcari could lose power for an extended period, he said, and that’s why the power plant was installed in Tucumcari. The plant’s interconnections are designed to allow the plant to operate without synchronizing to the rest of the Xcel grid in case of a power outage, but to link with the grid if the plant is used to meet heavy electricity demand on the whole Xcel system, Hill said.
South to Grady. Night in Clovis.

Portales windmill museum Saturday morning, then to the Roosevelt wind farm.

Google maps on TracFone L41C Android kitkat used to locate Roosevelt road in Kenna, NM.

Then back to abq.


With the last of 12 massive turbines installed, construction at a 19.8 megawatt wind energy project south of Grady will shift to finishing the substation and detail work, according to project officials.

“We just installed the final turbine. There are a lot of details we need to work out before we begin operations,” BayWa CEO Florian Zerhusen said Monday in a phone interview. Zerhusen said there is no tentative date to begin operation, only that it would be operational in 2014.

Wind farm visited.

“We’re extremely excited about the San Juan Mesa Project as part of our goal to develop 1,200 mega-watts of wind energy by 2009,” Parnell said. “This is a significant step for us in renewable energy.”

Construction began in May of 2005 and the project was put into commercial operation on Dec. 23, according to a press release from Edison Mission Group Inc.

SAN DIEGO, California (Jan. 9, 2014): EDF Renewable Energy today announced the acquisition of Roosevelt Wind Project, LLC from Infinity Wind Power. The up to 300 megawatt (MW) project is expected to achieve commercial operation in December 2015

He said construction on the wind turbine pads has already begun and will be completed in June, and the 150 turbines for the project, which stand 440 feet tall (each blade is 160 feet long), will begin arriving in August.

Each 2-megawatt turbine will produce enough electricity to power 1,000 homes per year.

150 of the company’s V100-2.0 megawatt turbines, capable of producing 300 megawatts of power, for the Roosevelt wind farm in New Mexico. The Roosevelt wind farm is being developed by EDF Renewable Energy.

Monday June 29, 2015 10:25

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