Android TracFone LG L39C and L41C cell phone cameras,
Gigabyte Haswell 1150 motherboard BIOS
field trip
Seaside, Hood River OR, Ilwaco WA
July 21-30 2015

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Thursday July 30 2015 09:40
Tuesday August 4, 2015 10:19

New Mexico $430,000,000 Roosevelt, $160,000,000 San Juan Mesa and $50,000,000 High Lonesome wind farms bond fund scam/fraud?

Tuesday August 4, 2015 10:19

while we were in Ilwaco, Wa.


Monday August 3, 2015 15:52

Sill and video photography using

jelly bean and

kitkat given priority over Canon SX160.

Renewable hydroelectric works. Wind and large-scale solar may not>

1 Flyhing into Portland airport.
2 Airport music.
3 To Tillamook.
4 Cannon beach - what people do.
5 Cell phone camera on Cannon Beach.
6 Friday salmon fishing.
7 Salmon on boat.
8 Rainbow trout at Bonneville salmon hatchery.
9 Spillway opened for salmon, guide explained.
Fish ladders allow salmon to go upriver. Salmon returning to the sea a problem. Lots of solutions tried. Trucking, barging, msm reports.

Power and money lost when water escapes without going through turbines.

Purchased at visitor center store.

WWII fought with renewable electricity, video reports.

10 Fish ladder ovservation.
11 Guide Biggs 1.
12 Guide Biggs 2.
13 Inside power house 1.
14 Inside power house 2.
15 Fish ladded and spillway flowing to allow salmon to migrate to ocean.
16 Hood River OR river view.
17 Deckhand cleans salmon on Tuesday July 28.
18 Astoria Meglar bridge. Memory Man by David Baldacci audio book.
19 Ocan Park WA beach.
20 End of vacation walk on Cannon Beach.
21 Digital camera business in trouble?
22 Operating system for Gigabyte 1150 hosting low-power Haswell processor.

Daum Potplayer used to preview videos.

Micrsoft Media Player did not play sound of WIND MACHINES. PotPlayer did.

Warning. PotPlayer may have hacked Windows Explorer?

Saturday August 1 2015 09:07

Gigabyte 1150 motherboard BIOS hosting low-power Haswell core i5 implementation plan focus on vacation along with wind and hydroelectric power.

Disk replacment for hacked laptops plans too.

Photos and videos by TracFone LG L39C Android cell phone only on this page.

TracFone LG L41C Android kitkat used by Patty.

Google maps and searches used to enter locations into Garmin Nüvi 1450 GPS while driving.

Energy disaster stories unfolding?

Future field trips limited by energy shortages and costs?

Kaplan turbine Bonneville.

Bonneville turbine blades replaced because of metal fatigue, guide reported.

Guide Biggs tells merits of hydro on the Columbia. Compares to coal on start-up times.
Bonneville Dam Visitor Center - 541-374-8820

No loudspeaker required ... as you can see.
Salmon egg incubators.

The Elephant's Delicatessen. Lunch Saturday July 25, 2015.

Food handlers not wearing gloves! Gloves required in Abq.
Hood River OR breakfast view. Monday July27. White Salmon bridge.

Technology shift. Sunday drove east of Hood River along the Columbia river nearly to the Dalles looking for wind turbines. None found.

But just outside the Dalles kitesurfing replaces windsurfing on the Columbia. No windsurfers seen. Lots of Kitesurfer.

Huckleberry Waffle cones Wednesday July 22 and Monday July 27.

Tillamook Cheese.

Haystack rock on Cannon Beach walks revealed that cell phone cameras have largely replaced digital cameras compared to similar walks about two years ago.

Seabreeze Charters Friday July 24 and Tuesday July 28.

TradFone LG L39C Android jelly bean photo.

How many kWh lost at Bonneville dam to get this salmon down river?
Cell phone cameras used. No digital cameras used by fishermen ... but one GoPro..


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