Wind and Coal field trip
Lubbock TX May 27-30, 2015

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Saturday May 30, 2015 09:40
Thursday July 16, 2015 09:39

American wind power center and museum and coal-fired Tolk electricity station near Sudan TX primary reasons for field trip.

War on coal to be won by wind and large-scale solar generation of electricty?

Thursday July 16, 2015 09:39

Cell phone may mirror wind turbine software maintenance?

Bond funding wind turbine projects may lead to bankruptcies too?

Data depletion caught attention.

on TracFone.

Android LGl39C software data log.

App bug fixes?

No phone call from American Wind Power Center director Coy Harris yet.

Center's Vestas V47-660kW failure hardware or software problem? Or both.

Monday July 13, 2015 14:43

U.S. South getting its first big wind farm soon.


Android software maintenace can be restricted to Wi-Fi to eliminate cell phone charges.

TracFone LGL39C example.

Tap Google Settings.

Tap over Wi-Fi only.

Data was being depleted. Voice and text fine.

Engineer game instructions on above.

Only update those you use?

Need to get rid of unused apps.

and Google maps used.

Wind turbine software maintenance could prove to be a problem?

Thursday July 8, 2015 10:04

No phone call from Coy Harris at the American Wind Power Center about source of its Vestas wind turbine failure yet. Thursday July 9.

Commissioners had previously approved issuing $430 million in IRBs for the Roosevelt Wind Project, which entails 150 wind turbines on 65,500 acres between Elida and Dora.

The $160 million San Juan Mesa wind power plant project is driven through Industrial Revenue Bonds paid through private funding.

Revenue sufficient to cover bond interest, maintenance, decommissioning, and bond principal repayment?


806-747-8734 questions audio.

1 What went wrong? Yaw motor?
2 When was it fixed?
3 Hoist in Vestas?
4 What audio warning did you get when it failed? Vibrations?

No sound on WIND MACHINES using Windows Media Player
5 InterVideo WinDVD worked on Lenovo N500.
6 Potplayer plays WIND MACHINES audio on 4 different computers.

7 Wind erratic and intermittant power output cotton cooperative near MLK and 50th demonstration.
8 Mesalands Community College
The North American Wind Research and Training Center was initiated in 2005. A commercial-grade, 1.5 megawatt General Electric wind turbine was erected on campus in 2008. During fall semester the same year, classes in Wind Energy Technology were initiated.
General Electric 1.5 megawatt ESS wind turbine.

Sunday July 5, 2015 07:38

Wind tubines are difficult, dangerous, and expensive to maintain as well as decommission?

Resale value of wind turbines $0?

Decommissioning site environmental remediation very expensive ... especially removal of wind turbine base seen in the Museum and Mesalands videos.


Coy Harris and Mesalands turbine installation videos reveal ladders attached to the insideof the four
tube segments.


1 What is the temperature inside the tower as a function of

a outside temperature?
b distance from ground?

2 Has Coy Harris climed to the nacelle in Vestas V47-660kW wind turbine at the American Wind Power Center?
Harris death-defying windmill ascents videoed in WIND MACHINES.
Harris have strength to climb the V47-660k?

3 Harris speculated that the yaw motor broke.

If so, then how is the broken motor transported to the ground and a replacement motor moved from the ground to the nacelle?

Monday July 6, 2015 14:40

WIND MACHINES viewed with Windows Media Player had no sound.

Experimented with different video on Lenovo N500, g560, g580 and Toshiba L505D.

No sound on all of them.

Tried to fix on g560. Failed.

PV Magic Pro employee said he would try to fix for $65. Hmm.

Daum Potplayer finally downloaded. Worked!

Download POTPlayer. 32 bit version downloaded to g560 Windows 7 laptop running xp.


Open folder.

Open files crashed POTPlayer.

TracFone LG L39C Android jelly bean photos.
Clock on VIDEO_TS.

Result video.

WIND MACHINES a must view because of chapters on wind generation of electricity and turbines.

Doesn't work well.
Commissioners had previously approved issuing $430 million in IRBs for the Roosevelt Wind Project, which entails 150 wind turbines on 65,500 acres between Elida and Dora.
Revenue from electricity sales cover bond interest payments? Plus maintenance and decommissioning bond cost?

Installed on Lenovo N500, g580, and Toshiba L505D. No destop icon on g560 and L505D. Whoops. Icons located.

No malware detected by Malwarebytes.

Tuesday June 30, 2015 09:41

Grady and Roosevelt wind turbine farm field trip June 26/27.

Software maintenance required for wind turbines as well as Android devices video.


Sunday June 28, 2015 14:05

Field trip from abq to Yrissari, NM required because photos taken on June 6th did not turn out.

Met owner of windmill then!

Included for reason of windmill/turbine maintence costs.

1 Above windmill video/audio.

2 Jacobs lattice windmill video/audio.

3 Sunsmith solar gate and small wind turbine. Sunpower website.

Installation cost for Skystream $399.95 blade replacement?

"Some turbines "ran away" and the blades pretty much exploded."

What Happened to Southwest Wind Power?

Southwest Windpower, Wikipedia.

4 Wind turbine zoom.

5 Large-scale erratic solar generation of electrticity damaging clouds.

Friday June 5, 2015 14:59

Focus on maintenance and decommissing. Both wind and solar.
Field trip to Pete's cafe in Los Lunas Thursday June 4 to inquire on

maintence issues.

Conversation. [grid-tie inverters required for system? If so, electronics.]

Belen NM city hall parking lot.

Solar Stirling energy dish provider Infinia filed for bankruptcy.

Belen trying to sell system. But decommisssioning [junking] may be required?

Wednesday June 3, 2015 09:18

Solar/battery systems preferable to wind/battery small-scale systems?

Coy Harris covers history of these systems in WIND MACHINES Power from the wind.
Listen Up: Practical Battery Backup Systems.

Wednesday June 3, 2015 09:04

Making the Most Energy from the Wind.

WIND MACHINES Power from the wind may have escalated from Hightly recomment to essential reading
for reason of Coy Harris's documentation of Vestas installation.

Decommissioning requires a reverse process which may require money money than revenue from sales of electricity.

Decommissiong bond posting required at time of permitting?

Hacking a museum! Why?

Tuesday June 2, 2015 09:38

DVD purchased atThe WINDSMITH Windmill Museum Store for $10.

Highly recommend!

Windwills shown pumping water.
Coy Harris climbing windmills without safety gear dangerous.
1 Museum wind turbine installation.

2 Early wind power generation of electricity.


Tuesday June 2, 2015 08:42

Cotton coop wind turbines 50th and MLK, Lubbock Thursday May 28.


50th east of MLK

Center turbine spinning video.

Thunderstorm on return from Sansung turbine visit.

Friday May 29 Vestas not spinning video.
Permitting rules should a required a notice of non-producing turbine to be filed.

Museum should be given specified number of days to get turbine producing.

If this does not happen, then deccommissioning starts.

Wind turbine electric sales revenue sufficient to cover maintenance [software?] and decommissioning?
G. Removal of Defective or Abandoned Wind Energy Systems
1. Any wind energy system found to be unsafe by the building official shall be repaired by the owner to meet federal, state and local safety standards or removed within six (6) months.
2. Any wind energy system for which electricity is not generated for a continuous period of twelve (12) months shall be considered abandoned and the owner of the system shall remove the turbine within ninety (90) days of receipt of notice from the County instructing the owner to remove the abandoned wind energy system.
3. Decommissioning plans shall be submitted as part of the application for any wind energy system that describes the anticipated life of the wind power project, the estimated decommissioning costs in current dollars and the anticipated manner in which the wind power project will be decommissioned and the site restored.
4. Decommissioning shall include removal of wind turbines, buildings, cabling, electrical components, roads, and any other associated facilities.
5. Disturbed earth shall be graded and re-seeded, unless the landowner requests in writing that the access roads or other land surface areas not be restored.
6. A performance surety, in a form approved by the County Attorney, shall be submitted by the applicant prior to the issuance of a building permit in order to ensure removal of the wind energy facility when it is no longer to be used for wind generation.

Frozen windmill pipes and wind damages windmills.

Some ranchers shut down windmills in cold weather.

Santo Domingo damaged Aernotor windmill.

Tuesday June 2, 2015 08:46

Vestas V47-660kW wind turbine at the American Wind Power Center in Lubbock, Texas failed on Wednesday/Thursday May 27/28.
V47-660 kW (phased out) Wikipedia reports.

Replacement parts, especially electronics available?

Seen spinning Wednesday afternoon.

Video Wednesday May 27, 2015.

Shut down Thursday morning.

1 Coy Harris explains shutdown.
2 Tanya Meadows explains shutdown and other wind turbines in Lubbock.


Hacker phone message.

Saturday May 30, 2015 13:33
It's also the second largest user of electric power, as evidenced in part by the presence of 10 1-megawatt wind turbines that surround the milling business' 50th Street operation.

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