Rio Rancho, New Mexico field trip
Wednesday September 4, 2013

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Thursday September 5, 2013 09:54
Saturday September 07, 2013 07:12

PNM's 2014 Integrated Resource Plan. Large-scale solar and wind generation of electricity scam/fraud? Martin Hutchinson comment

Saturday September 07, 2013 07:12

Located PRC employee Jim Williamson's June 6, 2013 email on the claim forms.

Jillson wrote checks for $22,036 on our NCUSIF insured retirement-protected savings accounts.

OR, Vlad Putin pulls together an escalation against the US which has the potential to light of WW III:


Nuclear 'accident' on US carrier?

Dr Richard Sauder encounters.

Recovery of NCUSIF insured $22,036 stolen from our Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union retirement-protected savings accounts improves as New Mexico PRC member Valeria Espinosa becomes more visible.

Claim forms pursuit resumes by posting PRC employee Jim Williamsom's June 4, 2013 email

Break needed after

Recovery of insured $22,036 stolen from our Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union retirement-protected savings account primary focus with the help of Internet, Google,

Facebook and Twitter, of course. Possible large-scale solar generation of electricity scam/fraud too.Unmade Facebook friends request caused undeserved warning from Facebook.

so essential non-gas-wasting field trip to Rio Ranch's most remote subdivision. Mariposa.

Main building looks vacant.

Timbuctu resturant was in space to left of nearest light post. Appears gone.

Model home.

Looking east toward Sandia mountains.

Rio Rancho city hall in middle of photo.

New construction expected. But didn't happen.

New hospital.

Rattlesnake invested Rio Rancho neighborhood near New Mexico 528.

Sandia mountain

on return from essential non-gas-wasting field trip.

Water shortage always a problem in New Mexico.

Electricty cost increase and possible shortages loom?

Friday September 6, 2013

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