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May 15, 2014 - Annual Meeting

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Thursday May 15, 2014 12:09
Tuesday June 24, 2014 06:29

Data from PNM Prosperity Energy Storage Project required.

And more data from New Mexico Wind Energy Center in addition to money PNM paid for Center electricity.

Tuesday June 24, 2014 07:28

Carbon emissions regulations recently proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have been widely believed to be another (large) nail in the coffin of U.S. coal mining. However, coal consumption rose 21% and coal burning generated 44% of the country's electricity during the past winter.  ...

expects the trend to natural gas-fired electricity generation to continue,

According to Bentek, 25,000 megawatts of coal-fired generation was retired from service in the years from 2005 to 2013 and natural gas-fired generation increased capacity to 92,000 megawatts. Natural gas's share of the U.S. power generation market rose from 17% in 2005 to 26% in 2013.

In 2014, the coal market is expected to maintain its recovery because natural gas prices will continue to be high and utilities and power companies buy more coal to replenish dwindling inventories

WPX Energy/Aztec Drilling videos.

Friday June 20, 2014 17:43

NM’s largest solar plant now online.

Saturday June 21, 2014 06:35

Greg Harris phone message.

Greg did not answer his phone. But was probably listening?

Good strategy. Caller has time to prepare. Answerer does not.

Liberal art 'educted' response?


who learned how the liberal arts 'educated' 'think' at Whitman College 1956-9.

Viz is the key to defeat the liberal arts 'educated'.

Book on how the liberal arts 'educated' 'think' required.

Friday June 20, 2014 15:45

Hello Greg,

Connection is visibility.


Jameco uses Internet for visibility.



Jameco and you use Internet for visibility too.

The liberal arts 'educated' dominated media before Internet.

But now Internet, Facebook, Twitter, DISQUS, ... can be used to try to defeat them.

$22,036 was stolen from our insured Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union retiremehnt-protected saving accounts.

Reliance on money recovery using NCUA/NCUSIF, the Albuquerque Police Department, New Mexico Attorney General office, Albuquerque Journal or TV stations, ...would and has not worked. All can 'stonewall' knowing that msm will protect them.

NCUA/NCUSIF failure to pay claim passed jurisdiction to the New Mexico Public Regulations Insurance Division.

Insurance Division personnel acknowledged it has claims forms. But they have been prevented from sending these claims forms.

This liberal arts 'educated' strategy would have worked before Internet, Facebook, Twitter, DISQUS, ... but maybe not now?

Testimony as why we do not get the claim forms is a possible liberal arts 'educated' ploy.

Let's hope that Ms Espinosa is successful in helping us get the claim forms.

So we can file our prima facie claims.

And then move on to try to get these unfortunate matters peacefully settled after a more than 21 year battle with the liberal arts 'educated' before matters get far worse.


Wednesday June 18, 2014 20:52

Algodones New Mexico cloud-covered solar array essential non-gas-wasting
field trip.

Erratic power output of large-scale solar may doom this technology?

Video of above.

Ehsan Molavi Facebook friend.

Mood music.

Ms Ghasemi is fluent in American English. As well as Persian, of course.

Tuesday June 17, 2014 12:49

Viz required to recover stolen insured [NCUSIF] $22,036 from our Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union retirement-protected saving accounts.

Whitman college liberal arts education [BA 1959, mathematics] gave bill insight on how most liberal arts 'educated' 'think'.

And their ploys for problem solutions.

MSM, legal system, and bureaucracies are liberal arts 'educated' controlled occupations.
Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities
in a liberal arts curriculum.

Mark Mathis
So what we learned at Whitman is being applied to try to defeat them.

Spy sting on Iran viz ploy worked well.

NMGCO employee Mary Homan initiated energy viz ploy by sending a postcard to correct a mistake.

Ms Homan worked for PNM at that time.

PNM failed to send notification of gas IRP with monthly bill.

Postcard invitation accepted which initiated energy viz ploy.

Below viz is good.

Energy, especially large-scare solar and wind generation of electricity, is working well since evidence builds that both may be scams/frauds.

Liberal arts 'education' viz kicked-in on Tuesday June 17, 2014 with former US ambassador to Iraq mouthing off to msm about Iraq.

Crocker is Whitman college BA 1971, English.

And commencement speaker at our 50th Whitman class reunion! :)


Star Valiki.

Twitter and DISQUS enhance viz efforts.

And Internet energy blogs.

Rise of solar - balancing technology solutions.

Tuesday June 17, 2014 06:00

Coal’s share of global energy use reached 30.1 percent, just below the 32.9 percent share for crude oil, which lost market share for a 14th consecutive year. China was the world’s biggest coal consumer, followed by the U.S. and India. ...

Natural gas consumption rose 1.4 percent, below the historical average of 2.6 percent, to account for 23.7 percent of world primary energy use. Gas demand growth was below average everywhere but North America, where hydraulic fracturing technology opened new supplies.

That so-called fracking technique also helped boost oil supply in the U.S., which had record output, a trend that will continue this year, Ruehl said.

Albuquerque Journal, Wednesday June 11, 2014 page A7.

Whoops. bridge named treason.

Persian facebook friends.

Sunday June 1, 2014 06:19

Imports have been declining since 2007, when the U.S. shale boom began unleashing a glut of natural gas onto the market. The country produced 24.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in 2013, the highest volume on record, according to preliminary data from the agency.

[Natural gas glut may be short-lived?]

Friday May 23, 2014 07:34


poland keeps eye on coal amid scramble for energy.

Wednesday May 21, 2014 10:53

Propaganda billboard located on north side of I-25

north of Bernalillo and south of Algodones, New Mexico
photographed with Tracfone LG840G cell phone camera
afternoon of Tuesday May 19, 2014 while on essential
non-gas-wasting solar energy field trip.

Observe PV generation of electricity disruptive clouds.

Black coal smoke clouds a product of a liberal arts
'educated' a journalism major?
Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities
in a liberal arts curriculum.

Mark Mathis

Canon SX160 IS

Large-scale solar and wind generation of electricity scam/Fraud video.

New Renewable Energy Technologies: Status and Prospects - Part 3 - Solar Power.

New Energy Economy | Dedicated to creating economic ...

Wife Patty's 3rd sister texts

Patty's father is 101 years old!

Obamacare at work?

Patty's $11,018 was stolen from our Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union
retirement-protected savings accounts. Money was insured NCUSIF which did not pay claim.

Liability then falls on the state of New Mexico.

But the PRC Insurance Division won't send claim forms it acknowledges it has

Wednesday May 21, 2014 08:25

Quay County
Richard Primrose - County Manager
Phone conversation.


Monday May 19, 2014 13:51

[t]his graph, which tracks the output of a 4.5 megawatt array of photovoltaic (PV) cells on 44 acres in northeast Arizona, operated by Tucson Electric Power. Sampling output at one-minute intervals over the course of the month of June, Cartright and Apt found the solar plant's average output to be 18 percent of its nameplate capacity. Moreover, output varied starkly minute-to-minute, from 100% to less than 30%, as indicated by the graph. The interruptions came from scattered clouds. "Note that this is from a solar PV farm in the Arizona desert — one of the best locations in the US for this type of facility,"  ...

Solar installations in the West are currently being backed up by coal plants, but these must be kept running all the time. Estimates are that the solar element will reduce carbon emissions only by 3 to 5 percent - and could increase them as much as 10 percent.

Utility Solar Generation Valuation Methods.

[Similar data now requested from the PNM Prosperity Energy Storage Project]

Does PNMR shareholder have right to request and examine such data?


Thursday May 15, 2014 11:50

Southwest side of 5th and Silver.

Anti-coal protesters near PNM headquarters video.

Coal Mines Documentary.

PNM HQ4 meeeting room.

Patricia K. Collawn Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer PNM Resources.

Ms. Vincent-Collawn holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Journalism and public relations from Drake University and her Master's degree in Business Administration from the Harvard University. 

American and New Mexico flags stage props seen natural gas rate-setting liberal arts
'educated' 2013 PRC event

in Santa Fe too.

More expected.

PNM expects to have a total of 100 MW of solar generation on the grid by 2016. It also brought the state’s first geothermal electric plant online this year, and it plans to double its wind capacity in 2015.

Taken together, PNM’s renewable resources will produce enough electricity to power 136,000 average homes by next year.

Introductions video 1.

Introductions video 2.

Ms Collawn comments audios.
1 Company financial position.

2 Obama EPA comments.
Obama accused of trying to destory America
using large-scale solar generation of electricity,
wind, and the EPA as his weapons.

Ms Collawn possibly involved in treason?
3 Solar comments.

4 Solar other altenergy comments.
136,000 households?
5 New Mexico economy.

6 Questions response.

Wind and solar generation of electricity was single question.

Renewable questions video.

Questioner and bill talk.

The Eonomist, MAY 17TH - 23RD 2014 page31.

EARLIER this week Lexington stood in a grimy coal-processing plant in West Virginia,
dodging thundering lorries and watch ing a Republican politician passionately addressing
an invisible crowd on the subject of Barack Obama’s “war on coal”. 

It was a curious scene in several ways. The speaker was Shelley Moore Capito, a member
of the House of Representatives. ...

Mrs Capito’s theme—the need to battle “anti-coal” rules from an “overreaching’’ Environmental Protection Agency—jarred with the setting. ...

Mrs Capito’s Democratic opponent, Natalie Tennant, holds statewide office and calls herself a politician in the Manchin mould, condemning what she calls “President Obama’s job-kiling coal regulations”. ...

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