Grid-tie Sunpower proposal
Solar/battery small-scale backup systems

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Something here?!
Phononic uses solid state semiconductor technology to create a process called thermoelectric cooling.

Essentially, it runs electric currents through materials to create a temperature differential, which makes one side hotter and other side cooler. This technology allowed for Phononic to create a better refrigerator with no moving parts that will break down, no cooling liquid, almost no noise and it consumed approximately 25 percent less power than a traditional heat exchange refrigerator.

Cramer spoke with Phononic's founder and CEO Tony Atti, who explained that the company had to build the entire supply chain and contract assembly backside from scratch. "We use the word displace versus replace, because we want to take the existing solution; scrap it and come up with something entirely different and better," Atti said.
Combined with solar/battery systems?

Heat kills batteries, we learned at Zomeworks.


Jim Pettegrew Thursday June 2, 2016

inspecting BMW EV.

Sunpower social video.

discussed micro inverters on Thursday 2, 2016.

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