El Cabo, Iberdrola/Gamesa New Mexico wind farm Wanzek #2 supervisor conversation.
High Lonesome Clipper upset rancher conversation.
Field trip 04/08/17

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Saturday April 8, 2017
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Thursday April 20, 2017 15:21

PNM wind turbine erratic, intermittent and low capacity factor scam/fraud DATA?.

Wednesday April 12, 2017 10:51

Same rancher 4/8/17 conversation!.

Classic video interview with rancher about High Lonesome wind turbine farm!

High Lonesome wind farm rancher neighbor suggests book on 4/8/17.
New Mexico wind turbine/solar scam/fraud
William Harris Payne,
Sandia National Laboratories
Member of the Technical Staff, retired


Video - Wanzek trucks make dust. 4/13/17 10:03

- bill conversation saturday 4/8/17 about 6 miles to
west of Encino NM at about mile marker 243.

Clipper wind turbines out of business? 40 at Hight Lonesome!

Door-to-door sales conversation, Friday 4/7/17 .

ion solar.

Sunday April 9, 2017 21:35

Wansek radios. Heard. 4/8/17. We listen. We've ben hacked. Again.

Saturday April 8, 2017 21:00


PNM erratic, intermittent, low capaciy factor wind/solar scam/fraud DATA?

Windscammers International wind turbine fraud?

spain bankruptcy 1557. Wind turbine next?

Terry Wanzek is an American politician. He is a member of the North Dakota State Senate from the 29th District, serving since 2007.

sagamore wind project heinrich.


1 4/17/19

Clipper wind Jason DeGroot phone message. Callback.

2 Eelectronics/software thermal management added to resume. 4/20/17