New Mexico 'powers that be' lose?

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Tuesday February 14, 2018 08:24
Wednesday September5, 2018 09:05

International wind turbine scam/fraud. New Mexico focus.

Wednesday September5, 2018 09:05

windscammers7 too big.
And Bluegrilffon/hotmetal incompatibility found.

Tuesday September 4, 2018 20:21

M4 assembler project posts moving. Summer over.

We're going to try teach you how write assemblers
... ctard obsolete technology withstanding.

Funding sought.
Let's try to make them an offer they cannot refuse.

How to write assembler in Intel MCS BASIC-52 ... using forth interpreter technology, of course. :)
M4 code example + object found on Internet.

Object code removed.

m4d.txt dumped.

Line 0  00-09
       1  0A-2A
       2  2B-56
       3  57-73

strh  05 3
r0,    0C 3
[r0,   11 4
#0]   26 3

0D0D 29 cr/lf line end.
Notepad file end.

0D0A followed by 00 00 ...
BASIC program required to parse source stream.

Hard to write? :)

Using BlueGriffon.

How China's giant solar farms are transoforming world energy.

Cut Subsidies to Wind & Solar.
First try.

Monday September 3, 2018 17:46

high tech weapons then
, high tech cyber weapons now.

c/c++ weapons of mass cyber destruction?

Cortex-M4 instructions.


ARM Cortex-M3 Assembly Language.

Chaotic Wind & Solar Causing Blackouts &
Wrecking Australia’s Power Grid.
First try.

Sunday September 2, 2018  11:43
BlueGriffon/HotMetal PRO 6.0 wysiwyg html editorsWindows 10 issues.

Bluegriffon text format.

Rocketing Power Prices Spells Armageddon for Subsidised Wind & Solar.

First try.

Saturday September 1, 20109:16

Everything Trump does is wrong, liberal arts 'eductated' msm reports.

BlueGriffon used on Lenovo 8 gen core i7 Flex 6.  Hotmetal broken.

Friday August 31, 2018 17:18

BlueGriffon experimentation.  Getting it.

California is this close to its boldest energy target yet: 100% clean electricity.

arm m4 tutorial.

arm m4 assembler tutorial.

1998.  c/c++industry Visual Basic attack begins.

Martin Heinrich.
‘Transition’ to All Wind & Solar Powered Future Pure Fantasy.
First try.

Thursday August 30, 2018 19:10

Liberal arts 'educated' writing?
FES Generation Companies and Chief Nuclear Officer Donald Moul said in a statement the decision was difficult.
Moul added that coal and nuclear power plants are losing out to cheaper energy sources like electricity and natural gas.
Liberal arts 'educated' msm hates trump.
“There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to
protect the people from the press,” Mark Twain said in an 1873 speech.

LifeLock time soon?

Lenovo Flex 6 8 gen  core i7 8550 win 10/1803.

7 00h  followed by 20h = blank.

3 BASIC-52 arrays + NOTEPAD string.

M4 assembler mnemonic offset, mnemonic length, ONGOSUB line number for assembling mnemonic base opcode.

08  3   100
0F  4   220
52  5   250

Operand[s], if any, parsed to modify base and add 0, 1, 4, or 8 byte possible values.

Instruction assembly nearly complete.  Forward and backward references patched later.

Lenovo Flagship $157 run M4 assembler?

sitemake.dll from Flex 6 Hotmetal files.

Why Hotmetal crashing on Lenovo Flex 6 and 5? :)
Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities in a liberal arts curriculum. 
Mark Mathis.
Giant coal plant converting to green energy.

chris baraniuk.

Martin Heinrich
New York State’ Governor, Andrew Cuomo is just the latest in a long line of politicians in bed with crony capitalists the wind and solar ‘industries’.
Second try.

8 gen i5-8559 10/1803.

N500 xp took more than 10 minutes to boot. :(

Lots of pcs required for projects.

Resized and posted from N500,

Wednesday August 29, 2018 16:51

Offer received usps  with nmgco bill. 8/2918.
NMGO SMART HOME rebate offer.

Honeywell RTH6360D1002/E Programmable Thermostat, 5-2 Schedule.

John Sobolewski, Blair Burner, and poster faculty assistant profs in Washington State University
Information Science [later named computer science] starting in 1966.

Elisa and Martin two childr*en.

Google Android appears to use metacompiler technology evidenced by how fast adndroid can be implemented on
new cell phone processors.

c/c++ industry technology damaged Microsoft's products? Fatal?
Windows 2000 device driver writing exposed me to the Microsoft c/c++/assembler 'mentality'.

Visual Basic 6.0  transition point where c/c++ technology took over VB.

VB 5.0 used forth-like implementation technology.  VB 6 completely different.

Looked at code dumps.
Felt like a captive in obsolete software technology.  Not fun ... but money good.

Abandoned ctardism on retirement in  2002.  Pursuing other interests. :)
Forthian statements "c/assembler messes" and "c is an American disease" appear correct.

Intel MCS BASIC-52 Metacompiler technology ARM M4 project advances with BASIC assembler implementation.

Nwin 10 Notepad used to remove operands.

Run on Lenovo N500 vista laptop.  IBM replaced vista with xp pro ... and continues
to support software on N500. 

Hard drive replaced with ssd.  xp home installed.

0D0A = carriage return/line feed. 0A0D = CR/LF: forth parlance.

Coding phase of BASIC M4 assembler project entered
8   3
F   4
16 4
1E 3
73 5

Counted string ... similar to forth.

Forth cute.  Too cute? That's why we're writing assembler in high-level BASIC.

-FIND but in high-level BASIC ... which can be replaced by BASIC assembler version
if greater speed required.



jpgs fixed using BlueGriffin.

android metacompiler.

Leo Brodie.


Renewable energy branchpromoted by liberal art 'educated' journalists?
US Renewable Energy Sources Surpass Nuclear In First Half Of 2018.

Why Trying to Rely On Intermittent Wind & Solar Power Is Stupid.
First try.

Tuesday August 28, 2018 19:52

BlueGriffin post_

Facebook has committed to using 100% renewable power for global operations by 2020.

BlueGriffon tag compilation.
 Julia holds degrees from McGill and Columbia Universities.
Hotmetal compilation.

  1. Columbia University - Graduate School of Journalism

Hotmetal autocorrected BlueGriffon.

BlueGriffon.  No problems with Hotmetal compilation.

Hotmetal dll xp installs appear to be same files!

All win 10 dll installs different?!

One purchased cd used for all xp, win 10 installs!

6 hotmetals under win 10. 2 fail.

Lenovo n500 vista and g560 win 7 run hotmetal.

hp amazon stream 13 stuck at 10/1511.  Office Depot stream [$129.94 :)] stuck at 10/1607.

Lenovo n500 vista and g560 win 7 run xp.

BlueGriffin post.

Works. :)

Works. :)

Works. :)

Works. :)

Crashes. :(

Crashes. :(

Works. :)

Works. :)

Hotmetal couldn't process BlueGriffin's rendering of

  1. Columbia University - Graduate School of Journalism

so Hotmetal made an elatborate autocorrection.

BlueGriffin/Hotmetal pro 6.0 still amazingly compatible.

Windscammer7 slightly over 500,00 KB. Windscammers9 next.

Hotmetal program files differences? Why Flex 6 8 gen and Flex 5 7 gen failures.
12 Reasons Why Chaotically Intermittent & Heavily Subsidised Wind & Solar Power Make No Sense.
First try.

Monday August 27, 2018 13:29

Hotmetal works on gen 7 Lenovo IdeaPad 320 but no longer on gen 8 Lenovo Flex 6.

Compatibility makes it appear that BlueGriffin is Hotmetal upgrade?

PM Morrison Must Slash Subsidies to Intermittent Wind & Solar.

Senator Heinrich: A 100% Clean Energy Grid Is ‘Completely Doable’.

  1. Columbia University - Graduate School of Journalism

In 2017, four US states generated more than 30% of their electricity from wind.

BlueGriffin post.
Google maps testing. 

New York Deli Cerillos Road, Santa Fe Android marshmallow directed loop.

Pecos National Historical Park
Android nougat directions perfect.

Fidel painted.

Second try.

Sunday August 26, 2018 08:55

Two cell phone message discovered 8/2418: BASIC-52, Wind turbine blade recycling?.

Simmons' message causing me to try to 'put together' = assemble ARM M4 assembler/disassembler. 
Assemble', not 'write'. c/c++ write code.

Forthians and other good software engineers build software machines from modules interactively.

Senator Heinrich: A 100% Clean Energy Grid Is ‘Completely Doable’

Rocketing Power Prices Mean New PM Bound to Slash Wind & Solar Subsidies.
No BlueGriffin/Hotmetal  incompatiblities ... so far.

BlueGrifffin allow only one ctrl z backup. Hotmetal many.

BlueGrifffin text formatting superior to hotmetal.

Nore than 20 age differences?

Second try.

Saturday August 25, 2018 13:41

Projects completion.

Poster planted yucca when about 5 feet tall in 1981.

Dangerously tall ... and heavy.

Fidel and Frank succeed.

Let dry several months to reduce weight.

Trailer bed replacment.

Spar varnish.

Fidel warns that sun will destory in about 3 years.

Poster will paint white.

ARM M4 assembler, erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind/gridscale solar scam/fraid, and money recovery projects in focus.

RE Obsessed PM Ditched Over Ludicrous Plan to Double-Up on Subsidised Wind & Solar.

Fifth try. Gambler's ruin.

Friday August 24, 2018 07:47

WSU computer science was eliminated in the 1980s.
Obituary of Ottis Rechard
He worked for the Atomic Energy Commission, the National Science Foundation, Washington State University and University of Denver, and developed the Computer Center and one of the first degree programs in Computer Science in his work at WSU.

new prc transcript policy questioned.  abq j 8/24/18.

Second try.

Thursday August 23, 2018  19:38

Is Renewable Energy As Clean As We Think?

Fig forth programmer commented "c is an American disease." Support data?
Apache projects directory.

Most important stuff you ever read?

indiana nuclear power plants.

In 1984, the Public Service Company of Indiana announced it was abandoning the half-finished nuclear power plant, on which $2.5 billion had already been spent.

Wind & Solar Built On Endless Lies, Broken Promises & Massive Subsidies.

Second try.

Wednesday August 22, 2018 19:57

wind and solar industries lobbies mlg.
New solar installations down in Utah following rate change.
"Fossil-fueled" electricity dirty. Too bad erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wirnd turbine/gridscal solar scams/frauds?
Gas, Coal & Nuclear Sideline Subsidised Wind & Solar.

America truly is exceptional: while plenty of Western democracies are still piling into subsidised wind and solar, the USA is getting out. [New Mexico exception.]
Liberal arts 'educated' promoting wind/gridscale industries interests video?
Coal Miner to Trump: “Coal Mining Isn’t Coming Back”.

Second try.

Tuesday August 21, 2018 07:03


Matt Egan.
What killed coal? Technology and cheaper alternatives.

Mega-Batteries Won’t Save Chaotically Delivered Wind & Solar.
First try.

Monday August 20, 2018 16:45
Mexico national motel house keepers. :)
Apache helicopter accidents ... successes and Kosovo failure subject of Smithsonian channel video 8/18/18.

What software technology used

bernco program boosts clean energy. abq j 8/2018 A9.
coal's decline hits navajo nation hard. abq j 9/2-18 business outlook 10.
Guru Stu lectures on windows 10 shortcut right click.  Audio prompted by Hotmetal pro 6.0 fail problem.  Still running on 4 1o laptops, failed on 2.  Why? Have ideas.

Taming BlueGriffon text format.
Tesla starts expanding its massive solar array at Gigafactory 1.

BlueGriffon pic post.
Institutional Investors Are Fleeing Tesla, And You Should Too.

BlueGriffon text format.

Power Costs More With Intermittent Wind & Solar.

First try.

Sunday August 19, 2018 07:15

Martin Heinrich TV ad 8/18/18 features wind/gridscale solar advoacy.
Power Prices Rocket. Demand Immediate End to Australia’s Wind & Solar Subsidies.

martin heinrich wind energy.

Matt Williams/bill solar/wind conversation. Williams Windmill, Lemitar, NM 9/18/17.

PNM engineers' July 27, 2016 wind/gridscale solar scam/fraud data?.

PNM concludes wind/gridscale solar requires "fossil-fueled" load following backup.


First try.

Saturday August 18, 2018  13:56

Editing N500 post.  Looks compatible both ways. :)

BlueGriffon post.  Discovering 'features'.

Mostly compatible with Hotmeltal running on Lenovo N500 vista running xp. N500 post.

IdeaPad 320 file save problem solved!

netplwiz helped.

No known problems with 320. :)

BlueGriffon apparently saves htm files but gives no message. Flex 6 8 gen 10/1803. 

Similar to Hotmetal pro 6.0


Guru Stu's suggestion.

BlueGriffon posts.


PRC Commissioner Lovejoy recuses herself from solar farm case; Jones won’t.

Commissioner Lynda Lovejoy filed a notice last week that she won’t take part in deciding whether El Paso Electric receives approval to purchase a solar farm to be built by Affordable Solar Installation of Albuquerque.Commissioner Lynda Lovejoy filed a notice last week that she won’t take part in deciding whether El Paso Electric receives approval to purchase a solar farm to be built by Affordable Solar Installation of Albuquerque.

Rebel MP’s Wreck PM’s Big Push for More Subsidised Wind & Solar.

BlueGriffon source!


Friday August 17, 2018 14:53

Update posted from IdeaPad 320 7 gen kaby lake i5-7200U win w10 using Hotmetal pro 6.0.

Friday August 17, 2018 06:58

Gen 7 kaby lake and 8 coffee lake appear to have been sabotaged with malware.

Hotmetal ocssionallly goes into not responding mode on both gen machines.

Clicking red x causes Microsoft to ask whether you wish to terminate program or continue to wait.

Terminate selection causesa message to be sent to Microsoft. Permission not asked ... as it is in xp.

xp permission granted for Toashiba L505D running xp. xp destroyed by Micreosoft. Win 7 disk replaced xp.

L505D win 7 works perfectly!

New html editor experimentation required.

Lafayette IN 8/12/18. Not good place for solar.

Time to Drain the Subsidised Wind & Solar Swamp.
First try.

Thursday August 16, 2018 18:05

Red Alert!!!

HoTMetaL 6.0 PRO disabled on Lenovo Flex 5/6.

Microsoft malware attack certain? And porn attack?.

Replacment htm/html editor requires html extension opposed to .htm
Microsoft launched cyber terror attack on commerical/industrials users?

Using c/c++ force upgrades to windows?

Can't reinstall HoTMetal 6.0 on Flex 6.

Flex 5 acting similar to 6

Unable to upddate prosefights from Lenovo Flex 6 win 10/1803 8 gen core i7. Hack attack?

Reason for multiple computers?

Posting from Lenovo N500 vista running xp from ssd.


abq j 8/16/18


GE to fund decomissioning of its 136 GE/Enron New Mexico Wind Energy Center + 64 Red Mesa wind turbines producing erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor electricity according to PNM July 27 2016 engineers' data?
GE: Bad News Bear Hits Home Run In Second Half Of 2018 And Beyond!.

LG Fiesta LTE nougat/Samsung Galaxy G3 Luna pro marshmallow battery testing reveal both chargefast. Wall, power bank 12/5 volt car chargers tested.
Former Tesla employee's tweets show allegedly flawed batteries.
First try.

Wednesday August 15, 2018 10:04
Germany’s wind and solar experiment has failed: the so-called ‘Energiewende’ (energy transition) has turned into an insanely costly debacle.

First try.

Tuesday August 14, 2018 15:17

Walked from about gate 15 to 37 at DFW Monday. Boarded flight to abq with only 2 minutes to spare. Ocotgenaria hustled.

Slightly over 3 miles walked 8/13 FitBit reported.

Studied Intel MCS basic-52 between indy and abq ... and planned.

sunzia controversy flares up again. abq j 8/14/18 front page.

First try.


Monday August 13, 2018 07:51

Indianapolis post.

Erratic, ntermittemt.ow capacity factor PNM engineers' July 27, 2016 data.
Germany: Wind & Solar Deemed ‘Technological Failures’.

Sunday August 12, 2018 19:51

Important trip info.
1 Illinois toll roads.

2 Rental car sensors?
3 Garmin LM vs Google Maps.
Voice recognition Google Maps impressive on marshmall and nougat.
4 1 vs 2.4 cell phone charging.
2.5 only slightly quicker charing then 1.0.

Wind & Solar Obsession Leaves Californians Sweltering in the Dark.

Saturday August 11, 2018 10:45
Wind Power’s Mega-Fail: Hot Calm Weather Forces Nuclear Power Reboot in Taiwan & Japan.

Friday August 10, 2018 14:52

c/c++ university/college education disaster?

Cypress PSoC 6 BLE testing at Hilton/Doubletree. Lafayete IN. 8/10/18.

Video 1, 2.

Benton County IN. Noth of engineering Purdue University.

Testing Garman Lifetime Maps on way between Lafayatte IN and Madison on Illinois tollways.

Garman gets F. Sent us along I90, not 294, through Chicago.

Testing Google Maps, LG Fiesta 2 LTE android nougat and Garman on route between Kenosha WI and Lafaytte.

Garman continue to guide I90 travel though Chicago area.

Google Maps guided I94 then 294. Google Maps get B. Garman F.

Illinois tollway pay booths a mess ["mess"?]. Easy to miss.

Exit to pay booth led to exiting I294 on to other tollway. Google Maps directed U turn to reenter I294. :)

2018 Ford Escape includes transmitter read passing under tollway overhead sensors.
Escape has auto stop/start.

Vehicle stopped for short time. Engine turns off. Restarts when foot removed from brake pedal.

About 28 mpg ... same as 3012 Toyota RAV 4WD wth 269 hp V6.
Patty spend time with Illinois tollway rep to find out which pay booth misses. No pay, then

Rep reported they know which toll stations Escape went through. But not which were paid and which were not. Receipts not given at pay stations.

Going to pay for all ... less than $20.

c/c++ software? :(
Australian Renewable Energy Policy Faces Day Of Reckoning On August 10th.
Ontario Government Scraps Hundreds ofWind Industry Planned Projects.

Thursday August 9, 2018 08:48

Kenosha WI.

Android marshmallow, BT mouse and keyboard left.

Win 10/1803 Lenovo Flex 6, 8 gen core i7 8550U right.

Comparing anddrod with 10.

Intel MCS BASIC-52 port to Cypress PSoC 6 BLE planning too.

Purdue University.

Follett's book store.

Computer science book section.

Madison WI. Lake Mendota.

Cruised Madison.

Google Maps, Android nougat, LG Fiesta 2 cell phone tested.

Eventually found.

Kenosha WI.
End for Wind & Solar.

Wednesday August 8, 2018 09:02
Mythical ‘Transition’ to All Wind & Solar Future.

Liquid fossil fueled/electricity trip.
Fowler IN.

Chicago ... from stop to about 20 mph.

Tuesday August 7, 2018 15:48

Madison WI.

Intel MCS BASIC-52 Cypress PSoC 6 BLE ARM M4 interactive incremental/batch assembler time here?.

Produced by metacompiler technology, of course.
The top 10 in descending order are Java, C, C++, Python, Visual Basic .NET, C#, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, and Assembly language.
Spiralling Power Prices Signal End for Wind & Solar Subsidies.

Monday August 6, 2018 16:457

Madison WI post.
shot, 12 fatally, in Chicago weekend shootings

ABQ shooting park.

US to fully enforce reimposed Iran nuclear sanctions.

Bin Laden’s son marries 9/11 hijacker’s daughter.

Sunday August 5, 2018 09:32

Indianapolis post.

Run server farms with wind/gridscale generated electricity?

java byte code = forth version?

Dalla/Forth Worth [DFW] lunch.

Saturday August 4, 2018 07:37

abq sunport.

Disaster struck Lenovo Flex 6 gen 8 core i7 8550U running win 10/1803.

Restarted. Keyboard disabled. Unable to enter pw. :(

Logitech wireless keybord worked. :)
Second try.'

Friday August 3, 2018 20:43

Common thread?

Liberal arts 'educated' make technical decisons on c/c++ technology as well as wind/griscale solar?
c question solution? ... as well as zyklon B, of course? :)

Indoor gun ranges highly toxic.

Texas employees required to wear hazmat suits,we heard.

Not required in New Mexico, of course.

Media exposure our solution.

Liberal arts 'educated' msm lost its control on mind manipulation?

And will hopefully go bankrupt ...

We hope to be in Idianapolis 8/4 .... Albert Gores willing, of course. :)

With win 10/1803 gen 8 and ... lenovo g560 win 7 ... running xp, of course.

Liberal arts 'educated' altenergy msm 'journalism'?
Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities in a liberal arts curriculum.
Mark Mathis

Liberal arts 'educated' do verbal battle on CNN.

What weapons youngest son going to use? c/c++ or wind/gridscal solar? Inclusive 'or'.

Construction begins on one of NM's largest wind facilities.

Upon its completion, the Grady Wind facility will power nearly 90,000 homes each year ... with erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor electricity requiring "fossil-fueled" load following backup, according to PNM.

Wind & Solar Supplying Less than 1% During Peak Demand.

Sarah Sanders is wrong. Bin Laden was wary of satellite phones because he wasn't an idiot

Third try.

Thursday August 2, 2018 18:59

The c question?

An Open Letter to Microsoft About Poor Windows 10 Update Experiences.

Liberal arts 'educated" msm electricity article?
saving sunbeams for a rainy day. abq j 8/1/18 front page.

This is Sandia National Laboratories’ National Solar Thermal Test Facility, and it’s being used by researchers to develop a renewable energy that could fill a gap in the capabilities of photovoltaic and wind energy.

PNM Energy Sources.

Lots of quickly obsolete toxic electronics omitted.

"fossil-fueled" backup?
Hayden [ 505-823-3881] writes.
What really sets the technology apart from other renewable energy sources is the ability to store the heated liquid inside insulated containers for use when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing.

New Mexico msm reports over $3 billion in recent wind projects.
End to Wind & Solar Subsidies.

TransmissionHub: About $24.1bn worth of electric transmission projects covered so far in 2018.

'wind' found 15 times.

Forwared links to PNM Energy Sources and IRP 2017.

Second try.
Phorosuite 7 entered Media Manager for the first time on
Lenovo N500 vista laptop initially running IBM installed xp pro.

Now running xp home from ssd.

Before today it entered Photosuite directly.

Update ... without asking permission?

Wednesday August 1, 2018 20:54

Not kids stuff.

Deadly serious, we suspect.

Windows backward omcppatable updatess inudstrial/commercial
cyberterror attacks?

Using c/c++ weapons of mass cyber destruction, of course,
Susan Bradley

Moderator at

pnm earnings turnaround. ABQ J 8/1/18 A10

calif. utilities sign on for nm wind energy. A10

nm could be leader in renewable energy. A13

Wind and gridscale solar industries funded liberal arts 'educated' article?
Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change.

But those gains could be offset by a wider propagation of the renewable technologies already at hand — solar, wind, geothermal.
Third try.

Tuesday July 31, 2018 08:50

ARM m4 Intel MCS BASIC-52 interactive/incremental/batch assembler for the Cypress PSoC 6 BLE project advancing.
Embedded RTOS for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Written with whaat software technology?
Completing other projects.

electric demand booming in oil patch. abq j 7/31/18 A10
Hope and Change in an Alabama Coal Mine.

Buoyed by President Trump’s support for the industry, a veteran miner is putting his cash on the line and reopening his business.

PNM concludes wind/gridscal solar require "fossil fueled" load following backup.
Intermittent/erratoc Wind & Solar Guarantees Spiralling Power Prices.
Third try.

Monday July 30, 2018 20:28

Fail at forcing c/c++/c assembler on embedded controller/IOT apps, of course.
Windows c/c++ technology causing these problems?

c/c++ weapons of cyber terrorists?

Jack [I hate forth] Ganssle.

Are Europe’s Renewable Goals Too Ambitious?.


Australia’s Renewable Energy Policies Implode As Power Prices Rocket Out of Control.

Second try.

Sunday July 29, 2018 07:44

Who is making money from New Mexico wind/gridscale solar projects? Whose money?
Ultra-Rich Pocket $Billions in Wind & Solar Subsidies.
Saturday July 28, 2018 19:05

new mexico braces for plant closure. abq j 7/2818 A12.

first part of xcel line project done. A12.

SunZia to transmit erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind/gridscale solar?
sunzia lines make bird snare. abq j A15.

sunzi threatens communities. A15.
Intelligence officials and security analysts say Russian hackers are devoting much more effort toward implanting malicious software in the U.S. power grid than attempting to breach electoral systems.
Why Weather Dependent Power Generation Can Never Work.
Second try.

Friday July 27, 2018 07:44
Writing for $?
Researchers reveal scope of damage to Appalachia from coal mining.

First try.

Thursday July 26, 2018 19:24
OPINION | Iran should fear economic war, not some 'fire and fury'. abq j 7/26/18 A14.

Iran Danesjoo Information Committee project reports. [1, 2 , 3].
German Green-Induced wind turbine Environmental Nightmare.
Facebook Los Lunas data center proposes to use solar.

But PNM concludes that gridscale sole requires load following backup.

Liberal arts 'educated' solar decision?

In 1988, a precient article authored by Forbes colomist Peter Huber titled "Dig more coal ---the PCs are coming.

tackling data center energy use consulting-specifying engineer.{%22issue_id%22:512009,%22page%22:36}

Type small :(

Reading printed copy. :)

How far will Facebook fall today?.

Facebook's market value plunged by $148 billion after Zuckerberg and company warned of a growth slowdown (FB).


Wednesday July 25, 2018 19:46

LifeLock time?

RAV taking long time to charge J3 luna cell phone. Why?

USB car chargers. How many amps do 2012 Toyota RAV 4 and 2016 Corolla output?

Read Toyota spec books and Googled.

.2 A for Toyota 4 Runner post.

Written and verbal reports liberal arts 'educated' tools.

So measurement experiments conducted using new tech digital usb volt/amp meter. :

Fidel installed handle upside down. :(

Installed and fixed 4. Done 7/25.

Retiring Nüvi 1450.

Erase key inoperative. Malware?

Built usb A/V breakout board before digital models available.

PSoC 6 BKE project advancing.

Corolla output ... sometimes.

New windmill installed on Santo Domingo pueblo.

Bureau of Indian affairs responsible police officer reported.

Blade soon missing.

And now.

Experiments conducted in air condition RAV.

Conclusion ... for these two vehicles. Output around .6-7 A.

Fiesta 2 and Je luna both fast charge speced.

AUX speced at 10A.

USB 2.4 A/AUX ordered.

Goin to happen in New Mexico too?
Subsidised Wind & Solar Driving Australian Power Prices Through the Roof.
Fourth try.

Tuesday July 24, 2018 21:29

Run Forth86 like 8 gen core i7 8550U? :)
Intel leaks show that next i7 may drop hyperthreading.
Can solar panel companies produce their products with electricity produced by their solar panels?
A recent paper by Ferroni and Hopkirk (2016) asserts that the ERoEI (also referred to as EROI) of photovoltaic (PV) systems is so low that they actually act as net energy sinks, rather than delivering energy to society.

If it takes too much energy to make generators of renewable energy relative to what these units produce, the energy transition will not be possible. A new study by nuclear researchers finds that the need for storage and backup makes the EROI of renewables too low.
FANG Stocks.

Jack Ganssle and Michael Barr?
NSA malware attack kill?
Cyberwar: What happens when a nation-state cyber attack kills?.

us plans sanctions to boost pressure on iran. abq j 7/24/18.


How to Install Kwikset Door Handle.

First try.

Monday July 22, 2018 07:52

Marshmallow, nougat, win 10/xp multitasking. :)
xp taskbar. Lenovo N500 vista laptop.

3 instances of file explorer running.

Click required to discover which instance invoked.

win 10/1803 Flex 6 8 gen core i7 8550 task bar.

File explorer instances identified. Nice?

Tracfone Samsung J3 Luna marshmallow [6.0] task window.

Tap to invoke instance display.

Tap on main screen Maps closes running instance and invokes new instance.

Directions then must be reentered.

CLOSE ALL option.

Trafone LG Fiesta 2 running Android nougat task window not yet understood.

Luna has button to invoke task window. Nougat does not.
Battery bank Android marshmall/nougat charging/discharing testing 7/22.

Send more money for 'research' article.
Liquid metal battery could lower cost of storing renewable energy.

It could be key to spreading the adoption of solar and wind power.

Josef Stalin theory of failed research projects appilcation needed?
Can GE power it wind turbine manfacturing only with electricity produced by its turbines?
Australian Businesses Refuse to Shut Down During Wind Power Collapses.
Tesla estimates the Model 3 Performance will run to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds.

First try.

Sunday July 22, 2018 07:52

Android marshmallow/nougat multitaking tests this weekend.

Hmm. Liberal arts 'educated notifications?

ONM engineers' July 27, 2016 erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind/solar scam/fraud data?

'Transition’ to Wind & Solar Now Deemed Impossible Before 2040.

First try.

Saturday July 21, 2018 19:36

Sandaoling - China last steam trains / January 2018.

Malware. Hacking. US Navy. LifeLock time?

Jack [I hate forth] Ganssle.
Bankrupt Osama bin Laden' goal.

Windows upgrades bankrupt commerial/industrial large apps users? Continued upgrade costs staggering?

Software terrorism?

US electric grid apparently continues to use xp. we read and told at PNM IRP 2017. Credit card companies, US Navy too?

c/c++ weapons of mass cyber destruction?
Liberal arts 'educated' project? Photos, not data.
Coal Mining Photographed with a 100-Megapixel Camera.

Renewable Energy Zealots Surrender: Coal Will Continue to Power Australia for 20 More Years.

First try.


Friday July 20, 2018 10:13

Mutitasker valuable with RTOSs.
As the first member of the S32S family, the new chip is also the first announced product to use Cortex-R52, a synthesizable CPU that Arm designed specifically for critical control. This 32-bit core supersedes the eight-year-old Cortex-R5 and is the first implementation of the Arm v8-R instruction-set architecture (ISA) announced in 2013. To host hypervisors, the R52 adds another privilege level and a second memory-protection unit (MPU). To isolate critical tasks, it can simultaneously run multiple real-time operating systems in virtual sandboxes, and it speeds up context switching and interrupt handling.

Microprocessor Report subscribers can access the full article:

Patty and bill testing Android nougat [LG Fiesta 2 LTE} and marshmallow [Samsung J3 Luna pro] multitasking using Google Maps and other apps. Problems may have appeared.

Windows multitaker? No problems.

Fundemental mistake in software development is failure to install an interactive RTOS hosting incremental compiler/assembler using forth meteacompiler technology.

But not forth for the PSoC 6 harware. Intel MCS BASIC-52 needed.

BASIC-52 lots easier to use than forth.

BASIC-52 designed for embedded controller apps.

BASIC-52 implemented by single programmer.

c/c++/c assmbler approach has flaws.

Codes written by some good and lots of not-so-good programmers.

Projects may be designed one or more designers.

Analogy: Trying to write a symphony by hiring orchestra leader and a bunch of musicians.

Does not work.

In the case of c/c++/c assembler projects most end up as messes ... or "messes".

CySmart app which is supposed to communicate with the PSoC 6 BLE running under Android Kitkat and Marshmallow.

Doesn't work ... and acts different on each cell phone.

PSoC development software update crashing too.



First try.

Thursday July 19, 2018 10:18
sunzia river route riles enviros. abq j 7/18/18 A10

The SunZia project aims to carry [erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor] wind-generated electricity from central New Mexico to western markets.

EU fines google $5 over android. abq j 7/1918 A12
John Katausky spent about year implementing BASIC-52 on Intel 8052 in Chandler AZ ... and was promoted to Intel VP for this work, I was told by Intel employee late Mark Thompson.

Porting easy .... ARM M4 has hardware floating point. Katausky did all the hard work. :)

Android RTOS writers porting nugat to lots of different cell phone processors. Likely using metacompiler technology?
Cypress PSoC 6 BLE project work.
Lenovo Flex 6 8 gen core i7 8850U win 10/1803

Samsung J3 Luna pro

Rooftop solar could save utilities $100 to $120 per installed kilowatt.
Thuggish Wind Farm Developer’s Plan to Wreck Scotland Highland Homes Defeated.
Fourth try.

Wednesday July 18, 2018 11:29

androidcentral sending links.

New Mexico gridscal solar destroying clouds. :)____
Settable solar charge/load controller evaluation. Two different models have two usb charge ports.

Both contain RTOSs [real time operating systems]. Impressive software advances from China.

Two Harbor Freight generators in background. Start testing.

Backup electric systems must be periodically tested to insure function when needed.

Electrical engineer neighbor is in backup electric generator business.


J3 Luna pro marshmallow and/LG Fiesta nougat 2 LTE veryh good at voice recognition ... and audio response.

Marshmallow display.

Photosuite 7 requires display change to work Lenovo Flex 6 8 gen wind 10/1803 laptop. Reason for view.
Left: shipped with Luna 2600mAh. Right: Two of right 5880 mAh batteries purchase.

One took about 6 hours from 13% to full charge using 1200 mAh universal charger.
LG Fiesta 2 LTE. :) !!!

No similar notification with Samsung galaxy J3 Luna pro. :(

Fidel Sanchez visited this morning to discuss replacing some door knobs with levers ... and importance of cell phone cases to protect in case of phone drop.

Fiesta 2 13 megapixel photo.

Rocketing Power Prices Demand Immediate End to Wind & Solar Subsidies.
Third try.

Tuesday July 17, 2018 10:31

About 50 minutes on hone to India required to get Tracfone LG Fiesta 2 Android nougat/qualcom snapdragon working. Lady did it! Conversation ... about last 10 minutes. SIM/SDHC card removal required ... about 3 times.

apps transferred from LG sunset to Fiesta 2 ... but not contacts.

About 40 tracfone/patty phone call 7/17 did not solve contacts problem.

August 15? :)


Raspberry Pi media management?.

Wind & Solar Subsidies Caused Australia’s Power Crisis: Salvation Means Slashing Them Now.

City to receive millions in ART funding.

bizjournal did not honor unsubscribe requestS.

Second try.

Monday July 16, 2018 07:14

LG nougat Fiest 2 arrived sunday morning via usps.

Charge testing Samsung marshmallow Luna pro.
PNM engineers; July 27, 2016 erratic, intermittent,, low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscale solar scam/fraud data?
Cut Subsidies to Intermittent Wind & Solar.
First try.
Played on Lenovo N500 vista laptop. IBM replaced vista with xp initially. Tiger Direct purchase to replace patty's win 98 desktop ... for security reasons. Hahaha.

SSD replaced hard disk. bill installed xp.

xp becoming more stable. No Microsoft malicious updates?

Windows has encountered a serious error ...

Report to microsoft experiment using Toshiba L505D win 7 running xp led to laptop becoming unusable. Hardware failure speculated.

xp hard drive replaced by win 7 pro.

L505 now works perfectly.

L505 purchased to see if Embedded Controller Forth for the 8051 would work under win 7 ... and learn win 7.

Forth86 did not. Worked on upgrade to 7 pro.

Sunday July 15, 2018 21:44

Intel MCS BASIC-52 port to Cypress PSoC 6 BLE accomplished on?


But behind the green growth is a filthy secret: In a nation famous for its windmills, electricity is coming from a far dirtier source. Three new coal-fired power plants, including two here on the Rotterdam harbor, are supplying much of the power to fuel the Netherlands’ electric-car boom.

First try.

Saturday July 14, 2018 08:30
Watchdog Slams Subsidised Wind & Solar.
First try.

Friday July 13, 2018 14:35

Liberal arts 'educated' project?
Take a deep breath, focus on positives of ABQ’s ART project.

Human factors used to design Tracfone Samsung Galaxy j3 Luna G4 marshmallow software/user interface?

Google maps works great with Luna. Maps audios. 1, 2.

Maps appears to use lots of power and some DATA.

Android nougat a 'must' for RTOS evluation.

Patty's LG L33c phone upgrad ... 33c works great with Maps.

Sharon Alker made contact this morning with a whitman computer sciece facebook popup.

Why Tesla's Gigafactory 3 Announcement Is So Important For Tesla.

Power wall comment.

Chaotic Wind & Solar Power: A Pair of Guaranteed Grid Wreckers.

How Renewable Natural Gas Fits Into The Energy Equation.

He received his bachelor of science degree in journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Thursday July 12, 2018 18:39

How do you want to go to your grave? Remembered?

Lots of material possesions?

Contributor to metacomplier and syntax checking assembler written in high level language [BASIC/Forth]
interactive incremental compiling RTOSs, of course.

Your history choice.
Select to write RTOS in c/c++/c assembler?


Studidity is difficult to underestimate.

c is a 'Oh Hum' compiler in forth parlance.

c is not an RTOS. BASIC/Forth/Android are.
Over $3 billion in recent New Mexico wind turbine projects?
san juan coal review worries environmentalists abq j 7/12/18 A10.

Failure of bill's Tracfone LG L22c to work well with google maps and patty's LG l33c sucess caused upgradge to Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna 4G marshmallow.

Shopping for Nougat cell phone with larger screen to replace l33c revealed TracFone LG Fiesta 2 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone.
5.5" touchscreen display; Android 7.0, nougat; 13 MP Camera/ 5 MP front facing Camera

$87.70 & FREE Shipping.

No removable batter big negative.

16 GB; 1.4 GHz quad-core processor suggests Android software technicians use
metacompler technology to quickly port Android versions to new processors.
Sometimes big isn't big enough. In the latest round of mobile SoCs, Apple and Samsung have expanded their CPU transistor budgets to gain a performance advantage over other smartphone makers. Their custom cores are bigger than Arm's "big" cores but still run the same software. Bigger isn't always better: although Apple's A11 processor delivers excellent power and area efficiency, Samsung's Exynos 9810 lags standard Cortex CPUs on these metrics. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845, which debuted earlier this year, was the first processor to implement Arm's new DynamIQ architecture, which allows designers to combine different CPU types (e.g., big and little) in the same cluster. DynamIQ CPUs also include private L2 caches, a shift from the shared L2 caches in previous designs. This change restructures the SoC layout while encouraging larger on-chip memories. ...

Samsung's design shows the greatest growth, tripling the size of the previous-generation Mongoose core. Apple's Monsoon blew up 15% relative to the Hurricane CPU in the A10 processor. Even the largest Arm CPUs are much more compact than the Intel Skylake core, which measures 8.73mm^2 in that company's 14nm process. (We estimate Skylake would consume 6.91mm^2 in TSMC's 10nm technology, still more than twice the size of Meerkat.) Intel's recent Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake processors continue to use the same 14nm Skylake CPU.

Microprocessor Report subscribers can access the full article:
TracFone employee told bill that TracFone does it own Android software

implementations and support several years ago..

Let's Snopes it. :)


Second try.

Metacompiler RTOS port main contribution of Embedded Controller Forth for the 8051 family, imo.
Work resumes porting Intel MCS BASIC-52 to Cypress PSoC 6 BLE ARM M4/0+ .. after partial recovery from vacation.

Port Intel MCS BASIC-52 to Android cell phone?! :)

Wednesday July 11, 2018 21:25

FAANG stands for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

Miller time product of Sandia National Laboratories graphics arts department.


Samsung j3 Luna 4G andoid marshallow and inactive LG L22c investigation.

First try.

Tuesday July 10, 2018 10:55

Abq J msm liberal arts 'educated' energy article?
tribe firm buys into power plant. abq j 7/10/18 A10


Thermanal management? Or :(


Home improvement one year project concluded Saturday july 8.

Fidel paints stair well 7/8. Frank hold ladder.

Dangerous work!
Fidel paints study/upstairs computer/electronics room.

Frank. Former US Special Forces. Two tour of duty.

Project completion smile?

Facebook. :)

Fidel does not speak Spanish ... he claims.

Eight computers required move so that Fidel could paint walls.


Amazon hp win 10/1511 left. Lenovo N500 Vista laptop running xp home right.

Lenovo IdeaPad 100 Intel core i5 5200U gen 5 broadwell running 10/1803.

Lenovo Flex 6 8 gen core i7 8550U running 10/1803.

Electronics desk in backgound.

Software shelf on right.

Flex 6 power monitored with Open Harware Monitor and Killa watt.

Cypress PSoC 6 BLE [bluetooth low energy] Intel MCS BASIC-52 port project demands 8 gen/win 10 latest technologies.

Patty's Tracfone 4G LG L33C worked so much better with Google Maps on vacations than bill's 3G L22C.

Time for upgrade decision made. Both Kitkat OS.

Requirements. 4G, Marshmallow OS, least expensive [because it will soon be obsolete.]

Looks like two pieces. But card did not arrive.

Amazon phone conversation.

Took about one hour on phone to resolve problems.

Oscar followed checklist ... reminded me of commerical pilots take off procedures.

LG L22C finailly made inactive and j3 Luna active.

L22C minutes/text/data.

Bundle added automatically on activation.

Marshmallow lots 'smoother' than Kitkat.

Functions rearranged

Luna importated contacts automatically.

But not sms messages.

Tried to import Monday evening. No luck. Android software 'messes.

First try.

Monday July 9, 2018 07:59


Renewables Rewind: Energy Crisis Causes Outbreak of Sanity With Push for Coal-Fired Power.

Panic has set in, which, while not an ideal environment to form policy, will do in a pinch. Especially, when the alternative is doing nothing and watching an energy superpower turn itself into an economic basket case.

South Australia did just that in less than a decade, with its maniacal obsession with wind and solar.

Fifth try


Sunday July 8, 2018 21:10


climate change denial the real 'fake news'. abq j 7/818 A11.

global warming - the enemy is indeed us.

Figure captures intermittent wind but not erratic performance.
PNM IRP 2016 engineers' July 27 2016 data captures both.

Second try.

Saturday July 7, 2018 06:49

Libertal arts 'educated' venture?
Rewewanle Energy Economy-Wrecking Paris Climate ‘Deal’.

The only justification (if it be a justification) for the trillions of dollars in subsidies thrown at intermittent, unreliable and chaotic wind and solar is that the purported reductions in carbon dioxide emissions associated with that pair will automatically prevent the planet from overheating.

The wind and solar industries are yet to produce a single shred of evidence to support their claims of substantial CO2 emissions reductions. ....

Germany, has squandered hundreds of billions of euros on subsidies and yet its CO2 emissions continue to rise.

Friday July 6, 2018 11:02

Fidel Sanchez paints stairway and starts on compter room today.
ariz. utility resists renewable energy mandate. abq j 7/76/18.

xcel plans pair of wind farms on texas-nm border abq j 7/6/18 A10.

US Judge Delivers Verdict: Intermittent Renewables Will Never Replace Coal, Gas & Nuclear.

Speculative climate chaos v. indisputable fossil fuel benefits.

Second try.

Thursday July 5, 2018 20:49

Trump effort to lift U.S. offshore wind sector sparks interest - from Europe.

Nicola Groom.
pattern energy harnesses nm's blustry gusts. abq j 7/5/18 A11.

Liberal arts 'education'?
A well meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact America.
All-renewable energy is a prescription for disaster.

Subsidised Wind Power.
Tesla could ‘revisit’ vehicle-to-grid technology, says Elon Musk.
Second try.

Wednesday July 4, 2018 21:07

Waste Management big in New Mexico.
Recyclables become trash in two South Florida cities.
Underestimating media [msm] power mistake?
Michigan Conservatives Shocked To Learn Renewables Could Give Economy A $10 Billion Boost!.

About Steve Hanley.

Steve Hanley Steve writes about the interface between technology and sustainability

Could Renewable Energy Really Breeze Past Natural Gas?.

With a background in economics and public policy, I have spent two decades covering corporate and political affairs. I have worked as an editor, beat reporter and contributor for several news publications and my focus has been on the global energy sector. My columns have won some national awards. Twitter: @Ken_Silverstein. Email:

National Energy Guarantee pells Doom For Cheap & Reliable Power.

Natural gas prices highly volatile, Patrick O'Connell - PNM Director, Planning and Resources
commented in IRP 2017 session. .

First try.

Mosst day traders lose all their money within 3 years, we read.

Usually eventually win at solitaire and hearts because no pay to play.


Tuesday July 3, 2018 08:15

LifeLock finally?

First try.

Math stat minor at Purdue taugh gambler's ruin.
Wind and solar industries at work?
Mom confronts EPA head Scott Pruitt at DC restaurant: I want you to resign.


Low-income households in Colorado are getting a new question during visits from energy assistance agencies: Have you considered solar panels?

It's an innovative approach to solving two challenges at once: reducing greenhouse gas emissions as the effects of climate change appear across the state, and lowering low-income families' electricity bills.

The results can make a big difference for residents like Joe Anderson, whose power bills have been cut by two-thirds since 13 solar panels were installed free-of-charge on his ranch-style house under one Colorado program. "I felt like I kind of got the luck of the draw," he said.

Happened in about 2007. Ended with PNM IRP 2017 erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscale solar July 27,2016 engineers New Mexico data post. And conclusion that both require "fossil fueled" load following backup.
Energy policy hijacked by eco-zealots and handed to wind and solar rent-seekers.

Monday July 2, 2018 06:53 Durango CO.
Chotic? Erratic and intermittent wind turbine/gridscale solar PNM July 27, 2016 engineers data.
Renewable Energy Debacle Deepens: Chaotic & Costly Power Destroying Australian Industry.


Sunday July 1, 2018 16:56 Durango CO.
Early-1900s EVs were marketed to women because gas cars were too complicated.

Saturday June 30, 2018 15:43
Ontario Ousts Renewables Obsessed Government
Electric vehicles are cleaner and more efficient than conventional vehicles.

Friday June 29, 2018 08:50 Ogden UT.
PNM engineers conclude wind requires "fossil fueled" load following backup.

UK Left Powerless During the ‘Big Calm’.

But this will not stop the liberal arts 'educated'.

Thursday June 28, 2018 08:52

c industry apparently believe that embedded control is its business.



Butte MT to Idaho Fallls ID. 83 mph.

Idaho Falls wind turbines.

Utah and Linsey streets. royndabout.

Guaranteed Economic Destruction.

Sempra Energy said it plans to sell its wind and solar assets in the U.S.,

Defeat WSJ peek show ploy.

Sempra Energy to sell entire U.S. wind and solar asset portfolio.

Wednesday June 27, 2018 19:12

Make Cypress an offer it cannot refuse?


Want Reliable & Affordable Electricit? It’s Coal-Fired Power or Nothing.

Tuesday June 26, 2018 17:00 Butte MT

8th-Gen Intel Core i7 CPUs Are Quite a Bit Faster.

osama bin laden bankrupt america.

Butte copper partially responsible for American electrification, Berkeley Pit view audio claimed.

Coal too?
The start of the American Industrial Revolution is often attributed to Samuel Slater
who opened the first industrial mill in the United States in 1790 ...

Lake Flathead.


Monday June 25, 2018 17:38

LG L22C 3G cell phone Goodgle maps works lots worse the LG L33L 4G.

Upgrade required. Kitkat to marshmallow.

Gen 8 dore i6 8550U win 10/1803 Lenovo Flex 6 vacation posts.
Intel 8th-gen Core i7 vs. 7th-gen Core i7 CPUs: An upgrade that's finally worth it.

East to west Glacier.

Going to the sun highway?

Video 6 7 3 4 5 1 2.

Sunday June 24, 204 18:37 Kalispell /Somers MT

LifeLock vacation return?

India eyeing a new monster 100GW solar-capacity goal.

Cell phone evaluation trip focus.

LG L33L 4G google maps superior to 22C 3G.

Not senior citizen friendly builing. No elevator. Narrow steep stairs.
Amrack arrives about block from lodge.

Gen 8 win 10/1803 Lenovo Flex laptop.

3 G LG L22C. Trcfone.

NaturEner, a majority Belgium-owned company headquartered in Madrid, Spain, became a major investor in north central Montana beginning in early 2007 when it purchased Montana-based Great Plains Wind & Energy, LLC. With the Montana company’s purchase, NaturEner gained the rights to develop Montana’s largest wind farm project, located on the plains between Cut Bank and Ethridge.

By Sept. 2012, NaturEner and its partners, including the San Diego Gas and Electrical Company and international financial services firm, Morgan Stanley, had invested close to $920 million into north central Montana

Tolward Browning MT.

St Marys toward Logan pass. Going west.

Lodge dining area view.

Cypress PSoC 6 BLE part trip focus.

CySmart Android app does not3G LG L22C. :{ Work with 4G LG L33C?

Room balcony view.

Saturday June 23, 2018 08:51 East Glacier lodge MT
A Texas town leads the country in using solar and wind/// energy.


Friday June 22, 2018 15:48 East Glacier lodge MT

Nice ... but 48mps Internet and two prong outlets.

Friday June 2, 2018 09:29 Shelby MT

Gridscale solar fram destroying clouds between Great Falls and Shelby MT.
Grid scale solar system require "fossil fueled" load following backup, PNM report concludes.
Tesla to close a dozen solar facilities in 9 states.

In the first quarter of this year, Tesla installed 76 megawatts of solar systems - down from SolarCity's more than 200 MW a quarter in early 2016, systems - down from SolarCity's more than 200 MW a quarter in early 2016,

Thursday June 21, 2018 07:53

Old Faithful, Yellowstone.

Push to Kill-Off Arizona’s Nuclear Plant & Go 50% Wind & Solar.
Report written by liberal arts 'educated'?____
Report: World trending to hit 50% renewables, 11% coal by 2050

And falling battery costs are a big part of why.

Wednesday June 20, 2018 07:49
Wind ‘Powered’ Britain Scrambles to Build Nuclear Power Plants as UK Wind ‘Drought’ Hits.

Tuesday June 19, 2018 06:52 Rexburg ID.
Windows 7 -- 2018 Edition is the Microsoft operating system you've been waiting for.

Monday June 18, 2018 16:16 Rexburd ID

Google new assults Yahoo finance. Pics added.
How a Florida Utility Became the Global King of Green Power.

Monday June 18, 2018 06:59 Ogden UT

270 mbpBest Western High Country nietel. Lenovo

Flex 6 8 gen core i5 8550U win 10.1803!

psoc 6 video.
Australia Enters Third World: Chaotic Delivery of Wind & Solar Forces Industrial Users Off Grid.

Sunday June 17, 2018 08:06 Moab UT

Bluetooth, PSoC 6 BLE [bluetooth low power], intel MCS BASIC-53, c/c++, win 10/1803, gen 8, DATAQ 145... vacation.
Subsidised Wind & Solar Driving Out-of-Control Power Prices: Business Hit With 24% Hike.
Saturday June 16, 2018 08:17
Erratic, intermittent, low capacity wind turbine/gridscal solar requires "fossil fueled" load following backup, PNM report concludes.
Big Electricity Users Forced to Shut Down In Calm & Cloudy Weather.

Friday June 15, 2018 12:03


Windows Defender do about same job as McAfee?
Durango CO, Doubletree room view.

Tellluride CO.


Yard Enforcer.

Motion sensor triggers water jets coverage. Deer deterent?

psoc_creator crashed win 10/1803 on 8 gen Lenovo Flex6.

Revo/iobit uninstall McAfee?

8 gen win 10/1803 Lenovo Flex 6 runs hot ... at times. High Performance.

Good explanation of interactive RTOS Language Systems required?

How renewable energy backed up? Fossile Fuel?
Huntsville is just a terrific location for a data center. We're really stoked to be here. I think the things that were so exciting to us was really great infrastructure locally - water, waste water, fiber. And we have awesome access to renewable energy.

Energy demand accelerated in 2017 by 2.2 percent, but a 17 percent gain in clean power such as solar and wind did little to offset the dominance of fossil fuels in the rapidly expanding global economy.

Coal comeback spurs new carbon emissions growth, says BP.

Rocketing Renewable Energy Costs.
First try.

Thursday June 14, 2018 09:50

FCC complaint post must before LifeLock action.

FCC envelope video.


hearings open on $B sunzia power line project.

Abq j blocking comment?

renewable energy plan rejiggered. Both abq j 6/14/18 A10.

CVNM "the economic transition in the Four Corners area and a conmitment to renewable energy."

PNM Energy Sources. Wind and solar require "fossil fueled" load following backup report conclusion.
100% Renewable Energy Means Total Economic Destruction.

The Texas electric system has a large wind power element, capable of generating 18,000 megawatts if every wind turbine is receiving sufficient wind. On average, the system provides about 6,000 megawatts, sometimes more and sometimes less, with rapid variations. ...

If Texas wind power were a core source of power, the ups and downs would have to be smoothed out. If backup generating plants are not used, storage of electricity is necessary, storing electricity when output is too high and releasing stored electricity when output is too low.
First try.

Wednesday June 13, 2018 19:43



Simulation For Grid Transmission, Distribution.

Liberal arts 'educated' solar article?
Solar Surpasses Gas and Wind as Biggest Source of New U.S. Power.

If Wind and Sunshine are Free, Why Is It That Wind & Solar Power Are So Expensive?
First try.

Monday June 11, 2018 07:43

costa rica electricity production.

gmail 6/8.

Sunday June 10, 2018 18:04

Posted from Lenovo Flex 5 win 10/1803 core i5 7200 gen 7 Kaby Lake laptop running at 3114 MHz.

Win 10/1803 bugs different on our Lenovo 1 IdeaPad 100 core i5 5200 gen 5 broadwell, 2 Flex 5 core i5 7200 3 IdeaPad 320 17KB, core i7 8550 gen 8.

320 worst. Failed to boot. Finally fixed.

Flex 5 restart continues damaged.

Max SC shell fix finally has IdeaPad 100 updating and working probably.

Fex 6 working okay ... so far.

Durango 416 forest fire smog Sunday morning.

India Increases Its Massive 2022 Renewable Energy Target By 28%.
Wind Power Output Collapses Send Power Prices into Orbit: The World’s Biggest Joke Just Got Serious.

Saturday June 9, 2018 19:04

Durango CO.

Huge forest fire.

Hilton Doublree.


Evacuees and forest fighters registering.

Fall 1961.Purdue girlfriend, 21, asked "Where is this relationship going?

June 9, 1962.

gmail 6/8.

Try 2.


Friday June 8, 2018 20:05

FCC complaint post must before LifeLock action.

FCC envelope video.

Solar Is Killing Major Arizona Coal Plant Despite Tribes’ Wishes.

taking on solar tariffs. abq j 6/8/18 A14

First Solar sinks another 3% as Goldman downgrades to Sell.

FSLR has plunged 18% this week following Monday's news that China's government would cut subsidies and curb construction on new solar projects.

PNM concludes wind and solar require "fossil fueled" load following backup.
Microsoft has submerged an entire data center 100 feet below the surface of the ocean near the UK’s Orkney islands. It is powered by wind, solar, and tidal sources, and will be keep cool by using the frigid ocean water as a heat sink.

Germany Laments its ‘Transition’ to Wind & Solar.
Try 4.

Thursday June 7, 2018 09:35

Primary outcomes shake up PRC.

new mexico solar capacity factor.
Solar Panel Tariff Will Cost Over $2.5 Billion In Projects And Thousands Of Jobs, Developers Say

The U.S. solar industry employs more than 250,000 people, about three times more than the coal industry.

FSLR stock has moved from super-hot through the spring of 2018 to downright ice cold in early June, with shares tumbling nearly 14% in three sessions. Much of the blame can be attributed to a weakened solar market courtesy of China.

Last week the Chinese government caught investors by surprise by reducing the number of utility-scale solar project permits it issues, as well as subsidies for utilities providing solar for their customers.
First try.

Photosuite 7 requires display change to 768x1024 from 1920x1080 to work onWindows 10/1804 Lenovo Flex 6 core i7 8 gen laptop.

Wednesday June 6, 2018 07:47

LifeLock time ... at last?

Renewables Rejected: Modern Coal-Fired Plants Powering Asian Prosperity.

Why the solar revolution is in grave danger—and how it can be saved.

Try 7.

Tuesday June 5, 2018 07:33
Solar stocks took a beating Monday after China cut its national incentives to install solar projects.

Utility-scale projects may be in even more trouble because China has issued a notice that its utility-scale deployment target of 13.9 GW has been abolished and no new projects will be given feed-in tariff contracts.

Relying on subsidised, intermittent and unreliable wind and solar results in rocketing power prices.

Monday June 4, 2018 19:28

Why the Military Can’t Quit Windows XP.

The Pentagon’s recent push to upgrade to Windows 10 won’t leave all legacy Microsoft products behind.

Americans Will Pay a High Price to Save Coal.

Second try.

Sunday June 3, 2018 07:11

Second try.

Saturday June 2, 2018 08:424

Liberal arts 'educated' corporate solar decisions?

El Cabo?
US Wind Power Fraud: It’s Coal, Gas & Nuclear That Powers the Land of the Free.
First try.

Friday June 1, 2018 19:33

Update not appearing. Hacked?

Mood music?

First try.

Saturday June 2, 2018 07:27

Unable to update windscammers7 Friday evening.

Solution. windscammers8.

Friday June 1, 2018 06:44

First try.

Thursday May 31, 2018 20:08

Email from Mark Mathis. Not opened. Malware?

Mathis lectured on normalcy bias in about one hour phone conversation.

Mathis suspected of working for Sandia labs.

Iran Danesjoo Information Committee project reports. [1, 2 , 3].


Swiss Radio International tape arrived here 1/13/95 from Zurich.

John K Cooley and James Bamford [] indirectly responsible?


Turbines Successfully Installed at Wind Farm Trump Tried to Block.

Europe is building more wind and solar — without any subsidies.

Brand New Turbines Falling Apart.
Second try.

Wednesday May 30, 2018 06:34

End to Subsidies Spells Armageddon for Ageing Wind Turbines in Europe.
First try.

Tuesday May 29, 2018 10:28

LifeLock starts today?

Thunderbird Comcast pw theft attempt?

First try.

Monday May 28, 2018 20:30
el cabo wind farm nm's biggest facility. abq j 5/28 Business outlook 12
LifeLock Tuesday?

PNM erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscal solar July 27, 2018 scam/fraud DATA?
21 Top reasons Wind Power Can Never Work?
PNM concludes gridscal solar requires "fossil fueled" load following backup.
10 massive corporations going big on solar power.
First try.

Sunday May 27, 2018 20:02


Mark Mathis suspected of working for Sania Labs.

LifeLock time Tuesday?

SB Energy Scores 200 Megawatts Of Solar In India At 4.16¢/kWh.

Hold on?

Australian MPs Determined to End Subsidies to Wind & Solar.
Second try.

Saturday May 26, 2018 12:43

Posting from Lenovo Flex 6 gen 8 core i7 8550 win 10/1803.

Runs hot.

Thermal electronics issues in Wind turbines without climate control?

prc schedules sunzia hearing.

SunZia: County votes to intervene.

Blocked comment.

Drone's-eye view of how solar farms clean all those panels.


Once reasonable people are presented with the facts, they turn against the wind industry, with a vengeance.

Largest Electric Power Capacity In The World (Passing Up Wind).

Enter keyed with no pw entry.

Reentered pw. Posted.

Second try of 8 gen Lenovo Flex 6.

Display reset to 1024x758 required for Photosuite 7.

Only win 10/1803 laptop requiring change.

Game Help bar missing from Lenovo N500 vista laptop running xp solitaire this morning.

c/c++ cyber terror weapons?

Friday May 25, 2018 05:51

Whitman College classmate Mel.

Thursday May 24, 2018 18:58

Win 10/1803 Flex 6 Photosuite 7 problems.

Guide Dave Torres.

First try.

Wedneday May 23, 2018 07:14
Renewable Energy Advocates’ Bizarre Claims of All-Wind & Solar Powered Future.
Third try.

Tuesday May 22, 2018 17:52

Navajo Dam New Mexico.

Journalism major Vincent-Collwawn?
Public Service Co. of New Mexico's parent company PNM Resources [NYSE: PNM] held its annual shareholders meeting in Texas City, Texas on Tuesday, and renewable energy and its plan for moving away from coal were big topics of conversation.

CEO, Chairman and President Pat Vincent-Collawn said the New Mexico-based utility company is working closely with the city of Albuquerque to implement electric buses, bring solar energy to some city facilities and upgrade street lights to LED to help combat the high crime rate in the city.
Lenovo Flex 6 14 inch. Core i7 8550U. Win 10/1803. 122 mbps wifi at motel.

Quiet Motel room door oper.:)
Lenovo 320 17.3.

Error 0x80007005?

Thinking abouy ARM m4 Intel MCS BASIC-52 interactive assembler on drive from abq to Navajo Dam.

c/c++ weapon of mass cyber destruction?

Lenovo 320 core i5 7200U update from 1709 to 1803 crashed with error message on second attempt.

First attempt caused 320 boot failure.

Lenovo button pressed to enter BIOS. Boot problems solved.
Microsoft and Google are jointly disclosing a new CPU security vulnerability that’s similar to the Meltdown and Spectre flaws that were revealed earlier this year. Labelled Speculative Store Bypass (variant 4), the latest vulnerability is a similar exploit to Spectre and exploits speculative execution that modern CPUs use.

Rush to Unreliable Renewables Threatens New York Power Grid.
First try.

Monday May 21, 2018 20:04

Fly fishing San Juan. Dave Torres. 5/23?

Posted. Flex 6, Coffe lake core i7 8500U gen 8. On windows 1803.

Liberal arts 'educated' alt energy article?
If renewable energy can power entire countries, why isn't everyone doing it?

A country getting all its electricity from a combination of wind, solar and hydro sounds like science fiction. It's no.


First try.

Sunday May 20, 2018 20:40

Core i 7 gen 8 running

Third try.

Saturday May 19, 2018 08:34

LifeLock time ... at last? PORT Intel MCS BASIC-52 Interactive RTOS to
Cypress PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit complete

First try.

Friday May 18, 2018 08:05

A war against Big Wind, has broken out in Vietnam.
Energy Commission penetrated by solar industry moles?
California has become the first U.S. state to approve plans to require newly built homes to include solar equipment.

The state’s Energy Commission voted 5-0 to approve the new rules, which are to take effect in 2020. The rules will cover most newly built residential buildings up to three stories high.
First try.

Thursday May 17, 2018 07:26
Cut the Subsidies: 80,000 German Solar Workers Sacked.

There are a few inescapable truths: cut subsidies to wind and solar power and the jobs those ‘industries’ have ‘created’ evaporate like snow in Summer.
First try.

Wednesday May 16, 2018 10:54

LifeLock soon?

Bob Collins and wife Sandy Waters Collins are Whitman College 1959 classmates.

As Trump delivers blow to solar industry nationally,
NM tax credit could ‘zero out’ cost increases

Wind Power Fraud: Wind Industry’s Greatest ‘Capacity’ is for Total Delusion.

Those pumping wind and solar only ever talk about capacity, which is like being told that the cheque is in the mail. The kind of fantastic promise made by those who hope it never collides with reality. But, like the cheque that never arrives (and bounces when it does), promises that wind power delivers are not just hollow, they’re a delusion.


Second try.

Tuesday May 15, 2018 06:50
Second try.

Monday May 14, 2018 07:103

Fix Flex 5 auto restart problem 5/12 goal.

Looking better. No problems found. Software up to date.

Wind turbine software written c/assembler?
THird try.

Sunday May 13, 2018 08:12
wind power too expensive, unreliable to be the answer. abq j 5/12 A15

wind is intermittent and unreliable, and that has serious consequences for grid operation. ...

Unreliable, expensive, and the result of “green” coercion, wind power isn’t “the future” – it’s a step backward from efficient and affordable electricity.


Trying to repair Flex 5. 5/12 all day ... and night task.

Those countries whose energy policies have been hijacked by renewable energy rent seekers – pumping heavily subsidised, utterly unreliable and completely chaotic wind and solar – have watched their power prices double in a veritable heartbeat.
Second try. Flex 5, win 10/1709 7 gen kaby lake.

Gamblers ruin prevails ... if you have to pay to play.

Saturday May 12, 2018 09:40

Team on move?

pnm programs contribute to energy-efficiency savings.



'Iran air force pilot widow?' text missing.


Would not do below Windows 10/device driver project if c/assembler had to be used.

putty and dosbox to project rescue.

Time to Hold the Wind Industry Accountable.
Third try.

Friday May 11, 2018 08:50

San Juan power plant closures.
Germany’s RE ‘Transition’ Leaves Grid on the Brink of Collapse.

Renewable energy can no longer rely on the protection of conventional power plant, Germany’s electricity sector has warned. To avert a shortfall, the government must act immediately. Otherwise, Germany’s network stability is endangered.

Third try.
Thursday May 10, 2018 07:00

Fourth try.

Wednesday May 9, 2018 06:56

Kirsten Korosec @kirstenkorosec Journalist. I write about autos, tech, & energy for @fortune and @verge @vergecars. Liberal arts 'educated'?
20% of Americans Say Their Next Car Will Be Electric, Survey Says.

Erratic Wind and Solar Destroy Australia’s Once Reliable Power Grid.

First try.

Tuesday May 8, 2018 12:42

LifeLock time?

Liberal arts 'educated' ploy?
installing solar panels. but it may (not be an option much longer in california where the state's energy commission is expected to pass a rule (requiring solar panels on top of nearly every new apartment building ?
Liberal arts 'educated' duel?
Citizens’ group charges Environment Minister with violation of Environmental Protection Act.
Muzzled watchdog: How killing the nuclear deal could make it easier for Iran to pursue the bomb in secret.


Iran Danesjoo Information Committee project reports. [1, 2 , 3].

NSA funded FORTH85, 86, 51 projects.

3/31/18 audio. Iran air force pilot widow?

Thunderbird used to steal comcast passwords?

First try.


Monday May 7, 2018 07:41

Taskbar on Lenovo Flex 5 stopped working.

Working. Windows + e to start file explorer.

ctrl+shft+esc to invoke task manager.

Restart file explorer.

Worked. Read about this fix.

Wreck Your Economy & Punish the Poor & Vulnerable?
Try Intermittent Wind & Solar

How Solar And Wind Are Causing Electricity Prices To Skyrocket

Third try.

Sunday May 6, 2018 07:50

Hammering on motel room door. La Quinta, Flagstaff AZ 5/4/18.

Desk clerk conversation 1, 2.

No charge for night stay. Manager decision.

LifeLock time for sure?

Businesses & Families Despair Over Rocketing Power Prices.
First try.

Saturday May 5, 2018 07:40

Jim Smith email major malware?

Friday May 4, 2018 16:24

Click on Reset Password or Download App good idea?

LifeLock time?

Thursday May 3, 2018 16:22


Ethernet interactive lab.

Posting from Ethernet Fundamentals classroom. Henderson NV.
Britain Squanders £7bn a Year on Stone Age Wind Power.
Wednesday May 2, 2018 13:22

PNM's CEO on how she balances customers and shareholders.

First try.

Tuesday May 1, 2018 15:03

WiFi and 7 gen kaby lake speeds. :)
jim smith new mexico.

Monday April 30, 2018 18:07

nmake. Ctards attempt to reinvet IBM 360 JCL?

Despite $4 Billion in Annual Subsidies, Wind & Solar Delivers 2% of Australia’s Power Demand.
Fourth try.

Sunday April 29, 2018 07:05
Renewable Energy Calamity Crushes Australian Businesses & Families.
First try.

Saturday April 28, 2018 1034

Williams Windmill conversation. Lemitar, New Mexico.

pnm earnings slump 53% in first quarter. abq j 4/28/18 A12.

€Billions Squandered on Wind & Solar But Germany’s CO2 Emissions Continue to Rise.
First try.

EPSON Smat Panel continued to pop up.

Some legionnaires want something scanned and posted?

Smart Panel works on xp, not on 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

Friday April 27, 2018 09:15

pnm must explain coal silo failure.

arizona eliminates sales tax on coal.
Response invited?

Giant Leaps Toward a Sustainable Economy & Planet: Innovate today for a sustainable tomorrow.
[No wind/solar?}
First try.


Thursday April 26, 2018 13:39

Ethernet seminar.
weather henderson nv.


Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscale solar scam/fraud regardless? And toxic quickly obosolete electronics.
Mr. Pruitt, one of the most controversial members of President Trump’s administration, was once celebrated by conservatives for his aggressive efforts to roll back environmental regulations while denying the established science of human-caused climate change.

Renewables Hit Businesses with 30% Annual Power Price Hike.
First try.

Wednesday April 25, 2018 21:45



san juan coal plant closing.
Close Coal-Fired Power Plants & Watch Power Prices Rocket.

Adding massively subsidised and chaotically delivered wind and solar
to a power grid is guaranteed to send power prices through the roof.
facebook los lunas power.
Critical power: hospitals and data centers.

Electrical engineers must consider many factors when designing
backup, standby, and emergency power systems.
First try.

Tuesday April 24, 2018 07:35

Battery ‘Solution’ to Intermittent Wind & Solar Would Cost Trillions.
Second try.

Monday April 23, 2018 21:04

Can't read article using win 10 but can with xp.
How Xcel plans to power up southeast New Mexico in 2018.

Last month, the Public Regulation Commission unanimously approved Xcel's Sagamore Wind Project in Roosevelt County. The project was awaiting approval from the Texas Public Regulation Commission.

Wind Industry Blames Poor ‘Performance’ on the Weather.
First try.

Sunday April 22, 2018 07:00
New Mexico?
Coal powers Australia: not sunshine, not breezes and, if you’re told otherwise, you’re being conned. So, keeping big base-load power generators in the game matters.
First try.

Saturday April 21, 2018 09:07

Most advanced x86 processors and windows focus.
LifeLock time?

New Mexico?
Australia’s Renewable Energy Debacle Prompts Push for Nuclear Power.
APTIM Services LLC, a part of Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based APTIM, which works with clients in energy, government agencies and the private sector, filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification with the state of New Mexico on April 6, notifying the state of up to 287 potential layoffs at Four Corners Power Plant in San Juan County.
Second try.

Friday April 20, 2018 10:57


Cost & Reliability Winners: Coal & Nuclear.

The first article below details just how cheap coal-fired power is in Australia; the second shows how Americans depend upon coal and nuclear power to prevent them freezing to death in winter.

LifeLock time?

Sedond try.

Thursday April 19, 2018 06:52


First try.

Wednesday April 18, 2018 13:04

PNM engineers July 27, 2016 erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor data.
state no. 1 for new wind energy units. abq j 3/18/18 A1

The state added enough new turbines to produce 571 megawatts of [erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor] electricity,
growing installed capacity by 51 percent to 1.68 gigawatts, according to the association’s 2017 annual market report,
released Tuesday morning in Santa Fe. That’s enough electricity to power about 422,000 average U.S. homes [with "fossil fueled"
load following backup, according to PNM

Why Is Canadian Solar (CSIQ) Down 3.3% Since Its Last Earnings Report?.

Ms Beadles appeared to push for repowering alll 136 GE/Enron New Mexico Wind Energy Center obsolete wind turbines.

LifeLock time?

New Mexico citizens to pay Facebook's electric bill?
Rattle Renewables Rent Seekers with Threat to Endless Subsidies.

In a little over 15 years, Australia has gone from an energy superpower to an
international joke. Power prices are rocketing, and its Eastern Grid is on the
brink of collapse. All for the sake of a pointless,
ideological obsession with wind and solar power.
Third try.

Tuesday April 17, 2018 13:03

LifeLock time?
Facebook brings its Community Boost program to ABQ businesses.

Belkin/Ativa serial to usb adapaters putty/hypeterminal virtual com port access caused DOSBox instalaltion on Lenovo N500 vista laptop running xp home from ssd.

Windows multitasking feature neat.

Communication between DOSBox and command prompt forth86 possible through windows file system?

DOSBox programmers appear to use same technique to access virtual com port as hyperterminal and putty.
LifeLock time?


PNM erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscale solar July 27, 2106 5 spreadsheets data.
Wind Power Collapses Send Power Prices Into Orbit in Wind ‘Powered’ South Australia.

First try!

Monday April 16, 2018 10:02


Texas Faces Summer of Shortfalls, Rationing & Blackouts.
While China Picks Winners, Trump Picks Losers.

GE Has Tumbled 25% in 2018. It’s Still Too Expensive.

Obsolete toxic electronics.
Compaq included.

Third try.

Sunday April 15, 2018 13:43

pnm repairing damage to san juan generator. abq j 4/14/18 A12.

LifeLock time? At last.____

Running Forth86 on top of DOS on $27 Compaq laptop 4/14. :)


VLIST ... not WORDS.



Referred to seller.

Compaq stored in shed in back yard. :(

Third try.

Saturday April 14, 2018 11:51
regulators reject pnm meter plan.


No ‘Comparison’ Between Part-time Wind Power & Full-time Fossil Fuel.

Wind’s False Promise Of Environmental Purity.
First try.

Thursday April 12, 2018 08:20

Malware issues.
Cryptojacking is proving increasingly lucrative for cyber-attackers, and we're only at the beginning of this form of cybercrime -- here's how it
has come to pose the threat it does and where it could go next.

Mozilla Thunderbird used to steal comcast/xfinity passwords?

Texas Faces Summer of Shortfalls, Rationing & Blackouts.

LifeLock time?

First try.

Wednesday April 11, 2018 08:55
If the tech savvy Germans and Danes haven’t bothered with batteries, it’s a pretty fair sign they’re either technically unfeasible at grid-scale, or economically unviable, or both.

World's largest solar battery? Tesla may get beat.

Fourth try.

Gambler's ruin applies ... even for day traders.

Tuesday April 10, 2018 10:16
Apple says it’s now powered by 100 percent renewable energy worldwide.
But there’s a big catch.

coal firm considers ways to survive. abq j 4/10/18 A10

Second try.

Monday April 9, 2018 21:07

Esfahan, Iran.

Leila from Shemiranat contact lost?

US carrier nuclear reactor[s] under malware attacks?

2008 Albuquerque Frontier Restuarant Richad Sauder breakfast information.
Abq j 4/3/18 A13.

1 ream [500 sheets] of 20 lb paper 2 inches thick.

Windows 10 program listing about as tall, or taller, than the statue of Liberty height. 305'

6 reams/foot? Hahaha.

4/8/18 trailer rewiring.

Beats crawling under.

First try. 

Friday April 6, 2018 13:35


PNM engineers took control from the liberal arts 'educated' in IRP 2017.

sunzia applies for power line approval.

nm wind impetus touted. abq j 4/5/18 A12

Solar power financing misunderstood by many. abq j 4/5/18 A15

New Mexico?
Ontario Obsession: Wind Power Cult Wrecked Once Prosperous Province.

Those places with the highest power prices in the world (Ontario, Denmark, Germany
and South Australia) have a few things in common: an obsession with wind and/or
solar and zealots in charge, hellbent on driving that obsession.

Second try.

Thursday April 5, 2018 12:49

HotMetal back.

Restart failing again.

Flex 5 restart not entering Lenovo boot.

Who fixed?

Google maps recoving too.
Second try.

Wedneday April 4, 2018 21:56

Google maps death?

Perlow uber.

Unable to get to maps. :(

LifeLock? :)

nm might become hub of solar technology. abq j 4/4/18 A12
That means focusing on the innovative science and engineering breakthroughs already emerging from New Mexico’s national labs and universities to develop next-generation photovoltaics that could eventually turn windows, buildings and even everyday fabrics into [erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor, toxic. negative EROEI?] electric generators.

New Mexico ranchers?
Renewables Disaster Driving Australia’s Farmers to Bankruptcy.
Fourth try.

Tuesday April 3, 2018 12:19


di-145 works.

Moved 145 to Lenovo N500 Vista running xp home out of ssd

DI-145 working?

Wind turbine and gridscale solar transmission line investors?
Australia’s Renewable Energy Chaos Has Investors Clamouring For Coal-Fired Power Plants.

Second try,

Monday April 2, 2018 22:16
How many lines of code does Windows 10 contain?.
statue of liberty height. 305 feet. Paper thickness. .004 inches? .004x 50,000,000 = 200,000 inches. /12 = 16,667 feet? 57 lines per page? 16,667/57 = 292.4 feet? Ream of paper.

10 1709 restart problem cause?

PNM concludes erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscale solar [July 27, 2016 data] require load following "fossil fueled" backup.
Mega-Battery Saves Grid Pure Bunkum.
Wind turbine/gridscale solar electronics/software?

First try

Lucky day. Years since

Sunday April 1, 2018 11:07

Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine and gridscale solar [July 27, 2016 PNM data] require load following backup, PNM concludes.
Full Cost of Wind & Solar Simply Staggering.

No wind or grid-scale backup plan = scam/fraud?

Late Susannah Millman.
Ethernet use.
Catch etherbunnies.
First try.

Saturday March 31, 2018 11:52

RTOS project.

3/31/18 audio.

Toshiba snappy mouse not working on Lenovo N500 Vista running xp.

First try.

Friday March 30, 2018 10:41

Sweetwater TX wind turbine blade junkyard.
Mass Blade Fail Means Early ‘Retirement’ for Hundreds of Danish Wind Turbines.
VirtualGuestAdditions pirated software?

DOS file system interface appears missing.

Thursday March 29, 2018 13:32

56 fb notifications popup, Lenovo N500. Don't read.

sunzia may employ way to outflank county ok.

Prosefights hacked, GoDaddy reports.

Just discovered sunzia page removed.


KB4089848 for Windows 10 version 1709.

Win 10 creators fall update Restart catastrophe averted by Lenovo programmers.

Restart near fatal failure video.

Lenovo Flex 5 win 10/1709 16299.309 7 gen kaby lake 3144 MHz. Saved by Lenovo boot software.


First try win on Lenovo N500 Vista running xp from ssd.

Wednesday March 28, 2018 20:13

LifeLock issues. [1, 2 , 3] Deadly malware.

Account examination: Possible hacking?

Comcast/Xfinity Albuquerque conversations 1, 2.

fcc.htm Hacked. zero length. 1/23/18.



5 Phishing attacks.

Tesla Inc. investors can press forward with claims that founder Elon Musk duped them into backing his $2.6 billion purchase of a
solar-energy firm founded by his cousins.

Tesla shareholders challenging the acquisition of San Mateo, California-based SolarCity Corp. have produced enough evidence showing the deal may have been flawed by conflicts among Musk and other company directors to proceed with their lawsuit, a Delaware judge ruled Wednesday.

Uber Android programmers apparently insist account link before Google Maps use?

Google maps recently autostarting. Then Uber and Lyft
icons appeared. :(

Byte code SunJava/Python forth extensions look to avoid 16 bit forth relocatability problem?
Android is not just a Toxic Hellstew, it is poisonous. In fact, Google should just name its next developer version "Poison" because that is exactly how it should now be classified.
Plans for the World's Biggest-Ever Solar Power Project Are Underway.
Here's What You Need to Know


Rio Exits Coal Business With $4 Billion of Deals in a Week.
Edited 3/28

Won. First game.

Tuesday March 27, 2018 19:07

ctards? c not operating system. Known buggy rm technology. Used for Windows.

Not working? We'll try to fix. For time and materials. :)

Little money in Forth. Doesn't break.

Trying OpenOffice 2018 to process DATAQ DI-145 usb ad/converter.xls solar data files. Albert Gore willing, of course.

Account examination: Possible hacking?

Comcast/Xfinity Albuquerque conversations 1, 2.

xcel rate proposal draws opposition abq j 3/27A10.
DOSBox not working properly 3/26 evening.

Fix solution. Restart Windows.

Lenovo Flex 5 1750 Win 10 fall creators update 1709:16299.309 restart broken.

Lenovo boot repair required to restart video.

Oracle vs Google: Android P is for Poisoned Platform.
hp stream 13 win 10/1607 Microsoft demand for restart crashes.

VirtualBox cmd.exe FORTH virtual file construction.

Goal: constuct file banks.scr contaiing 1024 HEX 20s.

Eight spaces entered before ctrl Z.

A DEBUG Tutorial.

Won. 7 trys.

Lenovo N500 Vista running xp temp high?

Monday March 26, 2018 13:14

Tuesday March 27, 2018 09:10

Hello Khalid,

Oracle VM VirtualBox xp installed in about 2 hours 3/27/18 tnx to your video.

Unable to import files

Tried 14/15.

Finally found
6.4. Installing the VirtualBox Guest Additions.

only to discover VirtualBoxGuestAdditions missing in 5.2.8.

Any idea how these files can be imported?


1 Wish to see if interactive virtual machine RTOS will run under VirtualBox.

It does under DOSBox on Windows 10 creators fall update 1709:16299.309 on 7 gen kaby lake processor.

2 Try to get usbser.sys working with DATAQ DI-145 USB a/d converter.

All files posted at
but get message

Tnx in advance.


xp cmd! :)

Interactive RTOSs/OSs require command interpreter[s].
"Microsoft Windows command line
(shells) such as COMMAND.COM ,
cmd.exe , 4DOS, 4NT and Windows PowerShell.

[Wrote FORTH51 command line interpreters ENCLOSE and -FIND in 8051
. And the syntax checking 8051 assembler too.]
6.4. Installing the VirtualBox Guest Additions.

VBoxWindowsAdditions.exe 5.2.8.

Index of /virtualbox/5.2.
Hacker haters.


Sunday March 25, 2018 13:22

SYSTEM.SCR FORTH86 batch file.
Introduction to the Windows Command Prompt.

c community? 3/26

Purdue computing center office mate and math stat classmate.
jerone n deverman.

ibm 407 plugboard programming. Jerry expert.
6.4. Installing the VirtualBox Guest Additions.

VBoxWindowsAdditions.exe 5.2.8.

Index of /virtualbox/5.2.

Gen 8/pen lecture. BestBuy, Rio Rancho NM, 3/24.
No DOSBox z: mount e e:/vdisk2 required to run on xp laptop.

cmd.exe needs fix so it works like


HaX.R00T instigator?

Comcast account pw theft may have resulted from Mozilla Thunderbird hack, learned 3/24 from Office Depot $129.94 hp stream win 10/1607 notebook.

Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscale solar required "fossil fueled" backup PNM conclues.
Australia’s Energy Regulator Warns More Renewables Means More Blackouts.
First attempt win.

06:45. Daylight saving not automatically
updated on xp. Is on 10.

Saturday March 24, 2018 22:09

Running 16 bit real mode Lenovo N500 Vista
programmed in C, C++ and assembly
IBM original install xp pro. Now xp home from ssd.

FORTH86 Lexar flash drive.

Type 'p'.

Lenovo N500 Vista. Not HP.


Original fig Forth 86 programmers linked to MS DOS file system.
tim paterson seattle computer today.
Microsoft Bought Their First Operating System MSDOS From Tim Patterson.

When IBM came to Microsoft asking for a 16-bit operating system, the company had to scramble to get one together. Rather than writing a new one from the ground up, it turned to Seattle Computer Products and its existing 86-DOS (aka QDOS), and bought a non-exclusive license for $25,000. The next Spring, in May 1981, it hired away the program's author, programmer Tim Paterson.
My recent experience and interest has been in embedded designs, especially on bare metal.

Tim Paterson
Making embedded systems do more and go faster. [But more reliable? Paterson vm technology adopter?]
And then, on July 27, it paid another $50,000 for all rights. A month later, it was shipping on IBM personal computers, and eventually turned Bill Gates and Paul Allen into two of the world's richest men.

Just don't blame Paterson for Windows, okay?

One reason fig Forth adopted.

usbser.sys preparation

SunJava ring 3 interface to ring 0 usbser.sys?
for SEL Hoover Dam Interactive Seminar. SEL apparently uses Ethernet interface to its electric utility products.

Oracle VirtualBox 2.5 day investigation concluded.

DOS cmd.exe implementation problems DOSBox somewhat successfully defeated.
WINDOWS/system32 is cmd.exe running on 10 16299.309 as administor.

Intel® Pentium® Processor T3400.
Intel® 64 ‡ Yes
Instruction Set 64-bit
DOSBox one directory rescue ... and sends MS a 4QU? :)!

c: only supported ... and unable to copy vdisk2 contents into c: folder. :(

But my inability may be overcome by others?
Absolute brilliant solution: Someone else did it.

Oracle VM and even Microsoft caused problems with cmd.exe which DOSBox partially defeated by permitting 16 bit apps to run its cmd.exe window.

Win 7 pro cmd.exe allowed 16 bit apps to run. But not win 7.

xp allows cmd.exe 16 bit app execution in native mode. :)
Wind turbine electronics/software in focus here.

What OSs or RTOSs? If any. :(
The Problems with Wind Farms are Real.

Smashing Big Wind Starts & Ends With Data & Detail.

Won on second try.

Gambler's ruin defeated? Sort of. Unconstrained by bets.

No money, no play.

Attempt to destroy interactive virtual machine technology RTOS recognized?

fig Forth hijacker, imo.

Saturday March 24, 2018 07:53

Oracle VirtualBox 2.5 day investigation concluded.

DOS cmd.exe implementation problems DOSBox somewhat successfully defeated.
Wind turbine electronics/software in focus here.

What OSs or RTOSs? If any. :(
The Problems with Wind Farms are Real.

Smashing Big Wind Starts & Ends With Data & Detail.

Won on second try.

Gambler's ruin defeated? Sort of. Unconstrained by bets.

No money, no play.

Attempt to destroy interactive virtual machine technology RTOS recognized?

Friday March 23, 2018 20:59

Bluetooth disappeared.

Real world of wind turbine/gridscale solar electronics/software.

And the liberal arts 'educated' incompetents.

Step requirede changing to f:\vidisk2. Then type "p",

Couldn't do.

Hello Khalid,


Thursday March 22, 2018 18:39


How to Enable 16-bit Application Support in Windows 10.

Forth first OS to run on DOS? And it is virtual machine technology.

Microsoft adopted real machnine c/assembler technolgy for Windows. Buggy technology! No ?. Written in ctardese. :(

xp not object. But xp runs 15 bit DOS.

Interactive virtual machine software technology RTOS P.COM runs on top of 16 bit DOS.

Khalid's video essential for VirtualBox installation, imo.

Virtual Machine software techology pushed at Sun.

oracle sun microsystems.


xcel wind plant ok to go abq journal. abq j 3/22/18

Clicked, yes. Porn appeared on twitter. Video.

Bluetooth reappeared on Flex 5. Micrsoft sculptcomport bt mouse working again.

Wednesday March 21, 2018 13:32

Oracle VirtualBox xp installation.

Flex 5 recovered ... on about the 5th try.

Windows10 creator fall update 1709: 16299.309 crash and recovery video. :)
Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: Act fast to delay this big upgrade.
309 restart causes

to appear. Lenovo boot

Power cycling Flex 5 does not fix problem. Flex 5 complete inoperative.

Posting from broadwell.

Windows 10 1709:16299.309 restart appears broken on Lenovo Flex 5.

Lenovo boot invoked on startup.

No desktop response this morning.

Posting from Lenovo N500 vista running xp.

Wind turbine environment restoration base removal [decommissioning] expnsive?
US Wind Power Outfit Busted for ‘Mining’ Native American Land in Oklahoma.

In a monumental win for the Osage, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeal granted their appeal, finding that constructing turbine bases (see above) amounts to mining activity, and a breach of the Osage’s long-held mineral rights.

Tuesday March 20, 2018 19:51

Phython Forth extension? Similar to SunJava? VM technology?
Python will fall under byte code interpreted. . py source code is first compiled to byte code as .pyc. This byte code can be interpreted (official CPython), or JIT compiled (PyPy). Python source code (.py) can be compiled to different byte code also like IronPython (.Net) or Jython (JVM).

DOSBOX connectivity.

DOSBox using a serialport.


Oracle VirtualBox running 'real' MSDos 6.2 quite happily.

Wind turbines, gridscale solar, c similarities? None work well?

El Cabo/Avangrid/Iberdrola/Gamesa wind farm field trip.
High Lonesome wind farm, Willard New Mexico.

Clipper wind turbines.


El Cabo.

Read name goal. Failed.

El Cabo office. Pink portable toilet? Two blues.

Video 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

Monday March 19, 2018 21:05

Forth took over DOS in the early '80s.

Microsoft/ctards try to destroy forth ever since?.

I hate forth. :)
Gannsle group.
Update from .248.

3114 MHz! :)

309 update initially crashed win 10..

10 did not start.

Lenovo boots autostarted and apparently fixed.

hardware diagnoistic showed no problems. But no bt.

Video. Changed from potplayer. Starts playing before video downloaded, then hangs.

309 appears to forced Microsoft player on Chrome. Currently unable to set chrome to use PotPlayer. Chome placed video at bottom left of chrome screen. Indicated when video downloaded.

Mouse scroll line raised. Reset to 10, then 2.

Evtyushkin intel.
New Mexico wind and solar subsidies?
Australia’s Endless Renewable Energy Subsidies Worth $4bn a Year Run Until 2031.


Sunday March 18, 2018 20:32

Back on 1570. Tnx to Lenovo softare on restart. Usb mouse failed.

Microsoft configuration management out of control?
Windows lifecycle fact sheet.

Posted from Office Depot hp stream 13 running 10/1607.
Forced update on Flex 5 1570 failed. Black screen with arrow.

Posting from ideapad 100 151BD running at 2494/2694 MHz. Now totally function tnx to Max fix.



RTOS questioins.
2 Virtual or real machine technology?
3 Written in what language in addition to assembler?
4 Target produced from test source?
5 Target host compiler and interpreter?
6 Target host incremental assembler and compiler?
7 Size?
8 Target host full scree editor?
9 Commect to Windows file system?
10 Open source?
11 Cost?

Forth included in wikipedia RTOS description.


Editor help F! in SYSTEM.SCR interpreted execution. No need for speed.

WordStar key sequences.
Want Rocketing Power Prices & Grid Chaos? Wind Power’s Your Answer.

El Cabo wind farm field trip 3/17.

Norton antivirus full system scan on Flex 5 started at departure.

High temperature damages electronics.

Wind turbine electronics thermal management?

Solving Renewable Energy’s Biggest Problem.

Abq j decrease in ad revenue?

Saturday March 17, 2018 08:04

Forth unmatched for interactive, batch, high level, or assembler/machine languge interface to hardware.

DATAQ.SCR codde is attempt to access DATAQ DI-145 harware though DOSBox serial/usb interface.

DOSBox experts may find FORTH86 useful for testing their port/telnet intfaces?
HDMI/usb 3.0, 3.1 interace and pen Best Buy lectures.

Open box $799.99. Returned? Too slow?

Office Depot hp stream 13 win 10/1607 end of support 4/10/18?

Fishing buddy working on Patty project ... while poster is on computer field trips.

Friday March 16, 2018 20:4
Address 6565 Americas Pkwy NE
Suite 770 Two Park Square
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Voice 505-768-7008

Is the forth with us? :) We think so.

Obi-Wan Kenobi used the phrase throughout his life. ... He later told Luke Skywalker,
"The Force will be with you.
Mood music. Denmark wind generation of electricity?
Cell phone started playing HaX.R00T rap sua sponte.
Cell phone hacked? 3/16 audio.

Cyberattacks Put Russian Fingers on the Switch at Power Plants, U.S. Says.
Google News post.

gen 8 pen lecture 3/15. Best Buy. Rio Rancho.

Slow clock? 3114 MHz on our two kaby lakes.

248 running on Flex5 and 320 7 gen kaby lakes. :) 214 running on ideapad 100. :(?

Trouble downloading files P.COM, SYSTEM.SCR, and FXPC.SCR compels posting.

Files on Lexar F:.

Type p Enter to see.

Hex listing of P.COM in Appendix 2, Embedded Controller FORTH for the 8051 family, 1990.
Anticipated future problem. :)

Thursday March 15, 2018 07:52

Comcast account hacker: Shaniqua Gaymen.

Gay hackers rap posted on Comcast web page.

Audios:1[problem] 2 [change password].

Fatima used LG L22C Android Lollipop cell phone to change pw with Xfinity app.

Comast password changed on 7 laptops ... so far.

Thunderbird password change software acts differently on some laptops.

Emails prior to 8 february deleted from comcast server. And all laptops ... except one.

Australia’s Renewable Energy Debacle Signals Warning to Energy Rich Americans.

On average, Americans pay retail power prices around 1/3 of what South Australians suffer. And they get to enjoy electricity, whatever the weather.

Thursday March 15, 2018 16:18
Win 10/1709 file expoler problems noticed on Flex 5. Hack attack suspected. Bluetooth quit.___

Offer extended to fix DOSBox DATAQ DI-145 communication problem 3/14/18. $60.

More interactive RTOS investigation required. Thinking.

Problem area?


OpenOffice FORTH86 RTOS communication.


Chrome open convention.



DOSBox file access limitations.


Erratic, intermittent low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscale solar PNM July 27, 2016 data.
Texans Forced to Shell Out $Billions More in Wind Power Subsidies.

crez wind texas.

Xcel Energy said in June it plans to build a 240-mile, $400 million line to take wind power from Texas west into New Mexico. Texas wind will soon be lighting homes across the Southwest.

Windows 10 verbose commands undesirable for reason length of time and typing accuracy.

Q4 hassle to type to read port 3F8 with iteractive RTOS FORTH86.

Changed to Q.

QQ defined so that routine defined after can be deleted.

c++ destructor [dtor] concept similar. Ring 0 windows device drivers code deleted after peripheral disconnected.

Q3 did not work for reason it is compiled and reads port to soon after value writtten.

Not writing/reading from ID-145 discovered 3/13. Additional DOSbox study and interactive experimentation required.

RTOS FORTH86 communicates with other windos app via file system. :)

OpenOffice close required to access file. Interactive accomplishment.

c is not an RTOS.

Interactive RTOS FORTH86 communicates with OpenOffice. Win 10 creators fall update [1709] 7 gen kaby lake!

OpenOffice sees.

What's problem?

c industry brainwash students and customers?

Forth is terrible.
App must be recoded in c.
Visual Basic 5.0 Virtual Machine technology.

VB 6.0 c tecnology.

Tuesday March 13, 2018 22:13

Solar and wind charged?
Volkswagen AG secured 20 billion euros ($25 billion) in battery supplies to underpin an aggressive push into electric cars in the coming years, ramping up pressure on Tesla Inc. as it struggles with production issues for the mainstream Model 3.

Not writing to di-145 tests reveal.
DOSBox v0.74 Manual.
Learned from Comcast office on Cutler that we have a granddaughter named 'chataqua' who has access to our Comcast. account.

LifeLock issue.
Win 10/1709 multitasks DOSbox ... and interactive RTOS FORTH86.

Updates contain malware? Flex 5 win 10, 7 gen kaby lake.

No bluetooth. :(

Monday March 12, 2018 20:30

Next book?


Ever had so much fun?

c is not operating system. Not interactive. Not likely to compile on target. Or assemble.

Forth86 RTOS does under win 10 creator fall update. :)

c known buggy sotware technology ... as evidenced by windows.

SunJava byte code forth technololgy under attack by Dalvik Android too.

Who will win? No idea. But fun to watch.

IOT and AI to succumb to buggy c technology?

As well as wind turbine and gridscale solar systems? :)

Forth RTOS good idea to get software/hadware working.

And to debug hardware!

Misapplication can lead to financial disaster, imo.

Translatiion from forth to c good idea?

Perhaps? If unreliabily [crashes] can be endured. :(

Applying forth to right app here? Albert Gore willing, of course.

Responses to this set of commands include echoing the command, followed by a space (0x20), followed by the response, and ending with a carriage return (0x0d). For example, the command "info 1" generates the following response: info 1 1450(0x0D)

L overran 145.

ERROR printed when L8 entered.

albuquerque journal power outage.

Bluetooth disappeared from Lenovo Flex5 win 10/1709 3/12/18/.

Microsoft sculpt comfort bt mouse stopped working.

Bluetooth Not Working - Can't Find In Device Manager - Windows 10.

Ideapad win 10/1709

Interactive RTOS Forth86 running on ideapad 10/1709.

Trying to troubleshoot bluetooth problem/

Windos 10 IS interactive multitasking operating system. RTOS?

c is not operating system. RTOS. Or even interactive.


How Germany’s Renewable Energy Obsession Led to
Rocketing Power Prices & Daily Blackouts

Sunday March 11, 2018 15:09

Ideapad 100-151BD updated sua sponte.

2494 & 2694 MHz!

Openoffice 2018 install continues to crash. Why? Not because of updates.

$349.93 3/20/17 at Office Depot.

Several days required to remove Darrin Deyoung software.

Not seriously used because of update error. Max fix worked

Our projects require testing on multiple win 10 ... and xp machines.
Who is responsible for cyber attacks?

Liberal arts 'educated' msm energy article paragraph?

msm writers try to sell same article multiple times.

New rebellion against wind energy stalls or stops projects.

Flex 5 kaby lake win 10/1709 appears to have been hit by hack attack 3/10 afternoon.

Power spiked measured by killawatt.

Shut down with power button.

Lenovo recovery software repaired on startup.



Quick fix. Forth subroutines debugged interactively.

c, wind turbine, and gridscale solar similar? None work well. :)

Forth is a software machine consisting of parts.

c tries to be a literary work. And is not an RTOS. :(

7 8 gen processors may not update win 7 8?.

Sunday abq j. 3/11/18. No Best Buy or Office Depot ad supplements.

Newspapers with their liberal arts 'educated' writers obsolete?
Want to Wreck Your Economy? Just Add Heavily Subsidised &
Chaotically [erratic?] Intermittent Wind Power.

Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine and gridscale solar PNM July 27, 2016 5 .xls spreadsheet data.

Wind Turbines & Solar Panels make 0.8% of World Energy.

Saturday March 10, 2018 15:25


Forth is an interactive RTOS hosting it own compilete and assembler
running on the target processor.

Fort86 is RTOS running on win 10/1709 [creators fall update] Lenovo Flex 9 7th gen laptop here.


Jack Ganssle wrote I hate forth. Lots of good points, imo.

The Ganssle group.

Interactive DI-145 test code.

WRONG IMAGE BELOW. Comments updated. Can't fix ... yet.

Should see.


Forth is both compiled and interpreted.

Lenovo  Ideapad 100 win 10/1709 5th gen i5-5200U broadwell 10 update issues.

Restart didn't solve update problem.

Configuration Management problem?

Manaual update attempts.

Two of three not applicable.

Sucess on about 3rd attempt.


DATAQ DI-145 Windows 10/1709-1629.9248 7th gen core i5-7200U kaby lake
forth86 openoffice 2018 .xls solar project.


forth inc. Still in business? ... despite c detractors.

Friday March 9, 2018 11:37

c programmeers generally hate forth. And insist that c replace forth.

state ag sues rooftop solar provider for fraud.

carbon fee can make the difference.

Broadwell Ideapad 100-151BDfully functional tnx to Max fix.

Fast + cool.

Energy scam?

Thursday March 8, 2018 13:08

Interactive reading from the 145. ERROR? :(

No delay between writing characters looks to cause buffer overrun.
OpenOffice 2018 win 10/1809-299.214 broadwell install crash.

Facebook picks Georgia for its next data center.

Wednesday March 7, 2018 20:59


Was posted! :)

Poster [author? ... who is trying to remember forth after about 20 years.] appears to interactively communicate with the 145.

145 talking, not listening?

Do we know what we are doing? No. Investigating with forth. And rely on others' sofwate. Millions of lines of code involved!

With win 10/1709 running on 7 gen kaby lake.

C industry, along with NSA, committed to destroying forth and SunJava, imo.

And it apparentlty does not like what was sent. :(

0D 0A is carrige return, line feed. Then ERROR sent!

About only DATAQ .exe that worked ... under win 10/1709 on 7 gen kaby lake, of course..

Trump's DOE. Not liberal arts 'educated' Obama's DOE.
Department of Energy projections to 2050 suggest that fossil fuels, not renewables, are the energy sources of America’s future.

The zealots that pump up the future for wind and solar power are programed to ignore the present and bound to ignore the past.

For a few centuries in human history, windmills were the only game in town.

Then, in the 18th Century, the captains of British scientific and engineering endeavour harnessed thermal power, the Industrial Revolution followed, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Good Solar? ;)

Can solar panel buildeY-8rs manufacture panels with electricity produced from them? Or must they rely on the grid? -EROEI?

Solar battery charging works well ... for small batteries, of course. Like cell phones and Haarbor Freight 35 Ah AG. But maybe not Teslas?

Tuesday March 6, 2018 20:31



Software technology used in submersible?
The wreck of an American aircraft carrier sunk during World War II and which President Donald Trump paid tribute to last year
has been discovered in deep ocean off Australia’s coast.

DOSBOX installed on $129.94 Office Depot he stream 13 3/6/18.

batch/interactive video.
Serial Programming/8250 UART Programming.
Win 10 update software problems.

Maybe for 5th gen i5-5200U broadwell. But not for 7th gen i5-7200U kaby lake.

Updated from .170 to .214 sua sponte. Laptop always running.

2694MHz? Fast! Sluggish in 'balanced' power mode.

Windows 10 DATAQ DI-145/DOSBOX/Forth86 project.

DATAQ software moved from $209 Amazon hp stream 13 celeron N3050
win 10/1511 to DVD and usb flash for installation on Lenovo Flex 5 i5-7200U
7 gen kaby lake.

usb 3.0 external optical disk used.

"Send to" win 10 DVD burning software is buggy. But finally worked.

onday March 5, 2018 13:33

serial1= modem realport:com1.
Defining the DI-145 Protocol (firmware revision 1.07 and up).

Energy Central 3/5/18.
Explained: The Intermittency Issue.

Wind turbine/all solar electronics/software in focus. Real Time Operating Systems [RTOSs]

Forth is RTOS: Interactive and batch.

Runs under win 10/1709 on i5 7200U Flex 5 laptop. :)

Microsoft forum post.

Lenovo Flex 5 i5 7200U kaby lake.

Win 10 update bug?

You can download the full Energy Matters Solar Consumer Guide here: .

Wind turbine electronic thermal management?

Facebook Los Lunas data center thermal management power? Solar?

Sunday March 4, 2018 22:24

NYT msm liberal arts 'educated' try to prevent copy of article portion.
China pollution.

RM vs VM software technology? Which is more reliable?
Why Java?

Although platform independence has been hailed as Java's greatest strength, it is equally important
to note that it is easier to produce bug-free software in Java than in C or C++. Java was designed
from the ground up to produce code that is simpler to write and easier to maintain. Though they
based their language on the syntax of C, the developers of Java eliminated many of that language's "
most troublesome features. These features sometimes make C hard to understand and maintain,
and they frequently lead to undetected programming errors.

Java is not the most efficient language either. For now, embedded developers wanting to use Java
must make do with a Java VM. Unfortunately, that means slow executionsometimes less than 10%
as fast as a similar program written in C.

[90% of work done in 10% of code in most apps, experience shows. So wite 10% in assembler. If not fast enough,
resort to hardware for an about 10X speed improvement? IEEE article.]
drones for the geosciences: a new eye in the sky.
Green Ideology’s Failed Experiment.

Wrecking a power market and a power grid is a piece of cake: just add massively subsidised, unreliable and intermittent wind and solar. [erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor PNM July 27, 2016 5 spreadsheet data.

Ontario, Denmark and Germany provide pertinent examples.

c/c++/MASM endured.
And make money. :)

Forth was road to poverty. :(

But realization of forth's applicability for interactive hardware hardware properties in our usb world may change this?

FORTH86 generates itself from text using the Nautilus 2 metacompiler.

Nautilus 2 metacompiler processes <BUILDS >DOES. Not CREATE >DOES.

Forth 'extensions' beyond the original 8080 forth are attempt to destroy forth, imo.

Jerry Boutelle opined no advantages to later forths over fig forth.

That's why we abandoned forth83 to revereted to fig forth.

No sabotaged forths. 8080/FORTH86 properly documented.

Command interpreters? Guess. Try ... and see what happens.

Saturday March 3, 2018 23:423

NSA trys to destroy forth and SunJava. [1, 2 , 3] ?

If forth does not match 8080 Mitch Derick Linda Baker Forth
, then it is NSA sabotage to try destoy forth?!

Elimiation of state smart words, skip-scan, create >does NSA sabotage? Jaffe paid by NSA?

Forth ended where it started, imo. Relocatability problem. SunJava byte code extension solved?

mitch bradley forth.

SunJava/forth VM technology or Microsoft c/c++/assember RM technology?

Lenovo Flex 5 Kaby Lake i5-7200U 3114 MHz.

dataq di-145 manual.
COM3: I/O port 0x3E8, IRQ 4.

Hardware debug can be done interactively or in batch. High level or assembler. Incremental compliation and assembly on targe processor.

Reading/writing from com1 =3F8 hex? Connected usb to DATAQ DI-145?

SunJava byte code forth extension.

SunJava/forth solar/battery projected contemplated
Posted fom Office Depot hp Stream $129.94 win 10 10/1607 Celeron N3050 running at 216O MHz

Friday March 2, 2018 14:45

Issue 19, March 2018.

usb cdc definition.


Comcast fast response.


Thursday March 1, 2018 12:42


LifeLock issues. [1, 2 , 3]



fcc.htm Hacked. zero length. 1/23/18.



5 Phishing attacks.
When wind power output collapses, on a total and totally unpredictable basis,

Too much of a good thing: Growth in wind power makes life difficult for grid managers.

Posted 2/22/18?

Land commissioner seeks $25M from Air Force over wind farm reduction. abq j 3/1/18 front page.



Wednesday February 28, 2018 21:57

$350+225+50 = $625 = decommissioning obsolete hardware.
Intel's Spectre fix for Broadwell and Haswell chips has finally landed.

Within days of Intel releasing its hardware fixes for the branch target injection flaw, Intel confirmed customer reports that it was causing higher reboots on Broadwell and Haswell processors.
Haswell processor work.

Reboot problem. :(


Ron Davis Reporter 505-348-8306
nm can't let this renewable energy chance blow away. abq j 2/28/18 A12.

Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor New Mexico Wind Energy Center wind turbine ouput similar to to south Australia's?

General Electric's Bearish Reality.

PNM IRP 2017 foil. Solar output and top of Pat )"Connell's head.

100% renewables? :)

2017 IRP engineers made fools of the previoous anti-coal/wind & solar IRP hijackers?

Optimize Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, and Steam Usage to Conserve Resources.

I have been looking at your application over the past few weeks, but due to the
data acquisition and end goal of this project - we do not have these types of products
pnm reports next earning plunge. abq j 2/28/18 A10.

But a sharp, 7.2 percent drop in industrial load during the quarter helped drag earnings down even more, something the utility said was driven by declining usage at Intel.

“Intel continues to show decline on a year-over-year basis,” PNM Chief Financial Officer Chuck Eldred said in a recent conference call with investors.

Intel said last month that it will lay off about 11 percent of its global workforce and close or consolidate some operations, spurring broad speculation about layoffs in New Mexico, where its chipmaking plant currently employs about 1,900 people. Speculation is swirling over the plant’s future, because the Rio Rancho facility continues to produce older computer chips compared with other Intel factories. The local plant has not received any significant new investment since 2009.

Okla. oil firm quits northwest NM to focus on Permian. abq j 2/28/18 A10.

Tuesday February 27, 2018 13:10


BP Outlook: How Fast Will Renewable Energy Grow?.


wpx energy leaves san juan basin.

Monday February 26, 2018 20:58


Erratic, intermittent?
On the afternoon of May 19, in a single chaotic hour, more than a thousand wind turbines in the Columbia River Gorge went from spinning lazily in the breeze to full throttle as a storm rolled east out of Hood River.

Suddenly, almost two nuclear plants worth of extra power was sizzling down the lines -- the largest hourly spike in wind power the Northwest has ever experienced.On the afternoon of May 19, in a single chaotic hour, more than a thousand wind turbines in the Columbia River Gorge went from spinning lazily in the breeze to full throttle as a storm rolled east out of Hood River.

spike in wind power the Northwest has ever experienced.
Liberal arts 'educated'. Interacted with Ms Hust before.
We're going to ignore it.

Pretend it doesn't exist.

And it will go away?


Monday February 26, 2018 14:23
Fix Windows 10 Stuck on the Restart Screen
Press Windows + X and then C to open Command Prompt (Admin).
Type net stop wuauserv . Press Enter . ...
Now type cd %systemroot% .
Press Enter . ...
Type ren SoftwareDistribution SD.old .
Press Enter . ...
Lastly, type net start wuauserv . Press Enter .



Energy A Top Target Of Cyber Attacks.

He holds a journalism degree,
with a minor in business, from the University of Oklahoma
with additional, graduate-level studies at the University of Memphis.


Sunday February 25, 2018 21:32

General Electric to restate two years of earnings.

Saturday February 24, 2018 08:12

Electric usage/production reporting malware?
scada definition.

SCADA systems may have security vulnerabilities.


Thunderbird or comcast server hacked? Inbox message discarded ... hundreds.


Friday February 23, 2018 20:49 email hack attack?

DVD burning learning using Amazon hp Stream 13 10/1511 with usb 3.0 optical drive.



Excess powr disposal fee: Texas, Indiana.
contrary to the purported environmental purpose of their Energiewende – CO2 emissions are rising, not falling as promised and predicted.

In her speech Weeser points out that despite the rapidly growing green energy capacity being installed, the effort to reduce CO2 has failed, and what’s left is an unpredictable power grid that often produces energy when it is not needed (waste energy) and thus costing Germans hundreds of millions annually.

“Policymakers should set up the framework conditions, but please leave the engineering to engineers.”
Back in 2010, the city of Boulder, Colorado, decided to break up with its corporate electricity provider and generate its own power. Going it alone, the city figured, would give the liberal redoubt a better shot at hitting its carbon-cutting targets. The plan was to have Boulder running on Boulder power by 2017. It was ambitious, idealistic, and, according to the city’s former mayor, Will Toor, probably a mistake.

Prior to 2017 liberal arts 'educated' hijacked PNM IRPs, imo.
renewable energy requested by the Greens is welcome because it exposes their “incapability to comprehend the factual and physical interrelationships” of the subject.
Electric energy storage appears new business ploy of liberal arts 'educatd' mountebanks?
Colorado power provider seeks new solar supply — with battery backup.

My award-winning coverage includes articles about the impact of oil and gas drilling in the state; the rise of renewable energy, from solar arrays to wind farms, and the companies embracing sustainable business practices.


heinrich unveils website featuring solar toolkit. abq j 2/23/18 A14

"Many of our communities are leading the nation in solar deployment because
they are setting and achieving attainable goals: from realizing 25 percent of
energy consumption coming from solar by 2025 to going carbon neutral,"
Heinrich wrote in a letter as he unveiled his plan. "Best of all, the solar industry
now employs almost 2,500 New Mexicans and added 1,000 jobs in 2016 alone."

Ron Davis Reporter 505-348-8306

Thursday February 22, 2018 20:12

Amazon and OD hp stream 13 Celeron N3050 run at 2160 MHz. Not slow. 1600 MHz somewhat slow. :(.

OD $129.94 stream increase ram sua sponte over night. :(

Posted from OD stream.
Office 365 Revo uninstalled from Amazon $209 hp stream 13.

Stream 13 only has 2 GB advertised user memory.

ccleaner installed, run. :)

Williams Windmill owner explains who makes wind turbine project money.
Wanzek constructed El Cabo wind farm about 6 miles west of Encino, New Mexico.

Xcel Energy selects local construction companies for Upper Midwest wind expansion.

Fargo, North Dakota-based Wanzek Construction will build the Foxtail Wind Farm in North Dakota and the Freeborn Wind Energy project located primarily in Iowa with some turbines in southern Minnesota. xcel energy wind farm Over the next four years, Xcel Energy is pursuing 1.85 GW of wind energy in the region – which the company expects will power nearly one million homes.

More than 700 Upper Midwest construction jobs are expected to be created over the next three years, in addition to hundreds more through suppliers and other support.

Xcel Energy committed to renewable resources.

The company is working on owning its own wind farms in Hale County and Roosevelt County in New Mexico.

Mortenson has been awarded two projects for Xcel Energy's major wind energy expansion in the Upper Midwest.

Electricity supplier Xcel Energy has announced plans to increase the wind power supply at its Texas-New Mexico
Service area, an undertaking that could result in 40% of the region’s electricity supply being powered by the
renewable energy source.

He also said Xcel in 2016 signed a supply agreement with Vestas to supply turbines
capable of generating up to 2,500 megawatts worth of [erratic, intermitent, low capacity factor]
wind generation.

Wednesday February 21, 2018 19:52
coffee lake.

Office Depot $129.94 hp stream 13.




Examiner throws cold water on Xcel wind plan. abq j 2/21/18.


Xcel Energy Planned Wind Projects 2017-2021.

Intel's new Spectre fix: Skylake, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake chips get stable microcode.

reboots were only occurring on Broadwell and Haswell processors but later admitted
its patch was also causing stability issues on Skylake and Kaby Lake chips.

HP, and Lenovo paused their respective BIOS updates while Intel worked on stable fixes.
Microsoft also released an out-of-band patch to disable Intel's fix on systems it had
been installed on.
Ideapad 100-151BD broadwell will probably run xp. 2494-2694 MHz! Overclocked.

US electrilc grid runs xp, we were told on IRP 2017 field trip.

Tuesday February 20, 2018 20:32

Ms Hurst :) ... words escape me. Hero? Along with PNM IRP 2017 staff.
Examiner throws cold water on Xcel wind plan.


Wind turbine electronics/software in focus. And their RTOSs.

Maybe for broadwell. Not for Flex 5 and 320 kaby lake pcs.

Microsoft update bug?

And the way power is measured for the 5 PNM .xls wind/solar spreadsheets. :)
Erratic, intetmittent, low capacity factor wind resting on obsolete electronics in need of 'repowering' ... like New Mexico Wind Energy Center 136 GE/Enron turbiness?
Wind Industry Claims that ‘Coal is Dead’- Nothing But Lies, Myth & Propaganda.

When wind power output collapses in minutes, without warning [erratic]

[Liberal arts 'educated' incompetent?] Politicians have stacked deck against cheap coal

What is U.S. electricity generation by energy source?

cost of electricity producion by fuel.

Monday February 19, 2018 20:02

How much elecrcity to operate continuous miners?
Modern Marvels S09E13 Coal Mines.
Wind turbines loaded with electronics/software. Maintenance and enhancement issues ... like for Windows.

Lenoovo ideadpad 100 i5 5200U Boadwell win 10/1709 update problem.

Updated from win 10/1709/16299.64 to 192! :)

Tnx to suggested fix implemented.

Good solar?



What are the meanings of Intel Processor suffixes?

Wind Power Obsession Leaves New Yorkers with Rocketing Power Bills.

South Australia, Denmark and Germany suffer the highest power prices
in the world (in that order); funnily enough, all of them have built
enormous wind power generation capacity, subsidised by power consumers
and/or taxpayers to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars

Sunday February 18, 2018 14:55

Cost of Renewables Destroying Jobs & Australia’s Economic Prosperity.
Saturday February 17, 19:49

Whoops 2016.

Liberal arts 'educated" phish ploy.
Friday February 16, 2018 21:21

ECN posted

Error bits. Embedded contoller problem/solution?
Each software module performs simple task.
And avoids performing any adverse unintended tasks.
0 status returned indicates no problems.
Each bit set from left to right indicates problem detected.
Meltdown-Spectre flaws: We've found new attack variants, say researchers.

NEE funded by coal industry? :)

Liberal arts 'educated'?

Wind and solar scammers penetrated both PNM and PNM resources' shareholders?

abq j Thursday 2/15/18.

PNM engineers expose erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind/solar which requires "fossil fueled" backup on
July 27, 2016 with 5 .xls spreasheets

NEW MEXICO UTILITY Sahre Holders Alliance.

Home Depot good solar :).

China Flooded U.S. With Solar Panels Before Trump's Tariffs.

Thursday February 15, 2018 13:14

Lenovo ideapad 320-17KB price decrease adjustment.

Scanned with epson 1250 perfection bought at OD using smart panel which works on xp.

.248 same as Flex 5.
Back to 3114 MHz ... from worse than celeron low speed performance.

One or both of 2/14/18 two Microsoft KB updates changed the power settings, them relocated how the plans are changed.


Next crisis?
Wednesday February 14, 2018 22:04

Catastrophe appears hit Windows 10/1709 creators fall update?

Destroyed Lenovo Flex 5 kaby lake i5-7200U laptop.

Meltdown, Spectre?

Posting from Lenovo N500 Vista running xp.

PNM attack NEE for role in killing Senate bill.

Liberal arts 'educated' media promotes wind and solar despite data showing that both are likely scam/fraud.

Ariz. electric utility joins solar field work.

Clean energy to power the grid.

Wednesday February 14, 2018 13:38


Lifelock. Scam or not?


Windows 10 reinstalled by Office Depot associate Aaron conversation.

USB type C to A adapter hold Logitech keyboard/mouse dongle.

Haswell keyboard/mouse reused on ideapad 320-17KB.

3.1 waste? >:)

White/green lexar contains FORTH86 which works properly. SYSTEM.SCR found. :)

Initial transfer was from kaby lake Flex 5 to 320 via Phoenix. File corrupted. :(

Microsoft malware attempting to install 10/1709 [fall creators update] on Office Depot under waranty hp stream 13

8 GB?

hp stream 13 forum.

embedded world 2018, 27 February - 1 March 2018 // Nuremberg, Germany.

Seeed Studio DSO nano.

Look at LCD screen settlable solar panel charge controller outputs.