Liberal arts 'educated' msm writers lose?

Where do journalists come from?

They are manufactured in America's universities in a liberal arts curriculum.
Mark Mathis

That awful power, the public opinion of a nation, is created in America by a
horde of ignorant, self-complacent simpletons who failed at ditching and
shoemaking and fetched up in journalism on their way to the poorhouse.
Mark Twain

First posted
Tuesday September 4, 2018 21:33
Tuesday July 23, 2019 07:09

International wind turbine scam/fraud. New Mexico focus.


Software disasters.

Windows 10, xp, 7, 98 Which for you?.

c/c++ cyber terror weapons? Aimed at commercial/industrial windows users? c911?

Embedded apps/IOT next destruction targets?

Portable app testing. 3/11/19.

how make portable app.

Intel MCS BASIC-52 port to ARM M4 project. 4/3/19. CASE ctardese. ONGOSUB BASIC-52/Forth.

Boeing 737 MAX software certification?

Monday July 22, 2019 06:40

irp2014 largely closed 7/22/19.

irp202 in focus.
Subsidy Wind Down Heralds Collapse in Wind & Solar Investment.

NextEra Energy Predicts 50% Renewable Energy In US By 2030.

A Reality Check for Solar and Wind.
Try 1.

Sunday July 21, 2019 19:55

Bluegriffon more problems than hotmetal?
battle brewing over san juan closure.

The filing also included PNM proposals on how to replace San Juan electricity with renewables, and possibly natural gas and battery storage systems, in compliance with the ETA’s mandate to create a carbon-free grid over the next 25 years.

Hotmetal image software problem.


1903 running on Flex 5.

Hotmetal fails. :(

Can't uninstall some updates to discover culprit[s]. :( !!.
Initially spotted by Windows Latest and now confirmed by Microsoft, the company states it has begun pushing Windows 10 users running the popular 1803 version to the troubled 1903 release which many have been trying to avoid.

Windows 10 1803 will no longer be supported from November 12,

[Lenovo 8 gen Flex 6 is only of 7 10 pcs running 1803.]

$130 Asus E203MAS upgraded itself to 1809 ... after windows.iso install.

Portable app need to be updated to bring E203 to almost total functionality.

Visual Studio 2017/Visual Basic dot net, Hotmetal,and Photosuit 7 required reinstall to c: drive.]

Editor-in-Chief, at IEEE Software from 1987 to 1990 and at Computer from 1993 to 1994.

image display problem.  Bluegriffon solved.

the 100 year marathon by pillsbury.

For more than forty years, the United States has played an indispensable role helping the Chinese government build a booming economy, develop its scientific ...

Poster has Chinese computer scince gradnchilren.

Mr Lam is MS computer science student.

Greens Love Wind Power – In Your Backyard – But Never In Theirs.

A Reality Check for Solar and Wind.

All told, renewables produce a small fraction of recent years’ increased production of oil and gas.
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Saturday July 20, 2019 20:22
Reverse engineering the Win10 1803-to-1903 forced upgrade — coming soon to a PC near you.
Boeing Has Friends in High Places, Thanks to Its 737 Crash Czar.

The Ten Countries With The Greatest Fossil Fuel Production.

Despite the rapid growth of renewable energy over the past decade, fossil fuels still dominate global energy consumption. According to BP’s recently-released Statistical Review of World Energy 2019, fossil fuels represented 84.7 percent of global energy consumption in 2018.

The World Can’t Let Nuclear Energy Die.
Try 1.

Friday July 19, 2019 15:16
Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18941 (20H1).
Wind turbine/solar panel electronics thermal management?

Energy Transition Act cost?
Transitioning US to 100% renewables by 2030 will cost $4.5 trillion.

public debate begins on san juan shutdown. abq j 7/19/19 A12.

prc weighing palo verde investments. abq j 7/19/19 A12.
Vestas reclaims turbine pole.

India’s Solution To A 100% Surge In Energy Demand.

Nearly 75 percent of power in India is still generated from coal. While coal-fired power generation is still growing, ambitious clean energy policies and falling solar costs could soon stop this trend.

China To Add More Coal Power In 2019 And 2020 To Meet Energy Demand.
Try 2.

Thursday July 18, 2019 15:29


Should Boeing Change the Name of the 737 Max to Put Passengers at Ease?.


Fallgren energy-sources removed. Replaced with

Fallgreen report concluded that "intermittent" wind turbine/gridscale solar generation of electricity required "fossil-fueled" backup.

Initial report included final section on battery storage.

Battery storage removed from second posting.

Fallgren report replaced with page seen 7/18/2019.

Grid Scale Battery Storage Completely Insignificant.
Try 1.

Wednesday July 17, 2019 12:40

How Much Boeing Stock Is Worth If the 737 MAX Never Flies Again.
Windows updates.


Fiscal collapse of coal towns all but certain, new research shows.

Claims For All Wind & Solar Powered Future Are Pure Fantasy.
PNM IRP 2020.

Tom ["intermittent" wind/gridscale solar "fossil-fueled" backup] Fallgren left.

Nick Phillips right.

Introduction - Fallgren.
Energy Transition Act - Fallgren.
Phillips resume - Fallgren.
Intermittent wind/gridscalesolar - Phillips.

Dean Brunton standing.

Talker. Off topic?

Western Resource Advocates.

Flex 6 10/1803/hotmetal post ... after KB4507435 uninstall.
Try 3.

Tuesday July 16, 2019 17:52

Sharp/Roku Lenovo Ideapad 320 10/1809 $130 Asus E202MAS table upgrade ... along with 128/130 sdhc.

Do you need a high refresh gaming monitor?.

Ideapad 320/hotmetal/Sharp/Roku post.
Ted reported he worked on 737 software in later 1960s.

Editor-in-Chief, at IEEE Software from 1987 to 1990 and at Computer from 1993 to 1994.]
Ryanair will stop flying to some airports because of the Boeing 737 Max crisis.

suit: Boeing, SW hid 737 max flaws. abq j 7/16/19 A8.

Southwest and Boeing had a 'reckless, greedy conspiracy' to keep the 737 Max flying despite knowing about its flaws, a new lawsuit alleges.

Claims For All Wind & Solar Powered Future Are Pure Fantasy.

proposed wind turbine project in eddy county has many dangers. abq j 7/16/19 A11.

high electricity use while not generating electricity ... abandoned derelicts of
bankrupt and defunct shell companies
$130 Asus E203MAS win 10/1809/hotmetal post.
Try 1.
Monday July 15, 2019 20:17
Critical delays faced by the final version of the F-35 software.

Changed batter in Lenovo Ideapad 100 161BD. Bot fun.
Lenovo ThinkPad laptops: Online backlash over the removal of external battery options.

Screwes not replaced.

HDD replaced with SSD.

Recovery drive used to install 10/1803 on ssd.

Microsoft updated to 1809. No permission asked.

$130 Asus E203MAS.

Hotmetal/e203 post.

Lenovo Ideapad 320.
Lenovo Flex 5 10/1903  Bluegriffon post.

10/1903 not allowing some KB uninstalls. :(

Pat O'Connell assembled engineers for IRP 2017.

Liberal 'edcuated' dominated IRPs after Mary Homan directed first combination gas/electric IRP.
Mary Homan's postacard prompted attendance.

PNM negleccted to give IPP notice causing expensice postcard mailing.

Wind & Solar Debacle Means Australia Needs Nuclear Now.
Mouseleftdown on end w caused googlgle chrome to invoke new solar page ad. Clicked off.

Sunday July 14, 2019 19:05 

E203MAS 1803 to 1809 without MIcrosoft asking for permission.

Hotmetal/Flex 6 post.

Boeing 737 MAX Grounding Could Stretch Into 2020.
Ideapad 320/hotmetal 10/1807 post using Sharp/roku 40 inch 1080p monitor. Best Beyt $159.99.

eMMC Asus E203MAS size limitation problems solve with windows.iso? Portable apps! :)

Adiios UPs.
Asus E203MAS Ideapad 320 shdc upfrade from 64GB/100 to 128/130k.

Flex 6 from 61/100 tio 128/150. Last week project.

Manhattan power is back on hours later as governor calls outage unacceptable.

Push For Nuclear Powered Future.
Try 3.

Saturday July 13, 2019 21:176

Higest tech computer ever in 60 years of computing. $130, performance [5G, 3 usb 3.0, hdmi] 2.5 GHz high performance power setting, 5-/10+W+, size, ... and windows.iso 10/1803 recovery ... as well as running hotmetal.

Bluetooth microsoft sculpt comport moust, Logitech K380 keyboard, Ative abut #12 BT102 speaker.

61 bit. 14 nm. ....

About $139 Dell 32 inch monitor. :)

Blueriffon portable icon next to hotmetal.

All apps portable except Viisual Studio 2017/vb dot net, hotmetal, PhotoSuite7, and malwarebytes.

No restore point or recovery drive. Reason: consumes eMMC precious memory.

Unwanted Programs [UPs] invaded E203MAS so much that Restore Point, Recovery Drive, and system restore
failed for lack of memory. windows.iso rescued $130 E203MAS! :) With help of iobits uninstaller/bold expolorer deleting
c: drive files.

windows.iso usb flash drive. Copied from 4 TB pasport.

:)!!! Adiios UPs.

Malwarebyte blocking Google Chrome popups?
Hotmetal/Flex 6 post after un9nstalling KB4507435.
FAA FOIA Eddie message.

Eddie phoned soon after. Not answered. Driving.

Asus support scam conversation.

Windows.iso reinbstall $103 Asus E203MAS :) ... after about day of work. :(
E203MAS hotmetal 10/1803 post!

Wow? $130. win 10/1803. -5/10+ w. windows.iso reinstall!
Task Manager closed.

Asus E203MAS win 10 recoveryt dfiiferent than Lenovo Flex5,6, and 320. :(

Win 10 operation dependent on particular laptop, we find ... with 7 10 lapops.

3 xp laptops similar performance.
KB4507435 uninstall required for hotmetal/Flex 6 post.

meeting turned employee-only pnm previously said it would be open to the public. abq j 7/12/19.
Trump Slams Wind Power.

The first coal mine to open in Wyoming is in danger of closing.

Frid6y July 12, 2019 17:27

Asus $130 major 10.1803 not creating recovery disk.

Google Chrome "Aw snap" failures increasing.

Chrome ads popping up on mouseleft clicks.
Volkswagen to invest in Ford self-driving car unit. [c/c++ software technology?]

Washington State University computer sicnce phd students.

Is that a joke or is it true that Ted nearly died. I hope he is alive, alert, and still

“kicking” as they say in Australia.

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2019 8:16:39 PM
To: John Sobolewski
Subject: Fwd: Re: Chinese phd educated grandchildren

I died but I came back after an airlift the Stanford medical where they vacuumed the clot out of my brain. Incredible.

How “bout you and John. Are you still shooting the bird? What about Sobolewski? He must be older than you by now.

I was going to write my autobiography before I kick off but the first chapter was so pornographic I had to burn the whole thing. Sigh.

All good to hear from you both.


[Editor-in-Chief, at IEEE Software from 1987 to 1990 and at Computer from 1993 to 1994.]

prc splits consideration of pnm san juan plant closure and replace plan. abq j 7/11/19. A12.

Solar power system that works at night a renewable energy game-changer.

The coal mine that ate Hambacher forest.

Xcel plays the waiting game.

UK’s Economy Wrecking Zero CO2 Emissions Target Would Cost Brits £1.5 Trillion.
Try 1.

Thursd6y July 11, 2019 15:14

Asus support. 844-20-30236. India scam site?

First update uninstalled. Second okay.

New Mexico electric rates?
xcel energy seek rate increase albuquerque journal. abq j 7/4/19 A10.
Counting the Crushing Costs of Chaotically [erratic] Intermittent Wind & Solar.
The Disasterous Economics of Trying to Power an Electrical Grid with 100% Intermittent Renewables.

Guess What’s Holding Back Wind Power in the U.S..

Brazil Power Transmission Companies Axe General Electric After Explosions.

Try 2.

Wedned6y July 10, 2019 08:41

windscamms9.htm too big.

Subject separation required.


kb4503286 prevented hotmetal execution 7/9. Uninstalled.

If hotmetal left open, Microsoft does not try to reinstall.
Flex 6/hotmetal post.
mouseleftdowndrag bug still present. Machine speed related? Faster comp;uter, worse.

core i7-8550U bad, celeron n4000 better.

Elon Musk ‘unhappy’ with Tesla’s Autopilot team, report says.

Tesla Autopilot team loses several more engineers as Elon Musk takes over.

c/c++ software technology promoted by the liberal arts 'educated' too?
Mainstream Media Quietly Drop Support For Intermittent Wind & Solar.

Coal left Appalachia devastated. Now it’s doing the same to Wyoming.

Stanford Study Shows Realigned Wind Turbines Can Boost Output Of Wind Farms.

Try 1.

Tuesd6y July 9, 2019 13:30

The One Airline Benefiting From 737 Max Groundings Reports This Week.

Open Office 2019 doesn't install under windows 10/1903 Lenovo F;ex 5/ :(

But does on Lenovo g580 win 8 laptop running xp. :)

Try 3.

Windows 10 Flex 6, Ideapad 320, and Asusu 203MAS all failed to connect to internet in Dirango CO

This Lenovo g580 gen 3 core i3-311M win 8 laptop running xp coonected!

Monday July 8, 2019 12:41

$130 Asus E203MAS/Bluegriffon portable post

Lenovo flex 5 10 1809 fix attempt allfailed 7/7/19. Can't uninstall some updates. :(

But $130 Asus E203MAS 64 GB sdhc upgraded to faster read 128 GB.

c/c++ software technology?
Elon Musk: Tesla will stop selling cars [Update: at consumer pricing] once full self-driving is solved.

Flex 6/hotmetal post. No update uninstalls. :)
“A nasty, brutal fight”: what a US-Iran war would look like.

iIdeappad 100-151BD post. Idepad 100/320 apper to have better 10 software than Flex5/6. Different programmers?

Australia’s wind and solar obsession has driven power prices through the roof and the poor and elderly to early graves.

[clicked on A in Ausgtralia. Google chrome invoked ad. :(]

Try 2.

Sunday July 7, 2019 21:32

Ideapad 320 post. :)

Lenovo Flex 5 continues have version which will not allow uninstalls. Hotmetal fais.
Windows 10 continues to be a danger zone.
Australians Get Serious About Serious Energy, Demanding Nuclear Power, Now.

Coal-fired power is responsible for around 85% of the electricity that shoots around its Eastern Grid (a grid that connects Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia).

Try 2.

Saturday July 6, 2019 10:42

FAA David Duff, phone message 7/5/19.
Corrections, expansions.

Vietnam pilot may not Air Force?
Lenovo win 10 1803, 1809, 1903 configuration management.
Lenovo devices tested for Windows 10 version 1803 (April 2018).
Compatibility List: Lenovo devices tested for Windows 10 version 1809 (October 2018).
Lenovo devices tested for Windows 10 version 1903 (May 2019).
Hotmetal/Flex 6 post.
Abundant Sun, Yet No Energy: Solar Panels Leave People High And Dry.

A transition to renewable energy sources is a likely scenario if the anti-fossil establishment manages to persuade [liberal arts 'educated'] lawmakers to implement their green energy policies.

Vijay Janaraj.

US Military Declares War on Wind Power.
Try 3.

Friday July 5, 2019 20:39
How much RAM does your Windows 10 PC need? (2019 edition).
Boeing 737 Max's Autopilot Has Problem, European Regulators Find.
hHotmetal post from Lenovo Ideapad 30 after replacing 1903 with 1809. Logitch KM320 too! :)

320 10/1903 Thunderbird reoning with busy moving circle when infex clicked.

WS_FTP(% transmitting up loading blank windscammers9.htm frequently.

Both e portable apps executing from 65GB shdc card! :(

Solar Subsidies: Can Create an ‘Industry’, But Can’t Make the Sun Shine.
Try 1.

Thursday July 4, 2019 09:20

Prosefight hit by android/password invlaidation attacks 7/3?

1903 crashing hotmetal/WS_FTP95.

Logitech MK320 mouse/keyboard no long works reliably.
Lenovo g580 gen 3 core i3-3110M xp post. xp working lots better than 10.

Flex 6 10/1803 hotmel post after 2 KB uninstalls.
Coal-Fired Power Plants Just Had Their Worst Month in Decades.

Super-Fast New Gas Turbines Make Green Energy More Viable.

Renewables surge needs to be backed by reliable power: Origin

Climate Terrorism: Mainstream Media Waging War on Common Sense & Reason.

Is President Donald Trump losing his fight to save coal? Third major company since May files for bankruptcy.

India Issues Its 8th Wind Energy Tender For 1.8 Gigawatts.


First try 1.


Wednesday July 3, 2019 20:12

32010/1903 problems? Mouse keyboard problems. Shortcuts damaged.
U.S. Government Makes Surprise Move To Secure Power Grid From Cyberattacks.
Flex 5 upgraded to 1809 ... after recovery several hour install.

320 10/1903 post.


PNM engineers' wind/gridscale solar DATA not removed ... yet.

1903 force install on Lenovo gen 8 Flex 14.

Hotmetal failed.

First upddate uninstall wored.

Subsequent uninstalls provented.

1903 rolled back to 1803.

Try 3.

Tuesday July 2, 2019 21:35

Lenovo Flex 14 post after backup to 1803 from 1903 ... and KB uninstall.

Lenovo warned which laptop run 1809/1903. Warning ignored on advice. :(

Forced upgrade of Lenovo 7 gen Flex 5 and 8 gen Flex 14 appears to hav destroy both!

Lenovo advises which laptops will run 1809/1903. Flex 5/7 not on lists.

Win 10 1903 not allowing KB uninstalls on Len ovo Flex 14. Hoymetal crashes.

320 post. 1903 installed.


KB4503286 crashed hotmetal on Flex 14. Uninstall required.

Chrome popping up ad in durango and abq. Not at any other locations on our vacation.
win 10 1908 from 1803 looks to be problem on Flex5,14, Asus E203MAS?


Australian Election Blows the Lid Off the Nuclear Power Debate.

As Clean Energy Surpasses Coal, U.S. Energy Transition Locks Into Place.

PNM ENERGY SOURCES. . Prevous engineers' post concluding intermiitent wind/gridscale solar requires load following "fossil-fueled" backup pulled. PNM VP Thomas Fallgren autor. Replacement:

Prosefights xp printcreened [snipped win10] what Fallgren wrote in 2017. :)

Try 4.

Monday July 1, 2019 16:571

abq. IRP 2020 notification.

E203 post.

c/c++/asse,bler updates. Windows and flight control software?

Chrome invoking ads on click. Not seen since last Duramgo visit.

wWin 10/1809/1803 internet failures audio. 10 dies hard audio.
Try 3.

xp play.

Sunday June 30, 2019 15:52

Lenovo g560 gen 3 core i3-3110M working flawlessly. 19:44.

320 10/1809 has mouseleftdowndrag bug.

Windows 101809/1803 software distasters, Durango CO.

320 10/1809 login now okay.

Would not connect to BW_RioGrande wifinetwork.

Call to internet provider audio 1, 2.

Lenovo Flex 14 gen 8 core i7-8550U 10/1803 tried next. Same failure.

Lenovo g580 gen 3 core i3-3110M running xp home tried next. Sucess!

Asus E203MAS attempt next. Failed.

Green River Utah, 101oF, Tamerisk resturant.Tamerisk resturant.

Green river high water.

German speakers.

Duetsland uber alles.
Alice got run over by a volkswagen.
MAD magizine translation.

Software updates iossues. And certification of updates ... flight control updates.

Best Buy Boise Idaho audio 1, 2.

Best Buy Ogen Utah audio 1.

Flex 5 1403 may upgrade to 1809.

Flex 14/Asus 203MASmay not.


Microsoft Issues Warning For 800M Windows 10 Users.

Try 4.

Saturday June 29, 2019 18:16

Windows 10 Users Are Doing Their Best To Avoid The May Update.

$450 320 update notification?

$800 Flex 13 gen 8 may not update to 1809/1903. :(

HOW-TOHow to Manually Install Windows 10 1809 October 2018 Update (Updated).


Flight control software technology common to all Boeing/Aiebus planes?
Seattle Times: DOJ's Boeing investigation expands to 787 Dreamliner.

Try 1,

Friday June 287, 2019 17:07

FAA FOIA Lauie Carnay appeal notification audio 6/28/19.

Boeing's 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers.

Boeing 737 Max likely grounded until the end of the year after new problem emerges.

Airbus is pushing ahead in tech as it aims for single-pilot planes, says CTO


US Renewable Portfolio Standards Send Power Prices Soaring.

Try 1.

Thursday June 27, 201915:43

Boeing 767 aviation software standards, 11980 recollections:

If correct, of ourse. Purpose of FAA FOIA 1.

767 software must be built to aviation harware standars!.

New flaw discovered on Boeing 737 Max, sources say.

Malware. :(


xcel energy mountain home field trip 6/27/19.

Two Suzlon wind turbines not spinning.

Video 1, 2.

Try 1.

Wenesday June 26, 2019 09:24

Java, JavaScript, or C#? Which programming language earns you the most?..

Chaotically Intermittent Wind & Solar No Substitute for Ever-Reliable Coal-Fired Power.

Try 1

Tuesday June 25, 2019 10:26

Cascade Loccks OR.
Trump lowers the bar for attacking Iran after its president insults him.

How China, Brexit, and the US derailed global 5G Wireless
Cannon Beach OR

On way to Tillamook for ice cream cone.

Long Beach WA.

#130 Asus E203 MAS win 10/1803 Celeron N40011.6 in ch screen 5- to 10+ W left.

$450 Lenovo Idceapad 320 gen 7 Core i5-7200U 17.3 inc screen to right.

Both 802.11ac 5G. 2103 2 usb 3.0 A, 1 C. win 10/1803.

320 12 usb 3.0 A, 1 usb 3.1 C. win 10/1809.

Duke drags its feet on the energy transition.

Try 4.

Nondray June 24, 2019 08:23

U.S. Attacks Iran With Cyber Not Missiles -- A Game Changer, Not A Backtrack.

320 win 10/1809/chrome durango problems disappeared.
What goes away on it own
can come back on its own.
Wind & Solar Lobbies Outraged as Energy Minister Signals Sundown for Subsidies.
Try 4.
Sundray June 23, 2019 18:20

Iran Danesjoo Information Committe project reports.

Search 9+ 0:00 / 2:24 US, Iran tensions: How did we get here? | Just The FAQs.
This Is How The U.S. Plans To Cripple Iran’s Economy.

US-Iran: Trump announces 'major' sanctions amid tensions.

John Bolton: Iran should not 'mistake US prudence and discretion for weakness'.

US retaliated against Iranian spy group's cyberstrike.

Cyberwarfare escalation just took a new and dangerous turn.

Cortana 320 win 10/1809 appears fixed? :) After restart, of course.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search in the registry and then delete the whole entry. That's all and that works !

Not speed toward ground at 430 knots trying to fix!

Created 320 system restore point. :)

Different software technology than fligt control!!!

Step 2. Creater recovery drive.
Step 3. Create windows,iso disk.

Install portable apps. Make recover easier. :)

Most advanced win 10/1803 computer we have in terms of price, power consumption, performance, bluetooth, ....

bought at thjis price in Lubbock TX.
A $4 million electric stole the show,
Try 3.

Saturday June 22, 2019 18:26

Long Beach WA.
Pilos unable to see they have been hit by cyber attack?
This Is How The U.S. Plans To Cripple Iran’s Economy.
"A plane designed by MBAs instead of engineers." heard again at dinner in Edmonds.

Flight control software technology decisions?

Bellingham to Edmonds via Anacortes/Edmonds ferrys.

MV Walla Walla. Kingston/Edmonds.

$800 Lenovo 8 gen Flex 14 corfe i7-8550U win 10/1803 left. $450 core i5-7200U 7 gen win 10/1809 17 inch screen right.

1809 'smoother' 1803, we dsicover.

Durango logon/Chrome problems disappeared. :)

Both have 802.11ac 6G wi-fi. Nice.

Most motel visted has 5G.

Core i5 runs much cooler than i5 ... and about as fast in out applictionns.

Charging stations betweem Ontario to Casade OR? :)
Gigafactory in Nevada is critical to Tesla’s future.
Try 3.

Friday June 21, 2019 17:39

FAA FOIA Ms Carnay 6/20/19 cell phone message!.

Sereal hundred attendees.

Sailboats part of rememberance! Two seen of about 5 or more.

Manned by Mel and Barbara's sailing buddies.

Whitman College classmate 1956-9/good friend.

Rural Revolt Preventing Construction of New Wind Power Projects.
Try 4.

Thursday June 20, 2019 18:20

Liberal arts 'educated'.video?
Ex-Obama adviser Rhodes: Iran debacle 'predictable,' 'everything's gotten worse' under Trump.
FAA/NTSB FOIAs action?

Listen/respond 6/20.

320 cam photo.

Bellingham WA.

Wake fantastic.

Pics. Audio.

Pilots Criticize Boeing, Saying 737 Max 'Should Never Have Been Approved'.

Book Review A Pretext for War.
Iran shoots down US drone.

320 Login/google chrome/ftp working flawlessly.

Super fast internet. 5G?

c/c++ software bug?
Is This The Beginning Of The End For Tesla’s Solar Business?.
Try 1.

Wednesday June 19, 2019 16:45
'Sully' Sullenberger says he struggled to recover Boeing 737 MAX in flight simulation.
Hotmetal ;/32010/1809 Tumwater WA post.


FAA FOIA Antonette message. 6/18/19
Message audio.

Summer NW Weather.

Malware :(.
U.S. Government Announces Critical Warning For Microsoft Windows Users.
German Expansion “Collapses To Near Zero” …”2019 Threatens To Be A Disaster”.

Columbia river gorge wind turbines.

Dinner Cascade LOck 6/18/19.

Try 1.

Tuesday June 18, 2019 17:22

Cascade locks.


320 bad passord failed many times.

FAA 206 call.


Solar Industry Subsidies Slashed – Panel Sales Plummet by 94%.
.Try 1.

Monday June 17, 2019 17:47
Ontario OR.

Flex 14 14 14/$130 Asus E203MAS hard to read.

Locating mouse pointer even worse.

Considered bring hdmi monitor on vacation.

Decided on Lenovo Ideapad 320 core i5-7200U, 802.11ac 5G 17.3 inch screen instead.

Harbor Freight 4x magnfication glass essential for all laptops.

320 camera octogenarian photo. :)

Decions not to fly to Portland

in addition to possiible c/c++ flight control software technology, of course.

Shone Park, Twin Falls ID.

Cell phone call recevied. Driving. Not answered. FAA?

5G Ontario Best Western.
FAA FOIA Eddie Drake 1 405-954-7327.

No emails from FAA regaring my two FOIAs.

Want to appeal denials.

How do I do this?

FAA Eddie conversation 6/17/19. Twin Falls ID.
Mouseleftdowndrag crashed hotmetal on Ideapad 320 10/1809. :(

Trials Near for Boeing 737 MAX Fix.

Subsidies Slashed, the Honeymoon for Wind & Solar is Over.

Another General Electric Business May be ‘Gone With the Wind.
Try 2.

Lenovo Ideapad 320/ win 10/1809 post.

Sunday June 16, 2019 18:51

Boeing Max 737 jet crisis: we should've been more open, says CEO.

320 10/1807 login on try 1.Twin Falls ID.

Chrome un install decision made if any more problems logging in.

Windows 10: The Upcoming Features and Improvements in 20H1.

Trouble logging onto 10/1809 this morning.

Uninstall Chrome. improves?

Aninas ruver high water. Durango CO 6/14/19.

Montecello UT. 6/14/19.

Green river high water. Green River UT 6/14/19.

Suzlon wind turbines. American Fork UT 6/15/16.


$450 Lenovo Ideapad 320 17.3 inch screen, $19.00 Logitech 320 keyboard/mouse.

Mouse pointer hard to see even with Harbor Freight 4x mafngnifiying glass on Flex 14 14.3 and Asus 11.6 innch screens..

320 17.3 much better.
Salt lake City 6/15/19. I15.

Try 2.

Ideapad 320 10/1809 hotmetal post. Ogden UT.

Saturday June 15, 2019 20:32

New York Times: US ramping up cyber attacks on Russia.

No Lenovo Ideapad 320 login problem in Greem River or Ogden UT.

Durango CO specific?

Hotmetal 320 10/1809 post. 320 working great!!!

17.3 screen better than Asus 11.6 or Flex 14 14 iinch.

Mouse pointer hard to see on 11.6/14 screes.

Flex 14 cor i7 8550U run hot. :(

Subsidy Cuts Slashes Wind Power Investment & ‘Green’ Jobs.
Try 1.

Posted hotmetal/flex 14 ... after KB uninstall>

Rresized with Ieapad 320.

Friday June 14, 2019 16:54

Win 10 users running google chrome prevented from logging into 10, reporter recevied in Durango rporte received at dinner 6/13.CO.

Computer techs recommemd chrp,e imstall.

Reporter now runs Edge>

Reported retired AF colnel. F105 shot down over Vietman. Broke ankle. Helicopeter rescue.

Discussed FAA.BTSB FOIAs, Reporter requests updated.

Many failed attempts to log Ideapad 320 17.3 on win 10/1809. Durango C) 5/13-14. :(

Hotmetal/Flex 14 post. Green River UT.

Lenovo Ideapad 320 updates different from Flex 6.


Ideapad 320 17.3 inch screen.

Same keyboard show relative size of 320 and Flex 14.

$130 Asus E203 new home ... not on kitchen counter.

32 inchDell mounitor. About $140.
Try 1.

Hotmetal/Photosuite 7 latinum Lenovo ideapad 17/.3/win 10/1809 post

Thursday June 13, 2019 20:028

Lenovo Ideadpad 17/3 inch core i5-7200U win 10/1809 hotmetal urango CO post.

Durango CO hotmetal/flex 6 post ... using xp mouse/keyboard through Ativa powered usb 2.0 hub.

Travelling with Flex 6 10/1803, Ideapad 10/18098 17.3 inch core i5-7200U, ASUS E203MAS celernon .N400 10/1803 ... and Lenovo g580 gen 3 win 8 rurring xp.

Harbor Freight 4x magnifying glass to try to read 14.1 screen. :(
American Air Managers to Join Crews on 737 Max Before Passengers.

Warning: Google Researcher Drops Windows 10 Zero-Day Security Bomb.

KB8458236 crashed hotmteal. Uninstalled.

.Update replaced with KB4499167. Crashed hotmetal.

Hoptmetal/flex 14 post after KB4499167 uninstall.

c/c++ software technology used in flight control software? :{
Stupidity is difficult to underestimate.
R F Wallace.

Or flight control software cyberterror attackS.

Why BP Promotes Chaotically Intermittent Wind & Solar.
Try 2.

Wednesday June 12, 2019 19:47

New Problems On Lockheed F-35 Revealed; Include 'Excruciating' Pain.

The FAA says Boeing's troubled 737 Max may not fly again until December — far later than many expected.

Try 2.

Tuesday June 11, 2019 08:19

ftp connect speed superfast! :)

Reason audio? :)


Green Guru – Michael Shellenberger Slams Hopelessly Unreliable Wind & Solar.
Try 1.

Monday June 10, 2019 10:39
American Airlines extends flight cancellations involving beleaguered Boeing 737 Max. Certification audio.

US military continues to use old chips. High reliability hardware/software. Buit by

Tekmos makes 8051s, HC11s, and 68020.

Forth/Intel MCS BASIC-52 technologies apps on orders of magnitude more relible than than c/c++ software technology, experience shows.

Hoptmetal/flex 14 post after KB4499167 uninstall.

energy secretary sold out nm ratepayers on eta. ab j 6/9/19 A11.

This legislation, the Energy Transition Act, mandates renewable energy standards for New Mexico’s utility companies and electric co-ops, with a goal of achieving 100% carbon-free energy use in New Mexico by 2050.

The requirements of this new law could dramatically increase utility bills and eliminate thousands of high-paying jobs. In states that have imposed renewable mandates of just 30%, ratepayers have seen their utility bills increase as much as 200%.

Interwest Energy Alliance.
Australian Voters Demand Reliable & Affordable Electricity & Coal Just Keeps on Delivering.
Try 2.

Sunnday June 9, 2019 15:25

c/c++ transportation software technology focus.
American Airlines Extends Ban of Boeing 737 Max Until September 3.

Tesla Autopilot Safety Stats Said Imbued With Statistical Fallacies, Interpret Cautiously.
Chrome crashes increasing on xp/10 laptops.

ad insertion frequently kills page of interest viewing.

Fix "Aw, Snap!" page crashes and other page loading errors.

Godaddy two stage authetnication defeated with Android Marshmallow cell phone hack?
Hoptmetal/flex 14 post after KB4499167 uninstall.

Mouseleftdown drag ;not responding' problem getting worse.

ftp connect delay problem disappered afdter Godady Luke informative conversation.
“we want real electricity, not fake electricity”.
Try 1.

Saturday June 8, 2019 10:07

ftp slow connect fixed. Reason audio? :)

Godaddy's 2-stgage authentication defeated evidence? ftp passowrds changed ...not by poster initially.

boeing wanted 3 years to address 737 max problem. abq j 6/9/19 A10.

Australia’s Renewable Energy Rent-Seekers Suicidal After Coalition Victory.

WSJ Dares to Doubt: What if Wind & Solar ‘Transition’ Aren’t ‘Inevitable’, After All?.

Why I Am Scaling Back My Investment In General Electric.


Friday June 7, 2019 07:36

xp/10 chome oplens ad page which must be closed before viewing desiged page. :( Firefox?

Windows 10/1803 has leftmouse down drag timing problem. Faster the computer, problem worse. Longer drag, leads to 'not responding'.

Microsoft win 10 solution is to prevent execution of apps where bug exposed.

Hoptmetal/flex 14 post after KB4499167 uninstall.

c/c++ software technology?
Tesla says it is starting to give early access software updates to early Full Self-Driving buyers.

Boeing is in talks to settle with families suing them over 737 Max crash deaths and avoid a potentially excruciating trial.

Try 2.

Thursday June 6, 2019 18:51

FAA Voice contacts:
1 Laurie Carnay.
2 Eddie.

Qantas Schedules Domestic Boeing 747 Flights Later This Year.

Godaddy 's two stage authentication hacked?

Requires cell phone/internet hackS.

HaxR00T started with Android Jelly Bean hack.

FTP passwords changed. Unable to ftp to prosfights.

Louie helped fix.

ftping from 1 xp, 2 10/1803, 1 10/1511 laptops.

Hoptmetal/flex 14 post after KB4499167 uninstall.

Microsoft malware download?
A Windows bug is so bad that even the NSA is urging PC users to update.

Hotmetal/$130 Asus E203MAS post.

Try 2

Chrome appears 'changed'. Plug-ins?


Tuesday June 4, 2019 18:40

Icelandair Fires Its Boeing 737 MAX Pilots.
Chrone hit by adware atttack. Invoke amazon, new window appear with ad malwre.
NSA warns Microsoft Windows users to update systems to protect against cyber vulnerability.

Only one of many!!!

FAA FOIA phone messages response audios.

Response to

Phone call audio
30 Years – $Billions in Subsidies – Wind & Solar Deliver Paltry 18% of California’s Energy Demand.

'Third GE wind turbine collapse would be sign something's wrong': insurer.

Try 1

Monday June 3, 2019 19:35

aqb return.

FAA FOIA phone messages response audios.

Response to

Phone call audio
Boeing's nightmare year gets even worse as it admits hundreds of planes — including 159 737 Maxes — may have defective parts on their wings.

Austin to Sweetwater.

Brady TX fracking sand mines closures audio. 6/1/19.

Wind turbine transmission lines to San Antonio. Winters TX. 6/1/19

Wingate to Sweegtwater TX.

Wind truenbine junkyarard south of Sweetwater.

Nothing happening.

Netgear 5G update. La Quinta, Clovis NM.

La Quita, Clovis NM.

WS_FTP95 error 425 again. Joe got fixed audio.

FAA Warns Some Boeing 737s May Have Faulty Wing Parts.

Try 2.

Sunday June 2, 2019 19:112

Al Qaeda help request?

Grant or refuse?

Suicide bombers/pilots!


La Qinta, Clovis New Mexico.

WS_FTP95 error 425 again. Joe got fixed audio.
Airlines plead with regulators to settle on a plan for 737 Max’s return.

United Wants Compensation After Boeing 737 MAX Back In Air,

Airlines want joint lifting of 737 MAX ban, but EU cautious.

Microsoft Issues Serious Windows 10 Upgrade Warning.

We Shouldn’t Be Surprised Renewables Make Energy Expensive Since That’s Always Been The Greens’ Goal.
Try 2.

Saturday June 1, 2019 19:25

Boeing Built Deadly Assumptions Into 737 Max, Blind to a Late Design Change.

By Jack Nicas, Natalie Kitroeff, David Gelles and James Glanz

Ray Craig Boeing.

KB4499167 uninstall required for Baker tweet.



A Million PCs May Be Vulnerable to BlueKeep Malware, Microsoft Urges Users to Patch.

After $Trillions in Subsidies & 30 Years, Wind & Solar’s Contribution Remains Risible.

Try 1.

Hotmetal/Lenovo g580 win 8 gen 3 xp laptop post

Friday May 31, 2019 17:22



Lunch. Cabo Bob's. Austin.

Hotmetal/Flex 14 8 gen post ... after KB4499167 uninstall.
Warren Buffet Rejects All-Renewable Future With $10 Billion Bet on Oil & Gas.
Try 1.

Hotmetal/Lenovo g580 win 8 running xp gen 3 post.

Thursday May 30, 2019 10:52

Phone call audio.

Boeing CEO says he would put his family in a 737 Max "without any hesitation".

Hotmetal/Flex 14 post after KB4499167 uninstall.


Windows 10 version 1903: When will you get the next big feature update?.

Britain’s Solar Industry Wallowing in Massive Subsidies, While Power Prices Rocket.
Try 1.

Hotmetal/Lenovo g580 win 8 laptop running xp Austin Tx post.

Wednesday May 29, 2019 17:27
The Boeing 737 Max crisis could mark a seismic shift for the aviation industry. Here are the other disasters that have changed the way we fly.

Boeing 737 Max won't fly again before August, says airline trade body.

Hotmetal/Flex 14 post after KB4499167 uninstalled.

Message Upating and Shutting Down received in Sweetwater.

LeftMouseDown drag bug getting worse..
Try 3.

Tuesday May 28, 2019 19:01

Internet switch debugging 5/27/19 La Quinta, Clovig New Mexico.

Elon Musk’s Giant Lithium Battery Never Designed to Deliver Grid-Scale Power.
Hotmetal/Fle 14 post Clovis NM. No KB uninstall.

European Greens surge as voters abandon old parties over climate.

GE aims to slash 1,000 jobs in France to stop the bleeding at slumping power division.
Try 1.

lenovo g580 win8 running xp. Clovis NM.

Monday May 27, 2019 19:02

La Quinta, Clovis New Mexic.

Internal 802.11ag. Lenovo Flex 14 core i7-8550, win 10,1803.

ftp download problem solved. Three calls to provicer. Lenovo 10/1803, Asus E203MAS, Lenovo g580 win 8 running xp with Kaspersky all required to locate problem

Europe’s Great Renewables Rush Faces Armageddon.
Try 1.

Sunday May 26, 2019 17:58

c/c++ software technology?
May 26, 2019, 11:28am Tesla On Autopilot Slams Into Stalled Car On Highway, Expect More Of This.

Subsidised Wind & Solar Snubbed as Australian Voters Reject
Climate ‘Crisis’ Hysteria

Why Tesla Should Abandon Solar Energy.
Try 1.

Saturday May 25, 2019 17: 48


Lenovo gen 3 core i3-3110M g580 win 8 running xp and Lenovo Ideapad 100 gen 5 core i5-5200U running 10/1809 both limited by 802.11n band wifi.

g580 upgraded to 802.11ag with Netgear AC1200 wifi usb adapter and Ideapad wit tp-link AC 1300 High Gain Wireless MU-MIMO USB Adpater.

Both support xp.


website install required for xp. Discovered after about hour installation work culminating with Chat help.

Netgear installation optical disk installation works fine, we disovered at La Qunita, San Diego using Lenovo g560.

Both 5G 866 mpbs communications. Big improvement over 7200.

No Sensible German Believes in Wind & Solar ‘Transition’, Anymore.
Try 1.

Friday May 24, 2019 09:50

Hello FAA Administrator Michael Huerta,

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

I request the following records from the Boeing 767 certification class which includes Atlas Air #3591 767 aircraft: :
1 How many 767 aircraft in this class? Start/End production dates.
2 Software Standards document.
3 Software Certification Policy document.
4 Makes/models of flight control computers.
5 Name, number of lines of code in what computer language for each/all software modules.
Please waive fees.

Reason is if c/c++ was used, then frequent software updates may be required. If true, this knowledge is in the public interest.

Please send these documents within 20 business days, as the statute requires.


William Harris Payne
Boeing 767 Software Certification Policy 1980 coauthor.
13015 Calle de Sandias NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111

Edward Drake, FOIA Coordinator FAA
Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, AMC-3
P.O. Box 25082 Oklahoma City, OK 73125
Phone: (405) 954-7327
Fax: (405) 954-996

Friday May 24, 2019 12:28
U.S. regulator sees approval of Boeing 737 MAX to fly as soon as late June: sources.

Could The Boeing 797 Operate With Just One Pilot?.

hotmetal/core i7-8550U post after JB uninstall.

Lenovo g580 win 8 gen 3 post. Bluetooth + interal speaker simultaneously working. :)?
Motorola is profitable after years of struggles, says Lenovo.
Wind & Solar Obsession Means Californian Power Prices 50% Higher Than US Average.

The Race Is on to Build a Better Battery.
Try 1.

Thursday May 23, 2019 19:15
Exclusive: U.S. airlines expect Boeing 737 MAX jets need up to 150 hours of work before flying again.

U.S. regulator sees approval of Boeing 737 MAX to fly as soon as late June: sources.
Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501. Smithsonian chanel, abq 5/2319 165:13.
The report stated that the crash resulted from the flight crew’s inability to control the aircraft ...

Consumer Reports’ points against Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot were misunderstood.

Inspectors say FAA pressures them to ignore critical plane problems: "The flying public needs to wake up.

Hotmetal/core i7-8550U post after KB uuninstall.

Natural gas electricityt generation prohibited during Caarter administration, NMGCO employee reported.
Natural Gas Prices In The Permian Flip Negative Again..
pnm again asks prc to reopen line case. abq j 5/22/19 A1.


court: most of previous pnm rate case ok. BQ J 5//17/19 a12.

A Global Energy Crisis Looms.
German Wind Turbines Demolishing 1,200 Tonnes of Insects Each Year.
Try 2.

Wednesday May 22, 2019 17:31


Once the Boeing 737 Max is cleared to fly again, United CEO Oscar Munoz vows to be on his airline’s first Max flight.
Boeing hired liberal arts 'educated' msm writiers to deflect attention fom possible linux/c++ 737 MAX software?
Boeing Stock Is Up Because Birds Could Have Contributed to a 737 MAX Crash.

Boeing/Airbus avionics technololgy forced to use Microsoft update approach?.

Posted from Lenovo g580 win 8 laptop[Office Dewoiot clearance itesm] running xp from ssd .

Intel® Core™ i3-3110M Processor. 28.1 W. :(
The U.S. energy storage market will nearly double this year.

Amid climate crisis, renewable energy poised for rapid growth.
ry 1.

Tuesday May 21, 2019 19:24


Boeing 737 Max will be a phenomenal aircraft, Ryanair CFO says | Squawk Box Europe.

Boeing shares rise after report that a bird strike may have caused 737 Max crash.

Or is reporter Josephs being 'used'?

Boeing 767.

U.S. Postal Service Starts Testing Self-Driving Trucks.

Uninstall required for hotmetal/Flex 14 post.

9 questions about the scary US-Iran standoff you were too embarrassed to ask.

Kaspersky full scan.

Radio button setting essential for speed.

$130 5-/10+ W. :)

Shift from Ever-Reliable Nuclear to Never-Reliable Wind Leaves Swedes Scrambling for Power.
Try 1.

Monday May 20, 2019 16:07
The Boeing 787 Nightmares.

Whitman College classmate 1956-9/good friend.


Iran ramps up uranium production, throwing ‘a brick on the accelerator’ to nuclear threshold.

What it Costs to Go 100 Percent Renewable.
Try 2.

Sunday May 19, 2019 20:11
Boeing’s response to the 737 Max crisis confused and frightened people, making it hard to believe its apologies, experts say.
Trump says war will mean 'official end of Iran,' warns 'never threaten the United States again'.

Petraeus warns Iran to 'be very careful' as tensions rise with Trump administration.

Trump's hardline advisers are weakening his position.

Lenovo N500 vista laptop running xp need 5G?

Lenovo, not HP.

Downloads usb drive transferred from Lenovo g560 win 7 running xp.

Used T4U(US)_V3_180427_. DVD works on 10, not xpp.

ssd makes ideapad100 fast laptop.

Saudi Arabia says it seeks to avert war, ball in Iran's court.

For Iranians, economic crisis looms larger than US tensions.
Australians Reject Labor’s 50% RET & Plans for
Giant Wind & Solar Roll-out

Texas Going Big On Renewables: Phase II Has Started.

In coal we trust: Australia's voters back PM Morrison's faith in fossil fuel.

Try 4.

Saturday May 18, 2019 19:03

tp-link Chat, along with about 1 hour work, result.

Lenovo g560 win 7 running Office Deport [initally] xp home.

Majid Takht Ravanchi.

The Trump administration has already built its case for Iran war.

Book Review A Pretext for War.

c/c++ software technology?
NTSB Report on Death of Tesla Driver Using Autopilot Raises Troubling Questions.


How to Get Faster Internet Speed for Free.

2) Climate change has been a major issue for a long time.

100% Wind & Solar Targets = Guaranteed Economic & Social Catastrophe.

What if Green Energy Isn’t the Future?.
Try 3.

Friday May 17, 2019 14:50
FAA cell phone message.

FAA chief defends handling of Boeing 737 Max.

tp-link AC1300 usb adapter would not correct at 5G speed.

Out of date driver.

Biomass fuel: The Great Carbon Con.
Try 1.

Thursday May 16, 2019 21:45

Boeing says it has completed a software update for 737 Max anti-stall system linked to fatal crashes.

New Boeing 777X Engine Completes Final Test Flight.

US claims to have images showing Iranian freighters they believe are carrying missiles.

FAA FOIA resonse time-out? 27 May?
Trump administration's Iran threat claim disputed by foreign officials.

Trump Tells Pentagon Chief He Does Not Want War With Iran.

Trump's irritation with top aides grows over Iran strategy.

Trump Admin Moves Fueled Iran’s Aggression, U.S. Intel Says.

Iranian ambassador: I believe President Trump does not want war.

$130 Asus E203MAS win 10/1803. 10.4W. :)

$800 Flex 6 gen 8/hotmetal post ... after uninstalling KB449?. About 28 W. :(

$350 Ideapad 100 5 gen broadwell win 10/1809/hotmtetal post. 13.2 W. :)

Posts below Lenovo N500 vista xp/hotmteal. 28.1 W. :(
Try 1.
Wednesday May 15, 2019 17:17
F.A.A. Chief Defends Boeing Certification Process at House Hearing.

Frustrated US lawmakers tear into safety officials over the government's
slow response to 2 Boeing 737 Max crashes

Boeing should have disclosed automated system to pilots, FAA head says.

Pilots 'raised Boeing safety fears' months before Ethiopia crash.

Audio reveals pilots angrily confronting Boeing about 737 Max feature before second deadly crash.

Boeing customer warns its costs will spiral without clarity soon on 737 Max.

House holds hearing on the 'Status of the Boeing 737 MAX.

ZombieLoad Attacks May Affect All Intel CPUs Since 2011: What to Do Now.

Microsoft warns of major WannaCry-like Windows security exploit, releases XP patches.

Internal optical disk hotmetal install. Software eject broken. Paperclip eject disk required. usb optical disk used to install Photosuite7/OpenOffice 2019.

New snip. :(?

Lenovo installed lots of software durinb recovery. Generally pleased with Lenovo diagnostic software.

Flex 6/hotmetal post ... after KB4499167? uninstall.
Democrats Try to Extend Wind, Solar Aid They Agreed to Let Die.

Officials: Camp Fire, deadliest in California history, was caused by PG&E electrical transmission lines
Try 6.

Tuesday May 14, 2019 20:28
Delta Replaces 767’s With A330’s On Eight International Routes.

What software was in control last 18 seconds?

Who wrote it?
Fourth-largest coal producer in the US files for bankruptcy.
prc transmission line rehearing set for thursday. abq j 5/14/19 A8.

Cortana audio guided poster through successful Lenovo Ideapad 100BD 10/1809 installation.

Lenovo Ideapad 100 gen 5 core i5-5200U desktop.

Portable apps copied from Lenovo 8 gen Flex 14 core i7-8550U.

Shortcuts to portable apps reqiored aout 15 minutes.)

Ideapad 100/hotmetal post!

Recovery desktop.

McAffee preinstalled. Revo portable downloaded uing Edge. McAfee uninstalled.

Much Lenovo preinstalled software.

Portable make app installation easy!

Gen 5 broadwell core i5-5200U about as fast a Celeron N3050 1.6 GHz. Yuk.

High performance = about 2.6 GHz. Respectalble speed.

Win 7, 8, 8.1 not adopted. Marginal improvement over xp, for out applications.

Amazon $209 hp Stream 13 win 10/bluetooth/ Office 35 evaluation prompoted 10 adoption .... in addition to xp, of course.

$130 Office Depot stream purchased as Amazon backup.

About $350 Ideapad 100BS [OD clearance] purchased a first 'serious' win 10 laptop.

Two 10 windows.iso [Lenovo Flex5/6] and oneRecovery teaches not to fear either.

KB4346084 recently installed. No damage. Flex 14/hotmetal post.
Renewable Energy Mandates Cause Large Electricity Price Increases.
Try 2.

Monday May 13, 2019 16:23

Lenovo Ideapad 100BD [$350 Office Depot clearance\ 5 gen core i5-5200U running 10/1808 from 240GB Toshiba ssd. :) Poster installed ssd/win 10.

Boeing adopted c/c++software technology?
Boeing desperately needs to get the 737 Max back in the air. Getting it approved will be hard.
What is the predominant programming language used for the F35 Lightning II aircraft?.

NTSB Chairnab Robert Sumwalt comments on Atlas Air #3591 Boeing 767 Baytown TX crash
1 black boxes 2 inestigation teams.

Cockpit voice recorder identify software isssues?.
A cockpit voice recorder (CVR) group was convened and will complete a transcript of the entire event. The CVR transcript will be released when the public docket is opened. Other groups include operations/human factors, ATC, weather, structures, systems, powerplants, and maintenance records. Further groups may be formed as the investigation progresses.

The agency says that “crew communications consistent with a loss control of the aircraft” began 18s prior to the end of the cockpit voice recording, which is 2h long.

Germans to Squander €4.6 Trillion on Intermittent Wind & Solar – Get 2.5% of Their Energy In Return.

subsidy-free solar in Germany.
Try 1.

Sunday May 12, 2019 20:37
What is the predominant programming language used for the F35 Lightning II aircraft?.
wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

More renewables, more record prices.
Try 1.

Saturay May 11, 2019 16:36

FAA improperly handling FOIA request?

c/c++ avionics software?

William English, Investigator-in-Charge, Major Investigations Division, Office of Aviation Safety.

Friday May 10, 2019 15:52

FAA FOIA second call.

Atlas 767 security cam. About 500 mph. 49o dive.

ntsb phone call 1, 2. 5/6/19.

Suicide? software failure ?

FAA software certification problem?


Iran Danesjoo Information Committee project reports. [1, 2 , 3].

NextEra seen repowering funing for 104 GE/Enron New Mexico Wind Energy Cenmter wind turbines.
Q1 2019 revenue from core GE (NewCo) - Aviation, Power Systems and Renewable Energy - was $15.2 billion, down 5% Y/Y.

Legislation that would block wind turbines from going up in a large swath of North Carolina’s coast cleared its first hurdle in the Senate on Thursday and could be on the Senate floor by early next week.
Try 1.

Friay May 10, 2019 19:30


Atlas 767 security cam. About 500 mph. 49o dive.

ntsb phone call 1, 2. 5/6/19.

Suicide? software failure ?

FAA software certification problem?

Lenovo G580 xp behaves different than n500.
Low cost smart watches.

Flex 14 core i7-8550U 8 gen hotmetal post.
No KB uninstall required ... for several days.

Hotmetal is working differently too.

320 hotmetalpost.

Flex 5 hotmetal post. Two KB uninstalls required.
NSW Planning Dept Slams Chinese Backed Wind Farm Project.

Photosuite g580 required display resizing

Thursday May 8, 2019 20:28

Asus E203MAS win 10/1803 $130 :)!!! Celeron N4000 5-10+ W.

Flex 6 :)! $800 :(

Ideapad 100. :)

win 10 adopter starting with $209 hp amazon stream 13. Skipped 7/8. But evaluated both. Win 7 Toshiba L505d operating.
Lenovo's ThinkPad X395: A 13.3-Inch AMD Ryzen Pro-Based Ultraportable.
Lenovo G580 win 8 core i3-3110 ssd xp relieves N500 vista T3400 ssd xp.

Netgear 802.11ac/sub adapter. usb 2.0.

hp wrong. Lenovo N500 T3400 vista running ssd xp home.

$s Spent on Storage Won’t Save Intermittent Wind & Solar.
Try 2.

Wednesday May 8, 2019 16:21
The FAA is so concerned about the future of Boeing's 737 Max that it is bringing in NASA and the Air Force to help ensure it is safe to fly again.

019 BT speaker work with xp?

Works ... after about a 4 hour battle.

Buggy software technology. Used in 1990s+ avionics software?

g580 post.

c/c++ windows xp technology problems. :( And how we try to overcome. :)

Installation of several bt 4.0 dongles fail.

After lunch attempt.

S;peecy sees!

2.desktop icon.

Bluetoooth devices fails to pair.

Desktop pairs! :)

After several driver uninstall failures [code 10] followed by lucky reinstall!

And this software technology possibly installed on airplane?
Try 1.

Tuesday May 7, 2019 21:11

Boeing Drops as Barclays Warns of Underappreciated 737 Max Risk.

toll time legal.

The US is sending a ton of firepower to take on Iran — here's everything headed its way.
Life aboard USS Abraham Lincoln on its way to the Middle East.
Fixed. Wrong band connection. :(
g580 windows 8 backup laptop post. 240GB ssd.

EPSON Smart Panel scanner software works on xp-. Printscreen 95 same.

Flex 14 gen 8 win 10/1803 update post.


Malware, we read.

Prompted restore to 5/2/19.
Atlas Air #3591 crashed into Trinity Bay.
A cockpit voice recorder (CVR) group was convened and will complete a transcript of the entire event. The CVR transcript will be released when the public docket is opened. Other groups include operations/human factors, ATC, weather, structures, systems, powerplants, and maintenance records. Further groups may be formed as the investigation progresses.
Try 2.

Monday May 6, 2019 20:59

Atlas 767 security cam. About 500 mph.

ntsb phone call 1, 2. 5/6/19.

Suicide? software failure?

FAA software certification problem?
Msm 'liberal arts 'educated' journalists and managers problem solving?
Boeing Knew About 737 Max Sensor Problem Before Plane Crash In Indonesia.

Boeing to replace 900 inspectors with technology amid increased scrutiny over 737 Max.

Boeing knew about problems with the 737 Max the year before Lion Air crash and did nothing about them.

g580 c/c++ software repair.

Kaspersky problem?

Yellow ? benign?

Revo uninstaller portable removes secure connection.

Kaspersky/malwarebytes ran all hight. Looks goood.

G580 xp activation conversation.

c++ used for Boeing/Airbus avionics software?

Tesla's Solar Business Approaches Terminal Decline.
The Reason Renewables Can't Power Modern Civilization Is Because
They Were Never Meant To

green new deal doesn't add up. abq j 5/6/19 A11.

Clean Energy Growth Stalls for First Time in Nearly Two Decades.

Labor’s 50% Renewable Energy Target Means Wholesale Industry Wipe-out.
Try 2.

Sunday May 5, 2019 19:48

Lenovo g580 xp restore point made.

Netgear adapeter connected. Still 144 mbs.


Bad scare experience!!!
Boeing did not disclose 737 MAX alert issue to FAA for 13 months.

Software technology issue?
System restore to 5/2/19 worked. Onboard wifi controller working. Scary experience.

xp install time consuming. win 10 fast!

Software crisis, Lenovo g580 win 8 laptop running xp.

Broadcom driver wifi drive destroyed trying to fix Netgear 802.11ac speed problem. :(

Not speeding at 575 mph toward ground trying to fix problem. :)

System restore g580 to 5/2/19 slow process.

Software issues!

Audio device?

Removed yellow ? by installating drivers unrelated to audio .... after failing to install drivers realted to audio!

xp would not all automatic updates refusal. First time

ever seen with previous xp reinstalls!

Smithsonian reconstruction Air Distasters ... most of which are computer software related. Both Boeing/Airbus.

Actors? Actual pilots in crash.

Smithsonia agenda to expose flawered software technology/certification?
What technology now used in avionics software?
Try 1.

Saturday May 4, 2019 16:42

Lenovo g580 gen 4 win Egypt xp activated. sdha card reader working. Portable apps.

wifi netgear 802.11ac adapter runs at only 144 mbps. Runs at 866 on g560. Next problem.


And there is always a 'next problem'.

How to solve most fun?

Attention attracted++!
Atlas Air Flight 3591.

"Crew communications consistent with a loss of control of the aircraft began approximately 18 seconds prior to the end of the recording"

Your feedback and story tips are always welcome at

737 MAX.

Zach Albrecht

They have 5 Computers, all running linux, using C++ for their codebase. For the
Autopilot. this just one computer that resides behind the glove box on most cars, accessible via a
hidden port. Current gen uses Nvidia computer chips. Most of these are slaves to others.
It's a little hazy in their design what is truly a micro in this since it goes beyond that traditional design philosophy.

NextEra Energy operates 200 obsolete GE/Enron New Mexico Wind Energy Center/Red Mesa wind turbines. NextEra seeks funds to 'repower' NMWEC turbines.
PG&E unable to strike deal over renewable power contracts: court documents.

PG&E Corp was unable to reach a deal with NextEra Energy ...

At issue is whether the bankruptcy court or the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has
jurisdiction over the power purchase contracts, which are worth up to $42 billion.
Renewable Energy Zealots Incite Terrorism Against Wind & Solar Critics.
Try 1.

Friday May 3, 2019 19:33

Lenovo g580 sdhc 32GB memory working. :)


Lenovo driver support for all machines excellent!
Lots of yellow ? 5/2/19. :(

Lenovo g580 gen 3 core i4 win 8 running xp from ssd. :)

Win 10 adopters ... have 7 10 laptops ... all of which are unique. And one win 7 laptop. One dos too.

xp backup laptops required when 10s malfunction.
Boeing’s Own Test Pilots Lacked Key Details of 737 MAX Flight-Control System.Click mail.

Boeing never tested the failure of critical AOA sensor.

decision means san juan mine can stay open for 1014 years. abq j 5/3/19 A12.

Try 1.

Thursday May 2, 2019 17:53

Boeing 767 hardware/software system 'upgraded'from 1980's to 737 MAX technology?
Atlas Air Flight 3591.

"Crew communications consistent with a loss of control of the aircraft began approximately 18 seconds prior to the end of the recording"

Trying to run 10 on old hardware bad idea?
Windows Will I be forced to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10?.
Lenovo g580 win 8 gen 3 core i3 runs xp well.

Lenovo supports 7, 8, 8/1, xp g580 but not 10.

!0 works on g580, post reported. But probably not well?

Inside Tesla’s first Gigafactory.

pnm to acquire western spirit transmission line. abq j 5/2/19 A1.

Calm weather and sunset don’t trouble coal-fired power plants (or gas or nuclear).
Try 1.

Wedmesday May 1, 2019 18:26

Begin to believe?
Zach Albrecht

They have 5 Computers, all running linux, using C++ for their codebase. For the Autopilot. this just one computer that resides behind the glove box on most cars, accessible via a hidden port. Current gen uses Nvidia computer chips. Most of these are slaves to others. It's a little hazy in their design what is truly a micro in this since it goes beyond that traditional design philosophy.

Windows 10 1809 Cumulative Update KB4501835 Released With Fixes.
Lenovo g580 core i3 gen 3 win 8 running xp port t0 Samsung EVO 750 ssd project successful.

IBM installed xp pro on Lenovo vista N500. Continues maintain, phone call verified!

IBM may make wrong decison. But always does it right, imo.
Boeing's CEO said pilots did not 'completely' follow emergency procedures during Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max disaster, contradicting investigators.

Didn't test how software would respond to sensor malfunction.
Airborne software issues?
Air distasters, Smithsonian channel Tuesday 4/30/19 16:00.
boeing 777 san francisco crash
Belt and Road Initiative.

In one sense, China's push for coal is not surprising:
China knows how to build coal plants. It is the
world's largest coal consumer, drawing more than
70 percent of its electricity from coal, according to the
U.S. Energy Information Administration
Fuel Poverty and Electricity Policy Costs.
Try 5.

Tuesday April 29, 2019 19:43
Cybersecurity: The key lessons of the Triton malware cyberattack you need to learn.
Boeing relied on single sensor for 737 Max that had been flagged 216 times to FAA.

GE says Boeing’s 737 Max is ‘a new risk’ to this year’s earnings forecast.

Click mail.Boeiing CEO explains why the company didnt tell737 Max pilots
about the software system that contributid to 2 fatal crashes.

Boeing CEO: 737 Max will be our safest jet | Al Jazeera English.

Lenovo g580 win 8 laptop running xp. Poster installed xp. Dallin at office depot installed ssd reinstalling xp 4/25/19 converastion.

PNM seeks transmission line rehearing. abq j 4/3-/19 A1.

Tesla plans to revive solar business by undercutting everyone with <$2 per watt systems.

Subsidy Bonanza Delivers Mass Rooftop Solar Rollout & Grid Chaos.
Try 2.

Monday April 29, 2019 19:00

WS_FTP upload disabled. Restart no cure. $130 Asus E203 win 10/1803.

WS_FTP connect failed. Lenovo Ideapad 320, flex 6, N500 xp.

Recoverd 18:10

Where do journalists come from?

No response to FAA Friday 4/26/19 phone message.
Boeing CEO Faces Tough Questions On 737 Max Plane's Design.
Four potential whistleblowers called FAA about Boeing 737 Max jets.

Boeing CEO keeps job intact after facing questions on 737 MAX crashes.

Boeing says making progress to
certify grounded MAX jets with software fix

PG&E Will Not Be Able To Renegotiate PPAs.

Why Is China Placing A Global Bet On Coal?.
Chicago University Proves Unreliable Wind & Solar Send Power Prices Soaring
.Try 1.

Sunday April 28, 2019 17:31
New Mexico county to block Democratic governor from releasing migrants in its backyard.

pnm presented incomplete case for power lines. ABQ J 4/28/19 a23.

The dividend from Australia’s obsession with wind and solar is rocketing power prices and a grid on the brink of collapse.
Try 1.

Saturday April 27, 2019 09:40

Flex 6/hotmetal post. No KB unstalls required for several days.
Why Giant Batteries Won’t Solve Wind & Solar’s Chaotic Intermittency.

New Mexico plans to issue specialized green bonds as it borrows roughly $12 million to complete efficiency and renewable energy upgrades on a fleet of state buildings in the capital.

nm to use 'green bonds' for conservation. abq j 4/27/19 A12/
Try 1.

Friday April 26, 2019 20:20

Cyber terrporism?
Your PC Might Not Be Able to Run Windows 10 1903 as Microsoft Raises System Requirements After Years.

Microsoft finally raises its minimum storage requirements to 32GB for the Windows 10 May 2109 Update.

Lenovo g580 win 8 Egypt xp ssd install complete but internet access.

Lenovo N500 vista running xp post.

Colossal Cost of Connecting Remote Wind & Solar,

diversified energy needed, not war on gas. abq j 4/26/19.

University Of Chicago Reports That Renewables Are A Luxury No Man Can Afford.

General Electric Teeters on the Edge as Earnings Loom.
Try 2.

Thursday April 25, 2019 13:29

256 GB $19 sdhc G disappeared. Bad card? No, win 10 problem.
Fix: “Please insert the disk” in Windows 10.

Connected to $130 Asus E203MAS Celeron N4000 win 10/`803 notebook.

New type of silicon promises cheaper solar technology.

Five Good Reasons to Hate Heavily Subsidised & Chaotically Intermittent Wind Power.

CEA is the latest venture of Mark Mathis who has spent most of his career challenging widely accepted ideas that are simply untrue.

gov. reaches out to facebook after prc decision. abq j 4/25/18 A1.


petty rc-pnm squabble is damaging the nm brand. abq j 4/24/19 A13.

Tesla Suffers Deep Q1 Loss as Solar Installs Continue to Plummet.
Try 1.

Wednesday April 24, 2019 08:57

Airborne certifiable software modules.
1 Performs simple intendant function.
2 Avoids performing adverse unintended or benign unintended functions.
3 Provides adequate warning in event of failure.
vb dot net/visual studio 2017 fails 2/3 miserably.

Nevertheless, we adopt for Intel MCS BASIC-52 interactive, metacompilable, RTOS port to ARM M4 project ... using $130 Celkeron N400 win 10/1803 Asus E203MAS notebook.

German Obsession with Wind & Solar Means Power Prices Set To Keep Skyrocketing.

7 Renewable Energy Stocks to Buy for Sunny Long-Term Returns.

Flex 6/hotmetal post. No kb uninstall required.

Try 3.

Tuesday April 23, 2019 16:19
China’s Solar Installations Down 46% In First Quarter.

World’s largest floating solar archipelago, coal takes hits in China and Britain,.

California just made more clean energy than it needed.

Try 4.

Monday April 22, 2019 18:44
Soon obsolete solar p[anels/associated electronics problem?
PV waste a rising challenge for Bangladesh.

New Coal Plants Are Just Too Expensive in China, Analysis Says.
Try 3.

Sunday April 21, 2019 19:47


Worst jobs.
3. Newspaper reporter
• Median annual wages: $41,260
• Projected job growth, 2016-2026: -10.0%
• Total employment: 37,140 The number of
newspaper reporters is projected to drop 10% by 2026 as newspapers
lose readers and ad revenue. Reporters often face intense scrutiny from
readers, added to the stress of print deadlines. In an increasingly polarized
political environment, reporters are often inundated with negative feedback
from readers and even some death threats.

Writers/speakers have agendas. Make/destroy produxt sales?

For money, of course.
Renewable Energy Fraudster Trades ‘Green’ for Orange Prison Garb.

Black smoke cloud seen from power plant is a 'common occurrence for an uncommon procedure',
Try 3.

Saturday April 20, 2019 16:40

The city of Austin has purchased an East Texas renewable power plant for $460 million as a means to escape from a punitive contract.
Judge Delivers Major Setback to Trump Policy to Increase Coal Mining on Federal Land.

‘New Green Deal’ Nothing More Than Costly Fantasy.
Try 2.

Friday April 19, 2019 19:44


Researchers suggest 100 percent renewable energy isn’t very green.
Try 3.

Thursday April 18, 2019 19:05

Microsoft Issues Serious Windows 10 Update Warning.
c/c++ methodeers?
Erratic, "intermittent", low capacity factor wind/gridscale solar reqquires "fossil-fueled" load following backup,
PNM reports conclludes.
prc decision blindsides facebook, officials warn. avq j 4/18/18 front page.

doubt Public Service Company of New Mexico’s ability to provide
100 percent renewable energy to run the facility.

One of Facebook’s criteria for locating in New Mexico was that its
data center could be powered by 100 percent renewable resources.

The green energy tariff and subsequent service contract allowed that to happen.

The La Joya wind farm is one of two wind farms and six solar plants that PNM has
either built or planned to supply nearly 400 megawatts of renewable generation to
Facebook as the company builds out the data center in stages over the next few years.

PG&E creates world-class hangover for wind and solar investors.

Inconveniently, utility power purchase agreements (PPAs), which have been the
principal economic model for renewable energy in the state, face legal collapse within two weeks.
The PPA crisis is one of the consequences of the bankruptcy of Pacific Gas & Electric,
the state's largest utility.

The Largely Ignored Problem Of Global Peak Oil Will Seriously Hit In A Few Years.

Try 1.

Wednesday April 17, 2019 18:31

Win 10 processor speed issues?

How Much Do The Climate Crusaders Plan To Increase Your Cost Of Electricity?.


wind turbine scams.


Insiders describe a world of chaos and waste at Panasonic's massive battery-making operation for Tesla.

Try 2.

Tuesday April 16, 2019 19:18

Tesla is developing a ‘unique battery recycling system’.
Batteries, Offshore Wind Lead Clean Energy Cost Cuts As Renewables Continue To Undercut Coal And Gas.

Insiders describe a world of chaos and waste at Panasonic's massive battery-making operation for Tesla.

readers foresee difficulties making the transition to 'green energy'. abq j 4/16/19 A13.

credible sources warn on climate.

opinions need some basis in fact.

This has already resulted in New Mexico and Puerto Rico setting 100% zero-carbon and/or renewable energy mandates.

PNM IRP 2017.
PNM Energy Sources.
Subsidised Wind & Solar Means 5 Million Germans Struggle To Pay Rocketing Power Bills & 340,000 Families Cut From Grid.
Try 1.

High-profile Albuquerque attorney arrested for DWI.

Monday April 15, 2019 21:41

new energy law boost energy-efficiency mandates. abq j 4/15/19.

New Plan To Save Coal Jobs: Teeny, Tiny Coal Power Plants.

Why Wind Power Can Never Replace Coal, Gas, Nuclear or Hydro.
Try 1.

Sunday April 14, 2019 15:34

changes in energy sources being driven by market abq j 4/14/19 A13.

Not blocked?

German Wind Turbine Maker Senvion’s Spectacular Financial Collapse.
New Mexico city asks for donations after more migrants dropped off.
Try 1.

Saturday April 13, 2019 09:32

Flex 6/hotmetal post after KB4493464 uninstall.

vb dot net 'methodeers' syntax under scrutiny. vb dot net ctardese dialect?

Try 2.

Friday April 12, 2019 07:57
Try 1.

Thursday April 11, 2019 20:27


Greentech Media approval required?

Lifelock time soon?

Flex 6/hotmetal post after KB4493464 uninstall.

Software technology Sensors Linked to Boeing 737 Crashes Vulnerable to Failure?
Sensors Linked to Boeing 737 Crashes Vulnerable to Failure.

Oh look, another broken Windows update! KB4493472 and KB4493446 causing issues.

Panasonic stops investing in Tesla Gigafactories as sales slump.
Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor power! No?
Marrying two types of solar cells draws more power from the sun,

Navajo Nation Embraces Renewable Energy As Era Of Coal Power Comes To An End.
Try 2.

Wedmesday April 10, 2019 19:48

$130 Asus win 10/1804 post.

Write speeds vary with Sandisk 400 GB parts, we read.

KB4493464 uninstall required for flex 6/hotmetal post.

Intermittent Renewables Chaos Means Longer Blackouts, Much More Often.

Ailing Wind Turbine Maker Senvion Takes Step Toward Insolvency.
Try 1.

Tuesday April 9, 2019 20:31

Technology to defeat ctards? :)

Let's try to send their leaders Florence CO for cyber terrorism? Albert Gore willing, of course.

c/c++ taught at Whitman.

Learned liberal arts 'thinking' at Whitman.

Janet Davis' photo popped up on Lenovo N500 laptop running xp.
Iran Danesjoo NSA project.
Revolutionary Guard Corps: Iran hits back at US terrorist claim.


Liberal arts 'educated' information suppression attempt?
lawmakes failed to take steps needed to reach ambitious goals. abq j 3/9/19 A13

the real catastrophe is move to eliminate fossil fuel economy. abq j 3/9/19 A13. Not posted?

By Jim Williams
Farmington Resident

We are witnessing the biggest scam in human history. The hysteria over catastrophic man-made climate change is projected to cost up to $200 trillion over the next 100 years. The most optimistic predictions say That after spending all that money we will slow the effects of man-made global warming by about four years. While most people agree that man is having a negative effect on our climate, bankrupting middle-class and poor Americans through harebrained and unachievable mandates is not the way to deal with the problem. It’s not the scientists who demand change; it’s politicians. The politicians just want to control your lives. That’s what it’s really about.

Let’s look at the world-renowned scientists who scream “catastrophe.” In the ‘los, they said by 1990 much of the world’s population would die from starvation and disease. In the ‘90s, Al Gore said we only have 15 years to fix this or the planet will be uninhabitable. Now ... the world will end in 12 years. Every prediction they ever made has been proven to be wrong. Not just a little wrong, but totally wrong. What is wrong with us? Why do we believe this?

Our new governor campaigned on 100 percent renewable energy for New Mexico in 12 years. That is impossible. If she didn’t know that when she said it, then she isn’t fit to lead us. Renewable energy will never plant your food, harvest your food or truck your food to you. It is not possible to heat every home in the state with renewable energy. Stop falling for their lies!

The one catastrophe that is the likely outcome of all of this hysteria is a significant number of premature deaths. One study has shown that if we prohibit all use of fossil fuel energy without adequate replacement, we will see significant brownouts, energy poverty and disruption of all the services that we take for granted today. If that happens, it could result in millions if not billions of premature deaths. Brownouts in hospitals, utilities and other vital services will actually be catastrophic.

We constantly read articles about more severe droughts and hurricanes, but there is absolutely no proof that this is happening. Even if droughts and hurricanes are slightly more severe, our ability to survive them is greatly improved with access to cheap energy.

... I know it’s hard to believe, but we live in the cleanest and safest environment in the entire history of humankind. How can that be right? We are destroying the planet. The air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat are the safest and cleanest ever! Why? Cheap and plentiful energy. Plentiful energy allows us to clean our air and drinking water, preserve our food and keep us safe from the elements.

Don’t let the greatest scam in human history take your health and possibly your life away from you.
TextBridge Pro 98/Epson 1250 Lenovo N500 windows vista laptop running xp scan.


Government Surrenders: PM Hoists White Flag on Australia’s Self-inflicted Renewable Energy Crisis.
Try 1.

Monday April 8, 2019 19:00

Intermittent Wind & Solar Destroying Australia’s Eastern Power Grid.

On The Navajo Reservation, Turning From Coal To Renewables.

Try 1.

Sunday April 7, 2019 15:37

$800 Flex 14/hotmetal post after KB448986 uninstall.
Microsoft Confirms Massive Windows 10 Upgrade Changes.

ARM M4 assembler progress good ... after reading good document.
Try 3.

Saturday April 6, 2019 10:40
Renewable Energy Obsession Leaves Thousands of Australians Powerless.
Try 2

Friday April 5, 2019 15:23

Flex 6/hotmetal post. No KB448986 uninstall.
Shutting Coal-Fired Power Plants Guarantees Rocketing Power Prices.
Try 3.

Thursday April 4, 2019 18:20
Microsoft is making big Windows 10 update changes starting with the May 2019 release.

Windows 10 1809's second update finally arrives, trailing 1803's patch by 2 weeks.

Climate change group scrapped by Trump reassembles to issue warning.
Try 2.

Wednesday April 3, 2019 18:53

$800 Flex 14/hotmetal post after KB448986 uninstall. KB448986 crashes hotmetal.
Windows 10 1809 KB4490481: the missing patch arrives, finally.
Win 10 bus: mouseleftdowndragright highligh broken. Both on $800 Flex 15 and $130 Asus E203MAS.

Have the climate catastrophists won?.

Try 2.

Tuesday April 2, 2019 19:02

The best new features in Visual Studio 2019 (and Visual Studio 2019 for Mac).
Staggering Cost of Australia’s Renewable Energy Policy.

Australia, Denmark, Germany vie to win Highest Global Electricity Cost! (It’s the Nobel Price Prize?).
Try 1.
Monnday April 1, 2019 18:57

Navajo Nation bill would replace 2.25 GW of coal with renewables.

Try 1

Sunday March 31, 2019 18:00

Flex 6/hotmetal post. KB448986 uninstall required.
Australia’s Renewable Energy Scam
Destroying Reliable & Affordable Baseload Power
Try 2.

Saturday March 30, 2019 20:20
Flex 6/hotmetal post. No KB448986 uninstall required.
Elon Musk clarifies Tesla’s plan to retrofit cars for ‘Full Self-Driving’ with new HW3 computer,


Autopilot Hardware 3.

Massive Increase in German Wind Power Capacity Adds Nothing to Power Output.

LEGO Buys U.S. Solar Power Builder.

Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance Includes Apple, Alphabet, GM,
Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Facebook, And Disney

Try 1.

Friday March 29, 2019 20:45

Flex 6/hotmetal post after KB448986 uninstall.

Lenovo warranty installed 1809 on Ideapad 320 r\7 gen core i5-7200U.
Microsoft officially designates Windows 10 1809 as ready for broad deployment.
Florida Power & Light has joined the race to build the world’s largest solar battery storage system, announcing plans for its massive Manatee Energy Storage Center.

Renewables ‘have won the race’ against coal and are starting to beat natural gas.

Power Prices Soar Whenever Hot Weather Combines with
Wind & Solar Output Collapses
Try 3.

Thursday March 28, 2019 20:35

Is SunPower finally breaking out?.

Windows 10/1803 Lenovo Flex 14 gen core i7-8550U.

history not appearing. :(

Must check to see if KB4489868 requires uninstall before Hotmetal run.

Not required today.


40 Years After A Partial Nuclear Meltdown, A New Push To Keep Three Mile Island Open.
Try 1.

Wednesday March 27, 2019 16:15

Transmission Losses See Remote Wind Farm Revenue Slashed.
Try 3.

Tuesday March 26, 2019 21:04
Global energy demand at highest growth in a decade, emissions reach record high in 2018.
green deal vote.

"intermitttent: low capacity factor wind requires "fossil-fueled" load following backup, PNM report concludes.
New Zealand’s Wind Turbines Produce Nothing 80% Of The Time.

Broadview wind farm. North of Clovis NM. 25oF.

Siemens wind turbines. Pronounced Zeemens in Switerland.

No gate ... gates cost money.

Pattern Energy project.

Main highway through wind farm. 241?.

Gate open.

Carbon Country CO wind farm largest consumer of electricity, we were told.

Electricity used to heat lubricants.

Flex 6/hotmetal post after KB4489868 uninstalled.

Mouseleftdown highlight caused hotmetal failute. About reentered.
"intermitttent: low capacity factor wind requires "fossil-fueled" load following backup, PNM report concludes.
New Zealand’s Wind Turbines Produce Nothing 80% Of The Time.
In blow to climate, coal plants emitted more than ever in 2018.

Try 1.

Reload worked. Try 2.

Monday March 25, 2019 18:56

It’s cheaper to replace most coal plants with renewables than keep them open, per report.

Matt Williams/bill solar/wind conversation. Williams Windmill, Lemitar, NM 9/18/17.

PNM engineers' July 27, 2016 wind/gridscale solar scam/fraud data?.

PNM concludes wind/gridscale solar requires "fossil-fueled" load following backup.
Tucson Electric Power Springerville AZ

PNM Prosperity solar battery storage test facility Albuquerque NM.
Why Costly & Intermittent Renewables Can’t Save the Planet.


The average capacity factor for solar in Germany for 2014 - about 11%.

Solar PV capacity factors in the US – the EIA data.

Try 1.

Baran Lanat.

Sunday March 24, 2019 18:38

Software Is Everywhere, But It's Not Always an Upgrade.

Microsoft is finally pulling the plug on Windows 7: How to save yourself.

3 Trends to Watch in Renewable Energy in 2019.

Try 1.

Saturday March 23, 2019 18:58

Industrial/commercial BASICs
hp 9800.
IBM 5100.
Wang 2200.
eclipsed by INTEL MCS BASIC-52?

Which may dispatch c/c++ embedded controller/IOT tecnology? Albert Gore, willing of course.
us navy microsoft xp support contract.


Legistlation liberal arts 'educated' ploy?
nm commits to clean energy abq j 3/23/19 A1.

rural nm must power clean energy A 15.
benny shendo new mexico.

Deny Senator's charge.  Does Admiral Payne have any proof for basis of charge?  11/6/18 post.
navajos end bid to acquire coal-fired plant A12.
Why Intermittent & Unreliable Renewables Can’t Save the Planet.

Power plant near Lake Powell to close after Navajo Nation company ends bid to buy it.
Try 1.

Friday March 22, 2019 09:05

Upgrade time?
High efficiency solar module upgrades from REC and Trina.

Australia’s Renewable Energy Crisis Threatens Thousands of Well-Paid Jobs.
Try 1.

Thursday March 21, 2019 22:13

Who waits to charge until the battery is completely depleted? Nobody.


US nuclear is dying, but it produced more electricity in 2018 than ever before.
Trump’s Promise to Slash Massive RE Subsidies.
Michigan Tech Researchers Say Distributed Renewables Save Utility Customers Money.

Solar and wind firms call the 'Green New Deal’ too extreme.

Is Elon Musk's SolarCity circling the drain?.

Canadian Solar recorded net income of $237.1 million in 2018, from $99.6 million a year earlier, on annual PV module shipments of 6.62 GW.

Time To Charge From Zero Percent.

Try 1.

New year starts right.

Wednesday March 20, 2019 16:37


Nowruz in Iran 2019.

Canada announces new $5,000 incentive for electric cars, Tesla vehicles excluded.
Try 1.

Tuesday March 18, 2019 18:00

KB4487017/89868 not bothering hotmetal ... too much.

10 machine/10 installation specific?

Puerto Rico is on its way to 100% renewable electricity.

Queensland MPs Demand Coal-Fired Power Plants to Quell Rocketing Power Prices.
Try 1.

Monday March 18, 2019 21:19

Flex 6/hotmetal post after unistall


Flex 6/hotmetal post after uninstall of

Google, Microsoft work together for a year to figure out new type of Windows flaw.

EMAIL // TWITTER @drpizza

Try 2.

Sunday March 17, 2019 17:30
Call for Reliable & Affordable Electricity Means Investing in New Coal-Fired Plant.
Try 2.

Saturday March 16, 2019 12:54

BlueGriffon text data ears hotmetal crash cause?
Try 2.

Thursday March 14, 2019 08:40

Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘New Green Deal’ is Economic Suicide.
Try 2.

Wednesday March 13, 2019 18:01

As promised during the launch of the base Model 3, Tesla has started pushing a new software update that is boosting the Model 3’s range by 15 miles.

No New Europe Wind Farms Built Since 2017.

New Mexico is the third state to legally require 100% renewable electricity.

Solar installations were down 2 percent from 2017 according to the Solar Energy Industries Association’s (SEIA) latest report. Nonresidential solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity saw an annual decline of 8 percent with utility-scale solar use contracting dropping 7 percent in 2018.

Try 1.

Tuesday March 12, 2019 21:05

$800 Flex 14 [aka 8] core i7-8550U runs hot .... then slows to cool running Defender. 4 physical/8 logical cores.

$130 Asus E203MAS Celeron N4000 does not slow running defencer. 2 physical/2 logical cores.

8 gen Flex 5 run cooler ... and maybe, in practice, faster than Flex 6?

Forbes update article doen't display properly on xp. Does on 10/1803.

Flex 6/hotmetal post. No uninstall of KB4487017 required.

Microsoft's New Windows 10 Surprise? Removing Your Updates.

To ensure that your device can start up and continue running as expected, Windows will also prevent problematic updates from installing automatically for the next 30 days.

Bill Gates Slams Unreliable Wind & Solar:

Panasonic Solar Modules Added To Sunnova’s Approved Vendor List.

Sunnova bills itself as “the leading, privately-held, residential solar + battery storage
service provider” in the United States with over 65,000 customers across the country and its territories.

Arizona utility investing in battery storage. abq j 3/12/19. $130 Asus E203MAS post.

Harnessing the sun in coal country.

Tesla Is Completely Out of Control.

Try 1.

Monday March 11, 20 19:45

Flex 6 [aka 14] post. No KB malware/bug uninstall required.

ARM 4 metacompilable/interactive/incrental assembler Intel MCS BASIC-52 RTOS port projects. :)


Farmers Declare Wind Farms a ‘No-Win’ for Rural America.

Hybrid Silicon & Perovskite Bifacial Solar Cell Achieves 30.2% Efficiency. .

DTE Energy's (DTE) Largest Wind Park Commences Operation.

It Sounds Crazy, But Fukushima, Chernobyl, And Three Mile Island Show Why Nuclear Is Inherently Safe.

Try 5.

Sunday March 10, 2019 17:54

Capacity factor.
Wondows 10 Google Chrome portable running on 8 gen Lenovo Flex 6 run on
N500 vista runnning xp?

In that case, investigations by the Indonesian and American aviation authorities determined that the Lion Air plane’s abrupt nose dive might have been caused by updated Boeing software that was meant to prevent a stall but that can send the plane into a fatal descent if the altitude and angle information being fed into the computer system is incorrect.

America’s Big Freeze Reveals Deadly Danger of Unreliable Renewables.
Try 1.

Saturday March 9, 2019 16:17
Google Says Upgrade To Windows 10 After Critical Flaws Found In Chrome And Windows 7.

Lenovo 3 gen g580 windows 8 laptopo running bill-installed xp home.

Runs portable apps from sdhc 32 GB memory!

Windows 7.

Asus E203MAS $230 post.

Kevin Avila-Robinson?
Cost per Terawatt hour:

PV Solar: $2,043 million
Wind: $727 million
Coal: $583 million
Natural Gas: $250 million
Trump Escalates War On Renewables, Slashes DOE Budget By 70%.

Intermittent Subsidised Wind & Solar Most Expensive Electricity of All.

Capacity factors derived from the IEA chart:

PV Solar: 6%
Wind: 31%
Coal: 55%
Natural Gas: 46%

These capacity factors appear low.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimated CFs for

Coal of 85% and
natural gas as 87%. The EIA also estimated
wind at 35% and
PV Solar at 25%.

Recent EIA reports omit CFs for Coal, and uses estimates of CFs in 2022, not actual CFs for 2018.

A battery and inverter powerhouse. $130 Asus E203MAS post.
Try 2.

Friday March 8, 2019 20:46

No Kevin Avila-Robinson requested repose by close of business 3/8/19.

Windows 10 passes 800 million devices.

Wind Farm Coming? Here’s What To Expect & How To Help Your Community.

Microsoft MSFT has signed a 15-year power purchase agreement for the energy produced by a 74-megawatt solar power facility in North Carolina.

Reached 104 Gigawatts In 2018.

Solar becomes a must-have for utilities.

Stiff Breeze Flattens Giant Wind Turbine in New Mexico
Try 2.

Thursday March 7, 2019 21:26

Bluegrifon $129.99 Asus E203MAS post. Sdhc portable,

Now hotmeral post.

Bluegriffon Asus,

Flex 6 Bluegriffon post.
SunPower Launches World’s Most Powerful Residential Solar Panels.

Old technoloy Chicago

upgradee to Predator.

Predator starts on first pull 25o F, Above after about 25. :(

Battery replacement technology important ... espcially with laptops/cell phones with no easily

replaceable batteries.

$5.50. We all make misteaks.
Bluegriffon Flex 6 post. 

Bluegriffon sdhc portable app. :)
Bluegriffon about 20 years advanced from Hotmetal 6.0 Pro, imo.

Bluegriffon/hotmetal very compabilbe.

Hotmeta written in Visual Basic, I belive from posts and study. By Russian Canadia immigrants.

$129.99 Asus E203MAS 10/1803 Celeron N4000 BT Microsoft sculpt cofort mouse/Logictech K380 keyboardpost @ about 9.8 W post.
xcel on board with nm's proposed energy transition act abq j 3/7/19 A12.

Flex 6 post. No KB4487017 uninstall required. :)

$129.99 E203MAS post.

Windows 10 Update Causing Severe In-Game Performance Issues.

Two Turbine Wind Farm Shutdown Order Leaves Falmouth $7,000,000 in Debt.

Danish offshore wind giant Ørsted has signed the United Kingdom’s first ever offshore wind corporate Power Purchase Agreement with Northumbrian Water for 30% of the electricity generated from the 573 megawatt (MW) Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm.

Illinois is weighing a 100 percent renewable energy bill that includes jobs, equity, and social justice.

Try 2.

Wednesday March 6, 2019 16:40

100% solar panel production possible in 2019?
SunPower Introduces Its Key Product for 2019.

Hello SunPower,

william harris payne

US Utilities Buy More Renewables, But Coal Cloud Looms Ahead.
University/college computer science education not 'cutting it' today?
Office Depot, San Pedro, Technology Specialist fixed.

Fix audio 3/6/19.

Waveshop portable used to snip, then save as mp3 on Asus E03MAS.

Researchers say Intel won't be able to use a software mitigation to fully address the problem Spoiler exploits.
and a Cortex-M4F.

arm m4f hardware floating point?.


PNM 100% renewable TV ads frequency increasin. Liberal arts 'educated' win strategy?
Wind & Solar Obsession Sees 60,000 Families Cut From the Grid After (Another) 16% Power Price Hike.
Try 1.

Photosuite 7 gave no error on exiting warning messages. Lenovo N500 vista running xp.

Wednesday March 6, 2019 07:57

1809 This PC optical disk Hotmetal/Photosuite installation attempts non-display distgurbing.

Appearance created that some code was trying to prevent install.

Restarts required to get DVD to appear.

About three attempts to install hotmetal. About two for Photosuite. :(

Install failure resulted in DVD disappearance. Restart required to get DVD to appear.

Flex 6 post. KB4487017 not reinstalled.
Lenovo Ideapad 320 win 10/1809 post.

Three attempts required to install.

Hotmetal, Photosuite, WS_FTP [portable] installed! :)

Visual Studio/VB dot net downloaded.

ONGOSUB, vb dot net essential for M4 assembler construction,

Run metacompilable interactive RTOS Intel MCS BASIC-52 on Windows 10. ARM 4 more meritorious project?
How to run DIS on a Raspberry PI.

Tuesday March 5, 2019 07:17

Run metacompilable interactive RTOS Intel MCS BASIC-52 on Windows 10. ARM 4 more meritorious project?
How to run DIS on a Raspberry PI.

Try 1.

Monday March 4, 2019 17:06

Windows Defender - "you'll need a new app to open this windowsdefender".

You need a new app to open this windowsdefender.

Fix: “You’ll need a new app to open this ms-windows-store” error.

Warrant repair Lenono Ideapad 320 return. Lenovo installed 10/1803. Whoops!

Snip changed.

Save As now on righth disk icon.

Defender works on Lenovo Flex 5. Bill installed 10/1803 from windows.iso file with modem/router disconnected.

Interactive RTOSs allow workers to guide robots?
For Fukushima's nuclear disaster, robots may be the only hope.

Intel MCS BASIC-52 is an interadtive RTOS.

c/c++ are not RTOSs.

Flex 6. Update history broken. :( KB4487017 not installed. :)

Hotmetal/Flex 6 post. Careful not to use mouseleftdowndragright to hilight.

Coal dead under Labor’s dramatic renewables plan.
Try 1.

Sunday March 03, 2019 18:54

60 minutes 3/319. c/c++.
E203MAS Hotmetal 'not responding' message frequency increasing.
Insight gaining.
Flex 6 post. No KB4487017 uninstall required ... yet.

Tesla Inc’s sudden decision to shutter the bulk of its stores around the
world raises a red flag over the future of its solar branch,
a declining
business it paid $2.6 billion for in a controversial 2016 deal.
Try 3.

Saturday March 02, 2019 16:46


You wrote in New Mexico energy transition proposed, March 2nd, 2019 at 12:05am
Current generation costs (per megawatt hour)

Coal: $60 to $120
Gas: $45 to $75
Solar: $20 to $30
Wind: $15 to $20
Solar/wind cost correct or not?

Erratic, intermittent, low capacity Wind turbine/gridscale solar industries msm articles suggests scam/fraud misinformation for business interests under international investigation, we understand.

Please respond with verified data by close of business 3/9/19.

Please acknowledge with email receipt.

William Harris Payne.

Flex 6 post after KB4487017uninstall.

new mexico energy transition proposal abq j 3/2/19 A1.

Current generation costs (per megawatt hour)

Coal: $60 to $120
Gas: $45 to $75
Solar: $20 to $30
Wind: $15 to $20
[s]olar and wind farms need a lot of backup power for when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

Today, that backup is provided largely by fossil fuels like natural gas.

In that sense, the renewable and clean energy build-out generally represents a replacement plan that
transforms the grid, rather than a massive addition to it, Fallgren said.


sj 1 makes prc political spoils. A13.

SJR 1 takes a big step backward by proposing to turn the PRC into a three-member body with all
members appointed by the governor.
Massive Subsidies Make Offshore Wind Power Most Expensive Of All.
Try 4.

Friday March 01, 2019 13:45

Flex 6/hotmetal post ... after KB4487017 uninstalled.
Researchers Confirm Ongoing Problem With Windows 10 Updates.

Try 3.

Thursday February 28, 2019 17:33

PNM seeks high court stay on coal plant. abq j 2/28/19A10.

PNM says it’s impossible to comply, since it lacks the basic information needed for such a filing, including selection and cost estimates for alternative energy resources that would replace San Juan.

pnm's earninga soqn vy $17m.

Flex 6 post. No uninstall required.
Update history missing.

Mouseleftdowndragright causes Asus E203MAS to invoke 'not responding'.

Mouseleftdown+shift+ mouseleftup move to end of text. Mouseleftdown highlights. No problems.

Rright click on shortcut to view.
10/1803 performance appears specific to machine and windows installation.

The Volvo Polestar 2, the first car with Android Automotive, is now official.

he Polestar 2 is a sedan-crossover that is set to compete directly with the
Tesla Model 3. Included in the car is a 78kWh battery ...

Tesla can do a world of good if Elon Musk seizes the coming boom in India energy storage.

Winter Wind & Solar Collapse Means Coal & Gas Here to Stay.

Try 2.

Wednesday February 27, 2019 16:31
Windows 10 Updates Are Still A Confusing Mess, And This One Image Proves It.

Setting the weekly flying and maintenance schedule for an F-35 squadron is a weeklong process. It takes hours for multiple people to download data from the jets and comb through it, paste information into different spreadsheets, and continuously update each system.


Generac commerical ad increase on weather channel.

Wind turbine/gridscale solar erratic, intermiteent, low capacity factor power output reason?

Volvo unveils Polestar 2 electric car as Tesla Model 3 competitor.

Liberal arts 'educated' Jason Marks [Marks has a Bachelors degree from Reed College and a law degree from the University of New Mexico.].

coal deal murky details scarce on farmington's san juan talks. abq j 2/27/19 A12.

EVs run mostly on coal, we read.

3412.14 BTU = 1 kWh.

"For existing coal-fired power plants, heat rates are typically in the range of 9,000 Btu/kWh to 11,000 Btu/kWh."

"Coal plants typically use 20 to 50 gallons of water to produce one kilowatt-hour of electricity."

Why Your Neighbour’s Solar Panels Are Costing You a Fortune.
Try 1.

Tuesday February 26, 2019 17:40

E203 post. Mousedowndragrighr causes hotmetal 'not responing' KB bug problem.
New study, a group of UK researchers report that users of Home edition experience unexpected restarts and inconsistent installation times, caused by inappropriate defaults and inadequate notice of pending updates.
Jack [I hate forth] Ganssle- Intel's latest CPU will need a 420 amp power supply, just for the chip. Imagine: 420 amps into a fleck of silicon: ANANDTECH.

Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/griscale solar scam/fraud?
energy transition act decision time. abq j 2/26/19 A13.

comprehensive solution helps utilities, environment,workers.

we need a real debate on the benefits and costs.

sb 489 is the way forward.

let's get energy future right.

sb 489 offers a great vision.

Wind turbine/gridscale solar scam/fraud?
Matt Williams/bill solar/wind conversation. Williams Windmill, Lemitar, NM 9/18/17.

PNM engineers' July 27, 2016 wind/gridscale solar scam/fraud data?.

PNM concludes wind/gridscale solar requires "fossil-fueled" load following backup.
Tucson Electric Power Springerville AZ

PNM Prosperity solar battery storage test facility Albuquerque NM.
Nuclear Power Works: That’s Why The Wind & Solar Industries Hate It So Much.

Massive solar power plant possibly coming to Northern Virginia.

Not 'moderated out'.

Try 2.

Monday February 25, 2019 17:19
Representative Brian Egolf - (D) - Speaker Of The House.

Egolf earned his B.S. in diplomacy and public service from Georgetown University in 1999 and his J.D. from the University of New Mexico.

Harbor Freight help prepare New Mexico for Governor Lujan-Grisham 100% renewables initiative?

Queensland Breaks Ground On 1.5 Gigawatt Solar Farm With 500 MWh Battery Storage.

Asus E203MAS consumes slightly less than 5 W [idle] to slightly over 10 W [defender]
Sweden Expands Support For Off-Grid Renewable Energy In Sub-Saharan Africa.

Liberal arts 'educated' media control ploy?

Work arounds.

Aaron Cabral Engineering Technician at PNM Resources.


Rocketing Power Prices Bring Guaranteed Economic Destruction.

Climate protesters storm McConnell's office.
Try 1.

Sunday February 24, 2019 09:42

Asus E203MAS rescued Office Depot hp stream 13?

Government Mandates Economic Suicide.

Former Tesla VP Spins Up New Energy Company To Accelerate Solar Plus Storage.
Try 2.

Saturday February 23, 2019 20:05

Near od stream disaster averted. Flex 6 post after uninstalling KB malware

Dealing with Lenovo warranty. Don't hang up when dealing with India Lenovo warranty agents!

Office Depot hp stream 13 $129.99 recovered after James win 1803 update attempt.

Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscale solar requires load following "fossil-fueled" backup, PNM reports concludes. Engineers wrong?

Libral arts 'educated' msm electricity generation articles?
New refillable batteries could fuel an electric car revolution.

First look at Tesla’s latest solar panel made at Gigafactory 2.

Dianne Feinstein scolds kids who pushed her to back Green New Deal: 'I know what I'm doing'.

Busting the Myth of Grid Scale Storage of Wind & Solar Power.

Try 2.

English to Iran Danesjoo Information Committee/Farsi to Afghanistan/Dari to Al-Queda. Word spreads?

Friday February 22, 2019 18:00

Office Depot hp Stream returned from free checkup ... after 30 days.

worrked on laptop.

James report on why it didn't update.

OD Rennaisance break stream?

OD stickers left on win 10 laptops.

1 Ideapad 100 would not update until Max SC shell post fixed.
2 hp stream 13 will update from 10/1607 to 1803. Current issue.
3 Flex 5 boot deteroriated to about 15-20 minutes.
4 Flex 5/6 1803 decided not to run notmetal. 
   window.iso 'keep nothing' reinstall with modem/router off fixed hotmetal problem.
   1803 allowed to update. Hotmetal stopped working
   KB uninstalls located those containing malware when hotmetal started working.

'keep nothing'optiion not as scary as sounds. Provided data/portable app kept on sdhc cards. Flash drive maybe ok, imo.

window.iso 10 far faster than xp to reinstall.

Shortccut to portable apps requre update. Like Chrome, Thunderbird, Revo Unistaller,....

Pprovided prorgrams/data not installed on wein 10 drive.

A responsible shift to clean energy » Albuquerque Journal 02/2219 A15

Schott Solar panel manfufacturer left Albuquerque.

Schott Gets Out Of Panel Business » Albuquerque Journal.

Aaron Cabral Engineering Technician at PNM Resources.

solar panel manufacturers electric usage.
I also noticed that solar panel manufacturers have high electricity bills, which is not a good sign.

wind turbine topples in eastern nm. abq j 2/22/19 A112.

Wind Industry Performance Claims?. .

Try 1.

Thursday February 21, 2019 17:11

Malware? OD Stream 13/320 back.

About 20 feet from tp router.

866 Mbps within about 10 feet of router.

E203MAS post.
Flex 6 post after uninstalling

ARM assembly languages usig the raspberry pi.
Officce Depot hp stream 13 1607 to 1803 update failing so far.
Microsoft releases Windows 10 fixes with fresh cumulative updates.

OD matches Best Buy prices.
Liberal arts 'educated' articles?
GW of batteries is meaningless. What's the GWh?.

US Could Achieve 3X As Much CO2 Savings With Renewables Instead Of Nuclear For Less Money.

Cuomo’s Bogus Claims About New York’s All Wind & Solar Powered Future.

Try 1.

Wednesday February 20, 20 17:24

Sanddisk 128 GB sdhc conntect to Asus $129.99 10/1803 with usb corded schd adapter.

Switched 4 port powered usb 3.0 hub.

Kitchen computing. 32 inch Dell #139.99 monitor.

Bluetooth Logitech K380 keyboard/Microsoft sculpt comfort mouse.

Ativa BT109 <$10 speaker.

E203MAS post!
Upgrade attempt from 1607 t0 1803 in progress with Sandisk 128 GB Ultra Plus micro sdhc.
Work? Know this afternoon.

Visual Basic dot net written c/c++ [aka ctardese]. Impressive product coupled with
Visual Studio 2017.

Adopteres of both. Used for implementation stage of MRM M4 Interl MCS BASIC-52 interative RTOS.
Tuesday February 19, 2019 12:52

Ability to write assembler in high-level language implemented on interactive RTOS essential.

Technology learned from Forthians.

Start with interactive RTOS written by single programmer important.

We may be able to port John Katausky BASIC-52 RTOS. Likely unable to port RTOS written by multiple programmers.

Hardware floating point, metacompier software technology, and huge flash memory should make project successful/fun.

Enormous advantage to have RTOS generate itself from source!!!

Tuesday February 19, 2019 20:20

Hello Sam,

Tested your file read/John Anthony Oliver ONGOSUB codes on

1 Lenovo Flex 6, 8 gen core i7-85508.
2 Lenovo Flex 5 7 gen core i5-7200U.
3 Lenovo Ideapad 320 7 gen core i5-7200U.
4 Lenovo Ideapad 100 5 gen core c5-5200U
5 Asus E203MAS 2 GB celeron N4000. Best Buy return.
6 Asus E203MAS 4 GB celeron N4000. Best Buy return.
7 hp stream 13 2-5 GB celeron N3050, Office Depot.

1-6 run win 10/1803.
7 runs win 10/1607.

worked on 1-6.


caused compiler error on several of 1-6.

TextBox.Text = s

change eleiminated compiler error.

Failure to get m4b.txt pathcorrect, caused code to fail at run time with no errors given.

No changes required for John Anthony Oliver code on 1-6.

Visual Studio worked on 7.

But vb dot net compiles failed with many errors.

Visual Studio 2107 implementations appeared to vary considerable in 1-6.

Different programmers implement?

Codes not tested on Lubbock Asus E203MAS. Do not anticipate problems.

VB dot net adoption will make Intel MCS BASIC-52 interactive RTOS/ARM M4 metacompiler
project lots easier.

Inexpensive win 10/1803+ low power laptop required for project success too.

Flex 6/hotmetal post.
View Updates no long display updates. So

Malware KBs not seen. Hotmetal works.


EVs run mostly on coal, we read.

3412.14 BTU = 1 kWh.

"For existing coal-fired power plants, heat rates are typically in the range of 9,000 Btu/kWh to 11,000 Btu/kWh."

"Coal plants typically use 20 to 50 gallons of water to produce one kilowatt-hour of electricity."
Which 5 Electric Vehicles Will Next Cross 100,000 Sales In A Year?.

There’s $200 million worth of Tesla cars in this picture.

Upgrade time?

Researchers create residential solar panels nearly twice as efficient as existing panels.

Giant Batteries No Solution to Wind Power’s Chaotic Delivery.

Try 1.

Tuesday February 19, 2019 19:37

Office Depot scam?

Lenovo ideapad 100 broadwell contributes to project.
Celeron N4000 Windows 10/1803+ projects.

N400/hotmetal post.
F35 code mostly written in c/c++
Air Force Wants Eight Upgraded Boeing Fighters Along With F-35s.

Intermittent Wind & Solar Wrecking Entire Power Grid.

Polish government: wind turbines will be scrapped within 17 years.
Try 2.

Chrome crashed.

Monday February 18, 2019 21:50

Bifacial takes all in Alberta large-scale PV auction, final price cheaper than gas.

Community Choice Groups Push for PG&E to Leave the Power Generation Business.
Flex 6 attacked 2/17/19 twice. Uinstall corrected.

Hotmetal load lots faster on Lenovo N5000 vista running xp, than Flex 6 Intel Core i7-8850H @ 2.60GHz running 10/1803. Flex 6 runs i7-8550U.
Bill Gates Slams Unreliable Wind & Solar.

Bifacial takes all in Alberta large-scale PV auction, final price cheaper than gas.

12 Ways of Looking at a Rivian vs Tesla Matchup.

Maine open to wind, NY offshore wind, Arizona support for renewables.

Giant Wind Power Transmission Project Could Spark New Wind Rush In Wind Belt.

Try 1.

Sunday February 17, 2019 11:22

Asus E203MAS Celeron N4000 10/1803 projects.
KB4485449 fixed hotmetal malware problem? Flex 6 post.
2/1719 web.

Asus E203MAS most advanced computer senior computer programmer ever operated?
1 3 small leds left of keyboard. 1 TOPL ac connected. 2 MIDDLE power up. 3 BOTTOM
caps locks on,
Logitech K380 bt keyboard.
Celeron N4000 performance + 3 usb 3.ports + micro sdhc slot. + 802.11ac
+ hdmi + win 10/1803 + LOW POWER CONSUMPION + $129.99 price [12/28/18 Lubbock] conclusion reasons?

Truth Behind the Fake Wind Industry Jobs ‘Bonanza’.
Liberal arts 'educated' msm articles?
We can have a Green New Deal, and air travel too.

Green New Deal: Republicans talk up climate change
plan – but not because they like it

Move over, Ocasio-Cortez. The Green New Deal's got some competition.

Origami-Inspired Solar Panel Could Start Generating
Renewable Electricity From Your Window

The Tesla Model 3 Is Taking Over The World.

Google is building a solar power project above fishing ponds in Taiwan, its first in Asia.

Try 1.

Saturday February 16, 201 18:37
core i9 power ... and cooling reqiemtnets.

No deleting KB required. Hotmail post from Flex 6!

KB4485449: Patch Release Date Feb 13, 2019.

Mouseleftdown, drag bug/malware fixed?
Below no long works ... on this flex 6 laptop running this version of 10/1804.



c/c++ industry rejected Eli Whitney's interchangeable parts idea, we realize. Stifles creativity?
I Ran Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi So You Don't Have To.

What is the future of liberal arts educated' msm energy writers?
The nuclear city goes 100% renewable.

As More Electric Cars Arrive, What's The Future For Gas-Powered Engines?.

"We're moving in the right direction with electric cars," Reichmuth says. "But the question is how fast do we get there. And, you know, if you look at what we're already seeing with climate change, we're going to have to move faster."

Industrial revolution end?

Why Wind & Solar Can Never Replace Fossil Fuels.

Try 1.

Friday February 15, 2019 08:48

Posting from Flex 6 after deleting KB4487017.

Logitech K380 BT keyboard hit by malware attack on Zsus E203MAS?

Microsoft to launch Visual Studio 2019 on April 2.

Asus E203MAS celeron N4000 win 10 can run entirely on solar ... provided the sun is shining, of course.

And on Harbor Freight 35Ahr AGM battery if the sun in not shining.

Solar requires backup ... but on necesarily "fossil-fueled". :)
This wireless AI camera runs entirely on solar power.

Other grandmother lives in Georgetown. Heard was imable to sell electricity generated by wnd/solar.
Texan Town Pays Heavy Price for 100% Wind & Solar Vanity Project.
Try 2.

Thursday February 14, 2019 18:48

Microsoft win 10 problem?
Whitney's armory pioneered the use of interchangeable parts,
which are nearly identical parts that can be easily mass produced
and replaced. The armory was called the Eli Whitney Armory or
the Whitneyville Armory.
Win 10 appears specific to laptop model, our experiments [9 10 laptops] reveal.

Viz is the name of this game?

Scan document. Post request?

Wind & Solar Chaos Leaves Europe’s Power Grid On Brink of Total Collapse.

xcel to go carbon-free; backs nm's green plan. abq j 2/14/19 A12.

TVA to close Kentucky coal-fired power plant, despite Trump's plea.
Try 3.

Wednesday February 13, 2019 20:49

Work with Lenovo g560 win 7 running xp home?

Jelly comb full size caused Microsoft sculpt comfort pointer to freeze while connected report. :(

Scope of effect = collateral damage?

Lenovo ideapad 320 7 gen windows 10/1803 reinstall cost audio. $199?

Monday January 21, 2019 12:47

Office Depot hp sream not updating audio.

Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor gridscale solar requires "fossil-fueled" load following backup, PNM report concludes.
Big Freeze Exposes Wind & Solar’s Deadly Flaw – Hopeless Intermittency.

Try 3.

Tuesday February 12, 2019 16:03

Jelly comb full size keyboard appears to destablize Asus BT.

Microsoft sculpt comfort mouse disconnecting.

K380 reconnect took several hours. Pairing interface damaged. Drivers deleted. Final success.

startup builds electric car charging stations. abq j 2/12/18 A10.
Power Consumers Pay Cost to Backup Intermittent Wind & Solar.

The solar energy sector lost 8,000 jobs in the US last year, the second consecutive year of declines, hit by uncertainty over the Trump administration’s energy and trade policies and a 30% tariff on imported solar panels, according to a report released on Tuesday.

Try 1. Suprise in. 4 jacks showing on deal.

Monday February 11, 2019 15:52




green new deal is a dangerous, wasteful fantasy. abq j 2/11/19 A10.

The green jobs myth.

Elon Musk’s Great Battery Conjob Exposed.
Try 1.

Sunday February 10, 2019 10:45

Asus E203MAS hotmetal 'not responding' failure.

Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/griscale solar requires load following
"fossil-fueled" backup, PNM report concludes.

Ocasio-Cortez’s green energy plan ignores Obama’s failures.

The mysterious case of AOC’s scrubbed 'Green New Deal' details.

Can Australia Escape its Self-Inflicted Renewable Energy Calamity Before It’s Too Late?.

Try 2.

Saturday February 9, 2019 20:46

reviewing the affordable & compact Lenovo ThinkPad L390.

PNM Energy Sources removed. Reposted. Battery info removed. But
'fossil-fueld' backup remains. :)

Ocasio-Cortez and Green New Deal will make Dems 'unelectable': Marc Thiessen.

A charismatic Barack Obama peddled the idea of 5 million new green jobs as he ran for
the presidency in 2008. Actually, the number was Hillary Clinton’s idea, but when she lost,
Obama appropriated it. I wrote an article in 2010 in the Washington Post busting Obama’s
myth, and the green industry rewarded me by keeping me unemployed ever since.

Obama invested billions in the clean energy sector. Flameout after flameout like the
solar company, Solyndra, resulted. There was hardly any accrual in new green jobs.

That was the myth of the clean-energy industry — that the technology and business
models were ready for 5 millions jobs. They weren’t. I was engineer in one corner of
clean energy — smart utility meters

Cost Mean Batteries No Solution to Chaotic Wind Power Delivery.

The Real Reason the Government Wants You to Drive an Electric Car
Jeff Brown, Editor, The Near Future Report

In the U.S. alone, government subsidies for electric vehicles have been estimated as high as $20 billion.
Try 4.

Friday February 8, 2019 08:49
At http://ww
Try 2.

Thursday February 7, 2019 16:17

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., unveiled her "Green New Deal" on Thursday -- a government-led overhaul of
virtually every aspect of American life that would guarantee a host of taxpayer-covered benefits for all and
phase out fossil fuels.
wind farm taking shape in texas. abq j 2/7/19 A12.
Study shows electric cars lose 41% of range in ‘icy temperature’, Tesla disputes the claim.

New Tools For Estimating Solar Energy Potential In Urban Environments.

Australia’s Self-Inflicted Energy Crisis Driven by Wind & Solar Obsession.
Try 4.

Wednesday February 6, 2019 18:58
bill to kill electric vehicle tax credit completely and add new EV tax.

GM is going 'all-electric,' but it doesn't expect to make money off battery-powered cars until early next decade.


Florida Public Service Commission Opens The Floodgates For Solar Leases.
Try 2.

Tuesday February 5, 2019 18:46
The traditional solar business that Tesla acquired more than two years ago is just a small fraction of that size now. While that may be making the company's operating expense line look pretty good currently, it also means Tesla may not be satisfying job requirements at Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York.

Posted from Flex 6 using hotmetal ... after uninstalling KB4480966. :(


Green New Deal won't call for end to fossil fuels.

wind and solar adds nothing to reliable power generation capacity.
Wind/gridscale solar industries article?

"Nuclear power plants are ‘bleeding cash’"
Taxpayers should not fund Bill Gates’ nuclear albatross.
Nuclear power is so uneconomical even Gates can't make it
work without billions from taxpayers.
Try 1.

Monday February 4, 2019 18:34

E203 post. Most advanced computer? 4.4 W?

Asus E2-3MAS [$129.99 Best Buy Lubbock], BT Logitech K380, Microsoft sculpt compfort, Hotmetal, WS_FTP95 post.

Liberal arts 'educated' make app deplynent decisions?

Lenovo g580 Ivy Bridge gen 3 BT install attempts.

Install demands going through Control Panel. Can't view optical disk contents.

Mounting & Astronomical Cost of Australia’s Wind Power Chaos.
Try 3.

Sunday February 3, 2019 20:58

Not much faster than Asus E203MAS $129.99.

Coal plants typically use 20 to 50 gallons of water to produce one kilowatt-hour of electricity.

Nuclear Energy consuming roughly 400 gallons of water per megawatt-hour.

How Much Water Does It Take to Make Electricity?.
What next?
Microsoft ready to bend over backwards to get companies on Windows 10.

Microsoft sculptcomfort/Logitech K380 work perfectly with Asus E204MAS.
Both worked badly on all win 10 previously tested pcs.

Purchased in 2015 Best Buy [$40 each] for Amazon hp stream 13 BT tests.

Jelly Comb full sized rechargeable BT 3 device kb [About $30 Amazon] under test.

Looking good.

E203EMAS 100/1803 snip photo processing hotmetal post.

Windows 10 impressive. Adoption decision reason Amazon hp stream 13 10/Office 365 evaluation.
Highest tech chips usually in new products. Software improvements too. 3 purchased. First in San Diego Office Depot.

Worked great with iPad and win 10/1803 pc.

2 purchased in abq.

Used for Asus E203MAS, Lenovo Flex 5, and Lenovo N500 vista running xp.

Inexpersive low-power 10/1803 pc and peripherals essential for metacompilale assembler
Intel MCS BASIC-52 interactive RTOS running Visual Studio 2017/Visual Basic dot net project.

Wind farms sue NPPD over termination of power purchase deal.
High Efficiency Low Emissions Coal-Fired Power Plants Key To Restoring Reliable & Affordable Power.

'Inkjet' solar panels poised to revolutionize green energy.
Try 6.


Saturday February 2, 2019 21:00

Wind Power Debacle Leaves Thousands of Powerless Victorians Furious.
Tesla Solar Shenanigans Continue.

LG solar business affected by panel price falls as Kyocera reports poor results for PV sales.
Try 1.

Friday February 1, 2019 20:14

Gerald R Ford CVN-78/buggy c/c++ software technology?.

Bluetooth. Lenovo g560 win 7 running xp looking good.

Inateck left. Avantree right.

included with Epson 1250 scanner purchased from Office Depot on Eubank.
Does not work with 7, 8, 10. Same for Office 2000.

Reason we continue to run xp. $.

Window 10/bluetooth evaluation Amazon purdhases.

Logitech K380/sculpt comport BT mouse Best Buy purchases same time for for project.

Both disconnected shortly after connect. Unpair/connect fix required.

Same happened on Amazon hp stream 13, Lenovo Ideapad 5 win 10/1803 gen 100,

Same on Lenovo ideapad 320/flex 5/flex 6.

But on Asus E203MAS.

Go figure.

Stuck at 10/1511. :( or :)?

Office 365 convinced us to upgrade xp Office 2000.
Open Office 2018 evaluation complete.

Office 365 purchase planned.
Microsoft inserted Office 2007 malware on Lenovo vista running IBM-installed xp pro.

Office Depot associate Joey Dias removed for Patty.

Android marshmallow cell phone hack 1/31?

Here's How PG&E's Bankruptcy Might Hurt California's Ambitious Climate Goals.

solar and wind companies concerned that the utility will be paying them less, or even nothing in the future.

In 2002, the state passed a law requiring utilities to get 20 percent of their electricity from sources like solar and wind. Last year, the state put utilities on the hook for 100 percent clean energy by 2045.



Try 1.

Thursday January 31, 2019 21:37

Here's How PG&E's Bankruptcy Might Hurt California's Ambitious Climate Goals.

solar and wind companies concerned that the utility will be paying them less, or even nothing in the future.

Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind/gridscale solar require "fossil-fueled" load following backup, PNM report concludes.
san juan closure hearing to begin. ab j 1/31/19 A12.

“This is a big deal,” Fischmann said. “I can’t imagine any scenario where San Juan just turns off and other generating resources turn on. It will be a complex process to phase things out and in, and that will have to start happening pretty fast.”

Try 1.

Wednesday January 30, 2019 19:42
General Electric Co said on Wednesday it would fold its battery storage and electrical
grid units into its wind turbine and hydropower business to cut costs,
speed decision-making and cater to surging demand for renewable power.
Texas rules in favor of wind and solar.

The suggested structure would see hundreds of millions in annual revenue shift from
renewable generators to fossil generators, and more importantly, per modeling from
SEIA, NextEra and others, would significantly slow the roll out of solar and wind
across the state over the next decade as small shifts in revenue would have an outsized
affect in the state’s very competitive generation market.
$129.99 Best Buy Asus E203MAS celeron N4000 post. 6.3 W

The vital US Navy aircraft carrier system Trump is obsessed over keeps failing, running up costs.

740 aircraft launches and landings, 20 had failures of key new systems ...

US Navy planners said by using electricity, not steam as has been used for decades, the carrier can catapult heavier warplanes faster and more smoothly. Combined with landing gear meant to land the jets more smoothly, the carrier should reduce wear and tear on airframes, thereby reducing maintenance time, thereby boosting efficency and flights-per-day.

But instead, the new carrier fell below her planned rate of flights-per-day, and may never meet that mark.
Microsoft cloud services see global authentication outage.
new mexico to join 18 states in climate change coalition. abq j 1/3919 A1

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has ordered New Mexico to join a national coalition
of states seeking to combat the effects of climate change, as part of a far-reaching
plan to shift the state toward a renewable energy economy. ...

Creation of transmission lines and infrastructure to get renewable energy from
clean power plants to market.
arizona faces colorado rive plan r deadline. abq j 1/3019 A7
How Subsidised Wind & Solar Destroyed Australia’s Economic Competitiveness.
Wind turbine/gridscale solar industries fight back ... with words?
Extreme cold gripping Midwest does not debunk global warming, experts say.
Try 2.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 20:35


NextEra? New Mexico wind energy center/Red mesa wind farm 200 GE/Enron obsolete wind turbines.
Who Wins and Who Loses From PG&E’s Bankruptcy.

Several contracts PG&E has signed with solar power suppliers might be vulnerable to such revisions. One supplier, NextEra, has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which oversees wholesale power contracts, to intervene if PG&E tries to reject contracts. PG&E on Tuesday asked the bankruptcy court to assert that it has exclusive jurisdiction over such contracts

Found asus bt dongle 2.1. :(


Uninstalled. Flex 6 post.

Old Asus bluetooth dongle found!
L505D post! A lot of work!

Office Depot laptop.

Tested bluetooh on win 7. Asus post.

Wind/griscale solar Power Purchace Agreements renegotiated?
PG&E, owner of biggest U.S. power utility, files for bankruptcy.

PG&E files for bankruptcy after California wildfires.
Caterpillar unveils an all-electric 26-ton excavator with a giant 300 kWh battery pack.

3412.14 BTU.

San Juan generating plant heat rate foils presented by Pat O'Connell at PNM IRP Santa Fe meeting.

Renewable Energy Debacle Crippling Business, Punishing Households.
Try 2.

Monday January 28, 2019 20:08

Formal vs informal education.

Witman al-queda link.

killing osama bin laden.

admiral porn goes?. Who dispatches?

Al-Qaeda, Arabic al-Qa?idah (“the Base”), broad-based militant Islamist organization
founded by Osama bin Laden in the late 1980s.

Amazon hp stream 13 purchased 1 learn win10, 2 evaluate 10 bluetooth. $209.

Office 365 bundle.

Expected junk. Totally wrong.

Office 365 at resonable price/super perforance convinced win 10 adoption necessary.

Windows 7/8 office 2007 unconvincing over xp/office 2000 [Patty given free copy
for atteding Intel class]
Amazon stgream stuck at 1511. Can't update. [Bad or GOOD news?]

Defender 1511 virus scans not perfected.

Norton installed.

High performance power setting.

E203MAS post. 6.9 W.

Bill Gates is selling Washington on the promise of nuclear power.

“Nuclear is ideal for dealing with climate change, because it is the
+only carbon-free, scalable energy source that’s available 24 hours a day,” Gates said ...

pg&e bankruptcy.

mshearts running rom Flex 5 shc/Flex 6 sdhc copied into 128 GB sdhc on FLex 5 usb 2.0 hub.

Posted from hotmetal FLex 6.
Lenovo Ideapad 100 gen 5 hotmetal post.
Cool. :)

Lenovo dianostics reported unwarranty battery bad.

Changed it.

Replacement bad?

Or charging hardware/software problems?

What's going on?


KILL A WATT about 17 W max.
Lenovo Flex 6 hotmail post.

Amazon mailing labelprint hacked.

Unablle to use amazon print.

Snipped mailing lable. Printed snip.

Lenovo Fle 5 7 gen hotmail post.

KILL A WATT shows about 22 W max.

I is sandisk 128 GB ultra plu 100 MB/s purchased 1/27 Best Buy $29.99.

Open system hardware copied from Lenovo Flex 6 8 gen shdc card to 128 GB ultra pro.

ulta pro moved from Flex 6 to 5.

Ultra pro seen in slot of new powered hub amazon arrival 1/25.

Jelly comb full sizel rechargeable BT keyboard used.

Plugable BT mouse. Initial responsee lag. :( But okay of J3 Luna pro cell phone.
Hotmetal not responding only seen about once of E204NAS,

K380 fn + up arrow causes tab shift in Chrome.

Careful not to use mouse down drag ctrl c in E203 hotmail ... but sometimes forget.

Non easily replaceable batteries in cell phones/laptops time bombs.

Manufacturers gamble that battery will last longer than return/warranty.

Posting with hotmail with fixed FLex 6.

Heatwave Blackout Gives Victorians Taste of the ‘Transition’ to Wind & Solar.

India Announces Fresh Tender For 1.2 Gigawatts Of Solar.

France to tender 17.2 GW of solar up to 2025.

Try 2.

Sunday January 27, 2019 19:04

Natural gas prices volitile, we were told at IRP 2017.
There’s No Slowing U.S. Natural Gas Production.

Germany to phase out coal by 2038 in move away from fossil fuels.

They embody Germany's strategy to shift to renewables, which made up more than 40 percent of the energy mix last year -- beating coal for the first time -- and follow a 2011 decision to halt nuclear power.

India's 2018 thermal coal imports grew at fastest pace in 4 yrs.

Indonesia provided more than 61 percent of India's thermal coal
imports, while South Africa accounted for 22 percent and the
United States more than 7 percent.
Flex 5/hotmetal after KB4480966 uninstall.

Additional Austin computer space required.

Worked well.

Windows xp travel laptop required in additon to 10. 10 unreliability compensation.

Flex 5 abq use.

Asus post. 6.3 W. :) ... with help of Office Depot $139 Dell 32 inch moniter.
Windows 10/1803 left mouse down drag bug/malware/nsaware/jihadware problem.

Edge has similar problem. Place cursor at large K.

Shift left arroow broken.

Cursor must be dragged to last 6.

Tne key ctrl+c.

Deposit in pane to see KB to install.

Hotmetal works fine with Window 10/1511 and 1607!

Posted from Lenovo 8 gen FLex 6 using Hotmetal after fix.
Heat issue with our Lenovo Flex 6 [aka 14] 10/1803.
Intel Whiskey Lake CPUs: Core i7-8565U.

And these clock speed increases are even more favorable when comparing the i7-8565U to the i7-8550U which is a more like-for-like comparison going on the naming scheme; comparing those two CPUs gives at least an 11% boost clock advantage to Whiskey Lake.

Germany to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants, will rely primarily on renewable energy.

Heatwave Leaves Wind ‘Powered’ South Australians Sweltering In the Dark.
Bill Gates comes to Washington — selling the promise of nuclear energy.

Try 1.

Saturday January 26, 2019 21:17
Microsoft Issues Windows 10 Upgrade Warning.


The Era Of Ultra-Cheap Solar Panels Is Over.

BT keyboard testing.
Logitech K380.

Jelly Comb K380 competitor.

fn ctrl position reversed from K380.
PG&E 2019 bankruptcy?
pg@e bankruptcy 2019.

pg@e bankruptcy nextera.

Federal energy regulators said on Friday they had joint jurisdiction with a bankruptcy court over any requests to cancel or renegotiate power contracts by California utility PG&E Corp.

[Used cursor to highlight. Hotmetal stopped responding. End with task manage.]

The question of what will happen to the utility’s contracts for renewable power is critical for California, which last year delivered 33 percent of its energy from renewable sources and has a goal to source 60 percent of its power from renewables by 2030. PG&E has more than 250 contracts for renewable power that represent $57 billion in investment, it said last month.

Malwarebytes discovered two PUPs [potentially unwanted programs on k.
Microsoft'w windows.iso download on k.

windows.iso two other flash drive mbam checked. No threats found
Levnov gen 8 Flex 6 [aka 16, core i7-8550U, 10/1803]

And we have discovered malware [nsa/jihadware] in 1803.

shift, right arrow trying to highlight 'kb4480966' Edge bug unistalling kb480966 discovered. Curso highlight required.

Hotmetal/Lenovo 8 gen Flex 6 post ... after disabling 1803 bug/malware/jihadware.

1 Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscale solar requires "fossil0fueled" load following backup, PNM reports concludes.

2 Can wind turbine/solare panel manufactures build their products with electricy produced by them?

3 Wind turbine/all solar systems contain quickly obsolete electronic which require upgrades.

4 Both contain software requring maintenance [fixing bugs] amd enhancements.

5 Both use toxic materials to produce and should be properly decommissioned, we read.
PG&E has filed a response to NextEra’s request to protect its power purchase agreements, by arguing that no harm has yet occurred, FERC doesn’t have jurisdiction, and that ongoing case law referenced by NextEra is not applicable.

200,000 Victorian Households Left Powerless During Heatwave.
Try 1.

Friday January 25, 2019 17:50

Hello Sunshine,

$129.99 Best Buy Lubbock Asus E203MAS.

mabam downloaded.

mbm/defended appear to require most compute power.

Photosuite 7 used to resize to 700 pixels.

Reinistalling Visual Studio + net on Lenovo Flex 5. Hours required. Not portable.

10/1803 appear much 'smoother' on Asus than Lenovo laptops.

Asus in newer, of course.

Logitech K380 fn, left/right arrow, shift key make BT keyboard almost as functional as full function keyboard
on the E203MAS.

fn+up/down arrow. Page up/down in both Hotmetal/Google Chrome.

Lenovo 8 gen core i78550U Flex 6 [aka 14] Hotmetal post after

Bug or malware?

NextEra: solar and wind plus batteries will be “massively disruptive” to conventional generation.

U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) projected that coal’s decline
will slow, gas will dominate the future energy mix and that wind will peter out ...

In NextEra Energy’s fourth quarter results call, CEO Jim Robo dropped another bombshell, with
his statement that solar and wind plus storage will be cheaper than coal, oil or nuclear, that
this will be “massively disruptive to the conventional fleet” and that it will provide opportunities for developers well through the next decade.

[Asus E203MAS post]
AP Explains: How Germany hopes to quit using coal.

1 Errratic, intermittent, low capacity factor gridscale solar requires load folloing "fossil-fueled" backup, PNM report concludes.

2 Can China build solar panels with electricity produced by those panels?
Party is over for dirt-cheap solar panels, says China executive.

The Price of Chinese Solar Panels Are About to Go Up.

solar panels, feeding the fastest-growing renewable power sector.
Try 1.

Thursday January 24, 2019 18:16

Microsoft shows off affordable Windows 10 Chromebook-killers.

'Best Buy' omitted. Beat Buy terrific.
Best Buy $170 4 GB Asus Vivobook E203MAS return conversation
Money back in credit card accout.

k380 keystroke learning.

Asus/Hotmetal post.
Lenovo Ideapad 320 warranty replair claim.

Libera arts 'educated' do electricity generation?
prc delays san juan decision january 24. Abq j 1/24/19.

Green energy blues’ in a town that sought to do something about climate change.

Nine years after the first was built beside Falmouth’s waste treatment plant, both turbines now stand idle, no longer producing a kilowatt of electricity, totems of good intentions gone awry.

The inside story of Vestas' ground-breaking new platform.

Wind Turbines Bigger Than Jumbo Jets Seen Growing Even Larger.

Try 1

Wednesday January 23, 2019 18:39

Timing important.

Office Depot San Pedro Lenovo Ideapad 320 warranty claim conversation.

No promised response from PRC Cynthia B Hall.
usps delivery 1/23/19.

Wind turbine/gridscale solar scam/fraud conversaion?.

Shattuck school.

Once upon a time in the west, Harmonica say goodbye.

BT K380 keyboard practice. Asus E203 MAS. :)

Project failure without internet.

The Bangles - Manic Monday.

k380 keyboard practice. Home/End still problem.

GPT works best for 10, we are advised.
MBR or GPT partition style.
fn + shift + right arrow K380 key sequence for above link. Hotmetal.

Lenovo Ideapad 320 within warranty. Asus E203MAS 5.8 W,

Hotmetal running again on Lenovo Flex 6.

Hotmetal stopped working 0n 10/1803 months after updated appeared.

While it worked mouse, left down, drag, ctrl c would intermittently cause hotmetal to stop responding.

Task manager used to terminate Hotmetal.

Hotmetal could be restarted but unsaved work lost.

Then hotmetal stopped working. But before KB 4480966 release.

Windows.iso Flex install with modem/router off, Hotmetal reinstall resulted in Hotmetal working.

Power modem/router caused 10/1803 to update ... which included KB4480966.

Hotmetal stopped working.

Uninstall causes Hotmetal to work.

KB4480966 includes previous update code which caused Hotmetal not to run?

Flex 8 post using Hotmetal.

New Cumulative Update Is Out for Windows 10 1809 – Brings Two Known Issues.

new fight erupts of san juan plant closure albuquerque journal 1/23/19 A12

PNM said there is no urgent need to open proceedings now, since the plant would not close
until 2022, ...

El Paso Electric of add $143M generator. A12

"Battery storage is crucial to growing solar because it changes how we look at reliability" of solar power, Kipp said. Without storage, solar power can only be counted on during sunshine hours.

[Erratic, intenmittet, low capacity factor gridscale solar requires "fossil-fueld" load following
backup, PNM report concludes.
Top 10 solar module suppliers in 2018,

Solar will rebound this year with more than 100 GW of new capacity.

100 percent “green” energy far from feasible.
Try 1.

Tuesday January 22, 2019 16:32

Lenovo Ideap pad 320 gen 7 fatal hardware/software failure?

No Office Depot hp stream 13 win 10 updates fix response ... so far.

Asus $129.99 Best Buy Lubbock TX E203MAS post. 6.2 W!

Hotmetal not responding.

flex 6 post ... after


chuck noble new mexico sierra club.
Sierra Club Pockets $Millions Plugging Environment Wrecking Wind Projects
.Try 3.

Monday January 21, 2019 12:47

Office Depot hp sream not updating audio.

Lenovo ideapad 320 7 gen windows 10/1803 reinstall cost audio.
'mouse left down' intermittent bug appears specific to 10/1803?

xp no 'mouse left down' bug.

Flex 6 post.

View Update History 10/1803 bug on Flex 6.

Unable to change hours ... to 2-3 AM.

Not my post.

a change in energy blue wave. abq j BUSINESS OUTLOK 10.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham promised to build an economy powered by renewable generation and aggressively pursue policies to protect the environment against adverse impacts from the state’s booming oil and gas industry.

• Renewing a 10 percent tax credit for rooftop solar systems that expired in 2015.
• Mandates for solar installations on government buildings.
• Promotion of community solar projects and utility-scale wind and solar development on
state and tribal lands.
• Incentives to adopt electric vehicles and build charging stations.
• Increased requirements for utilities to pursue energy efficiency.

PNM on board with new energy goals.

Integrated Resource Plan, approved by the Public Regulation Commission in December, sets PNM on a path to derive 50 percent of its electricity from renewables in the near future by pulling entirely out of coal generation by 2031 and replacing much of that power with solar, wind and other resources.

“We want to move where the governor wants to move,” said PNM Director of Planning and Resources Pat O’Connell. “We acknowledge the tremendous potential for renewables.”

Still many issues must be worked out, such as comprehensive transmission development to get more wind and solar generation from power plant to market, and realistic timeframes to transition from low- and non-carbon resources like natural gas and nuclear to a mostly renewable grid, O’Connell said.

oil and gas industry on edge. A11.
Try 2.

Sunday January 20, 2019 22:02

Office Depot Flex 6 hit again by Microsoft KB4480966 malware!

Flex 6 Hotmetal post after uninstalling KB4480966 malware.

Windows 7 versus Windows 10: Here comes the final showdown.
GE to pay for decommissiong of 200 GE/Enron New Mexico Wind Energy Center/Red Mesa wind farm obsolete turbines?
GE Is Building the World's Largest Wind Turbine.

GE is planning to build the world’s largest wind turbine outside the city of Rotterdam. The new turbine will stand 850 feet high from the base of the turbine to the top of the blade and it will produce 12 megawatts of power, enough to keep the lights on in more than 15,000 homes.
KB4480966 :(

Hotmetal 'not responding' seen only several times. Ended, Task Manager. Asus E203MAS.
Photosuite 7, Asux $129.99 E203MAS, 3 usb 3.0, 802.11ac, micro sdhc. hdmi connect to dell 32 in $139.99 monitor nice.

BT connect to Logitech K380 keyboard/Microsoft Sculpt Comfort mouse - flawless operation.
Lenovo ideapad 320 7 gen core i5-7200U left. windows.iso install from flash in progress.

Toshiba L505D win 7 pro, right.

xp installed. Informed Microsoft of serious errors. xp destroyed

Thought L505D harware problems.

Reinstalled 7. No crashes. Several years operation.

Asus post. 5 W. :)

Somewhat careful to use shift + fn left/right arrow to avoid 10/1803 mouse problem.
'Mouse left down' windows 10/1803 intermittent bug source clearer?

KB4480966 malware reinfected Lenovo gen 8 core i7-9550 Flex 6 on 1/19. :(

KB4480966 malware defeated by uninstall.

Flex 6 post.

Hotmetal broken by LB4480966 on Flex 5v ... window closed ... no 'not responding' in Flex 6 failure. Uninstalled.

Message sent to microsoft. :(

Flex 5 post.

Posting from Lenovo N500 vistaa laptop running xp home.

No 'Mouse left down' bug. :)

Liberal arts 'educated' attacks work?
German Professors Lead 1,000 Anti-Wind Industry Groups in Assault on Toxic Wind Power.

Engineer attacks preferred.
Try 1.

Saturday January 19, 2019 21:13

Web hacking?

Woods Hole Dernyshire software technology: Disasters at Sea, Smithsonian Channel 1/18/19.
Woods Hole engineer/bill spoke on phone several times in the '90s.

Engineer re ported Ballard used forth for Titanic project.

Snithsonian channel showed track ball used to stear submersible vehicle.

What software technology? ctardese?

Engineer reported that Embedded Controller Forth for the 8051 used at Woods Hole.

Forth software/hardware used in US space programs.

Suspicious that c/c++ industry reps told [mis]managers that forth is ... hahaha.

c/c++ must replace forth.
Forth port to ARM M4?

Bad idea, imo.

Forth 16 bit. :(

Intel MCS BASIC-52 like Sun Java [byte code forth] not 16 bit limited.
Lenovo Ideapad gen 7 win 10/1803 320 windows 10 winows.iso install attempt in progress.

Totally differenent: Lenov0 gen 7 Flex 5/gen 8 core i7/8550U Flex 10/1803
window.iso succesfull reinstall.

Both defeated Microsoft KB4480966 which Hotmetal failure

Asus E203MAS 10/1803 Hotmetal Logetech K380 keyboard/Microsoft Sculpt Comfor bt post ... currenty running at 4.5 W.
What is capacity factor and how do solar and wind energy compare?
"Fossil-fueled" backup essential for commercial/industrial RE users?
Energy Aggregation Brings Renewable Energy To More Companies.

Able to enter but can't post.

Try 1.

Friday January 18, 2019 20:55

Flex 6 8 gen core i7-8550U correct.

Mouse shift highlight appears to be problem that MIcrosoft cannoty handle.

Hotmetal disabled. Flex 5. Uninstalled. Flex 5 post.

KB4480966 duisabled hotmetal on Lenovo 5 gen core i5-7200U agaom. Uniinstalled.

Careful not to use mouse + shift highlight.

Flex 6 post.
Flex 5 post.
Office 365 vs G Suite: Which productivity suite is best for your business?
Asus E203MAS 6-10W win 10/1803 post. Hotmetal PRO 6.0.
Another Photosuite 7 Lenovo Flex 6 gen 8 core i7-8550U win 10/18o3 work-around discovered.

100%, not 150%.

Flex 6 post
Flex 5 post. KB4480966 uninstall unnecesssary.

Hotmetal working 8 gen core i7 Lenovo Flex 6 after removing KB4880966. Post from Flex 6.

KB4480966 hacker malware?.

More microsoft malware?

Toshiba L505D win 7 running xp destroyed by senind error rep;ort.

xp disk removed. Replaced with win 7 disk. No crashes in several years.
Lenovo 5 grn Ideapad 100, 8 gen Flex6, 7 gen Flex 7 - left to right.

Lenovo g560 win 7 laptop running xp post.

Office Depot hp stream 13 win 10/1607 post.

Asus E203MAS post.
Solar Power Outperforming Wind As Renewable Energy Becomes Commonplace.

Try 2.

Thursday January 17, 2019 15:47

Flex 6 post.

Crashed again! Forgot about not using shift + mouse highlighting. Use shift + right/left arrow.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 1803 KB4480966 emergency patch predictably causing major issues.

Asus $129.99 E203MAS post. Hotmetal used.

2 + 2 cores but only two panels displayed. 6-10 W power consumption. :)

Lenovo Ideapad 100 post. Hotmetal used.

windows.iso, keep 'nothing' Flex 5 and 6 reinstalls.

Hotmetal crashed on first post attempt.

Shift mouse cursor bug appears to cause hotmetal 'not reponding'. Terminated in Task Manager.

Shift + right/left arrow to highlight appears not to cause 'not responding'.

Photos reverse order.

Lenovo Flex 5 7 gen 10/1803 post.


Hotmetal works again on Flex 5.

Microsoft win 19/1803 updates appear to destr0y hotmetal on both Flex 5 and 14 [aka 6]. $800 each. :(

Photouite 7 damaged on flex 6 either by Lenovo or Microsoft?

Asus E203MAS. 2 physical, 2 logical cores, 2 panels.

Core i5 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet 25% faster than i7-SKU! Flex 6 core i7 runs hot!

Try 3.

Wednesday January 16, 2019 19:45

Posting from Lenovo Flex 14. After uninstaling last security update!!!

Update caused Hotmetal to not respond. Restart after uninstall restored Hotmetal.

Microsft updates about destroyed computer even after windows.iso reinstall!

Asus post. Hotmail failure. Task manager shutdown. :(

Wild Flex 14 gen 8 core i7-8550 windows.iso update!!!

Window.iso Flex 14 gen core i7 8550 Office Depot laptop caused Hotmail to works again.
Update usig JC Fn + 2 Lenovo Flex 5 Hotmetal.

Windows.iso totally different from web explanations.

Had to turn off modem/router to prevent windows.iso from download from web but use disk.

Finally selected 'nothin'

Hotmetal now works again.

Portable apps on SdHc only requirred shortcut to work. :)

$209 Amazon hp Stream 13 post using JC full-size leyboard paired om Fn + 3.

Hotmetal win 10/1511 post.
Laptop purchasedto learn win10 and evaluate bluettooth/win 10.

$129.94 Office Depot sream 13 bought for backup.
Windows 10 19H1: 7 new changes and features coming in Microsoft's next big update.
JC pairs with up to three devices ... like the Logitech K380.

JC/K380 work simultaneously on E203MAS Notebook.
Wind and solar industries article?
Nuclear power is too dangerous for use as an energy source. Take it from the guy who chaired a nuclear commission under Obama.

UK’s Wind Power Scam Leaves Brits With Rocketing Power Prices.

Generac ads more requent on Weather Channel.
Try 1.

Tuesday January 15, 2018 20:22
Amazon hp stream 13 post.

Office Depot hp stream 13 post.

Lenovo g560 win 7 running Office Depot first installeed xp post.

Lenovo Ideapad 100 gen 5 core i5-6200U post.

Lenovo Flex 5. Jeloy Comb full size keyboard post. Sold Office Depot defective equipment.

Lemovo Flex 5 post.

Jelly Comb full size key board Amazon arrived.

First Jelly Comb BT Amaazon purchase because Logitech K380 did not work with LG Jelly Bean
cell phone.

Jelly Comb worked. K380 did not. China conspiracy? :)

Asus E203MAS post ... using K380, Sculptcomford, ... and Jelly Comb full sized keyboad. :)!!!.

Comparing Asus/Lenovo 10/1803 reveals implementation differences.

11:444 event.

Experimenting with Logitech K389 bluetooth key combination. Asus E203MAS.

Hotmtail Asus vivobook E203MAS crash.:(

No error log in Event Viewer. :( Bug? No? Stopped before Microsoft stopped ... and set error message over wifi.

Hotmetal Lenovo Flex 5.:)

Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for Windows 7 as of January 14, 2020, which is one year away. There are two ways to get around this date, but they'll cost you..


Growing Rural Anger Sees More US States Ban New Wind Power Projects.

Watch out for an ‘unfavorable’ GE earnings report, JP Morgan’s Tusa warns.

[GE to pay for removal and cleanup ... including wind turbine base removeal of
200 New Mexico Wind Energy Center/Red Mesa Wind Farm obsolete GE/Enron
wind tubine producing erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor electricity, according
PNM IRP Jly 15, 2016 DATA?]

Try 1.

Monday January 14, 2018 20:33
Windows Update failed? Here are 10 fixes you can try,
Asus E203MAS. :(
Is Fusion Power Within Our Grasp?

Serious Windows 10/1803 problerm? Now involving Asus?

$139.99 Lubbok abq post.

Operate up to 9 win 10/1803 laptops and one dead Gigabyte haswell gen 4 desktop :((.

Two returned to Best Buy. Money returned to credit card. 203 performance fanlastic ... so far.

Comparison betweem win 10 implementations project requrement. Fun.

Lenovo Flex 5 post.

Marbor Freight 4x + Dell $129..99 [Office Depot] 32 inch monitor makes Asus $139.99 [Best Buy] usable. :)
Amazon $209 hp Stream 13 stuck at 10/1511.

Hotmetal prop 6.0 works on Lenovo Ideapad 100..


Weathe channel Generac ad frequency increasing.
India Plans 40 Gigawatts Of Solar & Wind Auctions Every Year Till 2028.

Global Wind Turbine Manufacturers Score Big Orders In India.

No More War, Pestilence, & Poverty: How Renewable Energy Will Alter The Global Geopolitical Calculus.
Try 2.

Sunday January 13, 2018 19:49

Not postee to facebook.

Windows Defender. Belive whatg you see?

Underestimation of effect of liberal art 'educated' witers serious?
All The Good News About Renewable Energy, Especially Wind Power.

Solar + Storage Half The Cost Of Gas Peaker Plants — 8MinuteEnergy.

Renewable Energy To Remodel World Dominance Patterns.

Will Windows 7’s Exit Trigger a Windows 10 Upgrade Wave? (Premium).
Update data. Ideapad 100 gen 5, Flex 14, gen 8 collected. Both 10/1803.

Asus Vivobook E203MAS 4 GB post. About 5 W.
Project start. Attempt to reduce PC power consumption.

1 AMD phonom 2. More than 200 W.
2 Gigabyte core i5 gen 4 Hasell. About 50 W.
Working again after uninstalling update.

Motmetal broken Flex 5.

Asus Vivobook E203MAS updates.

Working again?

Restore Hotmetal on Lenovo Flex 15 gen without reloading windows?

Replaced '203' with 'Vivobook 203'.
Wind & Solar Fail: Soaring Power Prices Just the Beginning.

The cost of silicon used in many solar panels has dropped sharply over the last 20 years, with the result that, in the sunniest parts of the U.S., commercial solar power is now as cheap or cheaper than generating power from fossil fuels. [solar erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor requires "fossil-fueled" load following backup, PNM report concludes.]

Try 2.

Saturday January 12, 2018`18:04
High green trech ++? Asus Vivobook camera post!!! $129.99 Best Buy,

Flex 5

No Home/End key on Logitech K380/Jelly Comb prompted.

Asus Vivobook post 5.6 W currrent draw.
san juan shutdown moving forward abq j 1/12/19 A10.

[Liberal arts 'educated' ejected by engineers with PNM IRP 2017.

Appears they are trying to return with Kevin Robinson-Avila article?

nm needs a better energy plan albuquerque journal A13.

The weekend read: Tender reassurance.

Community Defeats Wind Developer After Five Year Battle.
Try 2.


Friday January 11, 2018`21:17

Flex 5 Hotmetal still workimg.Using recharabble BT mouse. Asus post.

Started with.

Post from Flex 5! uninstalling microsoft updates!

Windows.iso nothing saved install on Lenovo 7 gn Flex 5 resulted in Hotmetal working.

Only trash, edge remained. Hotmetal installed.

Modem/router turned off.

Modem/router turned on. Windows 10 allowed to update.

Hotmetal stopped working.

Event Viewer gave inaccurate hotmetal crash info. :(

Asus Vivobookpost.
Only Nuclear Energy Can Save the Planet.

Supersized solar plus storage coming to California.

[Josef Stalin theory of project failure too?]

Green and high tech?
Staggering Cost of Ontario’s Disastrous Wind Power Experiment.
Try 2.

Lenovo N500 vista rrunning xp home fromssd.
PrintScreen 95 snip. Does does not work of 7 and upgrades.

Lemov N500 vista, g560 win, 7 and g580 core i3 Ivy Bridge win 8 xp home laptops only require occasional windows restarts.

NETGEAR AC1200 WiFi USB adapter [$40 Best Buy San Diego] connected to g560 through Ativa powered hub.

Office Depot associates Joey, José, and Joe installed xp on win 7 g560.

Bill instatted xp on g580 ... despite Office Depot assoicate Brian's attempt to sabotage project by virusing g580;.

Thursday January 10, 2018 07:54

Lenovo windows 10/1803 problems focus. Now crashing Ideapad 320 7 gen 17.3 inch laptop. :(

Asus Vivobook E203 MAS $129.99 doing better with 10/1803 consuming between about 6-10 W.

Wind electricity generation requires "fossil-fueled" load following backup, PNM report concludes.
Wind Power Chaos.

It’s no news to sailors, that the wind is never there when you need it and often there when you don’t. Coal-fired steamships took the guesswork out of Maritime navigation, ensuring passengers and cargo arrived safely, promptly and on schedule.

Tucson Electric Power Springerville AZ.
Try 1.

Wednesday January 09, 2018 13:43l


Hotmetal works on Flex 14 in safe mode.

Event Viewer tutorial may help located Hotmetal Lenovo Flex 5/14 problems?

Bluegriffon post.
Working win 10 hotmetals working in app. 5/14 loaded into background?

Asus post. 5.6 W. :)

gen 5 broadwell posting.

Wind/gridscale solar industries promote their erratic, instemittent, low capacity factor toxic products using libeeral arts 'educated'?
Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities in a liberal arts curriculum.
Mark Mathis 
Utilities Speed Up Closure of Coal-Fired Power Plants

Wind, solar and natural gas become more cost-competitive, driving shift to new energy sources.

Polish Government Bans New Wind Farms & All Existing Turbines Gone by 2035.

Tucson Electric Power exposed erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor
solar power at its Springerviller coal/solar generating station.
Try 1.

Tuesday January 08, 2018 17:20

Can Flex 5/14 Hotmetal problems be found/fixed? 50/75 millions lines windows 10, we read.

Hotmetal working on Flex 5 in safe mode. Why did Hotmetal first work after windows.iso install, then fail? Asus Vivobook E203MAS post.

Windows update made Hotmetal fail on Lenovo gen 7 Flex 5?

Wind/gridscale solar industries at work using liberal arts 'educated' writers?
Colorado could save $2.5 billion by rapidly shutting down its coal power plants.

Want Rocketing Power Prices? Just Add Intermittent Wind & Solar – South Australia Did.

Solar Power In The Netherlands Grows 50% In 2018 — With More To Come.
Try 1.

Monday January 07, 2018 21:52

The best place in America to ramp up renewable energy could be Texas.

Lennovo flx 5 post woked. Now failed.

Wind/gridscale solar industry liberal arts 'educated' articles?
Turning Solar Energy Into Liquid Fuel.

More coal-fired power plants have closed under Trump than in Obama's first term
Before the Electric Car Takes Over, Someone Needs to Reinvent the Battery

Try 1.

Sunday January 06, 2018 09:06

Germany’s Renewable Energy Fail: German CO2 Emissions 10 Times Higher than Nuclear-Powered France.
Try 3.

Saturday January 05, 2018 10:24
Not wind/gridscale solar?

Bill Gates Just Published a Letter Urging US Leaders to Embrace Nuclear Energy.

New Mexico/Arizona engineers expose wind turbine/gridscale solar sca./fraud?.
PNM report concludes "fossil-fueled" load following backup required.

Liberal luvvies for higher power prices.

Try 1. Lenovo N500 vista, running xp home out of ssd ... which replaced IBM-installed xp pro.


Friday January 04, 2018 08:20

Scots Build Diesel Generators & Brace For Week-Long Blackouts.

Renewables, led by wind, provided more power than coal in Germany in 2018.
Pound of coal contains about 8/12,000 BTUs learned from 2006 Power River trip on way to Shattuck School 50th hs reunion.
Volvo’s Polestar releases first image of its all-electric ‘Tesla Model 3 competitor’.

polestar battery size,
Try 1.

hursday January 03, 2018 08:16
1 kWh = 3412.14 BTU. Heat rate of coal-fired electricity generation about 10,000 BTU/1 kWh, we learned at PNM IRPs.

EVs run mosstly on coal, we read.
A source familiar with Tesla’s production of the new Mid-Range battery pack told Electrek that it has a capacity of 62 kWh.

Wind Power Can’t Compete With Coal-Fired Power On Cost, Or At All.
Try 1. Lenovo N500 vista laptop running xp home ... which replaced IBM installed xp pro.

Wednesday January 02, 2018 10:04

17o F in abq.
Intermittent Offshore Wind Power Costs 25 Times More Than Ever-Reliable Coal, Gas & Nuclear.

Protect your wind turbine bearings from extreme temperatures to boost your operation's productivity and minimize maintenance. Mobil SHC Grease 102 WT is specially formulated to protect pitch, yaw and generator bearings in temperatures as high as 120°C (248°F) and as low as -50° (58°F)

[Carbon county CO wind farm biggest user of electrvity, we were told. Warming lubricants issue?

In queswtioned wether Carbon county CO wind farm was scam/fraud]

Nevada PUC Denies Apartment Dwellers Rooftop Solar Access.


Tuesday January 01, 2018 20:17

Bluegriffon made a mess of this panel.

Hotmetal source edit fixed.

New Wind farms east/west of Sudan TX observed.
Colorado energy company Xcel goes crazy green.
Try 1.

Morday December 31, 2018 07:46
New Chinese Solar Plant Undercuts Cost Of Coal Power.
Try 1.

Surday December 30, 2018 16:56

WS-FTP95 unable to retrieve files at La Quinta, Clovis NM.

Friday December 28, 2018 14:03

Brady TX 12/27/18

Sand Mines closing, we heard in Sweetwater 12/28.

Resturant waitress audio

Wind turbine junkyard about 4 miles south of Ssweetwater.

tRY 3.

Thursday December 27, 2018 19:01

Phone call to New Mexico PRC commisioner Cynthia Hall.

Sweetwater TX Chanmber of Commerce wind/soilar maintenance/decommissioning/repowering discussion 12/21/18.

Wednesday December 26, 2018 15:18


Try 3.

Tuesday December 25, 2018 10:25

Georgetown resident alerted 12/24 aat dinner..
georgetown texas renewable energy problems.
Try 1.

Lenovo g560 windows 7 running Office Depot installed xp.

Posted from Asus EVivobook 203 4 GB win 10/1803 using Hotmetal pro 6.0

Monday December 24, 2018 13:40

Austi TX.
Try 1.

Sunday December 23, 2018 16:43

Texas Landowners Opposing Wind.
Wind turbine junk yard south of Sweetwater.

Santa Ana TX.


Indiana Insanity: Power Prices Set to Rocket with Grand Wind & Solar Power Push
Try 2.

Saturday December 22, 2018 18:31

Fredricksburg tX. 83o

Brady afternoon,
Brady Sand Mines Close as Frac Sand Suppliers Move West.

Dismal Future for Wind Power as ‘The ‘Big Calm’ Looms.
Try 1.

Fridaday December 21, 2018 98:53

Hotmetal oro 6.0 Asuz $170 4 GB post. Lubbock TX.

11.6 display hRd on eyes .... even with Harbor Fr eight 4x glass.

Newe wind farm SW of Lubbock.

Land Hungry Wind Power Always a Problem & Never a Solution

Try 2.

Thursday December 20, 2018 16:15

Try 2.

Wednesday December 19, 2018 21:55


Login started about 12/17. Can't reply/tweet without divluging pw.

Bluegriffon uses advanced html ... and causes problems.

Powering the world: Renewables are still far behind coal and natural gas.

Wind/gridscale solar industries ploy?
Fatal Disease Outbreak Among Miners Spurs House Hearings On Coal Mine Dust.

Try 1.

Tuesday December 18, 2018 20:05

Twitter pw disabled. Unable to tweet. Facebook pw disabled too.
D.C. Just Passed A Historic Bill Mandating 100 Percent Renewable.

D.C. Just Passed A Historic Bill Mandating 100 Percent Renewable Power By Vivobook 2032.
Wind + Solar + Batteries = Insanely Expensive Power.
EVs burn mostly coal, we read.
Donald Trump goes after electric vehicles: ‘all-electric is not going to work’.
Try 3.

Monday December 17, 2018 21:09

Posting from Asus EVivobook 203N 4GB. Best Buy $170. Using BT microsoft sculpcomfort mouse and lopgitech k380 keyboard. 390 Mbps wifi internet.
Look, in the sky – is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s solar power!.

Try 3.

Sunday December 16, 2018 07:27

New Mexico electric rates?
Wind & Solar ‘Powered’ South Australians Hit With (Another) 22% Price Hike.
Burning garbage? Chicken poop? Your state could be getting renewable energy from nasty sources.

.Try 2.

Saturday December 15, 2018 08:21

Try 1.

Friday December 14, 2018 08:22


Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind Europe charts.

Wind/gridscale solar industries liberal arts 'educated'vodep?.

Try 1.

Thursday December 13, 2018 15:12

Offshore Wind Power 25 Times More Expensive Than Coal, Gas & Nuclear.
Try 1.

Posting from Asus 4 GB,

Wednesday December 12, 2018 14:54

Subsidised Wind & Solar The Greatest Scam on Earth.

abq j Tuesday 12/11/18 A7.

Computer science/wind/gridscal solar interests confluence.

Try 2.

Tuesday December 11, 2018 08:20 18:07
After 30 Years & Massive Subsidies, Wind & Solar Satisfies 1.1% of Global Energy Demand.
Try 8.

Would have won on try 2 but deal mistakenly clicked.

Monday December 10, 2018 08:01

Electricity generated from solar pansls build solar panels?
The push toward renewable energy is essential to fight climate change, but it’s also a vital part of planning for future power needs..
Try 1.

Sunday December 9, 2018 09:28

Try 2.

Saturday December 8, 2018 08:26

It's safe and emissions free. So why is California in the doldrums around offshore wind?.

7 Renewable Energy Stocks to Buy for Sunny Long-Term Returns.

Try 1.

Friday December 7, 2018 08:14

Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor gridscale solar generation of electricity.
Solar Panels Are Cooking Your Computer & Blowing Your Lightglobes, etc..

The 100% renewable energy movement is unstoppable.

Try 1.

Thursday December 6, 2018 07:16

eff.daniels AT
California clears final hurdle for state’s landmark solar panel mandate for new homes.

Try 1.

Wednesday December 5, 2018 16:06

"fossil-fueled" load following backup required for erratic, intermittent, low capaicity factor wind and gridscale solar, PNM report concludes. Exel backup plan?
Xcel Energy wants carbon-free electricity by 2050.

PNM on track for renewables. abq j 12/5/18 A10.

Patrick O’Connell, PNM’s director of planning and resources.

Renewable advocates want those rules changed so large customers pay more, said Chuck Noble, attorney for the Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy

The five new solar plants will raise PNM-owned solar generation from 107 MW now to 155 MW by year-end 2019. The company derives another 302 MW from two wind facilities operated by third parties.

Separately, the company plans to supply about 400 MW of solar and wind-generated electricity to the Facebook data center in Los Lunas from newly built PNM plants or third-party facilities..

[Civil engineer O'Connell silenced lawyer Noble in IRP 2017 with engineer speakers.]
Try 3.

Tuesday December 4, 2018 22:000

Percent of US himes with electricity 1910. Percent in without Vivobook 2030?
PARIS — French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced Tuesday that the French government will temporarily suspend the carbon tax plan that triggered weeks of often violent protests nationwide.

To help curb climate change, the government had proposed the taxes
Electricity role in indusctial revolution. TITANS OF INDUSTRY - The Smithsonian Channel.
America is still a rural nation in 1910. Most homes don't have electricity, ...
Wind/gridsdale solar industries-sponsored liberal arts 'educated' article?
New Home Solar Laws Could Triple US Solar Base By 2045.
New Mexico Wind Energy Center/Red Mesa 200 GE/Enron wind turbines outputPNM quantified July 227. 2016.
Quantifying wind surpluses and deficits in Western Europe.
Try 1.

Monday December 3, 2018 21:59

Admiral/seal william h [porn] payne?

U.S. Navy admiral Scott Stearney found dead in apparent suicide.

Post from Asus E203. $219 Best Buy. Hotmetal pro 6.0. Netgear 802.11ac. [866.5 Mbps]

Using Microsoft Edge!

Logitech K380 BT keyboar,

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort BT mouse.

Runs on Asus $120 EVivobook 203.
Microsoft's Visual Basic .Net reaches an all-time high on a popularity index..
$120 Window 10/1803 Asus EVivobook 203MA apparently reveals how Lenovo Flex [aka Flex 14] performance restricted to apparently avoid heat problems.

EVivobook 203 running about 6-9 W with Ativa BT speaker and 802.11ac peripnerals connected.

EVivobook 203 internet access appears faster than Flex 6.

Clocks and temperature missing from Open Hardware Monitor EVivobook 203.

Other recommended.

EVivobook 203 BIOS/EUFI. No run windows xp, at first glance. :(

30o. Old blue HF Chicago generator. 15 break + 10 pulls to start..

New Predator. One pull. Improved electronics techno0logy?

Solar panels work better in cold weather.

U.S. clean coal program fails to deliver on promised smog cuts.

Should We Subsidize Nuclear Power to Fight Climate Change?.

In contrast, costs of solar PV plants and wind turbines are significantly higher than the most recent numbers. Renewables are not just getting cheaper, they are also quick to construct. [Wind turbine/gridscale solar industries msm liberal arts 'educated' article?]

50% RET Guarantees Wholesale Economic Destruction.
Try 1.

Sunday December 2, 2018 08:00
x86 vs. ARM: Two identical tablets fight it out for Windows 10 supremacy.

c/c++ industry attempts to dominate embedded/IOT like it has windows.

Known buggy technology costing windows commerical/industrial app users
much with updates ... if implemented.

US electric grid apparently continue to use xp, we heard at PNM IRP 2017. US Navy continue to use xp, we read.
Thomas Editson, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone video. Smisthonian Channel 12/1/18, emphasozes role of electric power in US industrial reveolution.
Subsidising Chaotic Wind & Solar/Hates Real Industry & Real Jobs.
Try 2.

Saturday December 1, 2018 09:41

Judge Orders Immediate Destruction of Illegal Wind Turbines.
Try 1.

CVN 71.

La Jolla.

Wind turbine software on c/c++?
Wind Industry Built on Lies & Runs on Subsidies.
Try 3.


Germany Can’t Control Runaway Cost of ‘Green’ Energy ‘Transition’.
home.Try 2.

Wednesday November 28, 2018 07:33

Asus $119.99 [Best Buy] updated from win 10/1803S to 1803 home.
Runs WS_FTP95! [Bluegriffon typo correction]

Microsoft sculptcomfort BT mouse running fawlessly ... so far.
Frequent disconnects on all other 6 wind 10 laptops.

Off Depot $128.94 hp stream 13 win 10/1607 runnning 802..11ac.

Amazon $209 hp stream 13 stuck at 1511. Can't upgrade.

Office Depor $129.94 stuck at 1607.

Failure to upgrade two streams positive! :)
First try .... after desperate measures.

Tuesday November 27, 2018 07:57

Asus celeron windows 10/1803S $119.99 Best Buy purchase S issues. :(
Amazon's cloud unit launches Arm-based server chips.
Intractive metacompilable ARM M4 RTOS vb dot net assembler shou;d run on inexpensive pcs.
Wind/gridscale solar domain of liberal arts 'educated'?

Concentrated Photovoltaics Achieve Solar Conversion Efficiency Record Of 41.4%.

Solar + Storage Minigrids Are Electrifying Towns Across The Philippines.

Three diesel generators with a combined capacity of 1,260 kilowatts (kW) was added to provide supplemental power during peak usage over the evening hours [PNM reports peak useage at about 5 pm on hottest day of year.Liberal arts 'educated' writer?]
Try 1.

Monday November 26, 2018 20:20

San Diego 13-23 November 2018.____
ABOARD THE USS RONALD REAGAN — As fighter jets roared off the flight deck and darted above the South China Sea, visitors onboard the carrier USS Ronald Reagan raised their phones for the inevitable selfies..

Naval Air Station North Island Friday November 23, 2018.

1964 bill and supervisor strapped into S2F at end of north island run on way to aircraft carrier Ranger.

Landing scary! Wheels took about 3 revs.  Then stopped. Hooked.

S2F pilot order, "Get out!!"

Walked to edge of Ranger.  Only blue water seen.

Last moment, steel mesh catwalk seen.


Led to Ranger interior.

Purpose: observe observe CIC electronics use. Electronics broken. Spent about 4 days watching aircraft launch/recovery and movies.

date us entered vietnam war.

Bluegriffon dangerous!  But advanced.
Climate Change Is Already Hurting U.S. Communities, Federal Report Says.

Try 5.

Sunday November 25, 2018 08:47

Recent studies show flaws of wind power.

Chaotic and occasional delivery of wind and solar won’t be cured with batteries, large or small.

Small solar/battery systems work with 15W Harbor Freight monocrystalline, 100W Grape polycrystalline, 35 Ah HF
AGM batteries, settable inexpensive charge/load controllers with 2 USB output each.

Saturday November 24, 2018 07:36
Wind/gridscale solar industries liberal arts 'educated' article? Too bad both scam/fraud?
Climate change will severely affect US economy, particularly in Midwest: Report. aljazeera?

Climate change could cost US billions, worsen disasters: report.

Wind & Solar Insanity.

LISTENING POST: Why media need to turn up the temperature on climate change (10:21).
First try.

Friday November 23, 2018 20:04

Dispatch Admiral/seal william h payne goal? Whose goal?

Even With Mythical Mega-Batteries 100% Renewable Energy Remains 100% Fantasy.

Thursday November 22, 2018 13:06

Bluegriffon html complicated ... and buggy.

Norway Withdraws Electricity Subsidies From Bitcoin Mining Farms.

Listening to Ativa wireless BT $5.99 speaker [Office Depot] driven by iPad mini. Phantom of the Opera/ Puccini other opera too.

Works with speaker driven by Lenovo Flex 14 gen 8 core i7-8550U win10/1803 too.

Amazing good quality sound. 

BT and battery charging chips appear very advanced. Red lED illuminates when battery charging.

Complicated pair/connect procedure.  But works well.

Lunch outside 11/21.  View.

Wednesday November 21, 2018 17:05

SanDiego weather consistently beautiful. Traffic terrible. Parking worse.

Outside deli lunch on Harbor Island. 72o.

Admiral/seal William H payne/krqe in focus.


Nothing to Show for Wind & Solar Surge Except Rocketing Prices & Supply Chaos.

Metacompiler technology?

Microsoft and Google working on Chrome for Windows on ARM.

Tuesday November 20, 2017 18:31

UK Solar Energy Policy Could See Some Radical Changes.

Lenovo G560 win 7 running xp/Hotmetal 6 post.
Wroked for Navy Personnel Research Activity December 1963 -1965.

Builidings still in use!

Attended Captain's Mast disciplinary hearing on Parade ground in fron of one of these

Micreant sent to Vietnam on LST.

Commanding officer Navy pilot.
There are old Navy pilots.
There are bold Nvy pilots.
There are no old/bold Navy pilots,

we were told.
Navy Electronics Laboratory, National Acadmey of Science/National Research
Council port doctoral fellow 1956/66.


Bathascaphe Trieste stero camera test subject. Results: Operator did as well with mono as stero
after after three trials. Thresher search preparation.

Naval Tactical Data system cource attended 1964.

Sent to Okland CA Navy facility to board/observe use abord carrier Ramger.

Ranger did not leave due to possible deployment to Vietnam.

Navy recruiter arranged transportation back to San Diego.

Naval Air Station Noth Island .

Sedond attempt to observe.

Strapped into S2F aircraft, North Island runway.

Landed on Ranger.

Eletronics broken. Two of spent about 4 days watching aircraft depart/land moviie with Navy aviators.

Departed Ranger with long run down deck. No catapult.

Navy goalto train elecronics tecnhicians who placed lower on Navy placement tests.

Seaforth sport fishing.

Badly over fished. Second trip idea cancelled.

Salton Sea field trip.

Imperial valley solar farm.


Imperial valley/SanDiego.

Climate Scientists Reject Wind & Solar & Demand Nuclear Powered Future.

Monday November 19, 2018 16:07

Buggy c/c++ obsolete technology source of problem?
Windows 10 1809 big iCloud problem: We're working on fix, say Microsoft, Apple.

NETGEAR AC1200 WiFi UBB Adapter 802.11ac Dual Bad USB 3.0 working weill onm Lenovo g560 win 7/isb 2.0 running xp. Better than Lenovo Flex 6 core i7-8550 gen 8 running 1803? Watching performances.

+Lenovo win 7 runnng xp downloading pics. Beteer than normal normal.

Travel with win 10 and xp laptops.

Overcast. Solar panel electrj]icity requires load following "fossil-fueled" backup, PNM report concludes.

Google maps back on Android Nougat. 1 GB data added.

Sunday November 18, 2018 20:04
Lenovo 30 min boot recovering.

Admiral William H Payne porn stuff getting more scary. 

Admiral/seal Payne incited to make false accusation on KRQE and New Mexico state senate?

Who incited?  Why?

Saturday November 17, 2018 17:38
Salton Sea/imperial valley field trip. Solar/wind turbine too, of course.

Sport fishing Friday.

Navy dishonorable discharges segment TV Friday.
Ranger was decommissioned in 1993, and was stored at Bremerton, Washington until March 2015. She was then moved to Brownsville for scrapping, which was completed in November 2017.
Lenovo xp taptop taking over 30 minutes to boot. Pics download fairs.

Other xp problems. :(

Friday November 16, 2018 17:59

Download camera/cell phone pics disabled, xp laptop.

San Diego traffic terrible.

Google maps/Garmin get c- ratings.

 Try 1. xp/win 10 serious resizing issues.

Thursday November 15, 2018 19:27

Bluegriffon super buggy?____

US Solar Customers Prefer Solar Loans, Finds WoodMac.

Wednesday November 14, 2018  13:41

San Diego.

Lenovo G560 win 7 running xp working.

Tuesday November 13, 2018  05:08

2.2 miles walked, fitbit reorts.


Want Lying Thieves For ‘Neighbours’? Simply Welcome Big Wind to Your Community.

Monday November 12, 2018  20:32

San Diego weather.

vb dot net buggy++!
Ideapad 100 gen 5 broadwell, 10/1803.

OD hp stream 13 :(

What happened to Admiral seal William H Payne AAA 11/9/18 audio

Window 10 50-60 line of code, we read. Many programmers.
Too many cooks spoil the broth.

WINDOWS.ISO win 10 reinstall DVDs made for Lenovo IdeaPad 100 5 grn core i5-5200U broadwell, Lenovo IdeaPad 320/Flex 5 7 gen core i5-7200U kaby lake , and Flex 6core 8 gen i7-855U coffee lacke all running 10/1803.

Procedure different on all of them!.

Single programmer wrote Intel mCS BASIC-52. Port to Cypress PSoC 6 ARM M4/M0+ project reasonable task.

7 Incoming Governors Strongly Support Renewable Energy Goals.

Florida development is a trifecta of solar power, size and efficiency.

San Juan coal plant closing.
Australia’s Energy Minister Contracts Coal-Fired Power to Avoid More Mass Blackouts.
GE/Enron 200 New Mexico obsolete wind turbine decommissioning costs?____
General Electric just plunged, and one chart watcher says the devil's in the details.

Try 1.

Sunday November 11, 2018  21:09

Who funds these hackers?.

Blueriffon buggy. :( Hotmetal used to fix bluegriffon "mess".
5 Hard-to-Believe Renewable Energy Facts.

General Electric Capitulates To $8.15 On JP Morgan Downgrade. Time To BUY?

Why Automakers Try To Slow & Stifle The EV Revolution

Wind/gridscale industries solar liberal arts 'educated' articles authors' funding source?

Try 1.

Saturday November 10, 2018  09:14

TV coverage Friday evening. NM Senator Pat Woods focus.

Visibility critical to these projects.
canon afb pollution bottled water.

Emerson thermostat worked okay. On at 06:00 - gas ignites, fam on 06:02. 18 minutes late on Friday. Why?

Liberal art 'educated' attempt to destroy opposition any way it can.
German Research Finds Low-Frequency Wind Turbine Noise & Infrasound Cardiac Health Risk.
And this can work!

Try 1.

Friday November 9, 2018 15:46

What happened to Admiral seal William H Payne AAA 11/9/18 audio

Emerson thermostat microcontroller failure. Heat fan at 06:18, not 06:02 :( Why? :).

Cyber terror attack on US commercial/industrial app user using incompatible windows updates?

And c/c++ as weapons of mass cyber destruction.
Microsoft Warns Windows 10 Has An Expensive Problem.

If Microsoft wants to treat Windows 10 as a service, it has a responsibility to its customers to provide accurate information about problems with that service. Over the last month, the company has failed miserably in that regard.

"Want to go?" invitation 2017.

Join us invitation 2018.

to participate in metacompilable ARM M4 [hardware floating point] vb dot net assembler project. ="aaaaudio">
GE to pay for decommissioning of 200 GE/Eron New Mexico obsolete wind turbines?

PNM engineers' July 27, 2016 wind/gridscale solar scam/fraud data?.
JP Morgan analyst slashes GE stock forecast to $6, lowest on Wall Street.

Cost of Subsidies Under Ontario’s ‘Green’ Energy Act Escalate.

GE shares slide almost 3% premarket after JPMorgan slashes price target to $6 from $10.

They Said General Electric Couldn’t Get Worse. The Worst Hasn’t Arrived Yet, Analyst Says.


Judge Blocks the Disputed Keystone XL Pipeline in a Setback for Trump’s Energy Agenda.

Bluegriffon weapon of html destruction?

Try 2.

Thursday November 8, 2018  20:01

PNM IRP 2017 enginers and Tucson Elkectic Power helped expose wind turbine/gridscale solar scam/fraud in America?
China and India will lead the world's nuclear power growth, experts say.

Sunrun Installs 100 Megawatts Of Solar But Posts Surprise Net Loss.

Liberal arts 'educated' attack on wind?
Board Declares Wind Turbine Noise Nuisance Public Health Disasater.
Try 1.

Android hearts possible bug observed. None for solitaire.

Wednesday November 7, 2018  13:09

Abq j reporter Jessica Dyer phone message 1, 2 11/6/18.

Readers/listeners:  We are doing battle with the liberal arts 'educated'.  Most have bad manners as well as inferior educations. Along with inability to think matters through.

Wind turbine/gridscale solar scam/fraud?
Matt Williams/bill solar/wind conversation. Williams Windmill, Lemitar, NM 9/18/17.

PNM engineers' July 27, 2016 wind/gridscale solar scam/fraud data?.

PNM concludes wind/gridscale solar requires "fossil-fueled" load following backup.
Tucson Electric Power Springerville AZ

PNM Prosperity solar battery storage test facility Albuquerque NM.

Bluegriffon super buggy.

This is how artificial intelligence will become weaponized in future cyberattacks.

Ajit Pai.
Ajit Pai, as chairman of the FCC, the other agency in charge of tackling robocalls,

Liberal arts 'educated' emthods can work.
Fighting Big Wind.
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell ousted Rep. Carlos Curbelo, the Miami-area Republican considered the party’s most hawkish lawmaker on climate change,

Can these 35-ton bricks solve renewable energy’s biggest problem?,

But when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing, renewable electricity can still be fairly expensive to store ["fossil-fueled" load following backup required, PNM report concludes.]
Try 1.

Below Android app used machine combinatorics to predict ext possible move in soliatire and both when you lose.

Solitaire initially reported 'You lose' but now 'No combinations'.

Taps to progress comination possibilities egate drag/drop necessity.

Much advanced over Windows solitaire ... but Android programmers had about 20 years to improve.
Hearts below also use combinators to autromatically end game.

M4 metacompilable vb dot not assembler will use combinators to generate syntax tables.

 Tuesday November 6, 2018 14:08

Deny Senator's charge.  Does Admiral Payne have any proof for basis of charge?  11/6/18 post.



Upon commission in February 1976, he reported to Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training in Coronado, California.
Payne completed operational and department head duties with Underwater Demolition Team 11 and SEAL
he drafted the SEAL Cold Weather Operations Manual
He returned to Coronado in 1993 as joint operations coordinator for NR-Naval Special Warfare Command, serving as commanding officer NR-SEAL Team 5.

KQRE, FCC, $11,018 stolen from Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union in focus.

May 2, 2011 - In the early morning hours (approximately mid-afternoon on May 1 in the United States), a group of 25 Navy Seals raid the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

11th Naval District.

Dianne Anderson is resigning her post as UNM’s primary spokesperson Thursday. She said she will move to Florida where her husband has taken a new job.

Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities in a liberal arts curriculum. 
Mark Mathis.
Mathis suspected of working for Sandia labs in this matter.

200 GE/Eron wind turbines need decommissioning at New Mexico Wind Energy Center/Red Mesa wind farm? At Ge's expense, of course.
PNM engineers' July 27, 2016 wind/gridscale solar scam/fraud data?.

prc drops policy delaying transcript release.  abq j 11/6/18

The commission previously had posted documents on E-Docket for free access immediately after receiving them from court reporters, a process that usually took four to eight days after a hearing ended. ...

In late October, the PRC rescinded the July policy, calling it a “temporary” measure to resolve complaints by court reporters seeking more money for their transcripts.

17-00129 ut?

Try 1. Windows drag and drop solitairemay be eclipsed by Android
combinatorial solitaire?

Monday November 5, 2018 19:06

Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscale solar scam/fraud?

Consumer Reports Survey Finds Most Americans Want More Renewable Energy.

Renewables Rejected: 80% of Australian Households Want Reliable & Affordable Power.

Matt Williams/bill solar/wind conversation. Williams Windmill, Lemitar, NM 9/18/17.

PNM engineers' July 27, 2016 wind/gridscale solar scam/fraud data?.

PNM concludes wind/gridscale solar requires "fossil-fueled" load following backup.
Tucson Electric Power Springerville AZ

PNM Prosperity solar battery storage test facility Albuquerque NM.

Envelope not opened yet.

KQRE, FCC, $11,018 stolen from Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union in focus.

May 2, 2011 - In the early morning hours (approximately mid-afternoon on May 1 in the United States), a group of 25 Navy Seals raid the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

11th Naval District.

Try 8.

Sunday November 4, 2018 19:25
New thermostat problem  ... not new problem.

Set ON high temperature.  Set LOW  temperature

Problems. 1  Temperature Much exceeds high before furnace shut off.
2  Furnace turning on frequently at night.

Software/hardware design issues?
Vectored BASIC program execution required to make ARM M4 metacompiler implementation effective. J Ctardese doesn't cut it.

John Anthony Oliver provided 2008 solution.
Most important single code line in vb dot net 2017 history? Written in ctardes, of course. "Me" pure ctardese!
Psst. Oliver wrote forth in vb dot net 2017!
pid·gin Eng·lish. Manuals written in Chinglish?

How fo Speak Pidgin.

Pidgin vb dot net 2017 programming? :)
Josef Stalin theory of project failure needed today?
Scientists are trying to bottle solar energy and turn it into liquid fuel.

Wind/gridscale solar product of liberal arts 'educated' writers/talkers ... and crooked engineers?.

Try 2.

Saturday November 3, 2018 19:59

cyberterrorism. c/c++?  Window upgrades?
US electric grid under attack?
why german electric grid not destroyed ww2.
APL, along with BASICs and forth interactive RTOSs
In 1973, IBM released APL.SV, which was a continuation of the same product, but which offered shared variables as a means to access facilities outside of the APL system, such as operating system files. In the mid-1970s, the IBM mainframe interpreter was even adapted for use on the IBM 5100.
In the mid-1970s, the IBM mainframe interpreter was even adapted for use on the IBM 5100 desktop computer, which had a small CRT and an APL keyboard, when most other small computers of the time only offered BASIC.

On microcomputers, which became available from the mid 1970s onwards, BASIC became the dominant programming language.

[Along came c/c++ which are compilers, not RTOSs.  And messes]

Nuclear Power is the Only Soultion.

Try 1.

Friday November 2, 2018 20:29

Solar Power Is About to Boom in the Sunshine State.

Liberal arts 'educated' attack on wind.
WHO Declares Turbine Noise ‘Serious Health Hazard’.
Engineers' erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor scam/fraud data more convincing? Along with our like negative EROEI toxic material, quickly-obsolete electronics, buggy/hacable software observations

Try 3.

Thursday NJovember 1, 2018 08:38

Wind jammers/windscammers. :)
Sea shells/ c shills.
Liberal arts 'educated wind turbine industry attack?
WHO’s Health Hazard Warning Prompts Demand for Immediate Wind Farm Moratorium.

Xcel wind farm moving along. abq j 11/2/18 A10
Our focus, engineering problems.

ry 1. Luna soltitaire more sophisticated. No drag/drop. Just tap.

Lun gave message 'You lose'. Now 'No combinations'.

Wednesday October 31, 2018 17:29

Wind/gridscale solar industries appear to rely on liberal arts 'educated' writers to promote their  products?

Google’s Renewable Energy Leadership .

Navajo uranium miners.
Go Nuclear.
First Solar: Poor Quarter But Bright Future Ahead.

Try 2.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro.  Android Marshmallow.


Tuesday October 30, 2018 07:55


Singapore’s National Energy Provider Launches Blockchain Marketplace for Green Energy.

Try 1.


Monday October 29, 2018 20:38


A solar cell that does double duty for renewable energy.

Australia is in the process of destroying what was the world’s most reliable and affordable power supply. The destruction is all down to heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar.

Meanwhile, our major Asian trading partners, China and Japan are chewing up Australian coal and uranium as fast as we can ship it – and building hundreds of new plants to use our high-grade thermal coal.
Google’s Renewable Energy Leadership .

Try 1.

Sunday October 28, 2018 19:34

American Energy Over The Last 45 Years.

The chaotic delivery of wind and solar has left Australia’s Eastern Grid on the brink of collapse.

Tucson Electric Power Springerville AZ.

PNM Prosperity solar battery storage test facility Albuquerque NM.
Try 1.

Saturday October 27, 2018 18:58

vb dot net tutorial completed. Last portion not applicable to M4 assembler projectS.

Hotmetal/Bluegriffon incompatibilities.

"on the road "? On the grid.
GM says a nationwide program could put 7 million long-range electric cars on the road and slash 375 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions by Vivobook 2030, compared with existing zero-emission vehicle mandates.

Why First Solar, Inc. Shares Plunged 10% Today.

Annual Cost of Australia’s Solar Subsidy Scam Hits $2 Billion & Sends Power Prices Into Orbit.
Try 3.

Friday October 26, 2018 20:52

Wind storm destruction.

James remained standing.

Post where

bamford nsa spy sting on iran. Recovered.

Black tape until Permatex blue cures.
Mail box perfectly level  .. after about 5 years. Other projects.
1975 belt grinder motor died.  Upgrade planned.
Yard flower bed mulch.
Bluegriffon/Hotmetall 6 both used.  Each has strong points.

Griffon can cause major problems ... too fancy.

Try 2.

Thursday October 25, 2018 11:46

The Battle for Solar Energy in the Country’s Sunniest State.


Democrats go all-in on clean energy.

Try 1.

Tuesday October 23, 2018 17:15


New Mexico Utility Sahareholder Alliance luncheon audios.

Carka Sonntag, Executive Director.

David G Hutchins, President and CEO UNS Energy Corporation ... which owns TEP!


Wind & Solar Can Never Compete With Ever Reliable & Affordable Coal-Fired Power.

Carla Sonntag  electric grid terrorist?

Try 1. Lenovo N500 vista running xp home from ssd.

Monday October 22, 2018 09:07

admiral william h payne porn.
Hotmetal autocorected Bluegriffon.

Microsoft’s problem isn’t how often it updates Windows—it’s how it develops it.

Remote Code Execution Flaws Found in FreeRTOS - Popular OS for Embedded Systems.
Electric utilities can be fined if power is out of specification, we learned at PNM IRP 2017.

ferc fines.

FERC civil penalties database.

Try 4.

Sunday October 21, 2018 36:34

Santa Fe. Cumbres Toltec coal-fired last day trip.
Wind & Solar Require Subsidies Forever?.

Saturday October 28, 2018 08:33

Jack [I hate forth} Ganssle post interesting , imo.._
Cortex M4 it's true there is a FPU (optional) but to run an operation it's necessary to move the value to the FPU core registers, run the operation and get back the results. It's useful in case of intensive operations like audio/video coding where a few coefficients are passed but in some other cases like mine, power inverter control, the register load operations cost much more than the operation itself. Actually we are using an M4 with FPU but disabling it and using fixed point mathematic: in M4 the FPU usage adds also an extra cost in context switch slowing down more the CPU.

Intel MCS BASIC-52 interactive incremental compile/assemble metacompile RTOS port to Cypress PSoC 6 project possible because of M4 hardware floating point!

threadx rtos.

New Mexico Wind Energy Center/Red Mesa 200 GE/Enron wind turbine output?

Adding Storage Renders Cost of Wind & Solar Astronomical.

Try 1.

Friday October 19, 2018 12:42

Ability to turn on and off!.
dispatchable electricity.

This is in contrast with non-dispatchable renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar PV power which cannot be controlled by operators.
Similar to New Mexico Wind Energy Center/Red Mesa 200 GE/Enron wind turbines outpput?
Germany’s Readily Available Wind Power Capacity Less Than 1% of Total Installed Capacity.
Try 1.

AVAST installed itself on Lenovo N500 vista laptop running xp home.

Borton hacked.

AVAST installed itself on Lenovo Flex 8 gen core i5-8550U running 10/1803. Windows Defender hacked.

Thursday October 18, 2018 17:13

New Mexico Utilities Shareholders Alliance attended.


Try 3.

Wednesday October 17, 2018 12:59

on global warming, it's mission impossible. Robert Samuelsom. abq j 10/16/18 A14.

Electric vehicles don't solve the problem, because natural gas and coal are the
underlying energy sources for much of the electricity.

I would gradually impose a stiff fossil-fuel tax (not a 10% or 15% tax but a doubling or maybe a tripling of prices) to discourage fossil-fuel use and encourage new energy sources.
Wind/gridscal solar promoted by the liberal arts 'educated'?
Sony Shifts US 100% Renewable Energy Goal Forward By A Decade.

Try 2.

Tuesday October 16, 2018 09:58

Android Marshmallow/Nougat OS comments. Voice recognition/googld maps big improvement over Kitkat, we find.

Reading on Amazon Kindle.

Develop Pi code using Visual Basic in Visual Studio.  Then upload object code from a Windows PC to the Pi.
Nice, imo.

A cross development environment.
PNM report concludes erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscale solar require "fossil-fueled" load following backup._
Wind & Solar Power Chaos Threatens Complete Grid Collapse.

surge of wind and solar generation creating a new wave of volatility in Australia’s electricity grid due to a lack of firm capacity to back it up.


Try 1.

Monday October 15, 2018 13:05

Amazon Kindle.



Michel Lujan Grishma New Mexico wind turbine video.

cibola county wind farm. Red Mesa GE/Enron output data. :)

Australia’s Energy Minister Slams Chaos Delivered by Subsidised Wind & Solar.

Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind requires "fossil-fueled" load following backup,
PNM report concludes.

New Mexico Wind Energy Center: repower or decommission? 'data". not 'date'?

Try 1

Sunday October 14, 2018 19:22

Patty wants her $11.018 stolen money back.

PNM IRP 2017 engineers IRP takeover from the liberal arts 'educated' after about 10 years domination surprise.
Renewables Rejected.

The surprise!

Matt Williams/bill solar/wind conversation. Williams Windmill, Lemitar, NM 9/18/17.

PNM engineers' July 27, 2016 wind/gridscale solar scam/fraud data?.

PNM concludes wind/gridscale solar requires "fossil-fueled" load following backup.
Try 1.

Saturday October 13, 2018 09:50

c/c++/c assembler known buggy software technogy. Used in wind turbine/gridscale electronics software?
Windows 10 Audio Not Working After Installing Latest Windows Updates.
nm energy key to future  abq j 10/1318.

Try 2.

Friday October 12, 2018 17:35




Springerville, AZ 2007 example [R1 1]:


Germany’s Energiewende program exposed as a catastrophic failure.
Expensive energy is back' — and it's threatening the global economy, IEA warns.

As oild and gas exports surge, West Texas becomes the world's "extraction colony".

Try 4. 

Thursday October 11, 2018 09:59

senataor pat woods new mexico.
Grady Wind farm, which will be the largest wind farm in the Western Hemisphere when it is completed. That installation will deliver many jobs and financial benefits, ...

I predict that by 2050, New Mexico will attain 70 percent of its electricity from renewable sources if our New Mexico leadership fully supports this opportunity.

Senator Woods needs to listen/read?

Matt Williams/bill solar/wind conversation. Williams Windmill, Lemitar, NM 9/18/17.

PNM engineers' July 27, 2016 wind/gridscale solar scam/fraud data?.

PNM concludes wind/gridscale solar requires "fossil-fueled" load following backup.

American Wind Industry Caught Faking Community ‘Support’ for Wind Power.
Try 2.

Wednesday October 10, 2018 11:45
westmoreland coal files for bankruptcy. abq j 10/1018 A10.

new mexico must leverage its renewable resources. A12

9,000 x $15 = $135,000?

David G. Hutchens President and CEO Tucson Electric Power Tucson AZ.

Rocketing Prices & Blackouts Only ‘Dividend’ From $60bn in Subsidies to Wind & Solar.
GE reveals new inspection technology for wind turbines.
Try 2.

Tuesday October 9, 2018 13:49

Bluegriffon made mess of email draft. Hotmetal used to fix.

Hello Ms Watts,

You wrote 10/8/18.
Mr. Payne,

To clarify, the $15 membership dues option is only available to shareholders of a gas or electric company operating in New Mexico.

Thank you again,
Erin Watts
Good morning Mr. Payne,

We would love to have you and your wife at our luncheon. At this time it does not look like you are current on your membership so we have two options:

$15 membership and come to the luncheon for free.

You can pay $35 per ticket (a total of $70) for the luncheon if you do not want to be a dues paying member of NMUSA.

Either way will work, just let me know what you'd like to do. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Erin Watts
Executive Assistant
We are PNM Resources shareholders.

That's why we received


1 How much did NMUSA spend on the above PNM.Resources Chairman, President, and CEO mailing?

2 How many shareholfders received this mailing?

Please respond by close of business Thursday 10/11/18 so we can make decision about luncheon.


What is purpose of New Mexico Utilities Shareholders Alliance?
TEP Plans New Wind EnergyProject that Could PowerMore than 30,000 Homes.

Tucson Electric Power RanksAmong Nation’s Top Utilities for Expanding Energy Storage.

El Paso Electric Files for Community Solar Program in New Mexico

APS seeks to equip existing solar plants with batteries to bring cleaner energy to customers

APS energy efficiency plan will support more electric vehicles
Liberal arts 'educated' writers try to promote the wind/gridscale solar industries?
Clean Energy Could See Explosive Growth by 2023, IEA Report Claims.

Dire Climate Warning Lands With a Thud on Trump’s Desk.

For Australian households and businesses being crushed by out-of-control power prices the Paris Climate Agreement ...

European offshore wind giant buys US’ most successful offshore wind company.

Deepwater Wind.

Try 1.

Monday October 8, 2018 14:25
Stolen trucks.


Consequences for utility failure to provide load following electric backup explained in PNM IRP 2017 session. 15 Minutes to correct, if memory serves correct ... or fines.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is a United States government agency, established in 1977 to oversee the country's interstate transmission and pricing of a variety of energy resources, including electricity ....

PNM Load-following backup explained?  And failure penalties?

3 hours!?

PNM Preliminary Reliability Analysis.
Public Being Played for Fools About Surging Power Prices by Wind & Solar Lobby.

Wind power makes the ground warmer even as it cools the planet.

Celebrating energy efficiency. abq j 10/8/18.

What’s more, over 2.2 million Americans work in the energy-efficiency sector in local, good-paying, clean energy jobs that can’t be outsourced – including more than 5,000 workers in New Mexico.

New Breakthrough Could Slash Solar Prices To New Lows.

New Mexico Wind Eneergy Center/Red Mesa wind farm 200 GE/Enron turbines. Repower of decommission? Who pays?
GE Offloads Portfolio of Energy Investments to Apollo Global.

    Approximately $1 billion portfolio includes equity investments in renewable energy ...
Renewable energy is growing too slow to meet climate goals, International Energy Agency warns.
Trt 1.

Sunday October 7, 201809:23
Load-following electric power backup?
Weather Dependent Wind Power Means Massive Summertime Price Hikes?


Try 1.

Saturday October 6, 2018 10:40
pnm plant closure will raise rates. abq j 10/6/18
Liberal arts 'educated" article?
I have a BA and MPhil from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Science Communication.
No, Wind Farms Are Not Causing Global Warming.

PresidentTrump Launches Plan for Advanced Nuclear Plants.

America truly is exceptional: while plenty of Western democracies are still piling into subsidised wind and solar, the USA is getting out.

Cydney Beadles - Director, Legal Division - New Mexico Public.

Try 2..

Friday October 5, 2018 21:26

'stop' 'doit'  What message sent

Black and white test of cryptographic algorithms.

Our projects may succeed because of technology advances?
Voice recognition composition used.

Liberal arts 'educated' msm
Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities in a liberal arts curriculum. 
Mark Mathis
had great power before internet, social media and now cell phone sms.

Msm is trying to destroy President Trump any way it can.   Msm  sms counterattack test?  ... in addition to Twitter, of course.

Samsung Luna J3 Android Marshmallow cell phone
Liberal arts 'educated' TV has gotten so bad that we the weather and Smithsonian channels mostly.

PNM subsidizing wind turbine/gridscale solar?
Cost of Subsidised Wind & Solar Puts Power Out of Reach for America’s Working Poor.
study: wind power causes local warming. abq j 10/5/18 A12.

Second phone call to New Mexico Utility Shareholder Alliance 10/4/18. No response as of 10/5/18.

Phone call 10/4/18  to Cathy Martinez
(505) 241-4536

Utility Shareholder Alliance envelope designed to fit in PNM Resources envelope?

100% EPSON Smart Panel scan.

Try 6.

Thursday October 4, 2018 19:57

Mechanical engineers develop ways to improve windfarm productivity,

Fontsize 1.5. :)  BlueGriffon too advanced?  Hotmetal moderates. :)

pnm shareholder number.

electricity generation based on weather stop these things.

how many pnm shareholders.

:) ?


Wind Farms May Actually Warm the US, Controversial Study Finds.

Messing with BlueGriffon type size. :)

German Business Rocketing Power Prices.
Tucson Electric Power Company?

Springerville, AZ 2007 example [R1 1]:

Economist statements [R1 2]:
Try 3.

Wednesday October 3, 2018 12:44

Phone call: New Mexico Utility Shareholder Alliance.

3:22 call not answered. No message left.

Phone message.

Sharholder Alliance materials arrived with letter from PNM CEO in

Corporate Headquarters
Albuquerque NM 87158-0905
PNMResources. corn

September 17,2018


Dear PNM Shareholder,

The New Mexico Utility Shareholders Alliance (NMUSA) gives you and your fellow investors a strong, unified voice on issues that affect the utility industry and your investment in it. The NMUSA motto, "Together, we have the power!" drives their representation of your interests and I encourage you to join this important and influential group. You can learn more about NMUSA at You can join by clicking the 'Join' tab and completing the online form or by completing the form included in this letter and mailing it to NMUSA. You can also call NMUSA at (505) 836-4223.

NMUSA is the only organized voice in New Mexico for utility shareholders that brings reason to local and national policy issues affecting our industry. The organization works closely with key state and federal officials because there is legislation and regulation at both levels which could impact your utility stock investment.

NMUSA is your direct line to regulators, legislators, and other government officials who influence the business environment and the utility industry. By joining NMUSA, you ensure that your voice will be heard. In addition, the NMUSA keeps you informed about important issues through their quarterly newsletter, Shareholder News, and sends email Action Alerts on critical issues that require your attention.

NMUSA hosts informative annual luncheons in Albuquerque as well as regular community meetings around the state. As a member, you may attend these events free of charge. This year's annual membership luncheon is Oct. 18 at the Albuquerque Marriott Uptown.

Beyond minimal annual dues, membership requires no financial commitment, although contributions are gladly accepted to help fund NMUSA's work. Simply fill out the membership form at or on the back of this form. This simple action will help protect your investment and allow your voice to be heard.


Pat Vincent-Collawn
Chairman, President, and CEO

[No typo corrections made to OCR.]

running under xp superior to vuescan running under 10?

Try 1


Tuesday October 2, 2018 20:25


nmsu grid center get $20M grant abq j 10/218 A10
Wind Industry Wilts as Ontario Scraps ‘Green’ Energy Act.
Try 1.

Monday October 1, 2018 07:50

Hotmetal Bluegriffon autofix sucessful. If not, Hotalmetal forcess repair in source.
China & Japan Snub Intermittent Wind & Solar to
Build Hundreds of New-Age Coal-Fired Plants
High in the Austrian Alps, a utility has adapted a 70-year-old facility to store solar and wind energy for when it’s needed most.

Saudi shelves $200 billion SoftBank Solar project: WSJ.

Vermont’s energy efficiency utilities under inspection in new investigation.

The state’s latest greenhouse gas inventory shows an uptick in emissions between 2012 and 2015.
Try 1,

Sunday September 30, 2018 20:17


Saudi Arabia Shelves Work on SoftBank’s $200 Billion Solar Project.

springerville generating station owner.

uns energy corporation.
Mob action liberal arts 'educated' ploy ... but can work.
Council Slams Wind Farm Proposal After Angry Mob Reads Riot Act.
Try 1.

Saturday September 29, 2018 20:32

Bluegriffon able to "mess up" html badly.

Hotmetal tried to autocorrect.
portal 31 tour must in your life time, imo.
Kentucky coal. Outstanding video, imo.

NM lots of coal.  BTU content?

Coal crossroads.

Coal dust.

International Energy Agency predicts wind will dominate Europe’s grid by 2027.

id="top-content" class="col-xs-12 layout" style="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0px 0px 40px; padding-top: 0px !important; padding-right: 10px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 0px; border-top: 0px; border-right: 0px; border-bottom: 1px solid rgb(213, 213, 213) !important; border-left: 0px; border-image: initial; outline: 0px; font-size: 14px; vertical-align: baseline; background: transparent; display: block; position: relative; min-height: 1px; float: left; width: 952.531px;">

itemprop="articleBody" class="paywall" style="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; font-size: calc(16.4px + 0.175vw); vertical-align: baseline; background: transparent; display: block; line-height: calc(1.5em + 0.3333vw);">

Twenty-five ReasonsWind Power Fails.

Try 2.

Friday September 28, 2018 10:40

PNM engineers ousted the liberal arts 'educated' with IRP 2017.

Exposed Mew Mexico Wind Energy Center/Red Mesa erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor
data July 27,2017.

NMGO theermostate rebate.

The costs and fallibility of UK Weather Dependent Renewables 2017 – 2018.
Try 1.

Thursday September 27, 2018 14:49

Project focus shift to interactive Intel MCS BASID-52 RTOS hosting incremental compiler/assembler for ARM M4 ... along with stolen money recovery and wind/solar generation of electricity.

Liberal arts 'educated' scrutiny.

Windows 10/1803 scan: VueScan.

EPSON Smarr Panel works better on Lenovo N500 vista running xp home from ssd .... and it's paid for. :)

Table insertion with bluegriffon more complicated that hotmetal.

PgUP/PgDn broken: bluegriffon.

New Mexico?

Poorest Pay Highest Price for California’s Wind & Solar Obsession.

Try 2. Resized from windows 10 explorer.
Windows 10, Lenovo Flex 6 gen 8 core i7 8550U broke Photosuite 7.

Resized. 400 pixels. Photosuite 7. Lenovo N500 vista running xp hom from ssd.

Wednesday September 26, 2018 12:23

Tuesday pics imported from bluegriffon to hotmetal. Hotmetal simplified.

Legendary Taos New Mexico pilot.
What happened to Fred Fair conversation.

Fred Fair/Donald Rumsfeld friends.
Genertor technology upgrade.

Blue chicago upgrade for about $289.

3 or 4 generators in one: Two 120 V, Or one 240 V.
One 12 with car auxillary connector.

Solar/battery back up too. :)

100 W solar system using settlable charge/load controller.

Techology improvement for about $16.

Upgrade. Old thermostat working from 2004. Sill works.  Toxic ewaste now?

hopis seek fed help to save power plant. ABQ J 9/26/18  a10.
Liberal arts 'educated' attack on wind turbines?
Victoria Rejects Premier Dan Andrew’s Insane Wind Power Push.

Almost 500 people attended the meeting on Monday night at the Mortlake Hall and supported a motion to reject the Moyne Shires’ offer to establish a community engagement committee for the proposed renewable energy source.
Altenergy scammers ... other than wind/gridscale solar?
A good announcement and a bad announcement for two nuclear-energy startups.
El Cabo Iberdola, Encino New Mexico field trip.
Looking south.

County road blocked?

Same road looking south. No fences between road and turbines.

Wind generation of electricity jobs?

All building disappeared!

Videos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Empty coal train heading east between Estancia/Willard New Mexico. p091618/p1%20069.wmv
High Lonesome Clipper wind turbines south of Williard New Mexico.
North of Estancia New Mexico.


Brunch.  Abquiu Inn.____

Returned to abq via Cuba New Mexico.

Stopped at Bear Paw ranch outside Regina NM.

What happened to Fred Fair conversation.

Fred Fair/Donald Rumsfeld friends.

Try 2.

Tuesday September 25, 2018 17:14

Hurricane Florence crippled electricity and coal -- solar and wind were back the next day.

Trump 9/25/18 UN speech.
Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course.

clipped request gas co asks for much smaller rater increase of 15 cents per month abq j 9/25/18  A10.

$20 M grant for smart grid center 9/22/18 font page.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — How can the nation’s aging power grid better incorporate energy sources like
wind and solar?

What would make it more resilient to modern threats such as cyberattacks?
BlueGrifon/Hotmetal Pro: both have strong points and weak points. Compatibility good. :)

arsTechnicia funded by the wind/gridscale solar industries?

Pairing wind with batteries makes wind more competitive with fossil fuels.

Victoria’s  Labor Determined to Repeat South Australian Debacle with Ludicrous 50%

Wind & Solar RET.

Sunday September 23, 2018 16:15


Haley: U.S. not to blame for terror attack in Iran.

New Mexico erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscale solar requiring "fossil-fueled" load following backup projects money sources?

Subsidised Wind & Solar ‘Virtue Signalling with Other People’s Money’.

Saturday September 22, 2018 12:35

BlueGriffon table construction similar to Hotmetal ... but more complicated.

Photosuite 7 crashed on Lenovo N500 vista running xp.

xp about 15 minutes restart. :(

Windows based on buggy c/c++/batch assembler technology. :(

BlueGriffon forced Hotmetal into source edit.

Doom for Subsidised Wind & Solar.

Window 10 file explorer pic management. Leaf viewing trip between Durango/Ouray CO.

Win recommended Medium pic size.

Window small pic size.
Ouray CO.

Mountain travel:  Legalized in 2017.
Mayflower mill huge rock piles generated with electric motors.

Wind/solar work?
Gridscale solar array damaging clouds.

WPX energy Aztec NM building.

NMGO $50 rebate?
Original backup generator.

Predator 4000 new technology backup purchased.

Home/commercial/industrial backup systems require periodic testing, EE neighbor involved in business explained.  $s. :(.
Both require testing so see if they start!

Permatex RTV blue secures wheel to axle. No hole drilling. :)

Chicago generator video. Solar/battery system works better for small electric loads ... like cell phone charging.

130V PNM power?

Innova autoranging DVM reports 120V.

Two killwatt meters failed?
First try.

Friday September 21, 2018 17:47
Bank of America phone phishing messages medely? No.

First message played to Yadi Melero, BoA Monogomery Financial Center.

Saturday message truncated.  Patty answered told caller we checked with BoA ... and stop calling.


Yadi able to look up reference number on first message. 


Driver license expired.  BoA wanted update.

Senior must renew each year.

Yadi updated.

c/c++/batch assembler known buggy software technology. :(
Windows 10 October 2018 Update: Dump your files to avoid crashes, warns Microsoft.

The alert is targeted at users of systems with limited storage space, which may fail to initialize after running Windows Update.

Microsoft singles out "thin clients" and "embedded systems".
ARM M4 assembler._
Wind/gridscale solar domain of liberal arts 'educated'?

Solar Energy Largely Unscathed by Hurricane Florence’s Wind and Rain.

Try 4.

Thursday September 20, 2018 17:20

png image posted from BlueGriffon to see how Hotmetal handles.  Does not show but no crash.


September 2018.Office of the President

LifeLock time?
Medely of Bank of America phone messages.

First message played to Yadi Melero, BoA Monogomery Financial Center.

Saturday message truncated.  Patty answered told caller we checked with BoA ... and stop calling.


Jamie Dimon says cyber warfare is the biggest risk to the financial system.

I hate Forth author. :), of course.

Project complete?

Project focus on ARM M4 Intel MCS BASIC-52 high-level metacompiler assembler.


xcel completes e. colo. wind farm abq j 9/2018  A12.

Xcel Energy opens huge, billion-dollar wind farm on Colorado’s Eastern Plains

300 Vestas wind turbines.
Coal Keeps Powering On as Germany’s Renewable Energy Transition Implodes.
Try two.


Wednesday September 19, 2018 21:145
Trailer weight.

Mistake 1: tail gate about 1/2 inch too short.

2: Prong riveted to tail gate.

Fixed: adjustable hinges attached to gate with backing plate.

Top of gate now flush with sides. Locks work perfectly! :)

Bottom gap filled with truck trailer bed rubber liner slices.

1/2 x inch aluminum bar fixed first attempted fix.

Permatex Blue RTV gasket makes glue used. 600 psi tensile strenght.
3: Right bearing cover opening slighly smaller than 2.0 inchec. Bearing buddy installed.
Left larger than 2.0. Original cover used.

Assembled in 2003.

Tires out of date. Discount Tire almost refused to replace valve stem.
Replaced with Carlisle purchased from Harbor Freight 9/18.

LED update.  Rewired 2018.

1,000 payload.

bachelor/syracuse mine.

Mine tour guide informed us that tunnel sloped 2% to entry. Impossiblefor one person to push loaded mine cart uphill but downhill possible.

1 cu yd crusher fines weghts 2,000 pounds.

Small trailer holds 1/2 cu yd. 

Landscape project
revealed that two could push trailer with dolly on flat surface.  Just a small object would stop trailer.

Small trailers can be moved to work site. Advantage. Not so with large trailers.

Tuesday September 18, 2018 10:02

solar plant backed in southest colorado.
One of the world’s biggest power plant developers just gave up on coal.

How A Love Affair With Intermittent Wind & Solar Ended In Tears.
First try.

Monday September 17, 2018 07:40


wind turbine/gridscal solaar industries article?
Coal is still king in 18 US states — but for how long?.

Wind isn't the top source of power in any US states — but the EIA said "that may soon change." That's because Kansas and Iowa — two coal states — have ramped up their use of wind turbines.
What's Wrong With Natural Gas Stocks?.
Florence's rains: Coal ash landfill collapses in Carolinas,

The coal-fired Sutton plant was retired in 2013 and the company has been excavating millions of tons of ash from old waste pits and removing it to safer, lined landfills constructed on the property. The gray ash left behind when coal is burned contains toxic heavy metals, including arsenic, lead and mercury.

Environmentalists have been warning for decades that Duke's coal ash ponds were vulnerable to severe storms and pose a threat to drinking water supplies and public safety.



Try 1.

Sunday September 16, 2018 20:51

grid scale solar fraud


Phishing phone calls.

El Cabo Iberdrola/gamesa wind farm field trip 9/15/16. No buildings remain.

Money made building wind turbines/installation ... and perhaps decommissioning. New Mexico Wind Energy Center 136 and Red Mesa 94 GE/Enron obsolete wind turbines?

Little trailer project nearly complete.

Second try.


Saturday September 15, 2018 19:24

Liberal arts 'educated' wind/gridscale solar industries sponsored writers attempt to scam public?

Utilities have a problem: the public wants 100% renewable energy, and quick.

Try 2.


Friday September 14, 2018 21:04

Load rang B tire interests. 4.80 x 8.  Load range C 90 psi pressure. More heat?
4.80-12 Bias Trailer Tire with 12 Inch White Wheel, # AM30580, has a capacity of 785 pounds at 60 psi and is a load range B.

This tire fits 8" x 3-3/4" wheels; its maximum load is 590 lbs at 60 psi

Bank of America phishing, audio scam attempt recordings.

Recording 1, 2. Boileroom audio at end of 2?

In latest Windows test builds, Microsoft discourages alternate browsers

In a new test build for an upcoming Windows 10 feature update,
Microsoft appears to be testing a warning dialog box that will
discourage users from installing third-party browsers. The feedback has been less than kind.
Liberal arts 'educated' use msm/legislation to try to try to enforce wind/gridscle solar businesses interests?
pnm committed to less carbon emissions. abq j 9/14/18 A15.

California Push for 100% Wind & Solar Doomed to End in Costly Failure.

U.S. Wind Turbines Are Getting Less Powerful—and That's a Good Thing.

Try one.

Thursday September 13, 2018 20:56

msm supports gridscale solar industry scam/fraud?
Tesla unveils rare picture of Gigafactory 1’s rooftop solar array, says it will be ‘largest in the world’.

6 Window 10 laptop here. All act different.
Windows 10 Now Warns Users Not to Install Chrome or Firefox.

Don't let liberal arts 'educated" make computer hardware/software or electric power generation decisions?

German Wind Power Fails:
Coal-Fired Power Prevents Return to Dark Ages.
First try.

Wednesday September 12, 2018 12:51

Hardware malware?
What should you believe? PRC Commissioners WORDS or PNM IRP 2017 engineers' DATA?
high court rejects prc chair recusal. abq j 9/12/18 A10.

The PRC has jurisdiction over PNM’s proposed energy resource portfolio, which the
utility says will eliminate its use of coal-fired generation by the end of
Vivobook 2031 in favor of a mixed portfolio of renewable energy and natural gas.

Erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscale solar PNM IRP 2017 July 27, 2016 scam/fraud DATA?

Both require "fossil-Fueled" load following backup, PNM concludes.

Natural gas price highly volitile, PNM IRP 2017 director emphasized.

Martin Heinrich?.

Wind/gridescale solar industries plants?

German Study Reveals What Really Happens When Power Supplies Fail.
First try.

Tuesday September 11, 2018 20:00

High tech terror attacks?


This new electric motorcycle does 100 mph and 186 miles – all without a rear hub.
calif. to rely on 100% clean electricity by 2015 under bill. abq j 9/11/A3.'

First try.

Monday September 10, 2018 06:55


Engineers warn of bill shock under green energy surge.
First try,

Surday September 9, 2018 07:22

Martin Heinrich?.
Australia’s New PM Determined to Slash Wind & Solar Subsidies
and Exit Paris Climate ‘Deal’.

First try.

Saturday September 8, 2018 07:11

Little trailer gudgeon [pintles/gudgeons] replacement problem solved. With a little help from Permatex blue ... 600 psi tensile strength ... after about a week.

Failure to use metacompiler technology to generate RTOS greatest blunder in computing history?. RTOS generates itself from source.

Wind/gridscale solar terror attack on America's electric grid?
World’s Highest Power Prices Caused by Subsidised Wind & Solar.

c/c++ cyber terror attack on commeercial/industrial apps?

First try.

Friday September 7, 2018 21:18

c/c++ cyber terror crime trials?.

Fidel Sanchez texts using voice recogniton. Beat typing on cell phone  keyboard..

Voice recognition now work on Samsung J3 Luna android marshmallow with help of Fidel and google instructions. Depressing emoji icon ad holding key.

Sanity projects.

Goof on little trailer project. Hinges must rise 1/4 inch. Not bed come down 1/4 inch.
Sometimes you get the bear ... and sometimes the bear gets you.
Fidel Sanchez
Corrective hinge action starts today.

Then move on to next mistake? Or more carefully think-out solution.

If you don't take time to do it right at first, means you have time correct misteak.

Checking in?

Click here.

John Sobolewski received about 124 reprint requests for his thesis articles. Most came from Iran.
Liberal arts 'educated' making electric power decisions? 

msm reporters. of course.
Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities in a liberal arts curriculum. 
Mark Mathis
prc rejects location permits for sunzia. abq j 9/7/18 A12.

prc says it will expediate approval for facebook expansion. abq j 9/7/18 A12.

First try.

Thursday September 6, 2018 12:00

scientists: nuke power cost justifiable. abq j 8/5/18 A4.


Walney £ 1bn offshore wind farm is worlds largest.

What used?  We all make

Liberal arts 'educated' wprds/video msm coal attack countered with PNM July 27, 2016 erratic, intermittent, low capacity factor wind turbine/gridscale solar DATA, wind/gridscale solar"fossil-fueled" load following backup PNM report.
Batteries No Cure for Chaotic Delivery of Wind & Solar:
Mega-Cost Kills Mythical Mega-Battery Storage
Third try. Office Depot $129.94 hp stream 13 win 10/1607 high performance 2160 MHz ppost.
Safelite glass. windshield replacement.

Third try.  Lenovo n500 vista laptop running xp home from ssd.

Wednesday September 5, 2018 09:49

Hotmetal/Bluegiriffpm incompatibility. First.

John Katausky/Charles Moore understands BASIC/FORTH completely?
Even Linus Torvalds doesn't completely understand the Linux kernel.

Known forth bug forgetting through multiple vocabularies. :(

wind turbine fraud.
Cops swarm ancient forest as activists fight coal mine plans.

Wind & Solar Plan for California Doesn’t Add Up.
Fourth try.