MITI Industrial Espionage in New Mexico

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Sunday February 20, 2005
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New Mexico governor Bill Richardson has the fix the Judicial Standards Commission.

So the Japan spy stuff will go to a separate page.

Psst! The US has industrial spies in Japan.

Payne had an office directly behind Paul Stokes in Sandia's spook shop. Next door to Payne resided Bob Hughyen [sp?].

Hughyen was involved with industrial US spying.

Hughyen asked Payne if it was okay if he put Payne on the distribution to see the US industrial espionage report for the reason, Hughyen stated, that they were worried about getting their funding cut since not that many people were reading the reports.

So Payne read the US industrial espionage reports ... and concluded that the information contained in EE Times had more information that the spy reports.

While we are exposing a real industrial spy ring in New Mexico don't assume that all Japanese at the University of New Mexico, even within the US/Japan program, were involved.

Rogers, Eto, and the others in the spy group appeared to Payne to be busy beavers. But details of what they were doing were only revealed when Payne got a copy of the spy report.

Manabu Eto, a MITI employee, was one of the central, if not the most important, spies.

Here's some foils from talk Eto gave in Rogers' diffusion of innovation course on likely Monday April 26, 1995.

> Thanks. Regards. Raman

We really should get these matters settled before they get worse.

Our legal project is a Japanese-type project.

Once a Japanese man decides to do something, he carries it out to the bitter end, at all costs.

Payne lent the report to Albuquerque Tribune reporter Larry Spohn to expose the spy ring.

Instead the Albuquerque Tribune wouldn't return the report to Payne for seven years!


Here's Spohn returning the report.

Presumably some at the Tribune took the report from Spohn.

Spohn was careful to include the yellow post-it to show that the report was returned to him.

Stay tuned to see what information was given Japan in violation of federal law, Spohn said.
The guy in the white apron is Brian. Brian previously taught English in Japan.

Sensei Azusa Takegami with her class

Payne hired Brian to successfully deliver a copy of Payne's book to Fushimi at U Tokyo to attempt to
apologize for posting Fushimi's email to Payne about receipt of the Buehler tape and other materials.

BBS: The Albuquerque ROS
Date: 03-23-95 (01:59) Number: 5152121
Recvd: YES (PVT)
Subj: Tape Conf: (0) E-mail ------------------------------------------------------

Dear Bill,

I have received a cassette tape and other information.


Your Japanese writing is fine, and I can understand it.

Best regards.
Masanori Fushimi

Brian showed payne photos of the trip to Fushimi's office including the entrance to the University of Tokyo, described Fushimi, the contents of Fushimi's office, and described a female helper in Fushimi's office.

Brian and Fushimi exchanged meishi [business cards].

Brian gave the card Fushimi gave him to Payme

Here's brian's meishi.

Hey, we're into intel

A viewer of report commented that those in the Japanese auto industry would find the CRADA subject matter valuable.

Technology Transfer Legislative History

Technology Transfer Legislation Summary

National Competitiveness Technology Transfer Act

Here's a picture of a Japanese spy who operated in New Mexico.

Albuquerque Journal Wednesday April 24, 2002.

Rogers' obituary.

Rogers' videotaped semester course on Diffusion of Innovation was both entertaining and valuable.

But this should not obscure the fact the Rogers was a Japanese spy who spied for money.

The Japanese spying penetrated both Sandia and Los Alamos National labs to get CRADA research information for the Japanese automobile industry.

Here's how they delivered the information to Japan!

Here's the essential parts of the report

Below is about as much as you will learn in the report about what is happening in Japan.

Manabu Eto returned to Japan to teach technology transfer [aka industrial espionage] at Tsukuba Science City.

Eto gave a lecture in Rogers' class.

Eto has a real problem with English. But when you get through Eto's English problems, you see a real smart guy ... with a good sense of humor.

Eto said he was trained as a chemists.

Eto commented that those that make sarin gas don't live much longer than those they gas!

Abstract in Japanese

New Mexico and Japan

Sensei Azusa Takegami with her class

Japanese language class students with sensei [teacher] 1995

Pictured above is a front for a Japanese industrial espionage ring operating in New Mexico.

The class was about 3x or 4 x larger. Most students dropped the class.

Learning Japanese is tough.

In about 1994 Payne enrolled in the US/Japan program at the University of New Mexico.

Stated goal was to train students to do business with Japan.

You see the students in the photo above with super-nice Japanese teacher Azusa Takegami.

Let's look who Hisako Yamada recruited.
For the final exam in Takegami's Japanese class, us students were ordered to give a speech before the class in Japanese, of course.

Takegami and Yamada videotaped us students!

Bataan death march mentality.

One of the guys in the back row was having an affair with a married Japanese woman.

Another in the back row was a janitor at UNM.

Another in the back row was a senior citizen.

One of the guys in the second row is a Moonie with a Japanese wife and several children whose job was to deliver flowers to Santa Fe.

wanted to learn Japanese better so he could communicate with his kids!

The guy to the right of Brian with the grey beard was an aspiring writer.

In the front with the paper plate next to Takegami is Chuck Payne [no relation].

Payne spent a year in Japan. Acquired a Japanese girl friend. And inhaled cigarette smoke for one year.

We had a lunch debriefing on Payne's return from Japan.


What was going on here?

A Japanese business program with us guys?

No. Something much more sinister was going on but hilarious when you see that way the spying was done.

Musashi again

Develop intuitive judgment and understanding for everything
Perceive those things which cannot be seen

Enjoy Musashi bio by Buruma.

Like many Japanese tough guys, Musashi lost both his parents at an early age. And like Yoshitsune, he displayed a talent for murder very soon after: when he was thirteen, to be exact.

Payne read this while a student in the University of New Mexico US-Japan program.

Payne's gripe is very much involved with Japan.

There are nice guys in all countries.