Laughlin, NV coal/solar/hydro field trip
Saturday January 17-20, 2015

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Tuesday January 27, 2015 07:46

1 Air pollution outside Holbrook AZ presumably from Cholla coal elecrtic plant in Joseph AZ.

2 Near air pollution source. Cholla power plant.

3 Cholla polluting.

5 11th floor Aquariaus, Laughlin NV. Aquarias.

6 Colorado river.

10 To Hoover dam. Hoover dam.

11 Solar farm?

12 Huge solar farms.

13 Hoover dam transmission towers.

14 Crossing Hoover dam.

16 Large-scale solar generation of electricity outside Searchlight NV.

17 Solar arragy maintenance vehicles? Large-scale solar maintenance free?

SetaREH = star in English, we we told by Shala.

18 Good solar. As opposed the large-scale.

19 Action!

20 Solar generation of electricity destroying Arizona clouds.

21 Cholla coal plant going east.

22 Deceased 310 Solar in abq meters continue to appear to spin backwards.


Lake Meade water levels.

Recreation in Bullhead City AZ.

ATV desert driving too.

More pics.

Maintenance-free solar?

Searchlight NV.

Searchlight rag.

Hotel room view into AZ. More solar generation of electrcity destroying clouds.

Coal train with bottom discharge observed traveling east in Gallup NM.
Most travel through Belen to west.
Bottom dump cars do have a few disadvantages. First, because of the extra hardware associated with the discharge gates, the cars are more expensive to purchase and also more expensive to maintain. More moving parts means more things to break! Also, bottom dump cars are more susceptible to unloading problems due to freezing.

Escalante power station located near Prewitt NM to east of Galllup.

Escalante originally burned coal from the McKinley mine. But that closed.

Lee Ranch mine coal then hauled on Escalante Western Railway.

Track now runs from BNSF to Escalante.

$163.9 in abq.

WPX energy stock.

Solar generation of electricity intel gathering trip.


Sunday January 18, 2015 09:41

310 Solar

out of business.

Holbrook AZ Saturday January 17, 2015

Thank you, Saudi Arabia. :)

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