LCD Mobile Oscilloscope
DSO Nano V3

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Thursday October 31, 2013 08:44

Hello support,

Three unresolved issues are:

1 Battery on DSO Nano V3 does not charge on product arrival.

2 What are the limits on USB power to the Nano?

Nano works fine on Belkin 7 port and Desktop USB power.

Will Nano be damaged if it is connected to USB over voltage charger?

3 Nano PC software appears in My Computer as DSO_NANO_V3.

LG 840G Tracfone does not appear in My Computer when Nano is connected.

LG 840G appears in My Computer when Nano is disconnected.

Software problem possible?

Please respond.


Probe works - custom connecter video.

Probe work done while Commerical virus attacks very serious problem was in process.

Monday October 21, 2013 14:17

Can Harbor Freight USB charger power DOS Nano?

No response yet.

Wednesday October 16, 2013 15:54

Battery not charging video.

But several of the reviews that I've found report that the charging circuit for the supplied lithium battery is nothing more than a single resistor connected to the 5 volt pin of the USB port.

Tuesday October 15, 2013 15:25

DSO Nano operation videos.

Grid is seen at this viewing angle.
Grid disappears when viewed at 90o.
Display is of 1 kHz 50% duty cycle wave produced by DSO Nano's internal generator.

1 Last video.
2 Time base
3 Y axis cursors
4 Time base 2
5 Trigger modes
6 Synch modes
7 Sensitivity
8 Observations
9 Frequency duty cycle
10 Duty cycle Frequency 2
11 Wiki manual
12 Turn off violet background trace

Videos posted immedicate to help get your DSO Nano operating quickly.

The wiki manual does not appear to be close to our DSO Nano.

Sotware means that the unit we have is different from the unit you have.


DSO Nano USB/Windows interface similarity to the Tracfone LG840G prompted us to compare

1 Best Buy Rocketfish bluetooth LG 840G photo download video.
2 Micro USB LG 840G photo download video.

and to look at the DSO Nano My Computer interface.

Video 1.
Video 2.

Tuesday October 15, 2013 08:25

DSO Nano v3 Seeed wiki. DSO Nano switch from destop USB hub to Lenovo G560. Appears charged Tuesday October 15, 2013.

Hi-Speed USB 2.0 7-Port Hub 500 mA output/port.

BenF firmware v3.64.

DSO Nano connected by USB through Belkin 7 port powered USB 2.0 hub to desktop.


DSO Nano V3 causes destop to make the USB boink.

LG 840G Tracfone when connected by USB [as opposed to Bluetooth] also appears in My Computer.

LG 840G files can be dragged and dropped from the phone into a PC file.

Video of above.

LG 840G uses uses J2ME CLDC Version v1.1 and MIDP Version v2.1.

What software technology is used in the DSO Nano V3?




Software technology used is for mobile devices is of primary interest.

What software technology is used in the DSO Nano?

Sunday October 13, 2013 20:06

Sunday October 13, 2013 20:06

Project intoduction video.

LCD Mobile Digital Storage Oscilloscope DSO Nano V3


Turned on.

Colors don't appear on above jpg. :(

Turned on video.

Other projects:

Destop XP installation tutorial.

DSO Nano V3 User's manual.

digital storage oscilloscope link from manual.

Steps required to view manual on desktop XP.

IE 8 go to 'tools' > 'security'. Click on 'Reset all zones to default level.' Click 'OK'.

Exit IE 8 and restart.

Tektronix oscilloscopes.

$298,000 100 GS/s. Pricy?

Let's see if can't conquer any problems at 1MS/s ... by reading and understanding the datasheets.

'scopes are useful for digital design engineers who didn't carefully read chip datasheets.

arrived Friday October 11, 2013 from

DSO Nano V3 web information. Sunday October 13, 2103 13:50.


Zip files downloaded, saved but not opened.

LIB288 (18 K)
APP264 (30 K)
V400 (42 K)
V411 (32 K)
V420 (40 K)
V421 (38 K)

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