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Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities in a liberal arts curriculum.

Mark Mathis

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Wednesday April 10, 2013 07:41

Viz the the name of the game.

And we are dealing with thought manipulator aspirants .. like Mark Mathis.

Good news.
That awful power, the public opinion of a nation, is created in America by a horde of ignorant, self-complacent simpletons who failed at ditching and shoemaking and fetched up in journalism on their way to the poorhouse. - "License of the Press" speech

RIO RANCHO GOLF COURSE TO BE AUCTIONED OFF — Faced with a half million dollar water rate increase, the owner of Rio Rancho’s only golf course is putting the property up for sale. NavPoint Real Estate Group has listed Chamisa Hills Golf and Country Club for auction on May 29 with a minimum bid set at $850,000. The company’s website says the 235.5-acre property includes the 27-hole golf course, clubhouse, six tennis courts, liquor license and surplus land parcels that could be residential development.

COURT ORDERS ENERGY RULES RECONSIDERED — The state Court of Appeals overturned a 2011 decision by the state Construction Industries Commission to revamp green building codes. The court, which said the commission failed to provide reasons for changing the standards, ordered the case back to the commission for reconsideration and a new vote.

ECLIPSE AEROSPACE OPENS FOR TOURS — Eclipse Aerospace announced Tuesday it has opened up its jet manufacturing operation to public tours. “Eclipse Aerospace is extremely proud of our modern, state of the art production facility and invites interested parties to Albuquerque to view our progress,” said Mason Holland, Eclipse Aerospace CEO.

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Who is Leo?
According to the technology research company Gartner Inc., Microsoft will become obsolete by 2017.

Notenboom removed

from his blog.


Wednesday April 10, 2013 08:07

IBM appear to sense

According to the technology research company Gartner Inc., Microsoft will become obsolete by 2017.
“Microsoft could be completely irrelevant in three or four years if they can’t make headway in the smartphone or tablet market, where they’ve been struggling,” says The Daily Ticker's Henry Blodget.

[Blodget could be wrong for the reason that ultra low power core i3, 5, 7 are in development which could defeat ARM and other tablet processors?]

with XP driver support on the T430U.

XP optical disk to flash drive was completed several weeks ago.

T430U is without optical disk. But has USB 3.0.

Pro Se Fights files were copied from USB 2.0 1T Verbatim to g580 WD 550G hard disk. Copy took about 35 minutes.

Copy from g560 [2 USB 3.0, 1 usb 2.0 ports] core i3 hard disk to Toshiba .5T USB 3.0 took 7 minutes.

Nero is in trouble too.

Lenovo ThinkPad T430u Video Review .


Drivers and software - ThinkPad T430

Tuesday April 9, 2013 10:11

William Stone Photography. [Former neighbor bill stone. A Bowdoin College grad.]

Bill and Carolyn Stone lived across the street for many years.

Bill gave us the photo

which hangs in our dining room shortly before they moved to Santa Fe.

Book purchased from Page One.

10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2013

8. Newspaper Reporter

Median Salary: $36,000

Aside from the usual deadlines and competitiveness, "the industry is going through some pretty dramatic changes," Lee said, pointing to the high level of layoffs and cutbacks in the industry right now.

Monday April 8, 2013 13:06

Be wary.

Lesley Stahl made a fool of the late J Orlin Grabbe.
Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, produced an investigative segment about misinformation on the Internet that aired on March 2, 1997.[22] Grabbe was interviewed on the show and presented as a representation of misinformation found online. Her comments about the dangers of anyone being able to create content on the Internet, rather than relying on mass media, led to further commentary online

Read April 5, 2012

Monday March 25, 2013 11:06

Mark E. Mathis is a media consultant.

Viz is essential for recovery of our stolen $22,036.



 Friday March 22, 2013 18:39

Mark E. Mathis is a movie producer and media consultant. He is currently the president of Mathis Media, LLC, a media-consulting firm.  

The No-Spin Doctor: Revealer of media truth that hides in plain sight.


Wednesday March 6, 2013 11:59

EPRI to AMI vendors: Attacks are coming.

Canon SX160 IS digital camera PC XP installation problem.

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