HQRP 10A Solar Panel
Power Battery Charge Controller/Regulator 12V/24V 10 Amp 150W with PWM Type of Charging

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Monday March 11, 2013 12:49
Sunday May 12, 2013 07:09

Solar Charging Harbor Freight 12 V 35AH AGM battery. Audio captions.

Thursday April 4, 2013

.13A [.267A One Sun = 1,000W/m2] mid afternoon.

is less than half a sun.

Audio about this panel.

Concorde AGM Sun Xtender Sealed Deep Cycle Batteries 

Voltage morning Friday April 5, 2013.
All Lead-Acid batteries supply about 2.14 volts per cell (12.6 to 12.8 for a 12 volt battery) when fully charged. Batteries that are stored for long periods will eventually lose all their charge. This "leakage" or self discharge varies considerably with battery type, age, & temperature. It can range from about 1% to 15% per month. Generally, new AGM batteries have the lowest, ...[?]

Panel open circuit voltage 22.6/7V,

Calibrated solar panel current about .12A. One Sun = .267A

15W solar panel voltage output video.

Greater that One Sun solar irradiance video

Misspeak: Not .27A since trailing digits could be .270000000 ... to 27999999999.. = .28.

Tuesday April 2, 2013 09:46

Investigation of whether large-scale solar generation of electricity has led in several unexpected directions as a result of electronics and battery technology innovations.

Three 5W about $40 each solar panels purchased from Harbor Freight to check out Fast Neutron's claims by heating resistors were useless in a practical sense.

Battery charging using panels idea abandon because work required.

Panels sat in garage.

T4 landscaper Shane Black wanted solar lights for his design.

40 originally purchased from Harbor Freight for about $60. Then three fence lights for about $19. And two well-made plastic solar light for about $5 each.

Solar panel is used to charge NiCd AAA or AA 1.2V battery which then powers white LED in dark.

Solar panel connected directly to battery causes battery to power panel in dim illumination. Diode required required to block battery discharge into panel.

White LED requires voltage greater than 1.2V to illuminate.

Integrated circuit chip used to perform functions.

Two solar 9V and 1.2V battery chargers purchased from Harbor Freight for about $15 to see if and how they work. They work.

9V charger appears to use some sort of pulse width charging circuit.

Integrated circuit innovation, again.

Inexpensive DC to AC power inverter obviates DC-only applications of solar.

80W inverter first, then 400W and now 200W converters purchased from Harbor Freight to see how they work.


Only car accessory connector with 80W inverter.

Only alligator chip connector with 400W converter

200w POWER iNVERTER Model66967 Set up and Operating Instructions.

Attention getter
Do not discharge your car battery more than 10% of its total capacity, and deep cycle batteries more than a 50% discharged state.

Beep sounded when turning on 200W inverter. No beep with 400W.

How can they make a profit?

China consumes about as much of the coal in the world as all other nations combined.

This may not last.

And we may need back-up electricity capability.

Inverter battery power investigation led to purchase 12V 35AH Absorbed Glass Mat [AGM] from Harbor Freight as the most economical and safe [sealed battery] solution.
Sears automotive Die Hard grid-powered charger used to charge AGM battery after discharge testing 80W inverter with 40W light bulb load.

And 40 and 200W loads using 400W inverterS.

Sears charger performed bulk then adsorption charges at less than 14 volts.

Measured current flow stopped when green LED indicated battery full.

Harbor Freight float charger then used to complete charge. Systems worked flawlessly.
CAUTION - TO PREVENT BATTERY DAMAGE: Do not use on gel lead-acid or AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) type batteries.

Statement "Most garage and consumer (automotive) type battery chargers are bulk charge only, and have little (if any) voltage regulation. They are fine for a quick boost to low batteries, but not to leave on for long periods." unsupported in this case.

Plan to use three 5W solar panels to test HQRP regulator changed!

15 Watt, 12 Volt Solar Panel

15 Watt Solar Panel Kit manual.

Solar Panel Frame Mounting Kit

Unpacked 11:15 Tuesday April 2, 2013.

It heavy!

Cables separated HQRP charge contoller.

Checking You Tube to see if your experiment has already been done is a good idea.

My $400 Solar Setup. Note comment about load out button.

Solar Panel Charge Controller Bench Test.

Cheap Solar Water System Installation for Water Tank - Would work for Rain Water. Load output to pump used but no explanation of the working codes.

Lots of very good You Tube instruction and experiment videos.

Solar Charge Controller 7 AMP 12 VOLT 100 WATTS.

Charge controller recommendations.

Grid tie inverter video.

WARNING Connecting a grid tie inverter to the grid may require a permit and inspection.

Thursday March 28, 2013 09:10

Max. solar input voltage: 100V DC.

Online Information with HQRP 10A Solar Charge Power MPPT Controller / Regulator 10 Amp 12V / 24V with Digital LED Display

Connection of battery power then ground is first step. Done/

400 Watt replacement inverter is under test.

No beep on turning on power as with previous inverter.


10 Gauge red for grounds
10 Gauge red for power.

Center short to battery.
Bottom longest to panel(s).
Top middle length to load.

Different lengths so that alligator clips won't bunch.

Monday March 11, 2013 12:54

Unadvertised software features.

Power inverter considerations. Float charger down to 40-50 mA putput, AARP Harbor Freight video.

Float charger impressive performance video.

Harbor Freight Portable Household Battery Solar Charger Item #68690 oscilloscope and meters tests. factory-charged 9 V NiMH video.

Saturday May 11, 2013 13:39


AWG to square mm Wire Gauge Conversion.

American Wire Gauge (AWG) 10 Cross Sectional Area (mm2) 5.26

Solar charge controller User's Manual
American English version

WARNING! Over discharge voltage 11.1V may be less than half the Ah rating of battery?


Canon SX160 IS digital camera PC XP installation problem.

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