Windows XP End of Life

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Thursday February 13, 2014 09:30
Thursday February 13, 2014 21:34


Thursday February 13, 2014 21:34

Radio Javan Wednesday February 12, 2014 banner clicked

Mood music.


Windows XP End of Life. Notenboom appears to give advice for personal financial reasons.

Salmon 2013 videos restored.

G560 may require new disk and xp installation to fix?

Microsoft may malware xp to try to force abandonment?
Microsoft malwared Word 2000 demanding upgrade to Word 2007 on Lenovo N500
running xp professional.

Machine used by coauthor Patty. Implementing BASICs: How BASICSs Work pdf.

Office Depot employee Ms Joey Dias reinstalled Office 2000 to fix problem.

No other Microsoft Office malware observed since.

Malware audios address ISPs selling rights to virus computers with adware.

Mainstream Media [msm] composed of the liberal arts 'educated' could have handled the xp problem for Microsoft before Internet, Facebook, Twitter, ...

Concerned yet?

Received Tursday February 13, 2014

Environmental damage of all desktops and laptops going into the trash should be considered if
Microsoft's efforts to forced migration to 7 or 8 should be considered.

And send Microsoft the bill for removal and safe disposal of this hardware, of course.

Laptops without USB 3.0 disposal is a concern too.

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