Madison, IN reunion trip
Wednesday 10/3 - Sunday 7/2012

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Sunday October 7, 2012 09:16
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Tuesday October 16, 2012 07:06

Kendallville windmill museum visit was first thought for accompanying Patty to her 50th or so reunion.

Patty was born in Kendallville.

Mind changed for reason that we are beginning to conclude that wind generation of electricity may be
a bigger scam than possibly large-scale solar generation of electricty.

Mechanical and electronic maintenance problems with wind turbines may cost more than than revenues
from electricity produced by them?

Engineer Mike from High Lonesome wind farm in New Mexico clued us into wind turbine problems.

Richland, WA engineer informed us that fewer wind turbines were spinning over an about 15 year period.

U.S. Overview on electricity generation.

Departed Albuquerque Wednesday September 3, 2012 for Patty's 50th Purdue and other Lafaette, IN high school buddies.

Reunion held at Clifty Inn at Clifty Falls state park in Madison, IN.

Southwest airlines routed us to Indianapolis through Las Vegas. :(

Three hour and 5 minute flight between Las Vegas and Indianapolis. But Boeing 737 800 series made trip more comfortable.First time flying in an 800 series.

One hour and 20 minute flight abq and lv.

Budget rental car used to go to Madsion.

Couldn't find gps in bill's duffle bag so we have to navigate by map. :(

Patty delivered to Clifty Inn.

Bill checked into Comfort Inn after touring Madison trying to locate the motel without gps.

First essential non-gas-wasting thursday field trip was driving east along the Ohio river. Narrow curvy road.

Truck crashed into railing just before bill crossed bridge to enter Kentucky.

Ghent Generating Station was first field trip visit

Ghent has rail as well are barge coal delivery service.
Ninety-three percent of Kentucky's net electricity generation in 2011 was generated from coal.

Ghent is about the same size as the Four Corners generating station which some in New Mexico want to close.

Crossing bridge between Kentucky led to the Clifty Creek Power Plant.

coal-fired electric power plants provided 83 percent of Indiana's net electricity generation in 2011.

¦Indiana’s industrial sector, which includes manufacturers of aluminum, chemicals, glass, metal casting,
and steel, consumed more energy in 2010 than the residential and commercial sectors combined

Power plant appeared to be down for maintence.

No rail service observed.

Clifty Creek capacity is slightly less than the San Juan generating station which some also want closed.

Ghent owner.

Clifty Creek owner.


Lots of high-voltage power lines in Indiana.

Powerlines with Ghent generation statation photographed Thursday October 4, 2012.

Patty invited bill for breakfast on Friday October 5, 2012.

Last time bill saw ladies when when they were about 21 years old.

Why did Patty's hair and other grannies turn grey? And others did not.

I asked Patty. :)

No gps. West of Columbus, IN roamed until we found Bean Blossom and Nashville, IN.

Nashville IN is similar to Fredricksburg TX but lots busier.

Coney hotdog stop outside Iris Garden Gallery.

Iris garden purchases.

Bat hanging upside-down for landscaping art.

Roadrunner silhouette arrived in albuquerque while we were on Indiana trip. Patina sucessfully applied.

Ladybug for whatever reason.

Comb lost.

Duffle bag searched.

Last option was shoes bag.

Looked for comb shoe bag

GPS found!

Comb found on floor.

Hello Iran from Columbus IN.

Bat placed.

Hello from Cannon Beach OR too. :)

Read Bamford's book A PRETEXT FOR WAR by James Bamford on planes to and from Indy.

Reason is that new book which involves Iran, electricity, and the liberal arts 'educated' is in planning stage.

Dale Penrose Harrell is liberal arts 'educated' as you can read from her characterization of ambassador Ryan Crockcer.

Saturday October 6, 2012 we returned to Nashvilli using gps.

Nashville was so crowded that finding a free parking space was impossible. So we returned to Columbus.

Sunday October 7, 2012 coal-fired electric power plant observed in Indy

on way to airport.

Flew from Indianapolis to Chicago Midway, then to Albuquerque. About 4 hours flying time.

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