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Tuesday October 23, 2012 14:53
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Friday November 9, 2012 06:44

Rio Rancho Waste Management 'experience'.

Lifetime shed assembly documented which includes Iran bat message link. Bat closeups included.

Thursday November 8, 2012

Friday November 9, 2012 06:03

Dedication video

Post dedication James photos.

Friday November 9, 2012.

East view, overcast.

West view.

Dedication Script and Notes

1 Spy Sting or Iran memorial dedication.

2 Hans Buehler letter and enclosures received from Zurich in mailbox at top of post on Friday January 13, 1995. Swiss Radio audio tape received several days later.

3 ABC News reporters John K Cooley and James Bamford apparently were responsible for Mr Buehler contacting bill late December 1994.

4 Arthur R Morales and William H Payne sued NSA in 1997 for copies to Iran messages given to Iraq during the Irag/Iran war in New Mexico 97 cv 266.

5 Internet post in 2007 alleged that Zbigniew Brzezinski incited Saddam Hussein to attack Iran in 1980.

6 Void judgment 97 cv 266 filing in 2007 included an official court clerk stamp FILED criminal complaint affidavit against Zbigniew Brzezinski for genocide for allegedly inciting Saddam Hussein to attack Iran in 1980.

7 Court, in apparent retaliation, caused $22,036 to be stolen from our Sandia Laboratories Federal Credit Union retirement-protected savings accounts using an unstamped bogus court order with no FILED stamp.

8 Facebook email notification in June August 2012 "Shahab Mozaffari likes 'Google Aboulghassem Zirakzadeh'" show that this matter started in the summer of 1958. And that it is circulation on Facebook in Iran.

9 James Bamford stung NSA initially by informing me in his book The Puzzle Places with reference to NSF Bruce Barnes of NSA's role in discontinuance of support of machine combination and distribution subprogram library. Later by informing the world through authors Shane, Bowman, Wirbel and Grabbe of the spy sting on Iran.

Scorpion silhouette is hence given name 'James'.

Shabhab Mozafair appears to be different than Shahab Mozaffair.

Wednesday December 12, 2012 13:16


Wednesday November 28, 2012

Quail on wall

Tuesday November 27, 2012

Too many holes in east portion of wall.

Repair started Monday January 26, 2012 with sedimentary rock pieces and thinset.

Tuesday November 20, 2012

Sunday November 18, 2012 15:51

435 pounds of 4 inch snap rock [$87] transported to scale at Canyon Stones, then to little trailer on Saturday November, 17. 2012

Sedimentary rocks edited with chisel and 3.28 pound hand sledge.

Anasazi irregular look is inportant for aesthetic reasons.

t4 landscaper Shane Black will set stones on wall with thinset.

Friday November 16, 2012

Thursday November 15, 2012.

LEDs out Monday November 26, 2012. Back on Tuesday November 27, 2012.

Panel mount.

Clouds in front of moon patina applied with toothpick which later turned black.

Moon made from removed small quail spade.

Sulfuric acid/copper patina used on small roadrunner.

Wednesday November 14, 2012 13:55


Desoldering skills used to remove white LED from solar fence lights PC board.

LEDs will be placed under James. Shane wanted James illuminated.

Rubble pile application.

Tuesday November 13, 2012

More 4 inch snap rock needed.

Joe's sun. Zia marks distinquish sun from moon;

West quail. Patina attempts first and bad. But are left for example.

Flagstone background required because latillas 'ate' quall.

Sulphuric acid/copper patina effect on wood.

Sun/moon flagstone constuction attempts.

Two ruined.

Metal moon fabricated from west small quail removed spade.

Patina applied to simulate clouds in front of moon..

Impact wrench used to tighten south lag bolt.

Chain patina treated to be padlocked to stone mailbox is formal dedication of a Scorpion Silhouette Named James.

Canyon Stone employee Joe picked out background stone and suggest sun or moon.

50 grit 42 x 1 belt grinder used to shap rock.

Patina used for large roadrunner is sulphuric acid/copper tube.

Splash patina, don't coat, on metal for neat suface.

SC Johnson paste wax is used to seal.

7 27/64 [bit rarely used was major selection criterion] reasonable large holes drilled for latilla
mounting bracket.

Clear RTV used glue bracket to stone.

Blue RTV may work better in that it hardens to rock solid.

Saturday November 10, 2012. Blue Permatex RTV worked so well pry bar rrequired to remov railroad track.

Big quail flagstone flipped on Thursday November 8, 2012.


Background rocks for front yard quail.

Flooding west quail with patina was a mistake because they turned a uniform color.

Canyon Stone provided background flagstone. West quail will be left as is as example of how not to do patina.

Sun or moon is in process of belt grinding.

Bracket fabricated and glued on west quail background Friday November 10, 2012.

Wednesday November 7, 2012

Shiny edges of November 4 James resulted from rounding the edge of the platform on the belt grinder.

Sufuric acid/copper patina used for the three quail remained in the aluminum foil/seran wrap dishes. Very little.

Nitrile gloved hand used to apply very little patina to the eges of James' platform.

Tuesday November 6 results!

Mounting plate washed with hose at about 14:40.

Dark area around JAMES 1 13 95 is SC Johnson paste wax application.

Sunday November 4, 2012

Done almost.

James tilted after RTV partially set.

We tweet.

James's plate constructed.

Plate shaped with 50 grit in belt grinder.

Saturday November 3, 2012.

'James' and 2-d s arrived in On-line shoe box.

And is getting patina ed along with big roadrunner.

Splashing sulfuric acid/copper patina to create random patterns appears to work better than
uniformly coating we learned from first set of quail.

Steel bar to right of scorpion may be used to secure bottom of

bottom with RTV applied to slot.

Bottom cut from top windmill mount.


Rebar can be glued using RTV to reverse side of flagstone so quail can be mounted on ground.

Friday November 2, 2012

Character rock purchased to terminate east side of front wall.

$50 written on palette board.

Joe found 80 written on rock.

Bill handed Joe $80.

and got $30 change.

Big bear to east properly line rocks.

Clear RTV used to glue bear to rock.

Next to send

Thursday November 1, 2012

Under construction.

Blue agave plant recently planted.

Latillas done.

West character rock.

Wednesday October 31, 2012

East backyard latilla about done.

Iran NSA spy sting mailbox stump cut off. Glue applied to try to stop splitting.

Steel plate with bolted scorpion will be attached by chain to plate eye on mailbox base.

East and west stability character rocks added today.

Monday October 29, 2012

About done with mailbox.

Cottontail silhouette on reverse side of box.

Windmill silhouette to be added.

Compare what Shane did with what bill laid-out below. Bill let's Shane make landscape decisions.

But bill takes responsibility for


Saturday October 27, 2012 09:24

Mounting board for mailbox. Latillas sanded to make platform somewhat level which was measured
with level.

Three inch screws were cut.

then ground to latilla surface

Reciprocating saw would have probably been a better candidate for this task.

Grinder bought to remove hyradulic brake frozen fitting.


Mailbox assembly with thinset by T4 landscaper Shane Black scheduled for week of October 28..

Lay-up Thursday October 25, 2012 about 16:15.

for front of mailbox.

Johnson's paste wax applied to letters.

Old mail box stand may be left standing ... and turned into an Iraq/Iran war memorial.

Plaque ordered.
Don't worry This metal art Scorpion Silhouette won't sting you

Sure about this?

Scorpion's name is 'James' after James Bamford who stung NSA by turning them in to the Iranians.

Plaque inscription
                   1 13 95
Base plate purchased at Lowe's. Patina started.
Wednesday October 31, 2012 12:50

New Mexico Public Regulations Commission commissioner Jason Marks was cautioned.

Inverse Gambler's Ruin under way?

Response to link

Thursday October 25, 2012 latilla-snap rock assembly completed at about 10:30.

The four and two blocks in the second row were cut from the same block so as to maintain height.

Four and two block as well as latilla were RTV fastened.

Top block is not attached. Seating eveness test.

Thinset will further hold latillas and 6 blocks together.

Landscaper will assemble mailbox.

Wednesday October 24, 2012 broke sedimentary sanp rock to lay-up

outline of how the mail box stand will look.

T4 landscaper Shane Black will do the final assembly.

Old mail box support extended backwards as counterbalance.

Decision made to use two latillas 30 inches long to support mailbox.

Requirement to make the latillas run through the 11.5 inch long 6 inch snap rock demanded that they
narrowed to allow support of walls.

Two cuts then removal of wood between made room for reciprocating saw to make longitudimal cut.

Side side completed.

Two wall rocks secured with clear RTV.

Thirty-one year old mailbox is held together with wires, lag screws, nails, and glue.

Aesthetic mail box construction began on Monday October 22, 2012 with trip to Canyon stone to by materials for mailbox and latilla support.

Stones to edit photographed Tuesday October 23, 2012.

Editing tools.

Progress Tuesday October 23, 2012.

Historically significant mailbox?

Swiss radio internetional Hans Buehler programs.

Here's the tape and envelope containing the tape.

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