Epson Perfection 1250/1600 Series scanner Twain driver attacks

First posted
Tuesday September 15, 2015 07:12
Thursday September 17, 2015 06:49

Microsoft prime suspect in disabling EPSON Smart Panel and TextBridge Pro 98 Twain drivers.

1 Twain drivers do not install on IBM/Lenovo N500 despite

Drivers not seen in Device Manager.
2 Smart panel running on Lenovo g560 reports error on Epson 1250 which prevents scanner operation.
3 Microsoft caught in malware attack on IBM/Lenovo N 500 running preloaded windows xp professional.

Thursday September 17, 2015 06:47

Microsoft caught inserting malware into IBM/Lenovo N 500 laptop.

Clicked on IE8.

Closed window.

Service pack 3 downloaded from Microsoft.

Download disabled Device Manager and Network connections.

TextBridge pro 98.

EPSON Smart Panel.


New hardware not required - despite hacks.

Scanner connected to one of three low-speed usb connecters on top of Rosewill case.

Wednesday September 16, 2015 07:23

Three parts of device driver.

One for more .sys files usually written in C++ and _asm. These run in ring 0.

One or more .dll files usually written in C/assembler which run in ring 3.

A .inf file which informs windows where to place files.

; ESCANFB5.INF -- Windows Still Image Setup File
; Copyright (c) 1997 Microsoft Corporation
; Manufacturer: SEIKO EPSON Corp.

LayoutFile=Layout.inf, Layout1.inf, Layout2.inf

Wednesday September 16, 2015 07:44

Epson Twain driver installation of Haswell on yet unhacked? xp os.

'No, not this time' selected.

Wednesday September 16, 2015 08:01

Staples employee speculated that Microsoft/peripheral device manufacturers make hardware quit working under software control.


appeared when trying to move from ie6 to 8 on Haswell running xp.

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