HP Stream 13 win 10/64 1511
warranty claim

First posted
Tuesday December 6, 2016 11:49
Wednesday May 31, 2017 11:47


Monday November 28, 2016 08:22

Hello hp,

Purpose of this communication is to file warranty claim for

purchased as a clean install Windows 10/64 from Amazon.

Warranty issue is that notebook does not run Windows 10/64 1607.

Please advise how this warranty claim will be settled.



1 Ran original buggy win 10/64.

Fall Upgrade 1511 forceable download to stream. Worked very well until Start Menu, external mouse and keyboard because inoperable afternoon s 11/26/16.

Recovered u 11/27/16 afternoon.

2 Microsoft attempted forced upgrade to 1607 u 11/27/16 evening. Upgrade failed.

3 More memory on drive c: needed.

MS misinform hp about amount of memory required for win 10 future upgrades?

4 8 GB in core i5 Haswell accommodated 1607 well.

5 Core i5 Haswell forceable upgrade to 1607 morning u 11/27/16.

Crop in mspaint works.

m 11/28/16 core i5 Haswell win 10/64 1607 example.

Haswell mspaint version.

Stream 1511 Crop stopped working.

Stream crop, resize, ... missing. Worked previously.

Screen shot taken with logitch k360 wireless keyboard FN+Prnt Scr, then cropped with PhotoSuite 7 on


Driver Update uninstalled perfectly.

Cyberlink PowerDVD 12 did not. Malware processes seen.

6 PhotoSuite 7 malware detected too.

Updating without notification?

Directory access damaged on Win 10 installations.

Fixed on haswell.

G560 Media Manager?


7 Best Buy u 14/4/16 photos:

Notebooks next to each other.

Testing scratch mouse operation, of course.

8 HP@us.mail.hp.com.


10 Harware extortion?

HP harware exortion?

Reading from IBM/Lenovo N500 windows vista laptop formerly running ibm-installed xp pro, now runnin xp home.

11 Gigabyte’s upgraded Aero 14 is a super-thin VR ready laptop.

13 Update 12/14/16.

Second forced 1607 install attempt Monday 12/12/16.



1511 remains after 1607 install attempt.

14 12/14/16.

Not again!

1-866-724-8600 call audio. Disconnect on call transfer.

Warranty submission date.

15 No service order number.

Unable to obtain service order number so far.

1-866-724-8600 call audio. 12/15/16. Good conversation.

Part 1. Economics of $209 laptop.
Part 2. Microsoft 800-642-7676.
1607 incompatable with Stream 13 hardware, as suspected.
Windows 10/64 1607 really Windows 11? :)

Keeping 1511 on Stream 13 good idea? Haswell 1607 and stream 1511 update logs comparisons. :)

Microsoft continue to update 1511? If not, complaint in order?

16 Microsoft 800-642-7676.

1 Hello Microsoft Windows 1511 and 1607 support
2 HP suggested I contact Microsoft about a stream 13 win 10 1511 update to 1607.
3 Does 1607 include upgraded security over 1511?
4 Will 1511 continue received updates? Or is this 1607
5 1511 suffered inoperative Start Menu, external mouse and keyboard on about 13/3.
6 Recovered by itself in two days.
7 Microsoft initiated forced upgrade to 1607 on Sunday 12/4.
8 Upgrade failed.
9 Another forced upgrade attempt on Monday 12/10. Upgrade failed again.
10 Upgrade attempts take hours to complete.
11 HP reported hardware incompatibity with Stream 13 win 10 and version 1607.
12 Does Microsoft plan to stop trying to upgrade win 10 machines to 1607 that will not run 1607?
13 tnx.

Part 1. Menu. :(

Part 2. 1511/1607 updates. Don't necessarily believe what you hear!

17 hp needs to worry?

1511 not getting security upgrades included in 1607?

18 12/15/16.

Haswell 1607.

Stream 1511.

19 12/16/16.

CAPICOM is a discontinued ActiveX control created by Microsoft to help expose a select set of Microsoft Cryptographic Application Programming Interface (CryptoAPI) functions through Microsoft Component Object Model (COM).

Update failiing to install on Haswell 1607?

Not fixed on hp Stream 1511?

20 Haswell 1607 12/16/16. Time stamp needed!

21 DM us?


22 Stream 13 1511 12/16/16 10:08

ms paint + PhotoSuite7 on stream required to edit above Print Scr.

Crop, resize and rotate removed from stream mspaint.

Malwarebytes ads becoming obtrusive. :(
Facebook Finally Gets Serious About Fighting Fake News.

23 HP confirms hardware issue prevents stream 13 from updating from 1511 to 1607.

Stream win 10 sua sponte action.

Restart now option selected.
Getting Windows ready
Don't turn off your computer

Updating ... Restarting.

Stream taking long time to restart!

Caps Lock blinking light.Plugable 7 port USB 2.0 hub disconnected.

Restarting. Working on updates. 70% complete. ....

Still at 1511.

24 Haswell 1607still attacj vulnerable?

Microsoft fix attempts defeated?

25 Found on 1607.

Not found on 1511.

25 Windows software removal tool.

1607 haswell.

1511 stream.

26 hp - India reports stream 13 hardware issue caused win 10/64 maintenance failure.

Expensive warranty repair?

Wednesday December 21, 2016 17:01

Hello Lenovo,

Would like to update hardware.


beta tester, DriverWorks, Windows 2000.

o·bei·sance to bios and device driver programmers.

28 Hardware issue preventing.

29 Amazon 'inaccurate website description' hp stream 13 win 10 apply? 1/11/17.

30 1/19/17. HP@us.mail.hp.com..

31 1/20/17.

hp warrany video at American Toyota.

Cell phone video.

32 Unathorized office 365 download microsoft complaint filed 1/23/17.

33 Bad?

34 1/2617 HP recalls an additional 101,000 laptop batteries over fire and burn hazards.

was not posted.

Liberal arts 'educated' ploy?

Microsoft/hp issues related? Reason: Stream 13 would not run office 365 until microsoft employee Jeevan Kumar helped fix.

hp laptop battery recall.

35 1/30/17

36 2/1/17

37 HP Stream Notebook PC 13 won't boot from USB??.

38 Win 10/xp usb hub/dongle revolution.

39 2/3/17 16:45


hp stream 13 win 10 apparent hardware issue prevents software upgrade from window 10/64 1511 to 1607.

Stream 13 under warranty.

hp appears to try to ignore warranty claim by not returning ticket number by nonresponse.


40 2/7/17.

IBM/Lenovo N500 Vista laptop, IBM installed xp pro, now running xp home from ssd.

OontZ BT speaker, Inateck dongle, Widcomm software.

xp installation on stream 13?

41 2/8/17. IXCC 802.11n dongle attached through Plugable 7 port powered usb 2.0 hub to stream. :)

Stream chipset. :(

42 IBM/Lenovo N500 Vista laptop running xp home. Formerly running IBM-installed xp pro preload.

Inateck BT dongle installed on N500 through Amazon usb 3.0 hub disk at left.

Widcomm BT dongle software works better than 10 BT, imo.

IXCC 802.11n windows software super-sophisticated, imo. Especially xp version.

Win xp and 10 support video. All windows OSs except xp and latest 10 update dead?


44 2/9/17. Copying IXCC wifi software to stream using samsung dvd read/write connected through
plugable powered usb 2.0 hub.

usb to ethernet seen plugged into sabrent unpowered hum.

IXCC very sophisticated software connecting to Securifi Almond router.

Clean win 10 cd install on stream envisioned ... at some point.

xp install first? :)

45 2/22/17 1-866-724-8600 .

1 Microsoft unable to upgrade stream 13 from 1511 to 1607.
2 Hardware issue, I learned from hp on 12/15/16.
3 Please give me warranty ticket number.
4 Second issue: 802.11n connects at only 72 Mbps. External IXCC 802.11n dongle conntects at 150 Mbps!
5 Conversation with hp supervisor.
6 Notes"

46 2/24/17

47 2/24/17

kenny conversation. :)!!!

Jeevan and I may repond to any incorrect hp responses?

Kumar and bill reclaim 8 GB on stream. :)

File delete mistake. Should have been copied to flash or hdd?

Microsoft later takes away. :(

48 2/2517. hp may want to reclaim memory


49 2/28/17 Kenny phoned on cell. Then sent.

Shipping carton arrived 2/27.

50 Core i5 4570 haswell win 10 1607 started crashing on sunday 2/19.

51 3/1/17 09:19

3/2/17 09:21

Hello Kenny,


Don't wish to have hp do anything to stream until current state documented.

Micrsoft office 365 didn't originally install. Insufficient ram.

Microsoft agent Kumar and bill reclaim 8 GB.


52 Clean reinstall of win 10 OS possible on this stream without sending note book to Indiana?

53 Snipping tool on this stream win 10 1511.

Resized with mspaint.


54 App software installed on stream c: drive.

Warning! usb 3 gen x cv destroyed stream for several days.

55 Portable apps software installed on 64GB sdhc card.

56 5 copies of Office 365 purchased.

Only 2 GB available on stream? :)

57 Other files on c:

58 Tracfone LG 22C Power android lollipop cell phone chrome app ,jelly comb BT keyboard and plugable BT mouse used to search f
or 'brad gravelle phone number' 3/1/17.

No phone number but horrible [imo] apps asking me to sign-up for that information.

hp stream chrome:

Android tablet and chromebook killers?
Bad android app writers Microsoft contractors?.
59 Iranians blocked from posting new music links?.

60 3/3/17 Malware is difficult, if not impossible, to remove from a pc.

Hackers are very good at what they do. Much better than computer 'security experts' aka bs artists
who try to sell malware removal software.

COMPUTERWORD: The CSO Social Engineering Survival Guide.

OS reinstall and, maybe, UEFI/BIOS flash is recommened.

Some hp social engineers in India met on phone.

61 Overlooked.

Key pressed.

62 Video point is that Stream 13 performs as well as on core i5 4570 running Movie Maker.

Stream win 10 Movie Maker video using

Checking where logitech stores videos/pics to see if on C:. No: sdhc card.


for Quick Capture: Eastern Systems Technology adjustable usb mouse. Red Toshiba retractable mouse.

64 3/3/17.

65 Kenny phone message 3/3/17.

What will be gained [be Brief.] sending stream to hp for possible repair?

Or lost?

distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters.
Miyamoto Musasahi.

66 Microsoft's forced upgrade from 1511 to 1607 failure is a hp/Microsoft issue.

hp not wanting to honor warranty claim is a hp/5CD5459GT9 issue.

3/4/17 08:00

Hello Kenny,
1 Is failure of Microsoft forced upgate from 1511 to 1607 a stream 13 hardware issue?

2 What does hp plan to do to upgrade from 1511 to 1607 if 5CD5459GT9 is sent to
Indiana for warranty repair?


67 3/6/17 Dion Joseph Weisler is an Australian-born businessman, the CEO of Hewlett-Packard since November 2015.
Hello Mr Weisler,


68 3/6/17 Stream audio editing using WaveShop portable app editor experiment. 3/4/17 conversation fragment.

69 Posted from core i5 1607. stream 1511/ haswell 1607 performance comparisons.

Computer science education trip to incompetence?.

70 start inoperable win 10. Happened again to stream 3/7/17.

Has your Windows 10 Start menu stopped working? Here are four ways to fix it.

Returned ... slowly.

71 3/9/17 With Claims of C.I.A. Hacking, How to Protect Your Devices.

OS reinstall good idea too? And reflash too?

Kenny got email? :)

72 Office Depot.

Best Buy.

Core i5 7200U power consumption [TDP Down: 7.5 W Up: 25 W ] about equals stream 13!

And about 5x faster!

73 3/10/17. Logitech c910 shot using quickcam on Lenovo G560 win 7 laptop running xp.

Kenny appears to want to solve the Microsoft upgrade from 1511 to 1607 on the under warranty stream 14
with his mouth. A liberal arts 'educated' ploy. Which hp previously tried from India.

74 3/11/17. Win 10 1511 bug?

Hatachi 3/4 TB conntects to haswell 1607 through usb 3.0 PCIe card.

stream 1511 does not recognize drive. Why?

75 3/13/17.

Notebook reliability.

76 3/13/17 17:17

1607 working: $129 Stream 13 2!!!

:) !!


77 3/14/17 76 About screenshot shows stream 2 apparently running 1507.

1607 snipping tool About screenshot made on stream2.

WS_FTP copied from 1607 haswell core i5 4570 3.2 GH onto 128 GB usb 3.0 drive. Installed on stream 2.

stream 2 used to upload 1607 snippet to prosefights.

Downloaded to IBM/Lenovo N500 Vista laptop now running xp home from ssd.

win 10/64 very compatible with xp, we find. Both 1511 and 1607. 1511 win support end.

78 .693 Haswell. .447 stream 2.

Check stream 2 warranty status.


Serial number first entry attempt haswell. :(

Kill a watt conntected to stream 2 measuring watts.

Hardware manufacturers destroy notebook after warranty expires with malware designed to
compel new purchase?

Using heat to promote metal migration?

They wouldn't do something like ths? Would they?

[1, 2, 3] Hahaha.

79 7/15/17

80 3/15/17 http://www.prosefights.org/malwaretips/hpwarranty2.htm.

81 US Navy, US electric grid, credit card companies, ... continue to run xp.

And may be glad money not spent to upgrade from xp to 7?

82 3/2217 Stream 1 performed several microsoft 1511 this past weekend with trying to update.

Lenovo ideapad purchased 3/20/2017.

Stream 2, Haswell, and lenovo broadwell all running 1607 14393.953.

Google maps gmails

maps sent cell phone message informing on my located. maps requested pic. :)

83 Microsoft appears to conintue to support 1511 ... after given up trying to unsuccessfully install 1607

on the Amazon hp stream 13. 5/29/17.

hp very good news.

84 Core i5 4570 haswell win 10 1607, ideapad 100 core i5 5200U win 10 1703 [creator update], anazon hp stream 13 win 10 1511, and
office depot hp stream 13 win 10 1607 all used for corroboration of what 10 is doing.

Huh? Let's try this on another 10 machine. :) 5/3017.

85 Stream 13 made super-usefull 5/30/17

Couple this with at 64 GB of fast SDHC to run portable apps makes stream close to equal other notebooks.

With advantage of drawing about 10W!

86 Lenovo Thinkpad 13. 5/31/17

Birthday arriving ... Albert Gore willing, of course.

87 Learned

computer programming in about December 1959 at Purdue University.

Purdue Public Opinion Poll first computer processed on

IBM 1401 and 7090 implementation next.

lenovo easy camera windows 10.


Sunday December 4, 2016 14:08

Stream 10/64 1511 non responsive after Photosuite 7 Edit and fix photos evidence gathered.

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