Gigabyte 1150 BIOS
Malwarebytes hacked?
Camera file transfers hacked?

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Saturday June 6, 2015 06:25
Friday September 4, 2015 07:28

windows 8 to xp lenovo g560 tutorial. Hack reason, i've been told.

american genocide zenith, my belief. NSA work?

Or $160,000,000 + $430,000,000 = $590,000,000 New Mexico wind farm bonds? Scam/fraud?

Friday September 4, 2015 07:26

Comcast/Xfinity/Norton/Symantec antivirus program repeated disabled problem spread to Toshiba L505.

Not sent from


Thursday September 3, 2015 12:06

Comcast/Xfinity/Norton/Symantec antivirus program repeated disabled on Toshiba A105 laptop.



Another way to reinstall.

Tuesday August 18, 2015 07:42

Norton may have been hacked?

Recommendations not clicked.

No click. Other actions taken.

No headers. 

Saturday August 15, 2015 20:49

Intel Haswell runs Forth 86 on GA-H97-D3H 1150 motherboard.

Viz is the name of this game.


Intel rolls out its most advanced air cooler to date: TSA15A for LGA 1151 processprs.

Intel product recall warranted?

Microsoft can remotely disable pirated games, if you’re running them on Windows 10.


You Can Now Get Windows 10 On a Mac.

Wednesday August 12, 2015 12:07

Hacking ring accused of making $100M on stolen news releases.

Haxroot rap audio  

Tuesday August 11, 2015 15:51

Intel Corporation Discovers Major Security Issue In Processors From The 90s.


Two stocks to watch in cybersecurity.

U.S. Exposes Insider Trading Ring Based on PR Hack.

Windows 10 won't play DVDs unless you pay Microsoft $15.


Ten Truths About the Future of IoT.


EDB-enabled processors by Intel are indicated by a "J" after the CPU model number
Vangie Beal

Should be BIOS ID?

Monday August 10, 2015 11:44

George Ure Microsoft shill suspect.
My Upgrade to Windows 10

A Samsung portable with the i7-cores, a terabyte drive, and until this weekend, it had Windows 8.1 on it which was entirely satisfactory.

Ure updated xp, to vista, 7, 8, 8.1. Why?


Unplug hard drives to get Windows 10 upgrade to behave.

Thursday August 6, 2015 20:16

Arrow keys work video. Logitech mk270 Wireless Combo


By Vangie Beal

Execute Disable Bit (EDB) is an Intel hardware-based security feature that can help reduce system exposure to viruses and malicious code. EDB allows the processor to classify areas in memory where application code can or cannot execute. When a malicious worm attempts to insert code in the buffer, the processor disables code execution, preventing damage and worm propagation. To use Execute Disable Bit you must have a PC or server with a processor with Execute Disable Bit capability and a supporting operating system. EDB-enabled processors by Intel are indicated by a "J" after the CPU model number. Execute Disable Bit is abbreviated as EDB (by Intel) or XDB.

"and a supporting operating system" should be replaced by "and a supporting BIOS"?

Intel hardware hacker defense.

Listen to Haxroot rap audio reference of buffer overflow hack.

Headers disabled.

Headers enabled apparently by Comcast security in attempt to track hacker location.

Tuesday July 28, 2015 18:40

Microsoft launches Windows 10: Here's what that means.  

Monday July 27, 2015 17:44

Micrsoft security in 7, 8, and 10 may be incorrect solution?

Malwarebytes saved our Lenovo Windows 8 g580 and Windows 7 g560 ... both now runnng xp.

Windows 8 is not being abandon for 7 or 8 in corporations with large, expensive xp apps, we heard from Jameel at Office Depot.

Windows 7 amd 8 business consulting about non-existent, Jameel reported.

Navy reports is continues to use xp, Yahoo Finance reported.

Credit card companies continue to use xp, we heard on filing Office Depot charge dispute. Credit card company reported it is following Office Depot Lenovo g560 possible dispute.

Office Depot demanded payment of $160 to fix possible speed and virus issues on Windows 7 laptop running xp. Paid. But no performance increase observed.

Windows 7 to xp peformened by Office Depot employees Joey, José Dias and Joe Crowder.

Disk for g560 awaiting replacement and installation of xp to see if OD fixed or not.

Dredit card company reported that it is keeping dispute open pending xp replacement and evaluation..

Monday July 27, 2015 08:27

1150 bios haswell tutorial needed?

BIOS upgrade essential for security?!!!

Alternate view. Author of hacking book.

DOS BIOS scroll up/down too slow,

Rewitten in Forth incremental asembler included in book.

As well as source code for PC/Assembler®.

X86/7 code works on Windows 7 professional laptop.

Also on Apple core ix running Snowleopard and Parallels Desktop.

xp dead?

Successful Microsoft Windows operating system must run xp apps flawlessly!

7 runs xp apps. But not all.
 Geoge Ure on software. Thursday July 23, 2015.

It All Starts With Software

In 2002-2003. Ures truly was part of a turnaround team at a better-than-decent software company. ...

Let’s begin at the front-end.

In 1980, or so, almost zero companies used computers effectively. ...

You see, when you’ve invent new – first ever – software, there is a large investment in the intellectual property development. You need computers, architects, business use cases, implementation teams to replace the old paper system and so on.

The problem is, once you are done, there is no way to pay for development of the next big thing. People who buy your software product want to own it outright so you get hooked – just as General Motors did – on something like the annual odel, complete with planned obsolescence.

Advertising goes up, cost of software customer acquisition goes with it. Saturation looms. ...

Now, fast-forward to the release of Windows 10: Sharp-eyed Bruce the Expat down in Ecuador, who is one of our best critics, sent me a cryptic note of warning about what’s in Windows 10:

You do know that windows 10 includes a feature that allows software vendors to charge annual fees for using the software installed on a windows 10 computer. If you don’t pay, the software company can access your computer and shut off the software. We will probably not see this the first few months after windows 10 is issued. Then the fun begins.
Windows 10 in trouble with the business community. Few adopters?

The one hitch-in-the-get-along with it is that when you buy the product, you only get the product use with support and upgrades for a year. Then, you need to subscribe to the company’s offer for ongoing support.

Lots of software outfits are going this direction. I will be putting up an UrbanSurvival email list one of these days and as much as anything, deciding which software package to use is difficult. ...

There are lots of examples – they are all over the place. Intuit is doing essentially the same thing with their TurboTax product. Same basic code with a bunch of plug in modules but like my “Evergreen Software” for the higher ed space, when government is involved, people have a real incentive to pay the recurring fees. Ergo, Turbo Tax is an annual recurring expense. ...

So do I need to keep up my SmartDraw account for $69 bucks a year?

No. Maybe if Peoplenomics had more subscribers, but for now, no.

Even Microsoft itself is dabbling with this core problem of “How Long Should Software Live?”
Windows xp may live forever? Provided that someone does not kill it.

But here is the problem with trying to kill xp with malware.

Natural security.

Enormous government classified national security codes rely on X86/87 hardware, xp BIOS and xp.

xp killers may be in big trouble?
With open source code, it could live forever. But, where’s the money in that?

The biggest problem with technology is that it is perishable over time.
Provided a better solution is available. And economical.
Windows 7, 8 and 10 may be insufficient to perish xp?

Good investment, imo.

Dark sides of conversion to 7, 8 and now 10?

And good side of upgrading to low-power Haswell, new BIOS!

Thursday July 23, 2015 07:34

BIOS in Haswell core i5 low-power Gigabyte 1150 motherboard admitted that previous versions of its BIOS may been hacked or contain hackable code! Improvement/fix explained!

EVGA 500W power supply problem resolved by call to EVGA support Monday July 20, 20915. Recommend EVGA.

Rosewill case included two fans.

Fan on Haswell and in power supply too.

No OS yet loaded on Haswell. Windows 7, 8, 10 or xp?

98 might install?
98 still used as a near-real-time operating system. Works with hardware buffering assist.

Windows 2000 interrupt handling too slow for real time 0S.

Same true for xp?

Monday July 13, 2015 13:52

Microsoft camera wizard appears to have been 'updated' [hacked]! Maybe windows exploree too.

New step! Which appears to have bugs. No mp4 videos

Steps followiing same as previous wizard.

PTP download mess.

No videos seen. There are four.

MTP. Huh.

Bluetooth works perfrectly .... but is too slow for video download.

mp4 and jpg appear properly.

Is microsoft intentially hacking it's xp PTP and MTP in hopes for forcing users to 7, 8, or 10?

"The 'XP' camera/scanner wizard you are referring to is part of the XP operating system carried over from Windows ME. There is no stand alone download for the XP Camera/Scanner Wizard."

Possible reason $590,000,000 industrial revenue bonds invested in Roswell San Juan mesa and Roosevelt wind farm projects?

Pics and vids.
Large-scale solar and wind generation are now on the liberal arts 'educated' agenda.

Sunday July 12, 2015 15:19 

LGl39C drivers deleted from A105, g560, and n550. Hacker?

Driver restored. But now videos only transfer in MTP to windows xp. And photos only transfer using PTP.

Attack on xp?

Saturday July 11, 2015 09:14

Popped up Toshiba A105, Friday July 10, 2015.

As Predicted, OPM Director Resigns in Wake of Epic Hack.

OPM hack affected 1 in 15 Americans: What's being done to prevent next attack?

Tuesday June 17, 2015 08:53


Malwarebytes-guided tutorial for clean install. Farbar FRST with Addition and mbam-check examples. Malwarebytes possibly hacked countermeasures.


Saturday June 13, 2015 14:31

Good news?

1 Toshiba A105 mbam free.
2 Topshiba L505D free.
3 Lenovo g580 premium.
5 Lenovo N500 free.
6 Lenovo g560 premium .... until reinstalled.
7 AMD 9950 desktop free..
8 Destop windows 2000 none.
9 Desktop windows 98 none.
10 Desktop Haswell i5 4570 ?


g560 booted into DOS, then crashed with in invalid INF file notifiction.

Powered-down with key depress, then rebooted.

No step to uncheck trial version.

Super-slow execution.

Friday June 12, 2015 15:55

Farbar FRST and mbam-check appear to be the first meaningful tools to begin to track hackers.

FRST.txt 05/1115



Tuesday June 9, 2015 15:59

mbam or hacker?


Check results.

Saturday June 6, 2015 07:18

Data Breach Calls US Cybersecurity Into Question.



Saturday June 6, 2015 06:25

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