American Genocide
NSA Iran spy sting bust, altenergy, MainStream Media:
Liberal arts 'educated' problem solving and associated messes

Zenith Press book proposal

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Monday March 24, 2014 07:26
Friday November 20, 2015 15:45


Sunday September 25, 2016 12:14

Opposition has vized themselves?
Wind turbine over $ 1 billion New Mexico scam/fraud?

Friday November 20, 2015 15:4y

James Bamford, NSA, liberal arts 'educated' publishers, hackers, malware, phishing and
altenergy energy mountebanks

Wednesday July 29, 2015 18:00

patrick dornton iran.


.... And more!

Tuesday July 28, 2015 19:55

Ads seen on TV while on vacation in OR/WA July 21/30 2015.



Wednesday May 20, 2015 20:57

Rise of the Hackers. Nova.

AUDIO: Robert Scheer: On Civil Liberties, the NSA Is a Latter-Day King George.

Wednesday May 13, 2015 13:11


Swiss Radio International Hans Buehler mp3 post of above tape. 33 MB.

Tuesday May 12, 2015 14:01

Android LG L39C login attempts ceased. Why?

Google or hacker?

APD inaction in focus.

APD administrators liberal arts 'educated'?


5 things to know about the NSA court ruling.

Swiss Radio International tape appears to be reason for HaX.R00T attack file disappearance evidence. headers enabled by Comcast senior security analyst Jatara.

Repeated attempted TracFone Android LG L39C signins suspicious. Not me.


Saturday February 21, 2015 07:42

sms Friday TracFone LG L39C February 20 HaXR00T messages.

Comcast and Twitter passwords disabled.

Friday February 20, 2015 10:42


Thursday February 19, 2015



HaX.R00T hack attack.

Tuesday February 17, 2015 07:01

L39C Message alert audio heard about 04:30 Sunday February 15, 2015.

Tuesday February 17, 2015 07:45



Forward link to HaxR00t TracFone messages.

TracFone LG L39C Android.

payne fbi electronic lock breaking.

From Bismarck, ND not Sherminat, Tehran, Iran.

Monday February 16, 2015 08:11

Below hacked? No check until Tuesday.

Medeiros deny intervention. Not read yet. And will not be until Tuesday February 17.

Technology make these project possible.

Link to this page and bookmark

sent to hacker via TracFone LG L39C Android cell phone.

Black and white tests of cryptographic algorithms.

Another from Shemiranat?

shemiranat weather.

Map of shemiranat.

Weather Esfahan, Isfahan, Iran.

Weather Tabriz.

Weather Hamedan.
Nojeh coup plot.

Weather Khorramshahr, Khuzestan, Iran.

Weather Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan, Iran.

Friday February 13, 2015 14:29 

Copy of email left on desk of

Thursday February 12, 2015 21:05

Editor Alice Peters posts

msm editors published material powers awesome.

Which editors exert for their clients business reasons.

ECF slipped through thanks to Alice and Klaus Peters.

Both were fired from Academic Press.

Leila Ghasemi.

Thursday February 12, 2015 14:39

Bank manager audio.

Bank of America.
2011 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE
Albuquerque NM 87112.  

First incident.

From Bismarck ND, not Shemiranat, Terhan, Iran. Fb site apparently hacked.

$21,036 stolen from our Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union NCUSIF/State of New Mexico-insured retirement-protected saving accounts recovery impossible without this Internet/social media technology.

Hackers threaten this technology. Along with possible furture electricity shortages and high cost too.

Client location of Comcast chat virus?

New phishing attempt?

Thursday January 29, 2015 11:30

msm does mascheroni?

Tape: Scientist Offers to Build Nuke Bomb Targeting New York.
Where do journalists come from? They are manufactured in America's universities in a liberal arts curriculum.

Mark Mathis

Geprge Ure, Peoplenomics, Wednesday January 28, 2015. "(The word dickweeds comes to mind.)".

Another pfishing attempt?

Monday January 12, 2015 17:45


Monday December 15, 2014 09:03

The Case for Bringing Your Own Encryption to Microsoft's Cloud.

Friday December 12, 2014 07:45

Investigators hired by the company have determined that the attack was conducted by hacker activists to punish its chief executive officer and largest shareholder, billionaire Sheldon Adelson, for comments he made about detonating a nuclear bomb in Iran, Blooomberg reported. It cited a report written by investigators with cybersecurity firm Dell SecureWorks.

While Las Vegas Sands had previously disclosed it was the victim of a significant cyberattack in February, the company has not discussed involvement by Iranians or the use of destructive software in the attack, which it had said shut down its websites for a week.

Sunday December 7, 2014 17:16

Happy birthday Rozi Arab.

Monday December 1, 2014 19:25
The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation warned U.S. businesses that hackers have used malicious software to launch destructive attacks in the United States, following a devastating cyber attack last week at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has hired FireEye Inc's Mandiant forensics unit to clean up a massive cyber attack that knocked out the studio's computer network nearly a week ago, three people with knowledge of the matter said on Sunday.

Wednesday November 26, 2014 07:06

Wednesday November 26, 2014 07:08

Hello Abuse@bankofamerica,

Bank of America manager in Albuquerque said this is a pfishing scam and provided abuse address.

Previous similar email hardcopy given to teller.

Another previous Bank of America unfortunate experience may be relate to $22,036 stolen from our insured [NCUSIF] Sandia Laboratories Federal Credit Union retirement-protected savings accounts.

Please ack if you receive this email.



1 Jakebones64? Hahaha.


Monday November 24, 2014 19:50

Israel mulls preemptive attack on Iran as nuclear talks falter.

Monday November 24, 2014 08:22

Sunday November 23, 2014 Albuquerque Journal.

Liberal arts 'educated' altenergy ploy.

More ploys hopefully thwarted

Comcast password invalidated second time in one day.

Resolved by phone. Twice!

Unable to enter zip code or telephone number to reach chart.

Malware attacks.
[November 22, 2014]

November 11, 2014 16:58
The Economics of Nuclear Energy.

Tuesday November 11, 2014 06:59

The hackers track business executives who sign on to computers using in-room wireless connections they consider private and secure, according to a Kaspersky Lab report, published on Monday.

The attacks, which go well beyond typical cybercriminal operations, have claimed thousands of victims dating back to 2009 and continue to do so, Kaspersky Lab, the world’s largest private security firm, shows in the report. Executives from the vehicle, outsourced manufacturing, cosmetic and chemical industries had been hit, the security company said. Others targeted included military services and contractors. 

Monday November 10, 2014 09:04

Exact link.

Covert channel.

Black and white test of cryptographic algorithms. J Orlin Grabbe converted in to html and paid bill $100 for publication
in Laissez Faire City Times.

Most prominently, data on Apple’s iPhones are now encrypted, with the owner holding the key, so that the firm
will no longer be able to unlock the devices even if ordered to do so by a court.
[Video about above article, VMs, Dalvik, Java, Android sandbox, ... and Forth.


BURNED book signing.

America's electric grid under attack by the liberal arts 'educated'?

Brandenburg demolition wind turbine conversations.

Alice Peters.

Shahab Mozafari.

Maryam Sahabi. Mooned on Facebook from Isfahan, Esfahan, Iran. :)

Saturday November 8, 2014 09:29

BURNED book signing attended.

Introduction audio.

Tracfone LG L39C Google Android Jelly Bean audio recording.

Met Valerie Plame and Sarah Lovett.

Sahar Mehrooz, Esfahan, Iran.

Wilson and Plame history [and the subsequent leaking of information pertaining to his wife Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA agent] after publication of.

What I Didn't Find in Africa
By Joseph C. Wilson 4th
Published: July 6, 2003

Did the Bush administration manipulate intelligence about Saddam Hussein's weapons programs to justify an invasion of Iraq?

Based on my experience with the administration in the months leading up to the war, I have little choice but to conclude that some of the intelligence related to Iraq's nuclear weapons program was twisted to exaggerate the Iraqi threat.

What I Didn't Find in Africa

By Joseph C. Wilson 4th
Published: July 6, 2003

Did the Bush administration manipulate intelligence about Saddam Hussein's weapons programs to justify an invasion of Iraq?

Based on my experience with the administration in the months leading up to the war, I have little choice but to conclude that some of the intelligence related to Iraq's nuclear weapons program was twisted to exaggerate the Iraqi threat. ...

Mr. Obama secretly sent letter sent last month to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, according to people briefed on the communication, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Source says reported letter from Obama to Ayatollah ‘f***s up everything'.

Thursday November 6, 2014 09:17

Wednesday November 5, 2014 21:43

From Shemiranat, Tehran, Iran?

I am innocent ... of this charge.

Liberal art 'educated' stunt?


Hello Shahab,

Going to try to send you msm message with internet link to

+98 935 571 9351
+98 912 765 4366

from TracFone Google Android Jelly Bean LG L39C cell phone.


Radio Javan.

Wednesday November 5, 2014 19:46

Plame, the real-life ex-CIA operative-turned-author who became famous when she was outed as a CIA employee by Washington Post journalist Robert Novak in 2003, said she wanted to depict a strong female through the Vanessa Pierson character. “Usually they’re just paper dolls or arm candy sort of thing, and I wanted to show a realistic story that was also entertaining,” she said in a recent Local iQ interview And Pierson is that strong woman. In Burned she continues to pursue the shadowy Bhoot. But there are more pieces in play. Pierson is almost killed in a suicide bomber attack outside the Louvre. Pierson suspects Bhoot, but he denies responsibility. A video links True Jihad, a new terrorist group, which claims responsibility for executing her asset whom she was to have met at the Louvre. A deadly question lingers: Does True Jihad have a stolen nuclear device? Meanwhile, there’s a search on for a mole inside the CIA.

Plame said she sought to add more literary depth to the novel. “I wanted it to be more layered, more complicated, but you don’t want to get into Russian novel territory with 100 characters,” she noted.

Let's get a publisher ... and advance, of course.

Valerie Plame.

Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson.
From 1988 to 1991, he was the Deputy Chief of Mission (to US Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie) at the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. In the wake of Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait, he became the last American diplomat to meet with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, telling him in very clear terms to leave Kuwait (Wilson, The Politics of Truth 107–27). When Hussein sent a note to Wilson (along with other embassy heads in Baghdad) threatening to execute anyone sheltering foreigners in Iraq, Wilson publicly repudiated the dictator by appearing at a press conference wearing a homemade noose around his neck and declaring, "If the choice is to allow American citizens to be taken hostage or to be executed, I will bring my own fucking rope." [8] Despite Hussein's threats, Wilson sheltered more than 100 Americans at the embassy and successfully evacuated several thousand people (Americans and other nationals) from Iraq. For his actions, he was called a "a true American hero" by President George H. W. Bush.[4]

Joseph Charles Wilson IV (born November 6, 1949) is a former United States diplomat best known for his 2002 trip to Niger to investigate allegations that Saddam Hussein was attempting to purchase yellowcake uranium; his New York Times op-ed piece, "What I Didn't Find in Africa";[1] and the subsequent leaking of information pertaining to his wife Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA agent.

The week after the publication of Wilson's New York Times op ed, Robert Novak, in his syndicated Washington Post column, disclosed that Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, worked for the CIA as an agency operative.

Sarah Lovett.

Bonnie Verburg.

Mastercool, Android cell phone, wind, and New Mexico Gas Company projects time-shared with book publisher search.

Sunday November 2, 2014 16:45

Fossil fuels should be 'phased out by 2100' says IPCC.


Monday September 29, 2014 20:03

Patricia and William Payne each received

Monday September 29, 2014
September 26, 2014

William H. Payne
13015 Calle De Sandias NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111-2924

Dear William H. Payne:

I’m writing to follow up on a letter you received recently, requesting additional information about your account. Please disregard that letter, If we need any additional information, we will contact you by phone.

We apologize for any inconvenience that request may have caused.

If you have any questions about the prior request or this letter, please call us at 1.844.419.0565 Monday through Friday from 8 am, to 5 p.m. Central and Saturday from 8 am. to 1 p.m. Central.

Kieth Cockrell
Chief Operating Officer
Retail, Preferred & Small Business Banking
Bank of America


Emari Hunn conversation Friday September 26, 2014.


Friday September 26, 2014 11:35

Conversation with David about authority for issuing letter.

phoned as apparent David request evening of Thursday Sepember 25th. Bill unable to talk because of other activity.
30-16-9. Extortion.

Extortion consists of the communication or transmission of any threat to another by any means whatsoever with intent thereby to wrongfully obtain anything of value or to wrongfully compel the person threatened to do or refrain from doing any act against his will.

Any of the following acts shall be sufficient to constitute a threat under this section:

A. a threat to do an unlawful injury to the person or property of the person threatened or of another;

B. a threat to accuse the person threatened, or another, of any crime;

C. a threat to expose, or impute to the person threatened, or another, any deformity or disgrace;

D. a threat to expose any secret affecting the person threatened, or another; or

E. a threat to kidnap the person threatened or another. Whoever commits extortion is guilty of a third degree felony.


Thursday September 25, 2014 06:00


Bank of America, Montgomery and Juan Tabo, Albuquerque New Mexico.

Teller conversation.

Emari and David conversations.


Wednesday September 24, 2014 11:06

0 Stop by your nearest Bank of America banking center for assistance.

1 Like other financial institutions, we’re required to collect and maintain complete and current information for our customers. We appreciate your business and want to ensure your banking services are not interrupted. If we don’t receive the required information by the above date, it will result in the closure of your account(s).

2 Important information is needed from you by 10/16/2014 to avoid disruption/closure of your banking services.

3 Due to the prominent nature of your occupation or position held currently or in the past, we now require identification and validation of your Source of Wealth.

4 All information requested on the attached form is required to avoid interruption or closLire of your banking services. Please note that if you don’t provide the required information by the date listed above, we’ll consider it a request from you to close your accounts.

Address important.

And phone number too.

September 16, 2014


Reference number: 40011378529
Control number: SPF 6080


Important information is needed from you by 10/16/2014 to avoid disruption/closure of your banking services.

Like other financial institutions, we’re required to collect and maintain complete and current
information for our customers. We appreciate your business and want to ensure your banking
services are not interrupted. If we don’t receive the required information by the above date, it
will result in the closure of your account(s).

What you need to know

During a recent review of our records, we found that one or more key pieces of information
are needed from you. Due to the prominent nature of your occupation or position held
currently or in the past, we now require identification and validation of your Source of
Wealth. This can include, but is not limited to, employment income, investments, sale of real
estate, inheritance, sale of shares/assets, alimony/divorce settlements, gearing/loans, with
corresponding documentation such as a Tax Return. Bill of Sale, or letter from Attorney.

All information requested on the attached form is required to avoid interruption or closLire of
your banking services. Please note that if you don’t provide the required information by the
date listed above, we’ll consider it a renuest from you to close your accounts.

What you need to do

To ensure we have the most up-to-date information, please complete, sign and date the
enclosed form. Please return the completed form and provide the requested documentation
to us by 10/16/2014 through one of the following options:
• Fax the completed form and documents to us at 1.855.481.1269,
• Mail the completed form and documents to us using the enclosed self addressed envelopc
a Call us toll-free at 1~844.419.0555, Monday through Friday, from 8 am, to 5 p.m.
• Stop by your nearest Bank of America banking center for assistance.

We're here to help

Thank you in advance for taking action. Your relationship is important to us. If you have any
questions about this request, please call us toll-free at 1.844.419.0565. We’re available to
assist you Monday through Friday from 8 am. to 5 p.m. Central.

Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC © 2014 Bank of America corperarion
00-65-6871 NSBW- v 0814

Completed form due by: 10/16/2015 Reference number: 40011378529
Control number: SPF 6080
Step I
Customer Data Form (Please print)
Please complete ALL requested in formation and Steps below. Incomplete in formation could result in account
closure. Please reference included instruction form below. Please Print Legibly
Customer Data to be updatedlverified
Current Account Information
Account Title
Customer’s ~egai Name
Customer’s Physical Address:
Customer’s Date of Birth:
MnnthIDz~vIV~ar 1MMIDDIYY~
Tax Identification Number (TIN)
Country 0? Citizenship:
Country of Residency:
Source of Income
source ot weaimn (This is a narrative at flow you
have acquiredlobtained your source of wealth)
Sten #2 - Customer Certification

I have verified my current account information to be correct and authorize the above changes to update my
current account information.
Customer Signature/Date
Contact Phone Number
O0-65-6873NSBW V. 0814

Thursday September 25, 2014 10:44

Moderation email received from Forrest Mims.

Accuracy of Mims' writing essential.

Mims called Obama a dreamer! In both English and Farsi. :)
Omar Khayyám, was a Persian polymath, philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and poet.

Born: May 18, 1048, Nishapur, Iran
The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

Retaliation sure to follow?

Tuesday September 23, 2014 14:15

The Socio-Economic Benefits of Solar Energy.


Rescue Your Energy Bill: Check Your Roof.

Monday September 22, 2014 15:02

Monday September 22, 2014

Liberal arts 'educatated' msm ploy?

Liberal arts 'educated' moderation protection.

Subject: RE: American genocide, altenergy and your books
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2014 09:01:08 -0500 From: Forrest Mims To: 'william payne' CC:,

Hi Bill,

The dreamers who think we can shift away from fossil fuels overnight simply have no idea of what they are promoting. Nor do they take into consideration the environmental compromises required to manufacture, maintain, install and decommission wind and solar installations.


From: william payne []
Sent: Tuesday, September 2, 2014 11:10 PM
To: Forrest Mims
Subject: Re: American genocide, altenergy and your books

Hello Forrest,

Sandia labs and NSA work.

regards, bill

Urban Survival Monday September 22, 2014.
Marketing Climate Change

310,000 turned out for a march in NYC this weekend in support of climate change. I’d mention the record ice pack and how climate change gives the PowersThatBe an excuse to impose a global tax system which in turn funds the New World Order, but that would be rude and no one wants to hear that kind of talk.


Saturday September 20, 2014 15:13

Salmon 2014 Sekiu and Westport WA September 8-13 return returns focus to facked natural gas, solar and wind generation of electricity, Autozone and Bank of America. And book contract too.

Friday September 5, 2014 09:41

Crypto AG is a Swiss company specialising in communications and information security.

Saturday August 23, 2014 07:56

MainStreamMedia is liberal arts 'educated' and previously controlled media.

National Ignition Facility.
NIF was completed five years behind schedule and was almost four times more expensive than originally budgeted.

Mascheroni told LANL that its fusion ideas wouldn't work.

LANL retailiates using the liberal arts 'educated.

Be brief.

Former New Mexico PRC member Jason Marks is liberal arts 'educated' at Reed College and the University of New Mexico.

Monday August 11, 2014 07:21

Electrician project current focus.

But literary project coming into focus along with recovery of insured $22,036 stolen from Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union retirement-protected saving accounts.
Amazon says pricing ebooks at $14.99 or $19.99 is too expensive and unjustifiable in most cases. It argues that lower priced ebooks sell more and so ultimately generate more revenue, and more royalties for authors.

German Ehsan Molavi.

“Life's hard. It's even harder when you're stupid.”
-- John Wayne

Friday July 25, 2014 21:45

Hemingway writing style?

Qana massacre precipitated 9/11 JAMES Bamford writes in A PRETEXT FOR WAR: 9/11, Iraq, Abuse of America's Intelligence Agencies.What's next? Search for 'a scorpion silhouette names JAMES'.

Sorry for the long response. I didn't have time to write a shorter one.

bill bonner

9/11 all over again?

Tuesday July 22, 2014 10:21

Thursday August 21, 2014 12:17

LANL scientist's wife sentenced to one year in spy case.

Tuesday July 22, 2014 10:21

Listen to Bill and Leo.

The Physics of Nuclear Weapon Design.

Tragicomic case of nuclear scientist, wife has yet to play out

By Mark Oswald Journal Staff Writer
Monday, July 21, 2014 at 12:05 am
[H]e’s the former Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist who made international headlines when he was indicted in 2010 on charges of trying to pass nuclear secrets to Venezuela, or at least to someone he thought was a Venezuelan agent. ...

Mascheroni, under his code name “Luke,” is accused of providing the plans and classified information to an FBI officer masquerading as a Venezuelan agent. Despite Chavez’s claims of a plot to discredit his country, the FBI said there is no evidence the Venezuelan government ever had anything to do with Mascheroni’s plotting.

Mascheroni was out of jail under court-imposed restrictions pending sentencing until he submitted a 35-page letter to Johnson last fall in an effort to dump his court-appointed attorneys (the letter has been sealed from public view [Liberal arts 'educated' ploy]). ...

Johnson, in a court filing, wrote that the Department of Energy has determined that the letter contains classified information. The judge said he has concerns that the letter was produced on a non-secure computer and about whether Mascheroni “had access to classified information during the process of writing the letter.” ...

[Liberal arts 'educated' msm and the courts show.]

American Genocide book proposal.

Tuesday June 17, 2014 18:08

Liberal art 'educated' solution?
U.S. to Send 275 Marines to Iraq, Won’t Rule Out Cooperation With Iran.
Former Ambassador Ryan Crocker: Sec. Kerry should be on a plane to Baghdad

Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker told "CBS This Morning"

[Liberal arts 'educated' msm production above. Crocker is Whitman College BA 1971 English major. :(]

[ryan crocker j orlin grabbe]

Saturday June 14, 2014 19:56

Dooset Daran link arrived via Radio Javan on 06/12/104 10:45 AM.


Wednesday June 4, 2014 21:14

Book publishing contract sought.

Is Amazon abusing its position as the world's biggest bookseller? Is it bullying the multinational publisher Hachette for its own narrow reasons? Or is it fighting for affordability and consumer choice?

Monday June 2, 2014 20:25

Write first and last words first, of course.
Friday August 22, 2014 12:22

Iran hostage crisis perpetrators apparently gave insufficient thought about possible United States retaliation.

[t]hen, in September, Iraq invaded Iran.

Details about involvement of Zbigniew Brzezinski, Donald Rumsfeld, Ryan Crocker, and Jimmy Carter starting the Iraq/Iran war are emerging after an about a 22 year investigation using Internet as main investigative tool.

Author's first-hand knowledge of details of
Rigging the Game

Spy Sting: Few at the Swiss factory knew the mysterious visitors were pulling off a stunning intelligence coup -- perhaps the most audacious in the National Security Agency's long war on foreign codes.

in addition to Persian Higher Algebra education in the summer of 1958 at the University of Colorado plus being fired from Sandia National Laboratories in 1992 at NSA's request combined for reason to tell this story.

Liberal arts 'educated' bureaucrats. the US 'legal' system, MainStream Media and book publishers are enemies. But will hopefully lose because of Internet, social media and changes in book publishing. Albert Gore willing, of course.

We will see.

William Payne
BA Whitman College 1959, mathematics
Albuquerque, New Mexico

What a liberal art 'educated' story we have to tell.

In fewest number of words, of course.

7: Be Brief. Hemingway was contemptuous of writers who, as he put it, “never learned how to say no to a typewriter.” In a 1945 letter to his editor, Maxwell Perkins, Hemingway writes:

It wasn’t by accident that the Gettysburg address was so short. The laws of prose writing are as immutable as those of flight, of mathematics, of physics.

Friday August 22, 2014 12:22

Large-scale solar and wind generation are now on the liberal arts 'educated' agenda.

Methodology includes open mouths, creative writing, graphics department art, testimony, protests and even riots. And even taking hostages.

Data not in liberal arts 'thinking'. "Let's write an essay."

Public Service Company of New Mexico journalism college major CEO recently announced at shareholder meeting that Large-scale solar, wind, and natural gas would be used to replace 340 megawatts with the closure of units two and three at the San Juan Generating Station.


[t]his graph, which tracks the output of a 4.5 megawatt array of photovoltaic (PV) cells on 44 acres in northeast Arizona, operated by Tucson Electric Power. Sampling output at one-minute intervals over the course of the month of June, Cartright and Apt found the solar plant's average output to be 18 percent of its nameplate capacity. Moreover, output varied starkly minute-to-minute, from 100% to less than 30%, as indicated by the graph. The interruptions came from scattered clouds. "Note that this is from a solar PV farm in the Arizona desert — one of the best locations in the US for this type of facility,"  ...

Solar installations in the West are currently being backed up by coal plants, but these must be kept running all the time. Estimates are that the solar element will reduce carbon emissions only by 3 to 5 percent - and could increase them as much as 10 percent.

and revenue for New Mexico Wind Energy Center does not appear to be sufficient to cover salaries of claimed employees let alone repair or decommissioning of non-producing turbines.

Natural gas electricity production suspect too.

Data collection efforts on large-scale PNM Prosperity Energy Storage Project and New Mexico Wind Energy Center susing the Freedom of Information Act and New Mexico Public Records Act (IPRA) have not worked, so far.

A liberal arts 'educated' ploy? "We'll ignore it and the problem will go way." mentality.

But liberal arts 'educated' tampering with the US electric power supply could raise electricity prices, cause power outages, and even damage the economy?

War on coal coupled with government forcing large-scale solar and wind electricity generation may be a deliberate attempt to damage the US, we were told.

Treason investigation could prove as interesting as genocide?

Wednesday June 4, 2014 07:23

On-going greenenergy/coal information will be kept in separate panel to be included in Notes. Not in Afterword.

Small-scale solar/battery systems work but are expensive.


EPA to propose 30% cut in carbon dioxide emissions from U.S. power plants.

Among the plants that have to comply will be hundreds of coal-burning plants, which has resulted in strong opposition from the energy industry, big business and congressional Democrats and Republicans, who argue Obama’s green-energy agenda is tantamount to a “War on Coal.” [ Not war. Jihad.]

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce argues that the rule will kill jobs and close power plants across the country.

The group is releasing a study that finds the rule will result in the loss of 224,000 jobs every year through 2030 and impose $50 billion in annual costs.
The rule-making proposal, to be unveiled Monday, sets in motion the main piece of President Barack Obama's climate-change agenda and is designed to give states and power companies flexibility in reaching the target. ...

The rule would affect hundreds of fossil-fuel power plants—hitting the nation's roughly 600 coal-fired plants the hardest.

Democrats brace for climate rule fallout.


Mood music.

Wednesday May 28, 2104 13:51.

Amazon has done some things for the public good – the ability of any writer to self-publish on the Kindle platform aids freedom of expression and the spread of ideas. 

Tuesday April 29, 2014 07:50

Facebook friends.

Phil Ffeiffer.

Wednesday March 26, 2014 06:53

No ack so far.

Facebook not allowing 'remember password'

Another liberal arts 'educated' ploy.

NOD32 download? Wanna try it?


Friday August 22, 2014 12:44

Hello Mr Gilg,

Book titles seen at Zenith Press suggests that my proposed book

American Genocide

NSA Iran spy sting bust, altenergy, MainStreamMedia:
Liberal arts 'educated' problem solving and associated messes

might be publication interest to Zenith Press?

Content has mostly been written but would take about six months to assemble
into readable book consisting of

1 story - short
2 notes - long
2 references - short.

Length of book estimated to be about 150-200 pages.

Story tells of how NSA got caught for the spy sting on Iran which led discovery
of the United States inciting Saddam Hussein to attack Iran in apparent retaliation
of the Iran hostage crisis. And how the liberal arts 'educated' contributed to disclosures.

Notes tells of how computer software evolved from assembler, to compilers, to
interpreted technologies and Internet which eventually led to ease of insertion of

Electricity generation required for server farms and PC power cost, supply, and reliability
issues observations from Public Service Company of New Mexico Integrated Resource
Planning meetings would be included for reason the world as we know it may crumble.

Malware and electric power issues may be responsible.

Current references include

1 Scorpion silhouette named James. Google images.

2 The Nuclear Express, Thomas C Reed and Danny Stillman, Zenith Press, 2008.

Monday March 17, 2014 17:55

Pages 297 and 8.

Consider the matter of the plastic keys. The story starts in January 1979, when the shah fled Iran. Within a month, the newly formed Revolutionary Guards had executed the shah's generals, vested power in Ayatollah Khomeini, and otherwise gutted the leadership of a previously strong regional power. Saddam Hussein, in neighboring Iraq, saw an opportunity. He wanted to reclaim rights to the Shatt al Arab waterway, part of the Iran-Iraq border and a key route for the export of petroleum. The shah had forced Iraq to relinquish those rights in ?. Saddam invaded Iran in September 1980, and for a while things went well. At first, the leaderless Iranian military forces were hopelessly ineffective.

Ayatollah Khomeini then hit upon several theologically correct solutions. One was the creation of the Basij Mostazafan, the mobilisation of the oppressed. These were to be volunteers who would embrace death with religious enthusiasm forerunners of Hesbollah. The Basiji were to become an arm of the Revolutionary Guard. Mahmoud Abmadinejad was an early Basij. To this day, he occasionally reappears in his Basij uniform. In the early 1980s, as the battle lines stabilized, and as the Iranian military got organized, Saddam turned to minefields and chemical weapons to maintain his positions in the face of serious Iranian assaults. To breach the Iraqi lines, the ayatollahs in Iran called on the Basiji for volenteers, men to march across the minefields. Those responding were the children of Iran, boys from the countryside.

The purest joy in Islam is to kill and be killed for Allah, Khomeini assured the children. To validate this guidance, the Iranian government purchased half a million small plastic keys from Taiwan. Before each march across the Iraqi minefields, one of the Taiwanese keys would be hung around each child's neck, assuring him of immediate passage to paradise.

Iraqi officers were appalled; barely armed teenagers were marching toward them in straight rows. When one boy was blown apart, the child in back would step over his comrade's remains to continue tbe advance. If was like the Russians at Stalingrad. "It makes you want to scream, to throw away your weapon," one Iraqi defender cried.

As the Economist put it in a September 1983 article, "Iranian boys of twelve, wearing keys to heaven around their necks, are among the most rapidly consumed cannon-fodder in the corpse-hungry Iran-Iraq war... Nine out of ten get killed as they march before their elders into the Iraqi minefields."

A half-million Basiji were sent to the front lines. Perhaps only half came home, but Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was one of them. The Iran-Iraq war lasted for eight years, took a million casualties, and settled nothing, but it clarified the role of Allah in the mind of that young survivor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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Writers, especially the liberal arts 'educated', cannot be trusted. Plastic keys?

Authors are a problem with books. Newspapers and magazines are worse, imo.

Gulf war

The child soldiers of the ayatollahs


Iranian boys of 12, wearing metal keys to heaven round their necks, are Among the most rapidly consumed cannon fodder in the corpse-hungry 1raq-Iran war. Iranian officers captured by the Iraqis say that nine out of 10 Iranian child soldiers are killed. Gulf war statistics about prisoners, casualties and their ages are unreliable, but according to the International Red Cross there are more than 7,000 Iranian prisoners, of whom at least 750 are under 18. Some 300 may be between 12 and 15,

There is no Geneva convention saying how old you should be before you are entitled to kill or be killed as a soldier. Nor is special treatment prescribed for child soldiers taken prisoner. But on September 5th the United Nations human rights subcommission in Geneva called on Iran to stop recruiting children.

The ayatollahs deny that child soldiers exist, or, as an angry note to the subcommission put it, Iran “categorically rejects suggestions that the use of children in it armed forces is an established practice or one that is encouraged by it”. Military conscription in Iran officially starts at 18. The Iranian government proudly extols the virtues of-young volunteer martyrs in the battlefield, but all are said to be a least 16, when an Iranian comes of age. Perhaps the government does not itself recruit children, but at least one government-approved organisasion does. Newspapers in Isfahan carry announcements by the Herzbollahi (party of God) offering registration at the “University of Kerbala, affiliated to the World lslamic congress’. The sole entrance qualification is “belief in God” and sympathy for the Herzbollahi. Age is “unimportant”: students, the advertisement declares, are aged from 14 to 90. They are trained simply to “conquer Kerbala”, a holy city of Shia Islam lying on the Euphrates well inside southern Iraq. Graduates acquire a "diploma in martyrdom”.

Military training comes a poor second to ideology. The main military subject is nine-detonation. Students fan Out in front of Iranian tanks or infantry. setting off mines with sticks or by jumping on them. Hence the appalling casualty rate.

The martyrs’ families benefit in two ways. First, there is the glory. Second they are said to receive around 5,000 riyals (about £38 at the official rate a exchange) per child, plus a martyr’s can when he graduates “cum laude”, entitling the family to cheap food and other privileges. The child soldiers are nearly at from poor village or slum families, but riyals do not seem to have been the main carrot.

Those taken prisoner often feel guilty that they have survived. Iraqi offers to send the young prisoners home have been rejected by the Iranian government. Officially in Iran they are dead.

The Red Cross says that conditions for the young prisoners in the main detention camp at Ramadi are adequate, hut it does not want them to remain there indefinitely. A group of Swiss-based child welfare experts hopes to visit Ramadi soon. Iraq has provisionally agreed to allow the child prisoners to go to a third country until the war is over, but it is not known wether the young fanatics will agree to go.

Nuclear Express book signing attended.

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Can Microsoft rescue Windows?

11 How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck: Advice to Make Any Amateur Look Like a Pro, Steve Stockman.

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Embedded Controller Forth For The 8051 Family

Implementing BASICs: How BASICs Work

Machine, assembly, and systems programming for the IBM 360

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Events carefully sequenced.

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Spy Sting: Few at the Swiss factory knew the mysterious visitors were pulling off a stunning intelligence coup -- perhaps the most audacious in the National Security Agency's long war on foreign codes.

The Baltimore Sun, About December 4, 1995, pp. 9-11.

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21 June 1997.

After event 1by two years for safety reasons.

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NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran Conflict.

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