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Sunday November 27, 2005 06:36
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You might wish to start background music while viewing chukar history?

Christensen's 1970 Nevada game chukar report was is likely a first for reporting history in addition to Nevada chukar population.

Bill lent report to Bob Wallace. But didn't get it back for many years.

When bill asked for its return, Wallace commented that he was hoping that bill forgot he lent to him.

Wallace reported that he moved to Pullman, WA in 1948 before introduction of chukars in about 1951.

Patty and bill were in Pullman in December 1968.

Temperature dropped to -50F.

All bird hunting cancelled.

Quail and pheasant population took about 20 years to recover.

Following year more chukars than year before -50F temperature! Same for Hungarian partridges [huns].

Bill killed 8 chukar on opening day 1969. And got checked by a game warden!

More chukar jpgs 11/30/2005

Our quail hunting terrain 11/26 - 11/28/2005 in SE Nex Mexio is about as rough as this terrain.

Here's a recent photo of mother Buddah [Buda - that's a place in Texas].

Here's how above photo was shot.

CARE package sent to photographer.

Photographer is safe back in US and was promoted to full colonel in 2007. And is thinking of retiring from the Army, mother reported.

Bill hunting chukars in about 1975 on the north side of the snake river breaks in about 1975 with English pointers May and Jane.

Bill took-up bird hunting because teaching is a sedentary profession.

Chukar hunting is very demanding!

Photo shot by Narsingh Deo - a vegitarian.

Deo and bill met at U. Illinois at U-C in 1972-3.

Deo visited Washington State University computer science in Pullman, WA in about 1974-5.

Deo stayed later to become chairman of computer science. Then left for Florida.

Washington State University computer science lost accreditation and was eliminated.

Deo told bill that when he was growing up in India his mother told him.

"Narsingh. Eat your food. Just think of all of the starving children in Alabama."

You assemble the below!