Msd 6A 1982 VW grey rabbit installation and evaluation
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Sunday August 21, 2005 08:22
Thursday October 22, 2009 09:43

Met Isaiah at McDonald's at Tramway and Montgomery to sign seller paper and give him more parts.

Isaiah got it going over the weekend. He replaced the fuel injector O rings.

He reported the compression came up.

Note the backup lights. They didn't work about 15 years. Bill finally fixed.

Isaiah reported that he is a diesel mechanic who works on trash trucks.

Sunday October 18, 2009 lost CO adjustment cover found where grey rabbit sat for two years.

This is about a $8 part purchased from Foreign Aide.

Rabbit's continuous injection system CO is adjustable with a 7 mm allen wrench.

Thursday October 15, 2009

That's Isaiah who owned a 1984 Rabbit GTI which he sold to a friend.

Friend crashed it, Isaiah reported.

Grey rabbit is history for bill. Let's focus on webpages and electricity!

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