Quail hunting essential travel
Artesia, NM January 9-11

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Friday January 13, 2006 10:09
Sunday February 12, 2006 16:17

Essential Kansas travel

Essential chukar hunting travel

Hunting buddy emails

Good photos and diary!

Can't say too much about the Jeep, but if I got one it would be at least a 2006.

Bill met hunting buddy through Delta Gama sorority.

Hunting buddy's wife and bill's wife are both Delta Gamma sorority members.

Hunting buddy is retired insurance adjuster.

Bill avoids conversations about windows device drivers, hardware interfaces to analog circuts, questions with him.

But asks him lots of insurance-related questions.

Here's digital photo looking to the west on way to Artesia, NM from Albuquerque on Monday January 9, 2006.

Hunting buddy brings audio books when we travel through the desert. Or to Kansas.

We listened to Robert Ludlum's the Lazarus vendetta audio book.

Much of the action takes place in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Here's unloading at the Artesia Motel.

Here's quail country!

That's a Garmin etrex gps next to the BLM map of the Artesia area.

Bill once got lost in the Tres Hermanas outside of Columbus, NM while hunting quail. Not fun.

Road hunting quail

Quail are usually not more than a mile from water so we make sure we see a stock tank before setting out on foot for a usual about 3/4 to 1-1/4 mile hunt usually in brushy draws.

Hunting buddy, and grandfather, chasing 3 quail. One shot fired. Quail escaped unharmed.

Lots of quail. We did well.

Bill got 4.

Hunting buddy got 6. But skillet shot two on the ground.

Hunting buddy cheated.

He used a Remington 870 12 gauge with number 6 shot.

Bill, of course, used a 20 gauge side-by-side with number 8 shot. A humane way to hunt quail.

Hunting buddy cleaning quail.

Artesia, NM is a very friendly nice town.

Here's its main industry.


Hunting buddy has very fancy Jeep Grand Cherokee with lots of computers in it.

Keyless entry right front door electronic lock failed. Then the right rear door electronic lock failed.

Hunting buddy said he usually trades Jeeps every 3 years but plans to run the wheels off this cherokee.

Bill has bad news for hunting buddy.

The transmission is likely to fail ... and cost big bucks to fix.

We listened to the final half of the Lazarus Vendetta on our way back to Albuquerque.

We, of course, are taking these essential trips while the gas lasts.

And we aren't too old to hunt.

Hunting buddy was born in 1939.

Digital photographer was born in 1937. Exactly 45 days after Saddam Hussein.

His senior citizen shotgun skills are better because of clay bird practice.

Lack of practice was to blame for deficient shotgun skills. Not advancing age, of course!