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Spiked vision tester?
Thursday May 31, 2012

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Saturday June 2, 2012 07:50

Deception is used by governments to attempt to achieve goals.

Crypto AG customers were deceived into thinking their secret messages were secure.
The stolen $22,036 is in focus.

Recovery is not easy. But we are working at it. This requires strategy.

Obama ordered Stuxnet cyberattack, reports say. Did it leave US vulnerable?

New Mexico Public Regulation, Insurance Division, won't send us the claim forms, which it acknowledged it has, to file to recover $22,036 stolen from our insured retirement-protected savings accounts at Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union.

NCUSIF [National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund] failed properly process and pay our loss claim.

Facts and evidence.

So we anticipate more trouble from the state of New Mexico government.
New Mexico 4 or 8 years at the option of the driver <67: 4 or 8 years at driver's option; 67+: 4 years or age 75, whichever occurs first; annually for drivers age 75 and older


Bill's driver license expires June 11, 2012.

Driver licenses must be renewed each year for those over 75.

So bill went to renew licence while is is 74 on May 31, 2012 here.

Bill had number 255.

Number 249 was just called so bill thought he to wait a bit longer.

No so. 255 was called after 249.

Bill was directed to location 9, the only location with only chairs in front of the attendant. Photo taken June 1, 2012.

Denying a person a drivers license is a way to mess-up a person's life.

So how could the state of New Mexico deny a driver's license.

Failing the vision test would be a way to do it.

This ploy may have been attempted. But bill brought an mp3 recorder.

Clerk asked bill to look into vision tester you see above.

Letters were tiny. Bill could not read.

Clerk asked bill to try with his reading glasses. 1.5 diopter granny glasses.

Bill still could not read.

Clerk then asked bill to go to station 5. Clerk followed.

Bill had no trouble reading and passing vision test

Listen to the case of the possible spiked vision tester.

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