Natural gas/oil, solar-powered microcontroller systems
Navajo lake fishing trip

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Friday June 13, 2014 08:15
Monday June 23, 2014 06:37

Large-scale solar and wind generation are now on the liberal arts 'educated' agenda.

Focus also on natural generation of base load electricity.

PNM is switching from coal to natural gas, solar and wind. Hahaha?

Friday June 20, 2014 14:32
Fracking and wireless communications essential non-gas-wasting field trip Saturday June 21, 2014

Four Corners coal-fired Power Plant field trip May 26, 2014.

Friday June 20, 2014 14:08

Well, bubba, today we gonna show yah some down-home schoolin on fracking, courtesy of Oilman2:
First, fracking and oilfield waste saltwater are routinely injected into “disposal wells”. These are STATE regulated – no definitive fed guidelines. In Texas, the only guideline is proximity to existing drinking water wells – little else. Here is a good article regarding this:
Fracking is a highly water-intensive process that uses mostly freshwater. Between 1 and 5 million gallons of freshwater are typically consumed in a hydraulically fracked well within the first few days. Such water-use practices pose challenges to the long-term viability of hydraulic fracturing in water-starved Texas. [New Mexico is dry ... and is in a drought.]

The freshwater used in fracking, secondary recovery, and enhanced oil recovery is almost always permanently consumed, which means it is essentially removed from the hydrologic cycle. The goal is to prevent contamination by ensuring that this water is never returned to any source. That is because produced water contains fracturing fluids, salts, hydrocarbons, and naturally occurring radioactive materials from within wells.

6) O&G companies do not care one whit about landowners or their waste consequences – they try to get in, drill and be gone as quickly as possible. Their legal war chests and lobbying powers are far beyond any one state or person, and they will routinely bribe their way through even the most steadfast grassroots groups and eco-organizations.

So here’s Ures truly this morning, working on his response to the seismic crew that wants to come set off charges in the ever-thirsty quest for oil and gas.

But this former farming center north of Dallas is considering a revolt. Unlike other communities that have embraced the lucrative drilling boom made possible by hydraulic fracturing, leaders here have temporarily halted all fracking as they consider an ordinance that could make theirs the first city in the state to permanently ban the practice. "

I think the people of Denton really want to keep the livability of the town," said Taylor Schrang, a 28-year-old personal trainer. "And fracking is pretty obtrusive."

Viz essential for project success.

Leila Ghasemi is Facebook friend in Tehran.

Thursday June 19, 2014 14:37

Guide suggested rubber net to replace cotton rope.

Hooks got caught in net complaint.


About $27 at Sportsman's Warehouse.

Guide complained about boat leaks.

Bill bailed rather than spending time fixing leak problems ... until now.

All rivets reseated about 20 or more years ago. Worked well then.

Boat filled with water to locate leaking rivets.

Boat cushion for senior citizen knees.

15 pound Harbor Freight anvil.

8 ton hydraulic jack purchased in 1972
while on sabbatical leave in Champaign, IL.

3.28 pound [1.5kg about] Harbor Freight hammer.

Two rivets reseated.

One rivet reseated.

Red yuccas blocked paths.

Hammer used to drive stakes, then control yucca excursions.

New Mexico's well-deserved reputation for government corruption [new mexico corruption pro se fights] and crime requires

security measures.

Thursday June 19, 2014 08:09

Large number of tanks seen at WPX horizontal drilling site north of Lybook, New Mexico.

'Normal' drilling sites are characterized by one or two tanks.

Forgetting even the Middle East woes for a second, would you ask Oilman2 what the localized problems with Disposal of FRACKING WASTEWATER could be? The Southeast US is screwed: .

BTW, I have a seismic crew due here at the ranch shortly (next few weeks to a month) doing a 3D survey under us. Am I happy? No. But here we’re in drill, not frack country. Instead, we’re likely to get 120-days of damn intolerable noise from down and sideways drilling…I’m still not sure how those horizontal holes happen…

Tuesday June 17, 2014 12:35

How Real-Time Data Analytics Helps Energy Providers Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Wednesday June 17, 2014 07:47

Al Roker fracking segment.


North Dakota’s oil industry has grown rapidly over the past five years or so, as new technologies like hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, have made it possible to extract oil from the layers of shale rock that sit a mile or more underground. North Dakota’s oil fields now represent more than 12 percent of all U.S. oil production, according to the Associated Press.

[Fracked natural gas abundance may be short=lived?]

Link to New Mexico Gas Company Energy Efficiency Public Advisory Group page.

PNM is switching from coal to natural gas, wind, and solar to generate electricity.

NMGCO pushed by the New Mexico PRC is spending significant dollars attempting to promote efficiency?

What's up?

Sunday June 15, 2014 21:42

Lots of tanks seen north of Lybrook, New Mexico recently installed.

Prior to installation gas seen flaring.

What's going on? Fracking?
WPX Energy funds documentary about fracking.

New Documentary on Fracking From Bakken Operator WPX Energy – Video.

WPX Energy Inc.’s director for the San Juan Region, Ken McQueen, said two horizontal wells that WPX drilled in a dry natural gas section of the Mancos are some of the company’s best wells anywhere.

Liberal arts 'educated' ploy ...

Survived liberal arts 'educated' moderation.

Horizontal gas/oil drilling north of Lybrook, New Mexico interview Friday June 13, 2014.

Interviewee was driving white gas/oil field pickup. Identified by pole tipped with flag.

The wells are located on U.S. Bureau of Land Management and state of New Mexico land near the Lybrook area, which is about 100 miles southeast of Farmington.

WPX Energy.

Williams Lybrook natural gas plant next stop ... on essential non-gas-wasting field trip.

Tuesday June 17, 2014 07:31

Why is Williams Lybrook natural gas plant closed interview Friday June 13, 2014..

Closed plant looking north.

New plant to east and adjacent to closed plant under construction.

Interview held here Friday June 13, 2014

Closed plant.

Decommissioning cost?

Bench 'decommissioning'.

PNM CEO Patricia Collawn proposes to replace coal with natural gas, wind, and solar.

Large-scale solar generation of electricity is erratic and is caused by clouds.

Paused in Cuba, NM for videos.

Video lecture shot in below parking lot.

Super-senior citizen 6/11/37 natural gas, oil, coal, solar and wind electricity generation investigator disquised as sports fisherman

gets answers!

Saddam Hussein Born: April 28, 1937, Al-Awja, Iraq.

Bernalillo New Mexico trip summary video.

Thursday June 19, 2014 12:44

Navajo lake video.

Peak oil?

Gas guzzlers.

Pump video.

Electric motor.

Grid and solar power?

Microcontroller identification.

bristol babcock inc
Guide reports that hundreds of gas/oil field trucks each containing a employee costing between $35-50,000/year are used to inspect sites for equipment failure.

Suspicion is that some gas/oil company aspiring executive decided to go high tech wireless site monitoring to try to eliminate expensive gas-guzzling trucks and employees.

Microcontroller hardware/software is our expertise.

1 Only about 20% of the cost of a code measured over its useful lifetime has been expended
when the software is first deployed, experience shows.
Remaining about 80% cost is associated with maintenance [fixing bugs] and enhancements.

2 Hardware may be marginally working when system first deployed.

Aging electronics, temperature swings, vibration, ... can cause hardware to fail.

3 Batteries fail. Heat, cold, age.

4 Replacement parts may not be available.

Obsoleting hardware is an electronic industry business ploy.

But not for Intel and AMD x86 products which must maintain backward compatability.

5 Microsoft attempts to obsolete xp to force adoption of windows 7 or 8.

6 Lots more bad things can happen with hardware/software replacement of proven technologies. :(

Consulting revenue and new book royalty will hopefully help pay for these essential non-gas-wasting field trips. :)

Saturday June 14, 2014

The stakes for the oil markets are high as the Iraqi government tries to gain control over the situation. An eventual decline in Iraqi exports would put pressure on China and India to increase their imports of Iranian oil again, weakening the United States government's position in negotiations with Tehran over nuclear policies. Russian oil exports would become more crucial for global markets, potentially strengthening the Kremlin's hand in Ukraine. And a major spike in global oil prices could help unfriendly regimes like Venezuela.

My Egyptian friends working in Kirkuk left Monday for homes in Egypt/Dubai, etc. Same for my American consulting friends. They just don’t know what’s next, but drilling operations are all but suspended due to interdicted roads and people trying to get to somewhere safe. Most of the oilfield supply outfits in Kirkuk are shut down due to the same. Rig moves are suspended. (this from emails to firms I do design work for)

Fishing slow ... but still fun. Nice weather.

Guide catches small mouth bass.

Ms Sahar Mehrroz recognized importance of visibility. No viz, you lose.

Pike fights in net.

Pike released.


Above refrigerated.

Rub vegatable oil inside Kokanee or trout. Season with pepper or other commerical seasoning

Stuff with onions and tomato. Garlic chive added for the first time.

Kokanee proped-up with lime press.

Fry bacon, then a add fish.

Good dinner.

Kokanee meythmercury.

Tuesday June 17, 2014 09:00

Coal ash is the byproduct left behind when coal is burned to generate energy. It contains substances including arsenic, selenium, chromium, beryllium, thallium, mercury, cadmium and lead.

Food gathering essential non-gas-wasting field trip.

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