Fracking in Santa Fe county and Windmill
essential non-gas-wasting field trip
Saturday February 18, 2012

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Saturday February 18, 2012 15:54
Wednesday March 7, 2012 07:07

Chance meeting with Cee and Phil Pfeiffer has us examining use of solar generation of electricity for pumping water. Listen to Just Sprinklers lecture on solar water pump unreliability.

What a nice gesture for nonresponse to a question!

Landscaper Shane Black reported they have 5 windmills on the family Kansas T4 ranch.

Wednesd7 March 7, 2012 07:07

PM: Israel has acted against US advice before

Natural gas, New Mexico Tech, Iran, WW3 possibility, liberal arts 'educated' and our stolen $22,036 have coalesced.

Obama to GOP rivals: War in Iran "not a game"

Binyman Netanyahu appears to be unintelligent as well as homocidal.
Until recently, with a significant offshore natural gas discovery, Israel has had essentially no commercial fossil fuel resources of its own, and has been forced to depend almost exclusively on imports to meet its energy needs. Israel has attempted to diversify its supply sources and to utilize alternatives like solar and wind energy. Traditionally, Israel has relied on expensive, long-term contracts with nations like Mexico (oil), Norway (oil), the United Kingdom (oil), Australia (coal), South Africa (coal), and Colombia (coal) for its energy supplies. Israel also has pursued other, cheaper sources of energy, like Egyptian gas.

Energy Resiliency A New Way for Israel to Tap into the Future

Israel might think of nuclear generation of electricty to wean itself from coal?

Coal production in the US is declining.

Iran embraces nuclear generation of electricty.

US nuclear electric generation plants are currently running on decomissioned USSR nuke warheads, Byron King reported.

BREAKING: Obama: 'We have a window of opportunity' with Iran

CNN appears to try to shape news by moderating comments.

Made it!

Tuesday March 6, 2012

Neighbor Nathan has seen two of these flag arrangements in Four Hills.

Political risk in the Middle East has increased significantly with war between Iran and Israel almost inevitable, and precious metals and equities investments offer some safety, Swiss money manager and long-term bear Marc Faber said on Tuesday.

LG 420G cell phone photos   
Tramway and Candeleria

Larchmont and Manitoba

World powers offer to restart nuclear negotiations with Iran

U.S. & others offer Iran nuclear negotiations

PM: I'll never let Israel live under shadow of annihilation

There's a story in The Atlantic which came out Friday that you'll want to look at since in it, president Obama says he is not bluffing when he says Israel is not to attack Iran.

What makes the story timely is that next week, the president is set to address one of the mega-lobby groups in Washington: The America-Israeli Political Action Committee. And no doubt the policy question everyone is wondering is this: If Israel launched a pre-emptive attack on Iran would the US actively seek (as in shoot-down) Israel planes enroute? Or, if he's not bluffing on that, what is he saying?

Saturday March 3, 2012

Cramer Mad Money March 1,2012. Joy Global Sutherlin on coal. China and India are adding coal generation of electricity.

Dangerous Consequences of Attacking Iran

"Russia is worried about the growing threat of a strike on Iran," Putin said. "If it happens, the consequences will be truly catastrophic. Their real scale is impossible to imagine."

Putin: Iran nuclear issue must be settled peacefully

Gulf War III Isn’t an Option

Deep dark guys must deal with Mr Rudisill. 'Ignore' is wrong word. 'Avoid'. is right word.

The method or procedure used to collect data which is presented as results is very important to arrive at correct conclusion.

Suspicion mounts that the graphic arts department at EIA may be responsible for projections.

New Mexico’s Natural Gas Resources first seen on Internet Wednesday February 22, 2012.

Decline of traditional natural gas production starting in about 2004 in New Mexico is reported by Mr Ron Broadhead and Mr Greer Price at New Mexico Tech.

No response to questions have been received.

Ten working days for response. No response, then invoke penalty.

Two response emails in inbox from Mr Broadhead seen but not read.

Utilities are Scrubbing Their Generation Portfolios

Friday February 24, 2012 08:15

Hello Mr Broadhead and Mr Price,

Could you please describe the method/procedure used and show us the data collected to arrive at the conclusion

in your report New Mexico’s Natural Gas Resources?

Please post

1 data
2 how data was collected
3 who collected data
4 when was data collected.

Please acknowledge if you receive this email.

Response by March 7, 2012 would be appreciated.



Friday March 2, 2012 13:42

Email from Ms Staci Matlock prompted

The Ayatollah Is Right About One Thing: Nuclear Weapons Are Sinful

Evidence that large-scale solar and wind generation of electricity are scams is increasing.

Initial, installation, and maintenance costs may not be recoverable from electricity sold?
Frist Solar in on the sell block Cramer reports Wednesday February 29, 2012.

First Solar (FSLR, $32.59, -$3.81, -10.47%) swung to a fourth-quarter loss as write-downs and other charges weighed on U.S. solar-panel maker's bottom line. The company also cut its 2012 top-line guidance and said it will scale back manufacturing and halt plans for a new factory in Vietnam to match supply with weaker-than-expected demand. FEBRUARY 29, 2012, 1:19 P.M. ET.

Intervention filing may be required on below ... if we don't settle, of course.

The state's Renewable Energy Act requires PNM to add increasing amounts of renewable energy each year. We have asked the N. M. Public Regulation Commission for permission to establish a way of passing the costs of this energy on to our customers that will keep your costs as low as possible.

We have asked to establish a separate, annually adjusted charge for state-mandated renewable energy programs just as we do for energy efficiency programs, rather than waiting to add these costs to general rates.

The annually-adjusted charge would allow costs to appear on customer bills closer to when they are incurred, lowering overall program costs due to avoided finance charges, avoiding multi-year program costs hitting customers all at once and making the cost of renewable energy-through a separate line item-clear to customers. Keeping costs low also makes it possible to add more rather than less energy each year.

If the request is approved, PNM customers could see their first charge of approximately 2.1 percent in August, which would recover energy costs the PRC has already approved and that were incurred starting in January 2011.

The PRC is expected to hold hearings later this year. [Hearings = open mouths by the liberal arts 'educated'.]

First hand knowledge of how the liberal arts 'educated' 'think' is applied.



Wednesday February 22, 2012 17:19

EPA is after coal to promote solar and wind generation of electricity.

Obama administration altenergy business interests are suspected by some.

Fracking concerns may limit natural gas use for electricity generation?

Solar electricity water pump power attarcts our attention after visit with Phil and Cee Peiffer.
Again, the important bit of mental clarity on this stuff is peak oil doesn't mean an overnight end to civilization. It just means that people like me who can read charts have been putting our money in solar panels instead of in the bank. Know why? I think putting money in solar will have a better payoff long-term than paper with ink on it.

George Ure
Urban Survival
Tuesday February 14, 2012
[chart in post shows that US coal production peaked in 2008]
Large-scale solar and wind generation of electricity may not pay for equipment purchase, installation, and maintenance?

Investigation continues.

Suspicion is raised of possible scams from non-response from PNM and NEXTera ENERGY,

After the Coal Plants Close, Where Will the U.S. Get Cheap Electricity?.
Global energy giant BP announced it's going to completely exit the solar business after 40 years, shuttering all of its large-scale solar operations. If a legacy energy producer like BP, the world's fourth largest company, can't find an upside and is ready to pull the plug after four decades of investment, could it signal the beginning of the end of solar?

BP Solar Business Exit Counters Trend by Google, Buffett, Total

BP PLC has decided to draw the curtains on its solar business after 40 years, shutting down what was once earmarked as a key division in its quest to develop greener sources of energy.

If above is true, then what is PNM doing?



Sunday February 19, 2012 08:05

Windmill field trip turned out to be solar electric versus mechanical wind water hoisting study!

Hoisting water efficiently.
The next major step occurred when James Watt developed (1763–75) an improved version of Newcomen's engine, with a separate condenser. Watt's engine used 75% less coal than Newcomen's, and was hence much cheaper to run.

Matt Williams (Williams Windmills, Socorro, NM) sums it up from the point of view of a dealer/installer -- "Solar pumps are much more dependable than windmills. They work in the hot dry time of the summer when the wind isn't blowing. In some cases we can now sell a solar pump for less than a windmill installation."

Listen to Phil and Cee. Conversation lasted 37 minutes, 43 seconds.

Monday February 20, 2012

Viz is critical.

Of types of viz we read, none is worse than bad.

Reason we are posting.


Phil is 66. Cee appears to be in her forties.

Phil and Cee have valuable information as to whether water should be pumped using mechanical wind energy [their neighbor] or solar generation of electricity used to power stainless steel pump.

ONLY IN NEW MEXICO would this project work.

Saturday February 18, 2012 18:46

Not-pumping water for possible reason of no water?

near top of hill on descent into Madrid, New Mexico.

made just before bill met film makers Cee and Phil. This is him.

Cee and bill talk about windmill and off-grid solar system.

Phil and bill talk about water pump powered by solar-generated electricty.

Phil and bill talk about Fracking.

is located about 50 feet off road outside of Galisteo, New Mexico.

Important is Made in Argentina lettering in red.

Dean Bennet Aermotor website. AERMOTOR WINDMILL CARE & REPAIR.

Look like well dried-up.

Three electrical wires appear connected to pump mechanism.

Galisteo, NM Aermotor windmill.

View between Galisteo and Stanley, NM.

Never seen it so dry in 32 years in New Mexico.

on Frost road, Sandia Park, outside of Cedar Crest, NM.

Note probable water tank in truck.

Jacobs lattice tower and Mr Spiller's wind turbines are located about a 1'4 mile to the left in the above picture.

Jacobs was spinning but Mr Spiller's was not.

For Sales signs increase in the east mountains as price of gas increases.

Cashier at Robert Oil on Menaul told bill that her boss said that gas was going to be over $4/gallon by Apirl when VR-V was filled-up on Saturday.
At $3.53 a gallon, prices are already up 25 cents since Jan. 1. And experts say they could reach a record $4.25 a gallon by late April.

Last week's field trip.

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