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he EIA – U.S. Energy Information Agency is now putting out data on the individual shale oil and gas plays in the country. While the American public and world have been made aware of the huge increase in oil production coming from the Bakken, few are privy to the dark side of the equation.


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Attended PRC natural gas efficiency rate hearing in - 14, 2012 - is now representing NMGCO energy efficiency project. We did not ask ... Subject: Do you know more about energy efficiency ... 3/10% Hello Mr ...

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Politicians and pundits on both sides of the aisle are drunk on the idea that exporting America's cheap natural gas will boost our economy and fix our trade deficit. However, those close to the industry know that they're using three-year-old data and that exporting natural gas is not a panacea for American manufacturing.

Advances such as hydraulic fracturing are leading to record production that may outstrip refinery capacity within 18 months to three years, said Benjamin Salisbury, a senior energy policy analyst at FBR Capital Markets Corp. in Arlington, Virginia.

California Energy Storage Plan May Require $3 Billion Investment

The Five Billion Euro Question

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