Albuquerque Police Department

First posted
Saturday October 6, 2007 06:11
Monday January 4, 2010 11:36

Received Monday January 4, 2010

Matter closed.

Friday November 20, 2009 15:47

Hello Mr Martin,

I left the recorded message on you answering system Friday November 20, 2009.

All we need to do is to recover the $300 deductable.

I tried to contact Farmers' twice. Farmers' phone system cut me off both times.

bill payne

Cc: "laura bowman",,, "bpayne37"
Sent: Friday, November 20, 2009 3:59:03 PM GMT -07:00 US/Canada Mountain
Subject: claim number 101496661

Hello Greg Martin,

Hello Laura,

We are going after the stolen $22,036.00

Please forward to Leelund.



 Farmers' letter received Friday November 20, 2009

CR-V repaired bwtween Monday November 9 to Monday November 16, 2009.

Photograph made Friday November 20, 2009.

Intrusion tube in rear door bent.

Door is to be replaced. $2187.00 is the new estimate.

Photo taken Monday afternoon November 9, 2009 at M&M body shop.

Allstate representatives apparently visited to see why its estimate was insufficient.

Lots more interesting links in email summarized at 'nojeh nsa lawsuit' and

To: "laura bowman"
Cc: "barry rampy",,,,,, "art morales">
Sent: Thursday, November 5, 2009 2:05:44 PM GMT -07:00 US/Canada Mountain
Subject: m&m and electricity

Hello Laura,

Thanks for all of your insurance help this morning.

cr-v is going to m&m on Monday.

Our electronic world may be headed for trouble.

Scripting languages pollute

Please forward bird hunting links to your bird hunting coworker.

Essential New Mexico Quail hunt travel
Essential Kansas travel 2005.
Essential Kansas travel 2006.
Essential chukar hunting travel

Since you mentioned a relative coming-up deployment to Iraq, the chukar hunting link has some helicopter photos taken by a friend who was deployed in Afganistan.

Here are the scary links.

Swiss Radio International Hans Buehler mp3 radio programs [33 megabytes].

Hans Buehler letter.

Here's a link to the armed response team usps complaint. USPS may have a bit too much visibility to dismiss this complaint?

Let's hope that some at the armed response team see the merits of helping to get matters settled before they get far worse - and our $22,036 back which your brother-in-law is involved in.


Hello Janet,

Our cr-v got hit again while parked.

You helped with the last parked cr-v mishap, Laura reminded me this morning.

Laura, is sister-in-law of us marshal Leelund Bowman.
House was being painted on Thursday November 5, 2009.

We parked in the street so that painter could park truck in driveway.

Neighbor red truck

backed into

About $1, 500 damage.

Wednesday October 17, 2007 09:00

Certified return receipt requested

Kent Halverson
Deputy United States Marshal
333 Lomas
Suite 180
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Dear Mr Halverson:

Friday October 5, 2007 you knocked on our door at 13015 Calle de Sandias.

When I opened a door you thrust a badge in my face. You said that you wanted to ask me some questions.

A second individual was standing our back yard.

I declined your request and asked you to leave our property.

You and the second individual then retreated to the sidewalk where you appeared to be writing information about our 2006 Honda CR-V.

You continue to tell me that you wanted to ask me questions. I responded that you should write me if you have questions.

You asked me who I was talking to on the phone.

You asked if I was going to pay the $10,000. I responded that criminal complaints had been sent to Kirtland AFB.

You told me that these were being forwarded to the US Attorney's office.

You and the person with you got into your van. In about 8 you emerged and told me that if I posted any of the photographs I was taking on Internet that I would be arrested.

I ask on what charge. You responded that I was obstructing an investigation.

You reentered the driver side of the van and departed

Mr Morales told me on the phone that you and your partner visited his house.

Morales reported that he walked you off his property. Morales said that he would talk to you if you and you partner gave him you business cards.

Morales said you asked if he had any guns. He said that it was his right to own guns, Morales told me.

They asked if he intended to hurt a judge, Morales said. Morales said he told you that we do things legally.

You asked if Morales intends to pay the $10,000 Morales said. Morales said, "no" he reported

Morales told me you said that you told him that KAFB was not going to do anything to help.

Morales told me he told you that we would go elsewhere then.

If the above narration is inaccurate in way, then please write to correct me. Otherwise the above documents our interaction with you and marshal Bowman on the morning of Friday October 5, 2007.

We ask that you inform us who send you to the Payne and Morales homes.

We ask that you give us the name and address of your supervisor.

We think that you and marshal Bowman should review the evidence against judges Garcia and Armijo contained in our Monday October 1, 2007 12:57 letter seen at
written to Staff Judge Advocate Lieutenant Colonel Tishlyn E. Taylor.

After review of the written evidence see at docket entries 81-102 you too may conclude that our constitutional right have been denied and may understand why we interpreted your visit as an unwarranted and was considered harassment and intimidation rather than any proper investigation.

We suggest that you seek your own legal staff's opinion on our pleadings to show you that we are using the law appropriately. We believe that this course of action would save you grief.

Federal judges Garcia and Armijo are not following the law as is required by their Oath of Office.

Garcia and Armijo were required by the 6th Amendment to the Constitution to sign
"I, (name of Member), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God."

We continue to feel that these unfortunate matters caused by the National Security Agency and Sandia labs should be settled before they get worse.

What is the reason US federal government continues to criminally harass senior citizens Morales [69] and Payne [70] instead of settling?

Help with settlement is the best solution which we have request since the beginning. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated.

Please respond to the three questions within 5 working day of receipt of this letter.


William H. Payne
13015 Calle de Sandias NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

McClenaghan c/o

Saturday October 6, 2007 06:00

We will be in Sedona, AZ over the long weekend. We will return on Monday afternoon.

If Air Force lawyer Lt Colonel Tishlyn Taylor has not corrected her mistakes, we will file
title 18 felony violation of law for obstruction of justice with the Air Force at Wright-Patterson.

All of the evidence of her guilt is in her own writing.

We ask that APD be vigilant to see that our vehicles are not stolen.

Thanks in advance

patty and bill payne

FBI phoned. Payne returned call.

Payne explained situation. Agent said that this a civil civil rights problem, not a criminal civil rights problem.

Payne explained further that this is a CRIMINAL CIVIL RIGHTS problem.

Agent asked for more details. We're going to talk next week after agent has had time to review documentation on Internet and talk to other agents. Look what FBI agent Gilbert did.

Morales just revealed that he has the two below US marshals business cards.

Morales said that he would not talk to the apparent US marshals unless the got their business cards.

NARA Leonard email sent. Phone message left with Ms Brooks at Leonard's office.

Neighbors have been alerted to phone APD if anything is out of the ordinary.

Do these guys look like US marshals? Shirt hanging out over pants. This a 50% reduction of jpg photo.

Leelund E Bowman is to the left and Kent Halverson to the right.

These guys may be violent. That's why were keeping APD phone number 242 - 2677 and 911 close.

This why we forwarded this link to Email:

Looks like criminal harassment to us.

FBI phoned. We're in the process of filing a formal criminal civil rights violation. Telephone message left with person for take the complaints.

APD officer 4101 said to have all of the documents ready in case the martials come to seize our CR-V.

APD says it will send officers immediately. Phone conversation recorded.

Morales reported that the two marshalls visited his house.

They asked if he had any guns, Morales said. Morales said that it was his right to own guns.

They asked if he intended to hurt a judge, Morales said. Morales that we do things legally.

They asked if Morales intends to pay the $10,000 Morales said. Morales said, "no."

Morales said that the marshalls told him that KAFB was not going to do anything to help. Morales said he told them that we would go elsewhere then.

Payne told one of the marshals that the matter was sent to KAFB.

The marshall responded that the Air Force would just sent it down to the US attorney's office.

One marshall appeared to be writing information from the tag of Payne 2006 Honda CR-V.

APD operator 4143 has been informed. 4143 told Payne to phone if an officer is required.

Two individuals claiming to be US Marshalls showed up at Payne's home at about 09:10 Friday October 4, 2007.

Payne took photos. One US marshall threatened Payne with arrest for interferring with an office investiagtion if he posted the photos on Pro se fights.

Friday October 5, 2007 08:41

Colonel Feehan c/o

Dear Ms Camargo:

We should promptly get these matters settled before they become FAR, FAR, WORSE.

Saturday November 10, 2007 13:40

Parker is also guilty, in writing, of New Mexico state crime of fraud for $1,535.

Whoever commits fraud when the value of the property misappropriated or taken is over two hundred fifty dollars ($250) but not more than twenty-five hundred dollars ($2,500) is guilty of a fourth degree felony.

(9) for a fourth degree felony, eighteen months imprisonment.

E. The court may, in addition to the imposition of a basic sentence of imprisonment, impose a fine not to exceed:

(8) for a third or fourth degree felony, five thousand dollars ($5,000).

And Parker this to himself, Wyoming chief judge William F Downes, Utah chief judge brother Dee Vance Benson, Colonel Terrence Feehan, Lt Colonel Tishlyn Taylor, and general Terry Gabreski all in writing in court records.

All violated their oath of office or officer in writing. Then there are the Title 18 felony violations of law with all *evidence of guilt in writing.



It was painful for Morales and Payne to pay the filing fees but, as lawyer Ricardo Gonzales, pointed out this way we got them. "They have to do it," Ricardo exclaimed several times.

Trial by jury is guaranteed inviolate by 7thAmendment to US Constitution and 28 USC Rule 38.

US Marshal Kent Halverson committed extortion

30-16-9. Extortion. Extortion consists of the communication or transmission of any threat to another by any means whatsoever with intent thereby to wrongfully obtain anything of value or to wrongfully compel the person threatened to do or refrain from doing any act against his will. Any of the following acts shall be sufficient to constitute a threat under this section: ...

B. a threat to accuse the person threatened, or another, of any crime; ...

Whoever commits extortion is guilty of a third degree felony.

(8) for a third degree felony, three years imprisonment;

And Halverson got his picture taken committing the crime!

Payne met US Marshal Leelund Bowman's sister-in-law

at the Allstate Insurance claims office at 08:40 Monday October 29, 2007.

Here's the reason.

Handicapped driver Ms Tropp silver 2000 infinity ran under the rear of Jasmin's new red Ford F150 4x4 with likely lift kit. Ms Tropp was either speeding in the Albertson's parking lot or hit the accelerator which pushed the bed of the red truck into the passenger-side windshield of the infinity breaking it and bending the roof support.

The red truck was pushed, in turn, into Mr Keller's gmc canyon small pick up which, in turn, did the above damage. More than $1,200.

Mr Tropp was put in an ambulance and taken from the scene.

After processing the claim Laura Bowman clicked on

Marshal Halverson threatened Payne with arrest if he posted his picture on Internet.

in the Gabreski letter and exclaimed, "That's Leelund! What did he do?" Payne explained.

Sunday November 11, 2007 11:43

Damage was more extensive so let's add documentation.

As of Friday November 9, 2007 Nick at the APD records said that the accident report was not turned in yet by office Alfred Walck.

Walck told me that Muniz was a "tunnel rat" in Vietman.

Walck also said that Kent Parsons rode with him when he was an auxiliary policeman.

Walck asked how old was Parsons. Parsons is about one month younger than I am. 6/11/37.

----- Original Message -----
From: bill payne
Sent: Sunday, November 11, 2007 12:07 PM
Subject: Payne Honda cr-v notes and pictures


Nick at apd records reported on friday nov 9 that the accident report still had not been turned in by officer alfred walck.

Here are my notes and pictures.

I'm going to Monterey, CA on Mondayl. I'll be back on Friday.

On Friday afternoon I'll try to get the accident report.

Here's one reason for going to monterey

Ted G. Lewis is a professor of computer science at the Naval Postgraduate School and academic associate of the Center for Homeland Defense and Security master degree program. He has forty years experience in academic, industrial, and advisory capacities, ranging from academic appointments at the University of Missouri-Rolla, University of Louisiana, and Oregon State University, to Senior Vice President of Eastman Kodak Company, to CEO and President of DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology, North America. Dr. Lewis has published over thirty books and 100 research papers, and is the author of the forthcoming book Critical Infrastructure Protection in Homeland Security: Defending a Networked Nation, published by John Wiley & Sons, 2006. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from Washington State University.

Lewis is one of my ms and phd students in computer science.

Morales and I are going to write a book our our 15 year, so far, legal project. I need book advice from Lewis.

Leelund will be in that book.


Honda picked-up on Friday November 16, 2007 from M&M.

Monday November 19, 2007

Tuesday November 27, 2007 15:43


Thanks for the status call Monday November 26, 2007.

Here's the receipt.

Laura's brother-in-law will make it into my article

How the Iraq/Iran War Got Started

Small world.

Wednesday January 2, 2008 11:11

Janet Gabriel

I received

Our deductable was $400. I submitted the above rental car receipt for $148.30.

We hope to receive an additional check for $248.30 to settle this matter.

Thanks for your help.



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