Better Business Bureau
Friday February 15, 2002 08:11
Tuesday February 21, 2006 09:58

Morales and Payne signed the BBB third letter on Saturday, then mailed it certified-return receipt requested.

We are dealing with lawyers, one of the most devious professions.

Carefully climb the chain of command with your complaint.

You've done everything you possibly can to attempt to resolve the issue through the proper channels.

 This makes for a good lawsuit if such becomes necessary.  

Morales and Payne finished their final edit.  We clarified and softened from the first draft.  Be sweet.

Let's hope more individuals see merits of settlement before things get worse ... Thursday January 24, 2002 16:10

Thursday 1/24/02 3:57 PM

Certified - return receipt requested

Mr Jerry Shipman, President
Better Business Bureau
2625 Pennsylvania NE Suite 2050
Albuquerque NM 87110-3657
Phone: (505) 346-0110 24 hours
800-873-2224 (NM only)

Dear Mr Shipman:

Purpose of the letter is to inquire why our Thursday 12/13/01 10:15 AM original complaint letter and our Monday 1/7/02 8:27 AM follow-up letter [both sent Certified - return receipt requested to the Better Business Bureau] have gone unanswered. And to clarify the BBB's position on these matters.

We filed a complaint that we had been cheated out of our money. We submitted copies of the receipts showing we paid our money but didn't get what we paid for.

We received an email

From: "judy" <>
Subject: RE: The original complaint Date: Wednesday, January 09, 2002 1:21 PM

Pro Se Fights Mr.. Payne:

We can't do anything regarding this. It is against government. Contact the NM AG's office.

Judy Tichenor
BBB of New Mexico
Consumer Relations Specialists

According to the BBB's published guidelines and criteria, we believe that our complaint is within jurisdiction of the BBB.

We listed specifically what the BBB states as its jurisdiction and services provided to the public in our Thursday 12/13/01 10:15 AM original complaint letter.

Therefore, we feel our complaint is within jurisdiction of the BBB.

If you feel differently, then we ask you to write us and provide legal references.

Ms Tichenor appears to suggest there may be wrongdoing in this matter by suggesting we contact the NM AG's office.

We believe that that there may be criminal aspects of our being cheated out of our money. However, our goal is return of our money, not initiating a criminal investigation of those who cheated us out of our money.

If the BBB finds criminal activity, then we ask that if it is appropriate for the BBB to bring the matter before the NM AG's office. If not, then please inform us in writing recommendations about what we should do.

We are doing everything possible to avoid litigation in this matter. So we, again, ask the BBB's help with our complaint.

We ask that you respond in writing to this and our other two letters by February 1, 2002.


Arthur R Morales
1024 Los Arboles NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107
505 3451381

William H Payne
13015 Calle de Sandias NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111
505 292 7037

Morales and Payne both received a phone call from a very upset Judy at the BBB.

Judy continued to repeat, "You're not listening to me."  Judy, of course, was trying to say that the BBB didn't have jurisdiction.  But that's why we quoted what the BBB does have jurisdiction over.

You must get everything in writing.  Forget the words.

If it's not written down, then it didn't happen.
   Harvey Brewster

The BBB, of course, is a candidate for a defendant in another harassment and breach of contract lawsuit.

Settlement is the only way out for them.  Before things get worse, of course.  Wednesday January 9, 2002 14:38

Wednesday 1/9/02 12:40 PM


You phoned me at about 12:35

You me you couldn't find the original complaint.

You will find the 12/13/01 complaint letter at the web site.

We are trying to avoid ANOTHER state lawsuit.

We are exhausting administrative remedies.

Please ask the BBB to answer our letters.

We deserve a written response.

Morales and Payne

We received the below email from the BBB.

The BBB listed what it does not have jurisdiction over. The BBB does have jurisdiction.  Looks like we're being harassed by the BBB.  

 The BBB is not helping us avoid a lawsuit to get our money back.  Send them a complaint.  The BBB is not ostensibly helping to get these messes settled without further litigation.  Thursday January 17, 2002 10:50

From: "judy" <>
To: <bpayne>
Subject: RE: The original complaint

Date: Wednesday, January 09, 2002 1:21 PM

Pro Se Fights
Mr.. Payne:

We can't do anything regarding this. It is against government. Contact the NM AG's office.

Judy Tichenor
BBB of New Mexico
Consumer Relations Specialists

Importance of using certified return receipt mail cannot be over emphasized.  You want to get them in writing.  The return receipt card does this

Improvement to certified return receipt mail is the tear-off certification number.  Neat.

Morales and Payne are beginning to prepare Rule 11 sanction motions against Assistant US Attorney Michael Hoses and the French  law firm.  We had to wait about 20 or so days to comply with Rule 11 dictates.

We do other things while waiting. Thursday December 20, 2001 10:05

Neither of us heard from the Better Business Bureau.  So we have to write the BBB a letter to find out why not.

Always be conciliatory.  Their letter may have gotten lost.  Or the BBB may need more time.

The BBB, of course, is trying to figure out how to get out of this complaint.  

Morales continues to point out that you can always get more pointed later.  Like conspiracy accusations.  Wednesday January 2, 2002 16:03

 Morales brought his receipt for 10289.  

Morales thought that it would be a good idea to label the receipt Exhibit D.  The reason is that if you don't both label an exhibit and mention it in a letter the opposition can say, "What receipt?"  

We are dealing with lawyers, one of the most devious professions.

The BBB will be trying to get out of this any way they can.  

So we had to list the things the BBB won't handle.

Courts are not on that list.  If we didn't mention what the BBB won't handle, then the BBB would say it doesn't have jurisdiction.

We also made a point to show with return receipt that Brennan received our letter.  "What letter?  Do you have any proof I received that letter?"  Brennan is a lawyer too.  

Note the importance of requesting a response by December 28.  Inaction is a lawyer ploy.

So lets see what the BBB does.  Suggest to Brennan that they get these lawyer messes settled before things get worse ... perhaps by ...?  Friday December 14, 2001 08:38

Payne got a letter from district court.  But, of course, he hasn't opened it!

Lawyers like to unload on their victims just before a vacation.  Reason is that this may worry you and wreck your vacation.  So we usually don't open a lawyer or court letter near the beginning of a weekend or vacation.

We want our money back!  We've been cheated by second judicial district court of New Mexico!

Liquid-cooled Volkswagen Repairs and Adventures 1  Tuesday January 1, 2001 13:56

Morales and Payne have been cheated by New Mexico second judicial district judges Brennan and Schneider, supreme court chief judge Patricio Serna, and thirteenth judicial district judge Kenneth Brown.

We have receipts for jury trials we paid for and didn't get.

Time to complain in writing, of course, to the Better Business Bureau of New Mexico.

Having crooked federal and state court judges shouldn't be good for ligitimate business.  But it's great for organized crime.

In litigation it's always important to try informal dispute resolution before suing.  

Payne sued to see what's going to happen.  This is one approach.

Now Morales and Payne try a slightly different approach before suing or settlement!

Looks like the BBB has jurisdiction.  

We added the YES and NO to mark those activities violated by prospective defendant judges. Tuesday December 11, 2001 11:12

The BBB can handle the following complaints involving marketplace activities:

Misleading Advertising.  YES
Improper Selling Practices.  
Non-delivery of Goods or Services.
Unhonored Guarantees or Warranty.
Unsatisfactory Service.
Credit/billing Problems.
Unfulfilled Contracts.

If you haven't already attempted to resolve your complaint directly with the company, we suggest that you bring your concerns to the attention of the owner or manager. If you are still not satisfied after contacting the company we will be glad to try to assist you.


Want to settle with Morales and Payne?

Please contact either Morales or Payne by Friday December 14, 2001 if you wish to settle.  

Otherwise we must file a complaint with Better Business Bureau.


Most litigation mail should be sent certified - return receipt requested.

You are dealing with lawyers.  

"What letter?  Do you have any proof I received the letter you claimed to have sent?  Wednesday January 9, 2002 10:25

Judges Schneider, Brennan, Serna, and Brown along with are getting set-up to be sued.  

All of the evidence must be in writing.  It is. The green cards from usps.

The ORDER DESIGNATING JUDGE from Serna got processed super-fast. Good.

The opposition, of course, is reading pro se fights.

Payne's lawsuit is "with arbitration."  So let's see what Brown and the BBB does.  Like finally get things settled?

Misbehavior, of course, will cause Morales and Payne to sue again.

Morales is a super-active Hispanic advocate.  

Albuquerque mayor Marty Chavez is a regular attender of Hispanic Roundtable meeting.  

Chavez knows Morales.  So we emailed Chavez and other city officials asking for their help to

get these messes settled.