Docket sheets 92-1452-JC
John Conway was a FISA judge

First posted
Thursday January 25, 2007 12:51
Tuesday May 29, 2007 10:37

$125 was paid on 12/23/92.

Note docket entry 15: JURY DEMAND.

And see docket entry 3: AFFIDAVIT of James Gosler.

Payne FOIA/PAed this document. It was not given to Payne. So let's take ACTION.

Payne, of course, has been DEFRAUDED out of his $125 for trial by jury guaranteed inviolate by 7 Amendment to US Constitution and Title 28 Rule 38 of the Judiciary and Judicial Procedure. And his civil rights have been violated. All IN WRITING.

Payne talked [348-2075] to Barbara at New Mexico Federal District court on Thursday January 25, 2007.

Barbara said that 92-1452-JC is SEALED and she could not access docket.

Barbara transferred Payne to Helen. Helen said that if Payne comes to federal court with ID, they would print if for him.

Elizabeth may copy of all of the docket on Tuesday May 29, 2007

Need to send copies to last know address of attorneys Friedman and Kalman Reyes.