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Monday December 8, 2008 08:05
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Thursday January 8, 2009 17:17

No response from Donahue so far.

Visibility in litigation is extremely important.

12 Reasons Stocks Will Decline in 2009 comment.

We are, of course, working with others.

We believe the best remedy is the law.

New Mexico chief judges Martha Vazquez and Wyoming chief judge William F Downes are both defendants in two New Mexico state paid for 12 person jury trial lawsuits.

Both were fraudulently removed to federal court for reasons that no affidavit was filed to swear that subject matter was federal question.

Harassment and Defamation [libel] are not federal questions.

American Homeowners Resource Center posted on January 7, 2009
D. The State Bar Review Department's Action Was Also Unconstitutional, as the Review Department Judges Were Biased.

The State Bar Review Department Judges Epstein, Remke and Stovitz were all defendants in the federal case of Fine v. State Bar of California et al., USDC Case No. CV 08-2906 in which they were co defendants with the State Bar, the Board of Governors, the Chief Trial Counsel [Prosecutor] and jointly represented by the General Counsel of the State Bar in a case seeking to declare unconstitutional the "Moral Turpitude" statute as applied and the "involuntary enrollment statute as violating the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Each of the State Bar Review Department judges took the position in the joint brief to dismiss the federal case that the statutes did not violate the First and Fourteenth Amendments. The issue of whether the statutes violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments was part of the State Bar case on review. The State Bar Review Department judges were biased as they had pre judged the issues in the case, and thereby violated the Fourteenth Amendment.

Phone message delivered at about 14:56.

The Washington crowd rarely answer the phone for the probable reason they don't think well on their feet. They want to listen, analyze, and get opinion before they respond.

Let's hope NCUA does the right thing and get us the money. Then we can negotiate NOT filing a felony criminal complaint Fraud affidavit with APD. For the right settlement terms, of course.

Morales and Payne made an outline of phone conversation topics to be deliver to Michael L Donahue on January 6, 2009.

Call topic outline

MP3 recording of Wednesday January 9, 2009 Donahue call.

Mike Donahue
NCUA Inspector General Office

1 Got your email.
2 Unacceptable response for reason of not addressing charges against Lay and Dixon.
3 New development. Judge Martha Vazquez issued new threatening Order on December 8, 2007.
4 No where in the new order did Vazquez authorize taking $11,018 from out SLFCU pension protected saving accounts. So in no official court document is removed of $22,036 authorized.
5 NCUA should checks be sent to Morales and Payne for $11,018.00 each

6 SLFCU Jillson has committed New Mexico felony fraud in writing which is punishable with 9 years in prison.
7 Lay did not conduct a proper determination of our fraud loss claims under NCUA guidelines and regulations.
8 We are prepared to appeal with a true/false, multiple choice FORM which must be answered by Region 5 director Melinda Love if we cannot resolve this matter at your or the Ombudsman's office.
9 We are prepared to file insurance fraud charges against NCUA if we do not get our money back.
10 We did not post your email response.
In view of Vazquez' threatening ORDER which further implicated others in criminal fraud, you might wish to change your position, help get our money back, and help with settlement of these unfortunate matters.
11 Please give me a
call so that we can discuss what need to be done.
12 If you do not return this call, then we will attempt to contact your supervisor. We will take actions to move up the chain of comand at NCUA.

Wednesday January 7, 2007 09:59

Let's start to prepare a insurance fraud complaint action against NCUA.

Practical litigation requires pressure on many fronts.

Ricardo Gonzales advised Morales and Payne of the necessity to apply many pressures to get settlement.

Legal is only one avenue.

Political pressure is another possible avenue toward settlement.

Delegates Take Oath At Capitol

New House, Senate Members Beginning Work This Week

By Michael Coleman
Journal Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - New Mexico's new House and Senate members took official oaths of office Tuesday in the ornate U.S. Capitol with scores of family and friends looking on.

Now, they all agreed, the hard part begins. First up: reviving America's ailing economy.

"The country is hurting, and New Mexico is hurting on the economic front. That's the big issue facing all of us," said Sen. Tom Udall, a former congressman who succeeds Republican Sen. Pete Domenici, a 36-year Senate veteran who retired this year but helped escort Udall into the Senate Chamber on Tuesday.

The state's all-Democratic congressional delegation begins work this week with three freshmen House members and a freshman U.S. senator, Udall. Only Sen. Jeff Bingaman, a 26-year veteran of Congress' upper chamber, has significant seniority.

Bingaman chairs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and is expected to lead the delegation's fight for funding for New Mexico. But the new House members - Reps. Martin Heinrich, Harry Teague and Ben Ray Latten - all cheered the news of their first committee assignments Tuesday.

Heinrich, who represents the Albuquerque-based 1st District, where Kirtland Air Force Base is located, will serve on the House Armed Services Committee. Teague, who hails from southern New Mexico's 2nd District, landed a spot on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Lujan, who represents the northern 3rd District that includes Los Alamos National Laboratory, will be on the Homeland Security Committee. Additional House committee assignments could be announced in the coming weeks.

Udall said he could not yet reveal his committee assignments. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has objected to the ratio of Democrats to Republicans on some committees, and the negotiations were ongoing late Tuesday. Udall's office said an announcement could come later this week.

The state's three new U.S. House members had an especially hectic day Tuesday, and part of the challenge was simply navigating the maze of tunnels as they shuttled back and forth from receptions in their sparsely appointed offices to official ceremonies and procedural votes in the Capitol.

All described the feeling of being sworn into office as humbling.

"It's incredibly humbling to walk into a room like this and realize you have the confidence of the people in your district and that you've been given the opportunity to do something on behalf of New Mexico," Heinrich said in an interview in Statuary Hall.

"I'm very honored to be entrusted with this job at this time in the history of our country," Teague said.

"To hear (House) leaders talk today about the importance of getting our country back on track .. it really reminds you of the work we have to do," Lujan added.

Albuquerque Journal Wednesday January 7, 2007

Tuesday December 16, 2008 07:04

Irrational Housing Market Exuberance comment.
Ormat Technologies: A Look at Geothermal Energy comment.

New Mexico invested in Reserve Primary Fund and got $1 billion froze comment.

Iran visibility.

The importance of dialogue comment.
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From: bill payne []
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2008 2:16 PM
To: Donahue, Michael L
Cc: Amorales58@Comcast.Net;;
Subject: Final Morales and Payne complaints about Region 5 employees Lay and Dixon

Mr Donahue

Our next step is to file a appeal letter with Region 5 director Melinda Love.

An appeal with exhaust administrative remedies and put is in position to sue according to NCUA Regulations if we don't get our money returned.

We have always sought peaceful settlement of these unfortunate matters.

Bill Payne

Monday December 8, 2008 13:38

Mike Donahue
NCUA Inspector General Office

Dear Mr Donahue:

We have assembled the evidence of misconduct against Region 5 Director of Supervision Kelly Lay and Ms Jean Dixon.

Our primary goal is to see that NCUA honors it insurance obligations to send us fraud loss claim insurance checks of $11,018.00 in compliance with National Credit Union Administration Regulations § 793.1-8 as soon as possible.

NCUA, we believe in view of the mp3 audio evidence, should terminate Ms Lay's and Ms Jean Dixon's employment. …

Signature pages added.

New final at 13:38.

Spell check complete 10:00.

NCUA Inspector General office enters our legal project with an mp3 recording taken from an analog tape phone conversation recording made Tuesday afternoon December 2, 2008.

Here's the audio announcement that the eletter to Mr Donahue was sent.

Here's the email ack.

Rarely with the Washington DC crowd answer the phone. Reason is that they want to have time to analyze what is said to them before responding.

Below email acknowledgment not read as of Friday December 5, 2008.

Reason is that we must complete other tasks first.

Morales is unavailable so we will post a signed copy later with a webcam photo of us holding the below letter or its revision.

We promised Mr Donohue that we would get the evidence to him by Thursday afternoon.

Monday December 8, 2008 13:38

Mike Donahue
NCUA Inspector General Office

Dear Mr Donahue:

We have assembled the evidence of misconduct against Region 5 Director of Supervision Kelly Lay and Ms Jean Dixon.

Our primary goal is to see that NCUA honors it insurance obligations to send us fraud loss claim insurance checks of $11,018.00 in compliance with National Credit Union Administration Regulations § 793.1-8 as soon as possible.

NCUA, we believe in view of the mp3 audio evidence, should terminate Ms Lay's and Ms Jean Dixon's employment.

We received the unusual, if not incompetent and unintelligent, below letter

Claims are not supported by any documents or audio evidence.

Claim "Further, we have contacted the court clerk for the United States District Court in Albuquerque and confirmed that the Orders of Garnishment were in effect and have not been withdrawn or invalidated." is particularly objectionable for lack supporting evidence.

If the court clerk thought the "Order Adopting Magistrate Judge's Findings and Recommended Disposition and orders of garnishment" was an official court document, then the clerk would have the required FILED stamp on it as it is on our August 01, 2008 motion to void judgment seen below.

Here is an authentic court filing in CIV 97-266 MCA/LFG. It bears the FILED stamp of the court clerk.

See Public Access to Court Electronic Records [PACER] pdf of official docket entry 151.

No further evidence is required to prove that our $22,036.00 was stolen by SLFUC CEO Christopher Jillson using a bogus court order.

Equally objectionable is Felix's statement "In response to your second allegation that the court orders upon which the Credit Union withdrew the funds from yours and Mr. Morales's accounts were invalid, the Supervisory Committee noted that the Credit Union's attorney, Kevin Hammar, asserts the legitimacy of the court orders in question in a letter addressed to you and Mr. Morales dated October 28, 2008."

Assertions are not evidence. We have provided written evidence in court records and mailings of the proof of our assertions.

Reason is that it continues to confirm our claims of fraudulently removal of $22,036.00 from our retirement-protected SLFCU saving account with below bogus court order.

Below email was read on December 4, 2008

NUCA guidelines appear not be followed again.

Here's the first libel letter.

We feel that the above email is further evidence that Ms Lay's employment should be terminated because Ms Lay did not send the report as required by NCUA Guidelines sent to SLFCU.

The report should have contained all of the written evidence that was provided on this matter, transcripts or audio files containing verbal communication with SLFCU, as well as statement given to Ms Lay by SLFCU employees, Board Members or Supervisory Committee members, or any other relevant communications.

We are also concerned that Region 5 director Ms Melinda Love has been implicated in non-involved in our payment of $22,036 fraud loss insurance claim. This is a result of the information given by Ms Dixon which is recorded below.


Arthur R Morales
1400 Camino Amparo NW
Albuquerque NM 87107

William H. Payne
13015 Calle de Sandias NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Thursday December 4, 2008 13:22

Email read Thursday December 3, 2008

NCUA procedures look not to be followed again

pdf of above attachment.