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Electricity ideas that work.

Engineering fiction. technical msm shill journalism?

No phone call from Mark Rumsey.

No response from Ms Christodoulou about meter spinning backwards.




william h payne

Monday November 28, 2011 08:35

Every move Google makes is larger-than-life. So when it enters – or exits – a clean energy project, the reaction is outsized. The search engine giant is dumping a solar technology program it started four years ago.

So, is the renewable energy world coming to an end? Well, no.

Google is killing its Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal (RE < C) initiative, which was intended to drive down the cost of renewable energy, with engineers focused on researching improvements to solar power technology.

Thursday November 10, 2011

Polysilicon has plunged 93 percent to $33 a kilogram from $475 three years ago as the top five producers more than doubled output, data compiled by Bloomberg shows. The industry next year will produce 28 percent more of the raw material than will be consumed, up from 20 percent this year, said Robert Schramm- Fuchs and Shai Hill, analysts at Macquarie Group Ltd. ...

The famine turned to a glut when demand growth for panels slowed as solar-energy subsidies were cut.

Although solar energy now contributes only about one-tenth of 1 percent of American electricity, the amount of new solar wattage installed in the United States has been growing more than 70 percent a year since 2008, according to GTM Research, a renewable energy market analysis firm in Boston.


Wednesday Novermber 2, 2011 visit to Bernalillo Affordable solar installation reveals that security fence construction is about complete, worker said.

Is fence required by law?

Of the increase, 77 percent was due to the Obama administration’s economic stimulus law. The largest increases in federal energy subsidies were in renewable and end-use subsidies. Over the 3-year period:

•Renewable energy subsidies increased by 186 percent from $5.1 billion to $14.7 billion. Renewables saw by far the largest jump in federal benefits.

Venture Capital Still Shines on Solar

Saturday October 29, 2011 15:06

Hey Bill,
I just listened to the conversation you had with Steve from 310, and feel as though some clarification is needed.

Your google search brough you to PNM's Legacy rates, after 31AUG10 everything changed for the worse. The legacy system and associated rates were much more straight forward. The REC rate paid on a small PV system ( <10kw) was 13 cents. On a large system (>10Kw) they were willing to pay 15 cents. Regardless of system size the wholesale value of 1Kw worth of power was just about .03357 cents.

The current issue at hand is the way PNM changes at will one word. AND -vs- OR

If you drilled for oil on your land and found some, you'd have a dozen indepentant refineries looking to process YOUR oil. The same could be said if you drilled for gas, but put out your own solar array and you better watch out. It may be your system, but the truth is they are trying to lay claim to the power in generates.
Here is a link from my Blog, it discussed when I found for the first time that PNM was changing some of the wording they associated with PV systems.


While in grad school I suffered the process of writing a variety of papers for my degree. The one issue of importance that i'll never forget was how critical it was to properly cite and reference outside sourced. PNMs abuse of this policy is in gross need to attention.

If you would like to verify my blog entry independantly here are some resources: http://www.pnm.com/customers/pdf/rec_agree_sample_lrgsolar.pdf

Of interest here are the reference number and the use of the word "and" as in (generates and consumes) from within the citation.

http://www.nmcpr.state.nm.us/nmac/parts/title17/17.009.0572.htm When you get to 17.9.572.13.c.2 again keep an eye out for the difference, as this time the state code says "generates OR consumes"

That's enough for now,


Hey Bill,
let me answer your questions, with the easiest first.

2 Any maintenance issues with the array?

There is no maintenance nedessary on the array or any of the related systems. The only thing I did that might even touch on this catagory was to sweep of the snow from the panels last February.

1 How long will it take you to recover cost of the array I see in the video?

At this point there is no easy answer to this question. The system I designed to build out would have paid for itself in between 3-5 years. Again though that would have been for a system that was 125kw in size. There were several barriers that had to be addressed in order for the economics to work out on a system that size.

1) I had to become a solar dealer / reseller in order to be able to purchase the panels and inverters at the lowest possible price.
2) The piece of property purchased had to have massive amounts of electricity already there. The cost of bringing in any additional service upgrades was not an option. In this case we found a property with two seperate runs of 3 phase power running along its borders.
3) Any work I could do myself in order to save up front costs
4) All major electrical gear was sourced from e-bay and subsequently cost between 10 and 15 cents on the dollar.

The cost of building the inverter hut is something that would have been spread out over a larger number of systems, at this moment only two systems are there and as a result the cost of putting a roof over their head is much higher then expected.


SolarWorld on Trade Complaint: 'This Was Our Time To Step Up'

Conversation with Steve of 310 solar about REC meters and Mr Kloepper's video, Thursday October 27, 2011.


Problems with I get paid to waste electricity?

1 kWh not KW.
A kilowatt-hour is the unit by which residential and most business customers are billed for their monthly electric use. It represents the use of one kilowatt of electricity — or 1,000 watts — for one hour. For example, a 1,000-watt appliance, used for one hour, would use one kilowatt-hour of electricity. Similarly, a 100-watt light bulb, burning for 10 hours, also would use one kilowatt-hour of electricity.

2 PNM's average residential electric customer uses about 530 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

3 (PNM pays you back @ $0.13/kWh), not $.03. Steve of Solar 310 read rate is now $.07.
[Caution about 3] Most states in the US have net metering bills that basically say the utility company is required to buy the power back from you at the same rate you buy power from them. The states that don’t have net metering bills typically only pay the wholesale cost of the power about 1-3 cents.

Wholesale Trade

Electricity market

Electricity Rates and Riders View

Small photovoltaic renewable energy certificate

Large Photovoltaic Renewable Energy Certificate

and especially

Solar Renewable Energy Certificate Purchase Programs look to only pay $.012/kWh

4 Converting the electric energy at 1 kWh = 3412.14163 BTU using power resisitors, such as electric heaters, may be a simpler and cheaper way to waste electricity than that used in the video?

Tentative conclusion is that more money is made selling electric energy to PNM at $.13/kWh as opposed to wasting it at $.12 kWh or less. Expense of load device is avoided.

SolarWorld on Trade Complaint: 'This Was Our Time To Step Up'

Viz is most important.


From: "John Kloepper" shelka04@yahoo.com
To: bpayne37@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 6:18:20 PM
Subject: My story on the waste of renewable energy


My name is John Kloepper, I write you from Alamogordo.

I've been spending a good chunk of the afternoon reading your prosefights web site. I feel like i've only scratched the surface, so allow for for the moment to hold off on any thoughts or site related comments.

One thing I did realise as I read through your site was that I would apprecite your thoughts or opinion on a situation I find myself facing with PNM.

I have put together a youtube video on the subject: http://youtu.be/jDPUQllw8HY

Here's a quick summary of my views and as a result part of how I find myself where I am now. As a child growing up in the 60's it was part of every Americans experience watching the space race take off. While I was to young to hear kennedy call us as a nation to get to the moon by the end of the decade, I was there in first grade watching as we put the first man on the moon. Score one for our team. I believe at this time the only way to turn our economy around is for us as a country to pull off such a feat once again. Maybe not going to space again but rather this time truely reaching energy independance by the end of this decade. However the paradidm is changed this time around. I don't think we can look to the federal government to fund a massive program focused on renewable energy. I just don't think the money is there any more. Instead I believe this time we the people have to do it, and as you know through the process of installing your own PV system, it is in reach now and affordable. I beleive we can and should be putting out as many PV systems as we possibly can.

That being the case let me say I bought a piece of land with the sole purpose of putting solar panels on it to generate renewable energy and carbon credits / RECs. There in starts the problem and lays the foundation for the video I mentioned above.

All this being said I would apprecaite a reply when you have the time, you sound like an interesting / intelligent person, and as a result i'd value hearing any thoughts on the subject.


-John Kloepper

Economics of solar generation of electricity is called into question by Mr Kloepper, too. Note important comment, imo.

John, two suggestions. First, it is not power you are talking about, but rather energy.

And in parallel with that, you are talking about KWH, not KW.

This is a very important distinction.

SolarBozos 1 month ago

[Above comment relates to our investigation of whether Heat Rate applies to solar and wind generation of electricity.] http://www.prosefights.org/unmineable/unmineable.htm

Saturday October 22, 2011 08:30

FOX news on green jobs.

The Real Reason the Obama Administration Backed Solyndra.

China exports 95 percent of its production, much of it to the United States, which has helped push wholesale solar panel prices down from $3.30 a watt of capacity in 2008 to $1.80 by last January and now to $1.20. A typical solar panel might have a capacity of 230 watts.  ...

So far, though, solar power generates only about one-tenth of 1 percent of the United States’ electricity because it is still more expensive than fossil fuels. Any price increase in the technology — particularly an effective doubling of the price of Chinese imports through tariffs — is not likely to improve that ratio.

Cramer on First Solar Thursday October 13, 2011


Bernallilo solar array under construction. No Microverters: listen to results of Tuesday October 11, 2011 field trip.

Installer computed solar panel output with the calculator in his cell phone!

Bernallilo solar project apparently started after departure on essential non-gas-wasting energy intelligence and fishing 2,883 mile trip started Monday September 26, 2011 from Albuquerque, NM to Craig, MT which ended Saturday October 1, 2011.

Thursday October 6, 2011 photos/

The above array is located within several hundred fee to the west of the inoperative Aermotor windmill!

Thursday October 6, 2011 06:29

Strength in Numbers: 5 Partnerships That Could Expand Renewable Energy

Looking for Solyndra II

The Next Solar Mirage: Crescent Dunes, or Solyndra v2

Monday October 3, 2011 07:08

Solar-power equipment manufacturer Stirling Energy Systems Inc. has filed for bankruptcy, adding to a wave of troubles in the solar industry amid soft demand, falling prices and difficulty raising money.

Solar generation of electricity works great for calculators, alarm clocks and even, at the high end, battery chargers for gate openers, we have observed.

Large-scale solar generation of electricity is a fraud, we were told. Maybe?

Heating resistors is another application we have observed first hand.

Environmentall safe disposal of the panels problem may have been solved. We bring them, like obsolete electronics, to Goodwill. :-)

Heat rate [efficency] does not apply to photovoltaic, CSP and wind generation of electricity according to PNM foil.

Solar — even with its federal and state loan guarantees and tax subsidies — has been the big failure in competing for energy markets. Without government financial support and mandates for electric companies to take solar's overpriced electricity, solar would be nothing more than wishful thinking by environmentalists.

The jobs/"green" energy correlation has been a failure.

Tuesday September 20, 2011 06:12

Prosperity Energy Storage Project may be the solar facility built in a gulch below Mesa Del Sol which contains Schott solar panel plant.

Monday September 19, 2011 Business Insider


Chinese City Halts Solar Plant Operation After Violent Protests

Villagers gathered at the gate of the solar panel producer and overturned eight vehicles and damaged four police cars in protests on Sept. 15 and Sept. 16, according to the report.

Jinko Solar Holding Co. was forced to shut down its plant in Haining city, west of Shanghai, by the local government. That followed several days of protests by hundreds of residents, who claim the plant pollutes the air and local waterways.

High lonesome wind farm turbine failures. Number 9 on google, as of today, of course.

Altenergy, DOE, Sandia National Laboratories, and attempts to show that the second law of thermodynamics no longer applies in the modern high tech world continues to look interesting.

So far the Energy Department has already backed over $10 billion in loans to 18 companies, including a $535 million loan to Solyndra, the solar panel maker that went bankrupt and is now the subject of congressional and FBI investigations.

Or have unfavorable EROEI?

Tuesday September 20. 2011 13:06

PNM/Albuquerque Library system Kill A Watt check-out program viz.

Heat rate for CSP is apparently computed by General Electric. How?

Let's investigate. Then ask Greg Nelson's and Frank Currie's opinion. :-)

energybiz EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Matrin Rosenberg was liberal arts 'educated' at Reed College, we read.

Is William Olpaka liberal arts 'educated' too?

Gas and Renewables: Let’s Be Friends

GE Oil & Gas Heralds New Decade of Innovation with Renewable Energy Solutions for the Concentrated Solar Power Industry

GE and MetCap to invest in CSP developer eSolar

GE this spring invested in CSP technology company eSolar, which employs a "power tower" alignment with a steam boiler surrounded by concentric circles of reflective mirrors concentrating sunlight on it.

The combination is made possible, GE says, with its new combined cycle technology, which is 61 percent efficient.

It's Official: 1366 Technologies Secures DOE Funding for Solar Tech

$150 million loan guarantee will support 70 permanent and 50 construction jobs in Massachusetts.

Thermal plants use an array of technologies each aimed at running a conventional steam turbine. Some have curved mirrors to focus the sun’s heat on pipes carrying water or synthetic oils, and others employ flat mirrors to bounce the radiation to a boiler atop a tower. The latest systems divert the excess heat of the afternoon into vats of liquid salts and then tap them during the evening to keep the generators running.

Bill Clinton’s Advice on Jobs: Start With Clean Energy Laws of Thermodynamics are beyond most of the liberal arts 'educated.'

Question 5. Does the invention defy the Laws of Thermodynamics? Nine Critical Questions to Ask About Alternative Energy


Heat Rate does not apply to photovoltaic, CSP or wind generation of electricity according to PNM foil.

Engineers Mr Currie and Mr Nelson confirm this. At least in New Mexico. :-)

Heat rate is the amount of Btu's of fossil fuel burned to generate kWh's of electricity. Since CSPs don't typically burn any fossil fuel (unless they have supplemental firing), the term heat rate does not apply to CSPs. I have included a definition of heat rate that I got off the net for further clarification.

A measurement used in the energy industry to calculate how efficiently a generator uses heat energy. It is expressed as the number of BTUs of heat required to produce a kilowatt-hour of energy. Operators of generating facilities can make reasonably accurate estimates of the amount of heat energy a given quantity of any type of fuel, so when this is compared to the actual energy produced by the generator, the resulting figure tells how efficiently the generator converts that fuel into electrical energy.

Al Zelicoff hasn't reponded to the question yet.


New Mexico viz.

Solyndra Shuts Down, and Woe Is Us

Difference of opinion.

Solar Thoughts Dominate

“Having looked at multi-MW CSP plants in the past, yes, the fuel is free, but there's a 20-25 year mortgage on the mirrors, so you'd better believe heat rate is important. Simple cycle CT heat rate is on the order of 10,000 BTU/kWh, CSP parabolic trough with multiple feedwater heaters and wet cooling can get down to ~8,500 BTU/kWh, and a modern combined cycle CT plant is on the order of 6,400 BTU/kWh if you believe GE's marketing material. CSP power tower should have a lower, and therefore better, heat rate than CSP parabolic trough given the higher TH afforded by molten salt as a working fluid compared to Dowtherm A / Therminol VP-1.”  

Tuesday September 13, 2011 07:49

Recovery of our stolen $22,036 progresses.



Hello Ms Tatro,

Request is made under the Freedom of Infomation Act for all ...

We ask that you respond within 20 working days allowed by FOIA.


There is a lot of money to be made to be made in 'research' tying to show that the laws of thermodynamics are obsolete in the high tech world.
Question 5. Does the invention defy the Laws of Thermodynamics? Nine Critical Questions to Ask About Alternative Energy


A day after Solyndra’s failure, it was heartening to see the Department of Energy award a total of $145 million to 69 solar energy projects taking place inside universities, government research labs and major corporations. Many of those grants are for as little as $750,000 apiece, and none is larger than $13 million. Each targets a current impediment to cheaper solar power -- and then provides initial support for a dozen or more different ideas that might lead to breakthroughs.  

An FBI raid on Solyndra Inc., a solar-panel maker that failed after receiving a $535 million loan guarantee from the U.S. Energy Department, may signal the escalation of a probe into the Obama administration’s clean- energy program.

Thursday September 8, 2011 13:52

In Oregon, Last Stand for Commercial Solar?

Solar panel and roofing businesses have conflicting issues which could end-up costing you significant money and grief.


Suspicious about NMSEA motives?

Staci Matlock has invited you to the event 'Solar installation class' on The Green Line! If you have a few hundred bucks to spare and you are interested in solar PV for your home or biz, here's a class worth checking out. Have a great day, Greenliners!

Staci Matlock, co-director

Time: October 28, 2011 at 8am to November 6, 2011 at 8am
Location: Santa Fe Girls School
Organized By: NMSEA and Santa Fe Girls School

Event Description:

Ever wanted to learn more about solar energy and how to install a simple PV system? The upcoming five day workshop in Santa Fe by the New Mexico Solar Energy Association could be just what you want. Participants will spend three days in class and two days actually installing a 2 kW PV system at the small private Santa Fe Girls School. The project is made possible through a grant from local solar company Positive Energy. Registration is limited to 20 people. Cost is $725 to $750

See more details and RSVP on The Green Line:

http://santafegreenline.ning.com/events/event/show?id=2069983%3AEvent%3A26941&xgi=5JGPrCGdjEwy1y&xg_source=msg_invite_event About The Green Line

The Green Line is your source for community news and information on recycling and issues pertinent to the environment.

SunShot Projects Named

SPI 2011 Gets An Assist From Magic

Solyndra Shuts Down, and Woe Is Us

Retrofitting a home for solar may not be a good idea we are learning.


Obama and Republicans: Champions of Smog

Coal combustion pollution video made Sunday September 4, 2011 between Chama and Cumbres Pass.

Large-scale solar generation of electricity 'fraud' has been alleged by a MorganStanley VP.

MorganStanley is reported to have lost $24.1 million of the reported well over $1 billion lost in the bankruptcy of Albuquerque Eclipse aviation.

The Lesson of the Chinese Invasion


Saturday September 2, 2011 07:16


Hello Ms Tatro,

I asked fusion progress question at Solar Fiesta 2011 on Saturday August 27, 2011 where you were the lead speaker.
Fusion energy progress at Sandia Labs question asked by bill. Mr Rumsey is heard answering.

Fellow to right to bill said that fusion generation of electricity is not going to happen. He said he is retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

So did Los Alamos fusion energy physicist Dr Pedro Leonardo Mascheroni. Listen.
Nuclear fusion generation of electricity Los Alamos physicist Dr P. L. Mascheroni and his wife Marjorie have disappeared.

Mr Mark Rumsey told me he would phone. Mr Rumsey has not phoned.

Ms Athena Christodoulou, who introduced you as lead speaker, reported that electricity meters run backward with home solar generation of electricity.

Sandia National Laboratories engineer Dr Clifford Ho confirmed this in his speech which followed your's.

Affordable Solar industrial solar generation of electricity engineer Mr Bill Felsher also confirmed that home solar generation of electricity of electricity meters run backward.

Mr Felsher explained that New Mexico sun produces more than 1000 W/m2 at Solar Fiesta 2011. Listen to our conversation,
One Sun

The maximum value of natural solar insolation, approximately 1000W/m2.

1 Why has Mr Rumsey not phoned as he said he would?

2 When does Sandia National Laboratories expect nuclear fusion generation to work?

3 What should the penalty be if this does not happen, in your opinion?

Please ack if you receive this email.

Friday September 2, 2010 17:42

Altenergy is under scrutiny, especially at Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos and New Mexio state levels.

Reason bill asked fusion progress question at Solar Fiesta 2011 on Saturday August 27, 2011.
Fusion energy progress at Sandia Labs question asked by bill. Mr Rumsey is heard answering.

Fellow to right to bill said that fusion generation of electricity is not going to happen. He said he is retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

So did Los Alamos fusion energy physicist Dr Pedro Leonardo Mascheroni. Listen

Wind energy action video, Thursday September 1, 2011.



Wednesday September 7, 2011 11:35

39 * 66 = 2574 sq in
12 * 12 = 144 sq in/ft
2574/144 = 17.875 sq ft
6 * 17.875 = 107.26 lbs
8 * 17.875 = 143 lbs
Min weight of 7 panels 107.6 * 7 = 753.2 lbs
Max weight of 7 panels 143 * 7 = 1001 lbs
Min weight of 8 panels 107.6 * 8 = 860.8 lbs
Max weight of 8 panels 143 * 8 = 1144 lbs

visited Thursday September 1, 2011 to give us a bid on PV.

is examining power box.

is photographing for intstaller to determine how to route cables from solar panels.

Listen to our conversation [29.34 minutes] with particular attention to
  1. How much do the two PV systems weigh?
  2. Routing cables from PV panels.
  3. Mounting REC [Renewable Energy Credit] meter and cutoff switch.
  4. How are panels lifted onto the roof?
  5. Do not put things on your roof. This includes water which weights about 62.4 lb/ft3.
  6. How software, apparently from Enphase, can be used to monitor system performance.
  7. Comments on accuracy of Harbor Freight low-cost and sometimes free digital mutlimeters.
Do not put things on your roof, we have been advised for several reasons: weight causes roofing material to pull-way from the edges, things have to be removed for roofers to do their work, ... .

This includes water which weights about 62.4 lb/ft3.

Repeated requests to Nate about weight were answered '6 pound per square foot.' Not question asked.

We use lots of inexpensive

meters to monitor panel and system voltages and currents.

Relying on software supplied by the vendor who sells the hardware is inadvisable. 8. Can I see blueprints, schematics or a chemical analysis of how it works?

Here's Nate's bid

Landscape instead of solar generation of electricity decision reasons.

China says U.S. solar ruling smacks of protectionism Sunday December 4, 2011

China Rejects U.S. Panel Ruling That Solar Imports Harm Industry December 03, 2011, 11:51 PM EST

Here's Katie Kelly and Patricia Mattioli's bid.

CST gave 4 bids with different equipment. Above is with the Enphase microverter which is closest to Affordable Solar bid.

Thursday September 1, 2010 12:24

Solar fiesta Sunday August 28, 2011 360o video starting and ending with Sunsmiths.

Solar generation of electricity used to charge gate open battery apparently works well in New Mexico. We see lots of installations.

Henderson store has two electric gate openers. One is solar charged, the other from the grid.

Listen to what electrical engineer owner reports on Wednesday August 31, 2011.

Note my questions on voltage regulation. And EE's comment on wind generation of electricity.

Then our conversation on flat roofs.

Several miles to the south of Golden we spotted.

Still working or not?

Essential non-gas-wasting field trip taken when temperature was 100o F in Albuquerque in air conditioned car. Beats swamp cooled house.

Solar works for pumping water on Sunday August 28, 2011.

execpt when bill shades panel with hand. :-)

When water is pumped is usually unimportant and it can be easily stored.

Note that sponsors' ack sign is removed by Sunday.

Storing electricity is more complicated.

Golden through Cedar Grove to Sunsmiths to shoot video of Mr Spiller's wind turbine in action on Wednesday August 31, 2011.

Wednesday August 31, 2011 19:31

SPIN BABY SPIN – Renewables continue to grow in Texas


Phone message for Mr Mark Rumsey of Sandia National Laboratories.



Thursday September 1, 2011 07:47

Privately held Solyndra LLC of Fremont, Calif., said it would lay off 1,100 workers. It's the third solar company to seek bankruptcy protection in August alone, after Spectrawatt Inc. and Evergreen Solar Inc.

The price for solar panels has dropped by about 42 percent this year largely because of heavy competition from Chinese firms. Uncertainty about European subsidies has also weakened demand.


US Department of Energy
Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy



Rots of ruck.

Solar Farming Potential in India

Listen to Mr Felsher explain how and when the electric meter runs backwards with solar!

Recovery of our stolen $22,036 advances.


Essential non-gas-wasting field trip Tuesday August 30, 2011 to

affordable solar is an Internet-based company.

We spoke with

directly after conversation with Mr Spiller.

Listen to our conversation, especially about Mr Felsher explaining that New Mexico sun produces more than 1000 W/m2.
One Sun

The maximum value of natural solar insolation, approximately 1000W/m2.

We got his card at Solar Fiesta 2011.

Bill Felsher is farthest to left.

Mr Felsher gave me a tour of the building. Lots of cubicals for those who take calls and computer inquiries.

Specs for Enphase microinveter

.8 amps? How much AC power is this?

One microinverter per panel.

Tuesday August 30, 2011 09:58 

Coal Fired Doom.

Our response.


Monday August 29, 2011 18:06

What does the 2011 solar fiesta have to do with recovery of our stolen $22,036?

And radon and solar?



Please listen to Mr Spiller at Solar Fiesta 2011 on Sunday.

Mr Michael Spiller was the most knowledgable and well-prepared exhibitors at 2010 Solar Fiesta. Honest too! imo.


Sandia Labs Saturday August27, 2011 technical session with audio.



Marlene Brown, Gerald Ortiz, Jason Marks, Benjamin Rodefer. Sunday August 28, 2011

gerald.ortiz@pnmresources.com ?

Mr Marks is very verbal. Listen.

M Brown has a side business? Photovoltaic Design & Installation Workshop. $700 tuition!

Conversation with Schott employees.

Photovoltaic solar industry may require subsidies to exist?

"Our second quarter results reflect the challenging solar industry dynamics that resulted from recent policy revisions in Europe and consequently reduced demand for [photovoltaic] products," said Chairman and Chief Executive Xiaofeng Peng.

Mr Michael Spiller lectures on Sunday August 28, 2011.

Mr Spiller answers questions on Sunday August 28, 2011.

Saturday Septemer 3, 2011 06:18

2011 solar fiesta better staged and attended than 2010 fiesta, imo.

Parking lot ticket vendor Jim B reported that attendance in 2011 and 2010 is lots worse than before 2009.


Solar Fiesta workshop schedules

Good presentations.

Ms Tatro covers altenergy from organic material research. Listen carefully.

Keep in mind, in energy MORE HAS TO GO IN THAN COMES OUT with the possible exception of photovoltaic, csp, and wind generation of electricity in New Mexico.

But there is a lot of money to be made to be made in 'research' tying to show that the laws of thermodynamics are obsolete in the high tech world.
Question 5. Does the invention defy the Laws of Thermodynamics? Nine Critical Questions to Ask About Alternative Energy



Excellent wind turbine presentation by Mr Rumsey.

Transmission failures in wind turbines were covered by Mr Rumsey (505)844-3910 . Listen.

Fusion energy final question asked by bill. Mr Rumsey responded.

Dr Ho repeated REI presentation.

Dr Ho reported electric meter running backwards in above presentation. Listen.

Ms Athena Christodoulou directed final questions.

Fusion energy progress at Sandia Labs question asked by bill.

Fellow to right to bill said that fusion generation of electricity is not going to happen. He said he is retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

So did Los Alamos fusion energy physicist Dr Pedro Leonardo Mascheroni. Listen.

Ms Athena Christodoulou reported electric meter reversing rotation direction at REI presentation. Listen to what was said.

reported electric meter running backward at Solar Fiesta. Listen.

Mr Spiller's analysis of electricity meters running backwards may be incorrect?

Sunday August 28, 2011 08:13

We thank the following sponsors for their generous support of this year's Solar Fiesta: Consolidated Solar Technologies, Positive Energy Solar, PNM Resources, Solar Ranch, Sacred Power Corp, Green Fire Times, Schott Solar, Array Technologies, Sandia National Laboratory, Lexus of Albuquerque and the Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails.

Greenies don't want to be Burned by Solar

Audience members who have installed photovoltaic CST solar systems?

A shill, plant or stooge is a person who helps a person or organization without disclosing that he or she has a close relationship with that person or organization . ...

Shilling is illegal in many circumstances and in many jurisdictions[1] because of the frequently fraudulent and damaging character of the shill's actions.

We may have been getting a CST sales pitch at REI?

Liberal arts 'educated' equate deviousness with intelligence, IMO.

In Race for Solar Integration, N.J. Company Takes Pole Position

Thursday August 25, 2011 09:32


Hello Ms Christodoulou,

Audience at the NMSEA Tuesday August 23, 2011 REI photovoltaic lecture presented by you and Dr Ho appeared to me to be mostly composed of those who were evaluating whether installation is a good idea or not.

Several audience members, at your question, acknowledged they had installed photovoltaic systems.

Listen to what was said.

Consolated Solar Technolggies was mentioned several times, as we can hear.

Issues raised in Nine Critical Questions to Ask About Alternative Energy should be asked with direct reference to points covered in the lecture, especially 2.

Have the claims been verified by an independent third party?

Dr Ho has been asked to comment on: Question 5. Does the invention defy the Laws of Thermodynamics?

Similar lecture I attended in the summer of 2010 at CST delivered by Mike Mattioli also contained audience members who had CST solar systems installed.

Do you have business association[s] with any photovoltaic vendor[s]?

Please ack if you receive this email.




Recovery of our stolen $22,036 is directly related to Iran.

Peaceful settlement of these unfortunate matters is the goal which may be achieveable. Albert Gore willing, of course.

Xerxes I of Persia

At the Battle of Thermopylae, a small force of Greek warriors led by King Leonidas of Sparta resisted the much larger Persian forces, but were ultimately defeated. According to Herodotus, the Persians broke the Spartan phalanx after a Greek man called Ephialtes betrayed his country by telling the Persians of another pass around the mountains. After Thermopylae, Athens was captured and the Athenians and Spartans were driven back to their last line of defense at the Isthmus of Corinth and in the Saronic Gulf.

What happened next is a matter of some controversy. According to Herodotus, upon encountering the deserted city, in an uncharacteristic fit of rage particularly for Persian kings, Xerxes had Athens burned. He almost immediately regretted this action and ordered it rebuilt the very next day. ...
No Persian attacks since late August or early September of 480 BC?

Wednesday August 24, 2011 19:46

Athena Christodoulou Tuesday August 23, 2011


Listen to what was said.

Sandia National Laboratories’ Clifford Ho has been selected by the Chinese Institute of Engineers - USA to receive the Asian American Engineer of the Year Award. ...

He attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering before moving to the University of California – Berkeley. There, he completed his Master’s degree and Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering.



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Subject: Heat Rate [efficiency] for solar and wind generation of electricity

Hello Dr Ho,


Ms Christodoulou and your photovolatic presentations were very informative, IMO.

You said that you were involved in Sandia Labs CSP program. Listen to what was said.

We are having a problem with determination of whether heat rate [efficiency] applies to CSP, photovoltaic, and wind generation of electricity.


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Subject: RE: heat rate for csp? geothermal heat rate

Don’t know.

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Subject: Re: heat rate for csp? geothermal heat rate

Hello Greg,

Thanks for response.

You wrote, 'Heat rate is the amount of Btu's of fossil fuel burned to generate kWh's of electricity. Since CSPs don't typically burn any fossil fuel (unless they have supplemental firing), the term heat rate does not apply to CSPs.'

Then why does Geothermal have a Heat Rate of 29,050 BTU/kWh?




On the other hand I received,

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Subject: Heat Rate misconception

Mr. Payne,

The definition of heat rate is not the heat content of just the fossil fuel inputting the conversion system—it is the conversion efficiency of the system with whatever is the heat input.

Every plant’s heat rate can thus be calculated.

Geothermal energy has a very high heat rate because it utilizes a relatively low grade of heat source—at its best, 350F, 100 psi steam, and thus 1200 btu/lbm. In a modern gas-fired boiler, steam is at 1000F and 2500 psi, with a much higher heat content of around 1770 btu/lbm.



heat rate

A measurement used in the energy industry to calculate how efficiently a generator uses heat energy. It is expressed as the number of BTUs of heat required to produce a kilowatt-hour of energy. Operators of generating facilities can make reasonably accurate estimates of the amount of heat energy a given quantity of any type of fuel, so when this is compared to the actual energy produced by the generator, the resulting figure tells how efficiently the generator converts that fuel into electrical energy.


Heat Rate (Energy Efficiency)

Overall thermal performance or energy efficiency for a power plant for a period can be defined as

fhr = H / E (1)


fhr = heat rate (Btu/kW, kJ/kW)

H = heat supplied to the power plant for a period (Btu, kJ)

E = energy output from the power plant in the period (kWh)

Perhaps you could tell us who is right?




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